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Bubbling Over Kentucky Derby Winner 1926

bubbling over kentucky derby winner 1926

Embark on an exciting journey through horse racing history with Bubbling Over, the amazing champion of the 1926 Kentucky Derby. Discover his impressive bloodline from Idle Hour Stock Farm, the expert training by Herbert J. Thompson, and Albert Johnson’s skillful ride that led to Bubbling Over’s thrilling win at Churchill Downs. Experience the sheer dominance, record-breaking performance, and lasting legacy of this incredible racehorse in one of America’s most prestigious sports events.

Bubbling Over’s Early Life and Background

In its early days, Bubbling Over had a strong connection to Idle Hour Stock Farm’s rich heritage as a top breeder of elite racehorses. With great care and attention to detail, they groomed Bubbling Over for success right from the start at their prestigious farm. Under trainer Herbert J. Thompson’s expert guidance, this magnificent colt transformed into a dominant force on the racetrack.

As Bubbling Over raced down Churchill Downs in 1926, his impressive lineage was evident in every powerful stride he took. Coming from a line of champions that included his renowned sire North Star III and dam Beaming Beauty, this young horse carried with him a legacy of greatness. With jockey Albert Johnson skillfully guiding him towards victory, Bubbling Over not only displayed incredible speed but also an unbeatable spirit that set him apart from his rivals.

The bond between horse and rider was undeniable as they charged ahead amid cheers reverberating through the stands at Churchill Downs. The hard work and dedication put in by everyone involved – breeders, trainers, jockeys – culminated in the thrilling moment when Bubbling Over crossed the finish line first at the 1926 Kentucky Derby. It stood as proof of Idle Hour Stock Farm’s unwavering commitment to breeding exceptional thoroughbreds like no other – truly showcasing why they are considered racing royalty among enthusiasts everywhere.

Victory at the 52nd Kentucky Derby

In 1926, the Kentucky Derby was unforgettable as Bubbling Over stole the spotlight at Churchill Downs. The flashy colt surged to victory with expert guidance from Albert Johnson, showcasing incredible speed and endurance on a lightning-fast track. As they raced towards the finish line, it became clear that Bubbling Over had an unquenchable thirst for winning, leaving spectators amazed by his determination.

Trainer Herbert J. Thompson’s careful preparations paid off as Bubbling Over triumphed in one of horse racing’s most prestigious events. With each stride, the colt displayed not just exceptional breeding but also a strong bond between horse and rider. This dynamic pair maneuvered through tough competition with elegance and skill, securing their spot in history as champions who overcame obstacles.

Albert Johnson’s skilled handling of Bubbling Over during the race was truly impressive. His strategic moves around every turn and powerful sprint down the homestretch left competitors trailing behind in disbelief. It was like watching a dance—a graceful performance—as man and beast worked together to achieve greatness amidst cheering fans filled with excitement.

The success at Churchill Downs marked Idle Hour Stock Farm’s enduring legacy—an outcome of years dedicated to breeding excellence within thoroughbred lineage. Their unwavering commitment to producing top-tier racers bore fruit with Bubbling Over’s triumphant win, highlighting their crucial role in shaping horse racing history forevermore.

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  5. Prioritizing personal success could overshadow the value of teamwork and sportsmanship in racing.

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Payouts and Field Overview

In the 1926 Kentucky Derby, a horse named Bubbling Over clinched an impressive victory with a win payout of $5.80, rewarding those who believed in his racing abilities. Despite facing tough competition from rivals like Bagenbaggage and Rock Man, Bubbling Over’s triumph was truly remarkable.

The race at Churchill Downs that day featured top horses such as Pompey and Rhinock, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation for the event. With odds favoring Bubbling Over at 1.90, spectators were eager to see if he could meet expectations and secure the prestigious title.

Bubbling Over’s success on the track not only showcased his exceptional skills but also highlighted the expert training provided by his handler, trainer Herbert J. Thompson. Thompson’s strategic guidance played a crucial role in molding Bubbling Over into a champion capable of outperforming esteemed competitors in one of horse racing’s most revered events.

As jockey Albert Johnson skillfully guided Bubbling Over around Churchill Downs’ iconic grounds, their seamless teamwork became evident with each stride towards victory. Johnson’s finesse in navigating challenges posed by opponents further solidified their position as frontrunners destined for greatness on that memorable day in May 1926.

Idle Hour Stock Farm’s outstanding breeding program shone through Bubbling Over’s resounding triumph at the Kentucky Derby, highlighting their legacy as creators of exceptional thoroughbred lineage leaving an indelible mark on horse racing history. The culmination of careful planning, unwavering dedication, and sheer talent resulted in a significant win etching itself into sporting glory for generations to come.

Breeder and Winning Margin

The 1926 Kentucky Derby saw Bubbling Over triumph, showcasing the exceptional breeding skills of Idle Hour Stock Farm. This victory highlighted their commitment to producing high-quality Thoroughbreds and was a shining moment for Bubbling Over on the Churchill Downs track. Winning by five lengths not only displayed his impressive abilities but also reflected the careful care and selective breeding that created this outstanding racehorse.

Trainer Herbert J. Thompson played a crucial role in shaping Bubbling Over into a champion with his strategic training methods improving speed, stamina, and racing instincts. This preparation allowed him to outperform competitors at the prestigious Kentucky Derby by an impressive margin. Under Thompson’s guidance, Bubbling Over grew into a star performer whose name would forever be remembered as one of horse racing’s greats.

Jockey Albert Johnson expertly guided Bubbling Over towards victory at Churchill Downs with finesse and precision. Johnson’s strong bond with his equine partner emphasized trust and communication between jockey and horse on the racetrack. Together, they raced towards glory impressing spectators with their seamless coordination and determination to cross the finish line first by an astounding five-length lead – securing their place among equestrian sport legends.

Top Performers in the Race

Position Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Final Odds Stake
1 14 Bubbling Over Albert Johnson Herbert J. Thompson Idle Hour Stock Farm Stable 1.90 $50,075
2 4 Bagenbaggage Eric Blind William A. Hurley Idle Hour Stock Farm Stable 1.90 $6,000
3 3 Rock Man Frank Coltiletti Joseph H. Stotler Sagamore Stable 42.10 $3,000
4 12 Rhinock Mack Garner William D. Covington Parkview Stable (Mrs. George B. Cox) 14.60 $1,000
5 9 Pompey Laverne Fator William H. Karrick William R. Coe 2.10
6 6 Espino William Smith William J. Speirs William Ziegler Jr. 39.70
7 1 Light Carbine Strother Griffin Michael Joseph Dunleavy Ira B. Humphreys 61.00
8 8 Canter Clarence Turner Harry Rites J. Edwin Griffith 24.10
9 4 Blondin Linus McAtee Fred Hopkins Harry Payne Whitney 9.30
10 10 Display John Maiben T. J. Healey Walter J. Salmon Sr. 16.20
11 7 Recollection John Callahan George Vanburen Barnes Walter I. Kohn & L. G. Theisen 11.40
12 5 Champ de Mars Earl Pool Allan D. Steele Keeneland Stud Farm 11.40
13 13 Roycrofter Edward Scobie L. A. Connor G. Frank Croissant 11.40

Record Time and Track Conditions

During the 1926 Kentucky Derby, Bubbling Over raced at an impressive time of 2:03 4/5, setting a strong pace and showcasing his exceptional racing skills. The track conditions on race day were perfect, with the ground firm and fast under the sun-filled skies of Churchill Downs in May.

Spectators eagerly watched as Bubbling Over confidently navigated the first turn with grace and power. His trainer Herbert J. Thompson had prepared him meticulously for this important event, ensuring he was ready to shine on that clear spring afternoon. Under jockey Albert Johnson’s expert guidance, Bubbling Over surged ahead strategically through the crowded field of contenders.

The excitement grew as they approached the finish line; cheers erupted from all around Churchill Downs as fans sensed something truly special unfolding before them. Bubbling Over raced towards victory in record-breaking style, etching his name into Derby history forevermore. In that thrilling moment of triumph, horse racing enthusiasts witnessed not just speed and skill but also sheer determination embodied by a remarkable chestnut colt named Bubbling Over.

Scratched Horses Before Race

Leading up to the 1926 Kentucky Derby, some of the top horses like Boot To Boot, Take A Chance, Bolton, and Rasuli had to pull out of the race due to different reasons. This changed how things were shaping up for the big event but gave a chance for contenders like Bubbling Over to really show what they could do.

The absence of these strong competitors brought about a whole new feel for this year’s Run for the Roses. It happens in horse racing – sometimes unexpected twists can completely change who we’re betting on. The fact that these big names weren’t going to be at Churchill Downs surely got people talking – from bettors to fans alike.

When those horses were scratched from the list, it made everyone turn their attention towards other racers who might not have gotten noticed before. That’s just part of horse racing life – one minute you think luck is against you with all these scratches then suddenly you find yourself rooting for an underdog ready to shine bright despite any doubts.

Looking back now, even though those scratchings shifted expectations leading into the Derby, they also opened doors for fresh stories and excitement on that special day at Churchill Downs – where history gets written and dreams take off amidst all those thundering hooves hitting that famous track.

Legendary Lore of Bubbling Over's Triumph

  1. ### The Epic Tale of Bubbling Over's Triumph

  2. **Unconventional Training Routine**: Bubbling Over became famous for his unique training style, which involved swimming in a nearby river to increase strength and endurance. This out-of-the-box approach helped him become a robust and resilient racehorse.

  3. **Against All Odds Victory**: Despite being seen as the underdog in the 1926 Kentucky Derby, Bubbling Over defied expectations by winning the prestigious race with an impressive four-length lead. His surprising triumph captured the imagination of racing fans and secured his place in history.

  4. **Record-Setting Speed**: In the 1926 Kentucky Derby, Bubbling Over clocked a winning time of 2:8, setting a new track record that remained unbeaten for more than two decades. His remarkable speed and stamina made him a standout contender in horse racing.

  5. **Powerful Partnership**: Legendary horseman Herbert J. Thompson trained Bubbling Over, while jockey Albert Johnson rode him to victory at the Kentucky Derby – forming an unstoppable team that played a vital role in securing success on the racetrack.

  6. **Everlasting Impact**: As both a champion of the Kentucky Derby and an influential figure in horse racing history, Bubbling Over's legacy continues to inspire enthusiasts today with its message of determination, perseverance, and unity between rider and steed.

Unique Ownership by Idle Hour Stock Farm

Bubbling Over was a prized investment for Idle Hour Stock Farm Stable, showcasing their dedication to breeding top-tier racehorses. The stable’s focus on producing elite horses led to success at prestigious races like the Kentucky Derby.

Idle Hour Stock Farm was known for its careful approach to horse breeding, emphasizing lineage, conformation, and temperament. This attention to detail paid off with Bubbling Over, who came from a line of champions known for speed and endurance. Their skill in matching compatible bloodlines played a crucial role in shaping Bubbling Over into a strong competitor on the racetrack.

The minds behind Idle Hour Stock Farm knew that excelling in horse racing required more than luck—it needed strategic planning and unwavering commitment. By investing time and resources into developing young talents like Bubbling Over through rigorous training programs, they ensured each horse had the best chance to reach its full potential.

When Bubbling Over crossed the finish line as the victor of the 1926 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, it wasn’t just an individual triumph—it represented generations of expertise cultivated by Idle Hour Stock Farm. Their legacy as creators of exceptional horses would forever be remembered in horse racing history thanks to this incredible accomplishment.

Trainer Herbert J. Thompson’s Influence

Herbert J. Thompson had a sharp eye for details and a deep understanding of how horses behave, which helped him create customized training routines tailored to each horse’s unique strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to his expertise, Bubbling Over excelled, improving both his speed and endurance to perfection in preparation for the big race at Churchill Downs.

Thompson’s dedication to excellence shone through every step of Bubbling Over’s training leading up to the 1926 Kentucky Derby. He meticulously planned workout schedules and personalized dietary plans, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that the talented colt would be at his best on race day.

The strong bond between Thompson and jockey Albert Johnson was obvious as they collaborated towards their shared goal: winning the prestigious Kentucky Derby. Their effective communication and mutual love for racing created a powerful partnership that played a key role in Bubbling Over’s victory against tough competition.

During training sessions, Thompson closely monitored Bubbling Over’s progress and adjusted strategies based on the horse’s reactions, making quick changes when needed. His ability to understand both horse and rider allowed him to develop race tactics that maximized their chances of success while adapting swiftly during intense moments on the track.

Thanks to Thompson’s guidance and skills, not only did Bubbling Over triumph at Churchill Downs but he also secured his spot in racing history as an exceptional talent nurtured by dedicated hands. The enduring legacy of their teamwork serves as proof of the significant impact skilled trainers like Herbert J. Thompson have on molding champions destined for greatness.

Jockey Albert Johnson’s Skillful Ride

In the 1926 Kentucky Derby, Albert Johnson proved himself as a skilled jockey while riding Bubbling Over. He showed exceptional horsemanship and tactical prowess throughout the race, working seamlessly with Bubbling Over to overcome challenges and beat out tough competition.

The victory at the 1926 Kentucky Derby highlighted Idle Hour Stock Farm’s success as a top breeder of elite racehorses. Their dedication to producing high-quality horses capable of excelling in prestigious events like this historic Churchill Downs race was evident in Bubbling Over’s performance.

Bubbling Over’s impressive showing that day showcased Idle Hour Stock Farm’s meticulous breeding program. The farm’s commitment to excellence and passion for breeding top-tier thoroughbreds led to a memorable moment in horse racing history.

Trainer Herbert J. Thompson played a crucial role in shaping both Bubbling Over’s skills and his partnership with Albert Johnson for success at the Kentucky Derby. Thompson’s attention to detail and strategic training methods contributed significantly to their flawless performance on race day.

Bubbling Over’s victory represented more than just winning; it symbolized resilience, teamwork, and unwavering determination amidst fierce competition. This exciting triumph at Churchill Downs serves as a timeless reminder of how passion, skill, and sheer willpower can lead to glory on the racetrack.


1. How did Bubbling Over's victory at the 1926 Kentucky Derby impact his legacy in the world of horse racing?

Bubbling Over's win at the 1926 Kentucky Derby made him a legend in horse racing history. It showed off Idle Hour Stock Farm's top-notch breeding and the talents of trainer Herbert J. Thompson and jockey Albert Johnson. This victory highlighted his promising future and paved the way for an impressive legacy in the sport.

2. What were some key factors that contributed to Bubbling Over's success at Churchill Downs in 1926?

Bubbling Over won big at the 1926 Kentucky Derby thanks to Idle Hour Stock Farm's top-notch breeding program, expert training from Herbert J. Thompson, and skilled jockeying by Albert Johnson. Together, they highlighted the horse's incredible speed and endurance on the Churchill Downs track for all to see.

3. How did trainer Herbert J. Thompson prepare Bubbling Over for the Kentucky Derby, and what role did he play in the horse's victory?

Trainer Herbert J. Thompson carefully trained Bubbling Over at Idle Hour Stock Farm, teaching the colt discipline and endurance. Under his expert guidance, the colt achieved a spectacular win at the 1926 Kentucky Derby by planning races strategically.

4. Who was jockey Albert Johnson, and how did his riding skills influence Bubbling Over's performance on race day?

Skilled and experienced rider Jockey Albert Johnson led Bubbling Over to win the 1926 Kentucky Derby with his expert race tactics and exceptional horsemanship.

5. Can you elaborate on Idle Hour Stock Farm's breeding program and its significance in producing champions like Bubbling Over?

At Idle Hour Stock Farm, the famous breeder Edward R. Bradley carefully bred top-notch bloodlines to create outstanding racehorses such as Bubbling Over. This showed their dedication to excellence in the competitive world of Thoroughbred racing.

6. What made the 1926 Kentucky Derby such a memorable event in the history of thoroughbred racing, particularly with Bubbling Over's triumph?

The 1926 Kentucky Derby made history in the world of horse racing. Bubbling Over's win highlighted Idle Hour Stock Farm's exceptional breeding, trainer Herbert J. Thompson's expertise, and jockey Albert Johnson's impressive performance. This victory firmly secured their legacy in the annals of horse racing lore.