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Affirmed Kentucky Derby Winner 1978

affirmed kentucky derby winner 1978

In 1978, the Kentucky Derby witnessed an exciting moment as Affirmed surged to victory over his rival Alydar by a margin of 1 and a half lengths. Jockey Steve Cauthen skillfully guided Affirmed to this triumph, showcasing their teamwork. The intense rivalry between these two legendary horses added an extra layer of excitement for viewers, with Affirmed further solidifying his place in history by going on to win the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes as well – earning him the prestigious title of Triple Crown champion. Trainer Laz Barrera and Harbor View Farm played crucial roles in shaping Affirmed’s remarkable career, cementing his legacy as one of the greatest racehorses ever known.

Affirmed’s Victory at the 1978 Kentucky Derby

In the thrilling 1978 Kentucky Derby, Affirmed raced to victory with jockey Steve Cauthen at the reins. The crowd cheered as he surged past Alydar to win by a remarkable 1 1/2 lengths. This race kicked off an unforgettable Triple Crown season.

As Affirmed charged down the final stretch at Churchill Downs, fans were on their feet, swept up in excitement and anticipation. Each powerful stride reinforced his place among racing greats, showcasing not just talent but also fierce determination and spirit. The showdown between Affirmed and Alydar was like a gripping drama unfolding before our eyes – two giants battling for supremacy on horse racing’s biggest stage.

The Kentucky Derby triumph set the scene for one of horse racing’s most legendary rivalries: Affirmed versus Alydar. Their competition went beyond mere sport; it embodied sportsmanship, grit, and an unyielding drive to outdo each other. Every race between these formidable opponents felt like a thrilling chapter from a captivating novel – full of unexpected twists that kept fans enthralled.

Behind all this action lay careful planning by trainer Laz Barrera and unwavering support from Harbor View Farm – key figures who helped shape Affirmed into a champion destined for glory. As bets flew amid cheers echoing through Churchill Downs’ historic grounds in May ’78, little did we know we were witnessing history unfold – an unforgettable moment forever etched in horse racing history.

The Showdown Between Affirmed and Alydar

The showdown between Affirmed and Alydar at the 1978 Kentucky Derby was truly epic! Even though Affirmed wasn’t favored in terms of odds, he had already proven himself by defeating Alydar multiple times before this iconic race. With only 11 horses competing that day, it set the stage for an exciting battle between two top horses.

During the race, both Affirmed and Sensitive Prince took charge early on as frontrunners. But true to his champion status, Affirmed made a decisive move at the second turn and surged ahead with determination. The crowd felt the excitement building as he maintained a strong lead throughout most of the thrilling race.

The tension was high as fans watched these magnificent animals thunder down the track towards victory. Each stride taken by Affirmed seemed to resonate through history, bringing him closer to securing his place among racing legends. It was a moment frozen in time that captured all the thrill of horse racing’s rich history.

On that special day at Churchill Downs, jockey Steve Cauthen skillfully guided Affirmed towards success like a legend in-the-making. Their partnership went beyond just sport; it became a beautiful display of trust and unity between man and horse. As they crossed that finish line triumphantly, their bond solidified amidst cheers from an excited crowd.

Affirmed’s victory over Alydar not only secured his spot among great racers but also sparked an intense rivalry bound for eternity. This significant win marked just one part of their remarkable story—a tale filled with drama, heart-pounding moments, and unwavering determination beyond measure. And so began an unforgettable journey toward Triple Crown glory…

The Pros & Cons of Triple Crown Victories


  1. The horse and its connections gain prestige and recognition

  2. Horse racing becomes more exciting and attracts increased interest

  3. Sales for merchandise, tickets, and betting receive a boost

  4. The horse's legacy is solidified through a historic achievement

  5. Future generations of racehorses and fans are inspired

  6. Positive media coverage boosts the sport's visibility


  1. The horse feels a lot of pressure to do well in every race

  2. The demanding schedule can lead to injuries or exhaustion

  3. Racing too much can harm the horse's health and happiness

  4. People expect a lot from the horse, which might be tough to deliver in future races

  5. Not enough time for the horse to rest and recover between races

  6. Other talented horses might not get as much attention for their achievements

The Triple Crown Triumph

The story of Affirmed’s Triple Crown victory was an awe-inspiring tale that showcased his determination and skill. In the 1978 Belmont Stakes, fans witnessed a thrilling showdown between Affirmed and Alydar. It was a neck-to-neck battle, with Affirmed managing to outpace his rival by the slimmest of margins in one of the closest finishes ever seen in horse racing history. This win not only marked a pinnacle moment for Affirmed but also solidified his position among the legendary figures of horse racing.

The path to claiming the Triple Crown was filled with excitement and suspense, as each race pushed Affirmed to new limits. Jockey Steve Cauthen played a crucial role in guiding Affirmed towards victory with his expert rides, demonstrating an exceptional bond between man and horse on the racetrack. With every step closer to triumph, Cauthen earned himself a spot among sporting elites as one of the youngest jockeys ever to achieve this prestigious honor.

Trainer Laz Barrera’s strategic brilliance shined through during every stage of the Triple Crown races, meticulously preparing Affirmed for success at some of horse racing’s most renowned venues. The unwavering support from Harbor View Farm provided a strong foundation for this historic achievement, highlighting how teamwork amongst horse, rider, trainer, and owner can lead to greatness beyond expectations. The echoes of that victorious year continue to resonate through time as proof of dedication and excellence within thoroughbred racing folklore.

Jockey Steve Cauthen’s Historic Achievement

In the rich history of horse racing, Steve Cauthen stands out as a shining example of young talent and unwavering determination. At just 18 years old, he fearlessly seized control of his destiny by guiding Affirmed to victory at the iconic Kentucky Derby in 1978. Audiences around the world marveled at this young prodigy’s exceptional riding skills displayed on one of the grandest stages.

Cauthen’s partnership with Affirmed was truly legendary, a harmonious blend of trust and synchronicity that reverberated through every thundering gallop. Together, they elegantly traversed tracks with a mix of grace and power, leaving spectators in awe and competitors trailing behind. Their connection went beyond that of jockey and horse; it was a perfect harmony built on mutual respect and relentless ambition that propelled them to greatness.

Throughout their historic Triple Crown journey, Cauthen’s calmness under pressure and intuitive grasp of Affirmed’s capabilities played key roles in their victories. With triumphs at the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes – each win etched Cauthen’s name into sporting immortality. Despite his youthfulness age-wise compared to other riders in such prestigious races – he showcased wisdom beyond his years when maneuvering through challenging racecourses filled with obstacles.

Unforgettable Moments: 1978 Belmont Stakes Results

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind Odds
1st 2 Affirmed Steve Cauthen Laz Barrera Harbor View Farm 2:01 1/5 9:5 *
2nd 10 Alydar Jorge Velásquez John M. Veitch Calumet Farm 11/2 6:5
3rd 9 Believe It Eddie Maple Woody Stephens Hickory Tree Stable 11/4 7:1
4th 7 Darby Creek Road Donald Brumfield Lou Rondinello James W. (Wally) & Jody Galbreath Phillips 30:1
5th 3 Esops Foibles Chris McCarron Loren Rettele Jerry Frankel 45:1
6th 11 Sensitive Prince Mickey Solomone H. Allen Jerkens Top of the Marc Stable (Joseph Taub) 9:2
7th 8 Dr. Valeri Rene Riera Jr. Aurelio M. Perez Virginio & Ronal Renzi 90:1
8th 5 Hoist the Silver Richard DePass Richard J. Fischer Washington Stud (Jack E. Dasso/D. Golab/Perry Levinson/E.M. Solomon) 99:1
9th 6 Chief of Dixieland Anthony Rini Jake Morreale Dixie-Jake, Inc. 99:1
10th 1 Raymond Earl Robert L. Baird Smiley Adams Robert N. Lehmann 99:1
11th 4 Special Honor Paul Nicolo Elwood D. McCann Linda Gaston & Alvin D. Haynes 99:1

Payouts and Results of the Race

The 1978 Kentucky Derby was truly a sight to behold, as Affirmed secured victory at odds of 9:5. The intense rivalry between Affirmed and Alydar heightened the excitement of the race, capturing the attention of viewers around the world. As the horses thundered down the final stretch, it was evident that something extraordinary was unfolding.

Affirmed’s win not only cemented his place in horse racing history but also marked a significant milestone for jockey Steve Cauthen. At just 18 years old when he won, Cauthen became the youngest jockey ever to claim victory in all three Triple Crown races—a remarkable achievement that continues to inspire young riders and fans alike. His expert handling of Affirmed during each challenging race displayed unmatched skill and unwavering determination.

Trainer Laz Barrera played a crucial role in shaping Affirmed into a champion thoroughbred by overseeing rigorous training sessions and developing strategic race plans. Barrera’s expertise and dedication were apparent in every step taken by Affirmed on his journey towards greatness, culminating in their unforgettable triumph at Churchill Downs.

Harbor View Farm’s steadfast support for Affirmed proved vital to his success at the Kentucky Derby and beyond. The farm’s commitment to breeding top-quality horses shone brightly as they celebrated their prized colt’s historic victory, setting the stage for an illustrious career ahead. With each stride symbolizing their shared pursuit of excellence, Harbor View Farm rightfully earned recognition among avid racing enthusiasts.

Attendance numbers soared at Churchill Downs as fans eagerly gathered to witness this monumental event—the thrilling showdown between rivals Affirmed and Alydar left no one indifferent. Spectators held their breath as these magnificent animals pushed themselves to their limits, showcasing raw power combined with finesse—a true testament to why horse racing is such an electrifying sport filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Unique Betting Odds and Attendance Figures

The 1978 Kentucky Derby was an unforgettable event, highlighted by Affirmed’s thrilling victory. Alydar, the favorite with odds of 6:5, led the pack as anticipation filled Churchill Downs and drew a massive crowd of 131,004 spectators. The race wasn’t just about winning; it was about creating a lasting legacy in horse racing history.

Affirmed and Alydar’s intense rivalry captivated everyone present at the Derby that day. With only two other horses having lower odds than 30:1 – Sensitive Prince and Believe It – these two legendary horses showcased their competitive spirit on the track. Each stride they took felt like a moment frozen in time, charging towards greatness amidst cheers from the electrified audience.

As Steve Cauthen expertly guided Affirmed across the finish line ahead of his rival once again, he solidified his place among racing’s elite jockeys while etching his name in Triple Crown history. The crowd erupted with joy at witnessing this epic showdown between two top contenders in turf racing. In that instant, hearts raced faster than ever as fans witnessed determination and resilience unfold before them.

The fluctuating betting odds added an element of suspense to an already captivating race scenario. Amidst all this excitement stood Affirmed and Alydar – destined to be remembered side by side as legends within sporting history books. Their clash went beyond mere competition; it became a story woven into sports mythology where underdogs triumphed against all expectations and champions rose above challenges against all odds!

Uncover the tales surrounding a Triple Crown champion

  1. ### Discover the incredible story of a Triple Crown winner: Affirmed, who won the Kentucky Derby in 1978

  2. **Making History:** In 1978, under jockey Steve Cauthen, Affirmed became only the eleventh horse ever to win horse racing's prestigious Triple Crown. Fans around the world were captivated by his remarkable achievement and cheered him on.

  3. **Epic Rivalry:** A legendary rivalry unfolded between Affirmed and Alydar in one of the most memorable showdowns in horse racing history. They clashed multiple times during their careers, with Affirmed narrowly defeating Alydar in all three Triple Crown races that year.

  4. **Winning Teamwork:** Lazaro S. Barrera was the trainer behind Affirmed's success, playing a key role in guiding this talented colt to victory at the Triple Crown events. Barrera’s expert training techniques and race strategies were vital to helping Affirmed shine on race day.

  5. **Champion Mindset:** Known for his fierce determination and competitive drive, Affirmed never backed down from a challenge. His unwavering spirit helped him secure wins even when faced with tough competition – earning him fans' admiration as "The Iron Horse."

  6. **Enduring Legacy:** As a Triple Crown champion, Affirmed continues to inspire future generations of horse racing fans with his extraordinary accomplishments on the track. His legacy cements his status as one of history's greatest racehorses, leaving an unforgettable mark on the sport for years to come.

Trainer Laz Barrera’s Role in Affirmed’s Success

Laz Barrera played a crucial role in transforming Affirmed into a champion with his sharp attention to detail and innovative training techniques. Under Barrera’s guidance, Affirmed honed his racing skills through intense workouts and specialized conditioning programs that brought out the horse’s full potential on race day.

Barrera didn’t just focus on physical preparation; he also nurtured a strong bond between jockey Steve Cauthen and Affirmed, ensuring smooth communication and trust during important races. This close teamwork among trainer, jockey, and horse proved to be a winning strategy as they tackled each leg of the Triple Crown series with precision and determination.

In an unforgettable moment at the 1978 Kentucky Derby, Laz Barrera looked on proudly as Affirmed surged ahead to claim victory by a slim margin over rival Alydar. This triumph not only made history in horse racing but also cemented Barrera’s reputation as an exceptional trainer whose commitment to excellence propelled Affirmed to legendary status in the world of sports.

Harbor View Farm’s Ownership Connection

Harbor View Farm, a well-known name in the world of horse racing, made history by acquiring Affirmed. Their decision to invest in this exceptional colt would prove to be a smart one as Affirmed went on to win over fans worldwide with his amazing performances on the racetrack.

Under Harbor View Farm’s guidance, Affirmed began a journey that would forever cement his place in horse racing history. With trainer Laz Barrera leading the way and jockey Steve Cauthen riding him, Affirmed displayed unmatched speed and determination that set him apart from other horses.

Affirmed’s victory at the Kentucky Derby wasn’t just any ordinary win; it was a significant moment in racing history. The thrilling rivalry between Affirmed and Alydar captured people’s imaginations everywhere, drawing crowds to witness their epic battles during several races throughout that unforgettable Triple Crown season.

The partnership between Harbor View Farm and Affirmed demonstrated perfect teamwork – where expert training combined with extraordinary talent to form an unstoppable duo on the track. Their legacy lives on as proof of what can happen when forward-thinkers unite with unwavering passion for excellence in equestrian sports.


1. What made Affirmed's victory at the 1978 Kentucky Derby so iconic?

Affirmed's win at the 1978 Kentucky Derby became a legend because of his intense competition with Alydar, jockey Steve Cauthen making history by winning the Triple Crown, and trainer Laz Barrera's expert coaching. This all led to an epic victory that captured global attention.

2. How did Affirmed's rivalry with Alydar add to the drama of the Triple Crown races?

The intense rivalry between Affirmed and Alydar brought an exciting level of drama to the Triple Crown races in 1978. Their legendary duels at the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes captivated audiences and made history.

3. Who was the jockey that rode Affirmed to victory in the 1978 Kentucky Derby?

In 1978, jockey Steve Cauthen rode Affirmed to a thrilling victory at the Kentucky Derby. This win was just the start of an unforgettable journey that would lead to capturing the prestigious Triple Crown title.

4. What role did trainer Laz Barrera play in Affirmed's success during the Triple Crown campaign?

Trainer Laz Barrera was crucial in helping Affirmed win all three races of the Triple Crown. He expertly led the colt to victory, demonstrating his exceptional training abilities and deep knowledge of the horse's strengths.

5. Can you explain the significance of Harbor View Farm in Affirmed's racing career?

Harbor View Farm played a crucial part in shaping Affirmed's racing success. The farm offered excellent training facilities and expert guidance from trainer Laz Barrera, along with consistent support that helped him achieve his legendary Triple Crown win in 1978.

6. What were some unique betting odds or payouts associated with Affirmed's historic victories in 1978?

In 1978, when Affirmed won the Triple Crown races, bettors enjoyed some unusual betting odds and payouts. His victory in the Kentucky Derby paid out $3.40 for every $2 wagered, while the Preakness Stakes offered a return of $2.80 on a $2 bet, and in the Belmont Stakes, you could get back $2.60 for every $2 you put down.