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Kentucky Derby Winner 1879 Lord Murphy

kentucky derby winner 1879 lord murphy

In 1879, the Kentucky Derby was a thrilling event as Lord Murphy raced to victory in record time of 2:37.00 at Churchill Downs. Jockey Charlie Shauer and trainer George Rice skillfully guided him to success. The race featured strong competition from contenders like Falsetto, Strathmore, and Trinidad who showcased exceptional talent in this Grade I stakes race. Witnessing Lord Murphy’s win was impressive as he claimed a substantial $3,550 purse – solidifying his place in horse racing history and shaping the legacy of champions at this prestigious event.

Kentucky Derby Winner 1879 Lord Murphy:

The Kentucky Derby of 1879 marked a major moment in horse racing history when Lord Murphy achieved a stunning victory. Jockey Charlie Shauer, under the guidance of trainer George Rice, clocked an unprecedented winning time of 2:37.00 as Lord Murphy raced to glory for Geo. W. Darden & Co., leaving an indelible mark at Churchill Downs.

Competing against top rivals on May 20, 1879, at Churchill Downs, Lord Murphy showcased exceptional speed and endurance that distinguished him as a champion among champions. The race was not just about finishing first; it was a showcase of skill, strategy, and sheer determination that propelled Lord Murphy to greatness in horse racing lore.

Lord Murphy’s record-setting win at the prestigious Kentucky Derby not only reflected his own talent but also highlighted the dedicated training efforts led by George Rice and his team. It demonstrated how meticulous preparation combined with natural ability can lead to extraordinary achievements even against tough competition vying for victory on one of horse racing’s biggest stages.

The significant reward received by Geo. W. Darden & Co., celebrating their prized steed’s triumph at the 1879 Kentucky Derby represented more than just financial success—it symbolized prestige, honor, and recognition within an exclusive circle where excellence reigns supreme amidst intense competition echoing every thunderous hoofbeat down Churchill Downs’ revered track.

Looking back on it now, Lord Murphy’s win wasn’t merely another historical event but rather a defining moment shaping future generations’ aspirations towards greatness in events like the Kentucky Derby—his legacy resonating through time as inspiration for all those who dare to dream big enough to pursue their own victories with unwavering resolve and unbridled spirit akin to this noble steed whose name shall forever be honored among revered legends on racetracks worldwide.

Record-breaking Victory:

Lord Murphy’s incredible victory at the 1879 Kentucky Derby was a game-changer in horse racing history. His record-breaking time of 2:37.00 not only proved he was a champion, but also highlighted his amazing speed and skill on the tough dirt track at Churchill Downs.

The competition Lord Murphy faced during the race made his win even more impressive. With top contenders fighting for the prestigious title, including experienced jockeys and well-trained horses, Lord Murphy’s triumph truly showed off his talent and determination.

Not only did Lord Murphy make history with his outstanding performance, but he also earned significant rewards for all his hard work. The big payout he got as the winner of the 1879 Kentucky Derby cemented his status among legends in horse racing.

Lord Murphy’s victory in 1879 was a moment that defined champions at one of America’s most famous racing events. His unmatched success set a new standard for speed and skill while inspiring future generations to aim for greatness both on and off the track.

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Full Results of the Race:

The 1879 Kentucky Derby had an amazing lineup of top contenders, and Lord Murphy’s win was the highlight of the race. Falsetto, ridden by Isaac Murphy, also showed incredible skill and determination. Strathmore, guided by Hightower, and Trinidad with Alonzo Allen in control added to the thrilling competition that kept everyone on edge.

Lord Murphy’s historic victory not only secured his place in racing history but also set a new standard for excellence on the track. The excitement during the race was intense as each jockey pushed their horse to its limits to chase victory. Despite facing tough rivals, Lord Murphy’s outstanding performance made him a legend in horse racing folklore.

The generous prize money that Lord Murphy received after his epic triumph highlighted both his talent and determination as a champion at one of horse racing’s most prestigious events. His remarkable achievement inspired young jockeys and fans alike, showing that with hard work and skill – even when faced with strong competition – greatness can be reached in horse racing.

Payout Details:

After winning the 1879 Kentucky Derby, Lord Murphy was awarded a generous prize of $3,550 for being the champion of this top-tier horse race. The runner-up received $200, showcasing the rewards given to the best performers in this prestigious event.

Lord Murphy’s victory payout not only recognized his outstanding performance on that memorable day but also highlighted how competitive horse racing was during that time. Skilled jockeys and well-trained horses were all competing fiercely for success, making each stride towards the finish line incredibly important and exciting.

During an era when horse racing captured both hearts and wallets alike, Lord Murphy’s historic win at the renowned Kentucky Derby elevated him to legendary status among fans of equestrian sports everywhere. His name became synonymous with excellence on the racetrack—a symbol of determination in face of tough competition.

As history tells it, Lord Murphy’s incredible triumph at the 1879 Kentucky Derby showcased his skills as a racehorse—charging through challenges like a knight heading into battle. The excitement of witnessing such an extraordinary feat echoed throughout Churchill Downs on that fateful day.

The story of Lord Murphy’s victory in 1879 serves as a powerful reminder that champions emerge in elite sports through hard work, skill, and sheer determination—not just by luck alone. His legacy continues to inspire aspiring riders who dream of leaving their mark alongside other greats in horse racing history books.

Race Results: Top Performers and Exciting Finishes!

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st Lord Murphy Charles Shauer George Rice Geo. Darden & Co. 2:37.00
2nd Falsetto Isaac Murphy J.W.H. Reynolds
3rd Strathmore Hightower George Cadwallader
4th Trinidad Alonzo Allen Daniel Swigert
5th One Dime L. Jones G. W. Bowen & Co.
6th General Pike John Stoval Gen. Abe Buford
7th Ada Glenn Ramey G. D. Wilson
8th Buckner D. Edwards H. W. Farris
9th Wissahickon L. Hawkins H. Price McGrath

Historical Significance:

In 1879, the Kentucky Derby became a pivotal moment in horse racing history when Lord Murphy, ridden by jockey George Lewis, raced to an impressive victory. Despite facing tough competition from horses like Kimball and Falsetto, Lord Murphy showcased exceptional speed and endurance that set him apart on the track.

Lord Murphy’s win at the 1879 Kentucky Derby not only secured his place as a legend in horse racing but also highlighted his extraordinary talent and determination. His record-breaking performance amazed spectators as he gracefully crossed the finish line, establishing a new standard of excellence in the sport.

The competitive field at the 1879 Kentucky Derby added excitement to an already thrilling event. With experienced horses competing against rising stars, each race brought surprises and strategies that kept fans eagerly anticipating until Lord Murphy emerged victorious.

After triumphing at this prestigious event, Lord Murphy received praise and a substantial prize worthy of a champion. His remarkable victory propelled him into legendary status among racehorses and inspired future competitors looking to leave their mark on one of history’s most famous races – solidifying his position among elite champions at the Kentucky Derby.


1. Who was Lord Murphy and what made his victory at the 1879 Kentucky Derby so significant?

Lord Murphy, a famous racehorse, made history by winning the 1879 Kentucky Derby with an unbeatable time. He outpaced tough competitors and secured his spot as a legendary champion in horse racing lore.

2. What was the competitive field like at the 1879 Kentucky Derby that Lord Murphy had to overcome to secure his win?

Lord Murphy won the 1879 Kentucky Derby in a tough race against top horses, proving his incredible skill and determination to make his mark in horse racing history.

3. How did Lord Murphy's record-breaking victory at the 1879 Kentucky Derby shape the legacy of champions in horse racing history?

Lord Murphy made history by winning the 1879 Kentucky Derby, breaking records and becoming one of the greatest champions in horse racing. His victory set a new level of excellence that motivated upcoming racers to aim for greatness on the prestigious track.

4. What was the substantial payout that Lord Murphy received as the champion of the 1879 Kentucky Derby, and how did it compare to previous winners?

After winning the 1879 Kentucky Derby, Lord Murphy scored a big payday of $4,850. This amount set a new record for the event, beating out all previous winners in terms of winnings.

5. In what ways did Lord Murphy's triumph at the 1879 Kentucky Derby influence future strategies and approaches in horse racing competitions?

Lord Murphy's victory at the 1879 Kentucky Derby raised the bar for horse racing excellence. It influenced upcoming tactics by highlighting the significance of effective training, smart jockeying, and the possibility of setting new records in tough competitions.

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