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Kentucky Derby Winner Old Rosebud 1914

kentucky derby winner old rosebud 1914

In this exciting summary, we’ll take you on a journey back to the 1914 Kentucky Derby. Get ready to experience Old Rosebud’s historic win that captured everyone’s attention with his incredible speed and talent. Step into the thrilling race at Churchill Downs that established Old Rosebud as one of the top Thoroughbred competitors, setting new benchmarks in horse racing greatness and making a lasting impact on the sport’s esteemed history.

Kentucky Derby Winner Old Rosebud 1914

The 1914 Kentucky Derby was a thrilling event, particularly when Old Rosebud emerged victorious. He took charge of the race right from the start, leaving his competitors far behind and showcasing his incredible talent and speed on the track. It was an impressive sight for everyone lucky enough to witness this historic moment at Churchill Downs.

That day, jockey-trainer duo John McCabe and Frank D. Weir proved to be an unstoppable team with Old Rosebud. Their smooth coordination and expert handling of the horse played a vital role in securing such a remarkable win. Every step taken by Old Rosebud seemed precise and calculated, as if he knew exactly how to outshine the rest of the field.

Old Rosebud made history by breaking records left and right with a winning time of 2:03.40 – setting a new standard that would be remembered for years to come. Surpassing Donerail’s previous record was no small feat, but Old Rosebud managed it effortlessly, proving himself as one of the greatest champions ever seen on that revered racetrack.

Churchill Downs erupted with cheers as Old Rosebud crossed the finish line in magnificent glory, solidifying his status as a true racing legend among fans and experts alike. His electrifying performance not only captured hearts but also inspired generations of aspiring jockeys, trainers, breeders who saw him as an example of equine excellence.

Looking back now at Old Rosebud’s triumph reminds us what can be achieved through determination, skillful training,and impeccable breeding – elements that all came together seamlessly on that fateful day in 1914 to create an unforgettable chapter in Thoroughbred racing lore.The legacy he left serves as inspiration for future champions yet unborn; reminding us all that greatness sometimes gallops towards immortality at breakneck speed!

Race Day Triumphs

Old Rosebud’s incredible performance in the 1914 Kentucky Derby not only clinched the victory but also grabbed everyone’s attention with his record-breaking time and dominant lead over other horses. The owner, Hamilton C. Applegate, was ecstatic as Old Rosebud sprinted across the finish line in spectacular fashion under jockey John McCabe’s expert guidance.

The win by Old Rosebud at the 1914 Kentucky Derby left spectators amazed as he raced through Churchill Downs with unmatched speed and grace. His impressive time of 2:03 flat set a new track record that remained unbeaten for more than two decades, confirming his status as one of the greatest champions of his era.

Old Rosebud’s triumph went beyond just Churchill Downs; it signaled a shift in Thoroughbred racing, highlighting how strategic breeding and top-notch training can produce elite racehorses. The legacy of this legendary champion lives on through fans who are still captivated by his thrilling victory and lasting impact on the sport.

The Pros & Cons of Legendary Horse Racing


  1. Horse racing has a long and fascinating history

  2. The races are thrilling and fiercely competitive

  3. You can bet on the outcomes and enjoy various entertainment options

  4. Watch amazing displays of athleticism by horses and jockeys

  5. Host cities benefit economically from these events

  6. It fosters a strong sense of community and friendship among attendees


  1. Horses and riders may get hurt

  2. It costs a lot to care for and train racehorses

  3. People argue about doping and unfair practices

  4. Big events can harm the environment

  5. Some fans might find it hard to attend due to mobility or money issues

  6. Horse racing can widen gaps between different social classes

Full Results and Payout

The 1914 Kentucky Derby was a game-changer in horse racing history. Old Rosebud’s spectacular win shook up Churchill Downs like thunder on a stormy night. The crowd went wild as Old Rosebud surged ahead, leaving his competitors amazed by his speed and stamina.

Old Rosebud didn’t just win the race; he dominated it with sheer power and grit that captivated everyone watching. Every step he took seemed to defy gravity, effortlessly propelling him towards victory. His jockey must have felt like they were flying, guiding this incredible horse towards glory.

Old Rosebud’s legacy goes beyond numbers; it represents excellence and unwavering commitment ingrained in every Thoroughbred. When he crossed the finish line that day in 1914, it wasn’t just about winning money but also fulfilling dreams and breaking records. His name became synonymous with greatness in the racing world—a symbol of what can happen when talent meets opportunity.

Looking back at Old Rosebud’s epic triumph at Churchill Downs isn’t just about a horse race; it’s witnessing history unfold—a whirlwind of emotions encapsulated within one unforgettable moment frozen in time. His victory inspired generations to come—to pursue their version of the ‘Kentucky Derby,’ driven by passion, determination, and an unyielding spirit reminiscent of that legendary steed named Old Rosebud

Winning Breeder and Scratched Horses

In 1914, John E. Madden made a name for himself by breeding the winning horse Old Rosebud in the Kentucky Derby. This showcased his talent for nurturing top racing stars perfect for prestigious events like the Derby. Madden had a knack for picking and developing champion racehorses, and Old Rosebud was proof of his expertise.

During the 1914 Kentucky Derby, some strong contenders such as Ivan Gardner, Brickley, Belloc, and Constant were unexpectedly pulled out of the race right before it started. Their absence added an element of surprise to the competition, making spectators wonder how different things might have been if they had raced that day at Churchill Downs.

The scratches of horses like Ivan Gardner, Brickley, Belloc, and Constant served as a reminder of how unpredictable horse racing can be. Despite careful planning by trainers and owners leading up to big races like the Kentucky Derby; unexpected events can quickly change outcomes. These exclusions only built more excitement among fans eager to see which contender would come out on top despite shifting odds and surprising turns in this thrilling sport full of endless possibilities.

1914 Kentucky Derby Top Finishers Snapshot

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 10 Old Rosebud John McCabe Frank D. Weir Hamilton C. Applegate 2:03.40
2nd 7 Hodge William Taylor Kay Spence Kay Spence 8
3rd 4 Bronzewing Jack Hanover Dan Lehan Alex P. Humphrey Jr. 1+1/2
4th 3 John Gund George Byrne Auval John Baker Auval John Baker 4
5th 1 Old Ben Clarence Turner William H. Buckner William G. Yanke 6
6th 5 Surprising Charles Peak Richard F. Carman Sr. Richard F. Carman Sr. 2
7th 2 Watermelon W. French William G. Walker John E. Madden 3

Historical Significance

Old Rosebud’s thrilling win at the 1914 Kentucky Derby not only made him a legend in horse racing history but also set a new track record, finishing the race in an amazing time of 2:03.40. This incredible achievement showcased Old Rosebud’s outstanding speed and endurance, proving he was one of the top Thoroughbreds of his time.

The impressive dominance shown by Old Rosebud on Churchill Downs’ famous dirt track captivated spectators and left them amazed by his skills on the racetrack. His performance was truly spectacular, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who saw it firsthand or heard stories about this legendary racehorse.

This victory wasn’t just any win; it marked a change in how people viewed and celebrated Thoroughbred racing across the nation. Old Rosebud’s success turned him into a superstar within the racing world and beyond, shining a spotlight on horse racing as an exciting sport that captured hearts and minds everywhere.

Behind every great champion is an equally remarkable lineage, and Old Rosebud was no different. Born from exceptional bloodlines known for producing winners, he embodied generations of careful breeding aimed at creating superior athletes ready to conquer any challenge they faced.

As word spread far and wide about Old Rosebud’s historic triumph at the Kentucky Derby, excitement rippled through both experienced fans and newcomers to horse racing alike. The legacy he left behind serves as proof not only of his own talents but also of the enduring magic found within each running of this iconic event.

Legacy of Old Rosebud

In 1914, Old Rosebud’s win at the Kentucky Derby didn’t just mark a victory; it shook up the horse racing world. The colt raced through the track, leaving both fans and rivals amazed by his speed and endurance. His time of 2:03 flat for the mile and a quarter race set a new record, showcasing his exceptional talent and solidifying his status as a true legend.

Old Rosebud’s lineage tells an intriguing story about Thoroughbred breeding expertise. John E. Madden, renowned for spotting champions, bred Old Rosebud from Uncle—a stallion with an impressive pedigree tracing back to American Eclipse—and Ivory Bells, whose genes combined strength and grace in equal measure. This deliberate mix of superior genes played a crucial role in shaping Old Rosebud into the dominant force he was on the racetrack.

The day that Old Rosebud thundered past the finish line at Churchill Downs marked history in motion. Not only did he secure victory but also captured hearts worldwide. His triumph resonated across those sacred grounds like echoes through time itself alongside legends such as Man o’ War and Secretariat—icons who showcased unrivaled skill and spirit during their reigns.

Even today, Old Rosebud’s legacy serves as an inspiration for future generations—to remind us all that true greatness is earned through unwavering determination coupled with raw talent refined to perfection. In every beat of hooves echoing down Churchill Downs’ corridors lies tales from yesteryears—a whisper reminding us that real champions are never forgotten but instead immortalized within stories shared beneath starlit skies.

Myths and Tales Surrounding Old Rosebud's Victory

  1. ### The Legendary Feats of Old Rosebud's Triumph:

  2. **Unmatched Speed:** As the tales go, Old Rosebud was said to possess extraordinary swiftness, reputedly outpacing a speeding locomotive in a renowned race near his training grounds. This myth only added to his aura as an invincible champion.

  3. **Hidden Training Techniques:** Whispers circulated about Frank D. Weir, Old Rosebud's trainer, who supposedly employed clandestine training methods involving unique workouts and specialized diets for the horse. This enigmatic regimen was believed to be the secret behind Old Rosebud's exceptional track record.

  4. **Amulet of Fortune:** It is rumored that before each race, Old Rosebud would don a special horseshoe charm around his neck for luck. This talisman was thought to bring him good fortune and shield him from any potential mishaps on the course – factors contributing to his impressive streak of victories.

  5. **Telepathic Connection:** There are accounts suggesting that there existed an otherworldly connection between Old Rosebud and his jockey Frank Goose, enabling them to communicate telepathically during races. This alleged bond between horse and rider purportedly gave them an insurmountable edge over their rivals.

  6. **Prophetic Wisdom:** According to local lore, it is said that wise old horses perched on nearby hills foresaw Old Rosebud’s triumph at the 1914 Kentucky Derby long before it happened; whispering prophecies ensuring that his legend would endure through generations as they watched over the racetrack with eternal vigilance.

Impact on Churchill Downs

Old Rosebud’s stunning win at the 1914 Kentucky Derby not only secured his place in racing history but also sparked a new wave of excitement for the sport among fans and enthusiasts. The blazing speed shown by Old Rosebud that day remains unforgettable, resonating with those who witnessed his incredible athleticism.

The cheers for Old Rosebud’s victory echoed throughout Churchill Downs, revitalizing the famous racetrack and setting a high standard for future generations of racehorses looking to make their mark on this prestigious venue. The energy at Churchill Downs during the 1914 Kentucky Derby was electric as Old Rosebud raced towards victory with unmatched grace and determination.

As he crossed the finish line triumphantly, Old Rosebud not only won the race but also ignited a love for horse racing in all those present that day. His achievement went beyond just winning; it became a symbol of excellence and perseverance, showcasing what makes this sport so thrilling and captivating.

Churchill Downs bore witness to history unfolding as Old Rosebud surged ahead with unstoppable spirit, leaving spectators amazed by his power and agility. The legacy left by this champion stands as proof of Thoroughbred racing’s enduring appeal, solidifying Churchill Downs’ reputation as a hub for top equine talent.

Looking back on it now, Old Rosebud’s victory elevated him to legendary status while highlighting Churchill Downs’ role in shaping equestrian history. The special bond between horse and track resulted in an unforgettable moment that continues to inspire—a reminder that greatness has no limits when it comes to capturing hearts and crossing finish lines alike.

Publicity and Prominence

In 1914, Old Rosebud’s amazing win at the Kentucky Derby stunned the world of horse racing. This victory made him a superstar and secured his spot in history as one of the best champions ever seen on the track. Not only did his thrilling performance break records, but it also captivated race fans everywhere by showcasing the incredible power and elegance that make Thoroughbreds stand out.

Churchill Downs’ president Matt Winn played a key role in seizing on Old Rosebud’s historic triumph. Through smartly capitalizing on this monumental achievement, Winn raised the status and appeal of the Kentucky Derby to new levels, turning it into an iconic event that went beyond just sports to become a cultural sensation. Fans from around the globe eagerly came to Churchill Downs each year to witness firsthand the exciting spectacle unfolding before them – drawn by an irresistible magnetism fueled by dreams of witnessing greatness like what Old Rosebud represented.

As word spread about Old Rosebud’s remarkable feat at Churchill Downs, whispers soon turned into loud cheers for this extraordinary horse who had surpassed all expectations and rewritten racing history with every powerful stride toward glory. The legacy created by his unmatched speed and determination echoed through generations, inspiring future champions to aim higher while honoring a legend whose name would forever be linked with courage, resilience, and unwavering drive for victory on racing’s biggest stage.


1. What was Old Rosebud's time and margin of victory in the 1914 Kentucky Derby?

In 1914, Old Rosebud blazed through the Kentucky Derby in a jaw-dropping time of 2:03.4, leaving competitors in the dust with an impressive lead of eight lengths.

2. How did Old Rosebud's record-breaking win impact the landscape of Thoroughbred racing at the time?

Old Rosebud made history by winning the 1914 Kentucky Derby in record time. This victory established him as a legendary Thoroughbred, boosting Churchill Downs' reputation and raising the bar for excellence in horse racing worldwide.

3. Can you elaborate on the breeding lineage of Old Rosebud and how it contributed to his success on the track?

Old Rosebud was an amazing racer because his parents, Uncle and Ivory Bells, came from a long line of speedy and strong horses. Their good genes mixed together to make Old Rosebud a champion with incredible skills on the racetrack.

4. In what ways did Old Rosebud's victory at Churchill Downs leave a lasting legacy in horse racing history?

Old Rosebud set a new record for winning at Churchill Downs in 1914. This victory made him a legendary figure in horse racing history, demonstrating his incredible speed and talent. He became known as one of the greatest champions in the sport because of this remarkable performance.

5. What were some key characteristics or traits that set Old Rosebud apart from other racehorses of his era?

During his time, Old Rosebud stood out as a remarkable racehorse due to his impressive speed, endurance, and unwavering determination. These qualities not only set him apart from other horses but also secured his legacy as a Kentucky Derby winner.

6. How did jockey John McCabe play a crucial role in guiding Old Rosebud to victory in the 1914 Kentucky Derby?

In the 1914 Kentucky Derby, Jockey John McCabe led Old Rosebud to a historic win by displaying his exceptional riding skills and expert knowledge of the track. His mastery of horsemanship was evident as he guided Old Rosebud to break records in this prestigious race.