By Mint Julep

Kentucky Derby Winner Ben Ali 1886

kentucky derby winner ben ali 1886

In 1886 at the Kentucky Derby, Ben Ali made history by winning in record time. Jockey Patsy Duffy skillfully guided him to victory under trainer James Murphy and owner James B. A. Haggin. The thrilling race took place at Churchill Downs where Ben Ali outperformed competitors like Blue Wing and Free Knight, crossing the finish line in an impressive 2:36.50 time, securing a spot among horse racing legends. Daniel Swigert played a crucial role as the breeder in this triumph, showcasing how Ben Ali’s win left a lasting impact on the prestigious history of the Kentucky Derby for years to come.


1. Who was the jockey that rode Ben Ali to victory at the 1886 Kentucky Derby?

Patsy Duffy, the talented jockey, steered Ben Ali to a remarkable win at the 1886 Kentucky Derby. With skill and finesse, he guided the horse to an unforgettable victory in this historic race.

2. What was the record-setting time achieved by Ben Ali in the 1886 Kentucky Derby?

In 1886, the legendary racehorse Ben Ali made history by setting a record-breaking time of 2:36 1/2 in the Kentucky Derby. This remarkable achievement solidified his place as one of the greatest racehorses of all time.

3. Which trainer prepared Ben Ali for his historic win at Churchill Downs in 1886?

James Murphy, the trainer, carefully trained Ben Ali for his groundbreaking win at Churchill Downs during the 1886 Kentucky Derby.

4. Who owned Ben Ali during his victorious run at the Kentucky Derby in 1886?

James B. A. Haggin owned Ben Ali when he won the Kentucky Derby in 1886 with a stunning victory.

5. How did Ben Ali's performance compare to his competitors, such as Blue Wing and Free Knight, in the 1886 Kentucky Derby?

Ben Ali made history in the 1886 Kentucky Derby by setting a new record time that outshined his competitors, Blue Wing and Free Knight. His impressive victory decisively secured his place as a legendary figure in horse racing.

6. What role did breeder Daniel Swigert play in Ben Ali's success story at the 1886 Kentucky Derby?

Breeder Daniel Swigert played a vital role in shaping Ben Ali's triumph at the 1886 Kentucky Derby. Through his careful breeding and nurturing of the talented colt, he paved the way for an extraordinary win that set new records.