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Kentucky Derby Winner Reigh Count 1928

kentucky derby winner reigh count 1928

In 1928 at the Kentucky Derby, Reigh Count emerged victorious under jockey Chick Lang and trainer Bert S. Michell on a muddy track at Churchill Downs. Owned by Fannie Hertz, this historic race showcased Reigh Count’s triumph and enduring legacy in American horseracing. Explore the race’s importance, the competitors involved, the track conditions, and how Reigh Count left his mark on horse racing history.

Kentucky Derby Winner Reigh Count 1928

The 1928 Kentucky Derby saw Reigh Count emerge as a true legend. Despite facing tough competition from seasoned favorites in a challenging field, this underdog stood out brilliantly. The track conditions were less than perfect that day, with heavy dirt posing a real challenge for all the racers. However, Reigh Count effortlessly maneuvered through the mud, displaying his exceptional skills and determination.

Jockey Chick Lang’s expert guidance was key to Reigh Count’s victory at the derby. Despite the difficult conditions, Lang skillfully guided the horse through the pack towards an unforgettable finish line moment. It was a remarkable display of horsemanship and perseverance that left onlookers amazed by their teamwork.

Trainer Bert S. Michell’s meticulous preparation played a crucial role in Reigh Count’s outstanding performance at Churchill Downs that year. His dedication to getting both horse and jockey in top shape paid off handsomely on race day. Owner Fannie Hertz must have felt immense pride watching her cherished horse secure such a prestigious title amidst fierce competition—it truly marked a significant achievement for them all!

Race Results and Payout

The 1928 Kentucky Derby was a legendary moment in history, marked by Reigh Count’s triumphant victory. With jockey Chick Lang expertly guiding him, trainer Bert S. Michell’s thorough preparation, and owner Fannie Hertz’s unwavering belief in her horse, Reigh Count raced into the record books with remarkable grace and speed that left spectators amazed.

The lineup for the 1928 Kentucky Derby was filled with diverse talent and ambition. Amongst all the competitors at Churchill Downs that day, Reigh Count shone brightly like a star ready to seize his moment.

As they sprinted down the homestretch on that memorable May day in 1928, all eyes were on Reigh Count as he surged ahead with incredible agility and power. Despite challenging track conditions, this majestic colt effortlessly glided over obstacles in his path.

While Misstep and Toro made valiant attempts to challenge Reigh Count’s lead leading up to the finish line, it quickly became clear that destiny had already picked its winner – a stunning chestnut beauty whose name would forever be remembered in horseracing lore.

In essence, Reigh Count’s triumph at the 1928 Kentucky Derby wasn’t just about winning a race; it symbolized an unbreakable spirit conquering challenges against all odds. It demonstrated how passion, perseverance, and raw talent can come together to create magical moments that transcend time itself – captivating us with their lasting legacy even years later.

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Field Overview

The 1928 Kentucky Derby was a highly anticipated event, featuring top contenders like Reigh Count, Misstep, Toro, and Jack Higgins. Each horse brought unique skills to the track that day, promising an exciting race.

Reigh Count’s win at the Derby wasn’t just about speed; it showcased excellent training by Bert S. Michell and expert jockeying by Chick Lang. The seamless teamwork between horse, trainer, and rider demonstrated exceptional coordination rarely seen in racing.

As Reigh Count sprinted towards victory down the final stretch, Fannie Hertz must have felt her heart racing as fast as her champion steed. This moment at Churchill Downs was a culmination of careful preparation meeting raw talent – a perfect blend of determination and skill resulting in an unforgettable triumph under the Kentucky skies.

Margins and Time Recorded

The 1928 Kentucky Derby was a defining moment for Reigh Count, showcasing his dominance in the world of horse racing. The majestic colt surged ahead of the competition, crossing the finish line with a remarkable lead of three lengths. This victory not only secured personal success for Reigh Count but also cemented his legacy in horse racing history.

Reigh Count’s exceptional performance on race day is evident from the recorded final time. He raced across Churchill Downs’ heavy track with precision, completing the course in an impressive 2 minutes and 10⅖ seconds. This display of speed, endurance, and determination highlighted his prowess as a top-tier competitor in one of America’s most prestigious races.

Despite challenging conditions at Churchill Downs during the 1928 Kentucky Derby – including mud and rain-soaked tracks – Reigh Count stood out as a beacon of hope for those who had placed their bets on him.

Under jockey Chick Lang’s skillful guidance and trainer Bert S. Michell’s meticulous training regimen, Reigh Count navigated through adversity to emerge victorious that historic day at Churchill Downs.

Owner Fannie Hertz witnessed her prized possession excel under pressure on that wet afternoon without knowing then how fruitful her investment would prove to be. The results achieved by Reigh Count would reverberate through time as one of American soil’s greatest victories ever witnessed.

Winning Horses and their Victorious Jockeys

Position Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Final Odds Stake
1 4 Reigh Count Chick Lang Bert S. Michell Fannie Hertz 2.06 $55,375
2 1 Misstep William Garner Mose Lowenstein Le Mar Stock Farm (Leo J. Marks) 10.20 $6,000
3 7 Toro Eddie Ambrose John F. Schorr Edward Beale McLean 4.75 $3,000
4 8 Jack Higgins Charles E. Allen William J. Curran William J. Curran 4.42 $1,000
5 5 Reigh Olga Earl Pool Bert S. Michell Otto Lehman 2.06
6 9 Lawley Harold Thurber Edward Trotter Viking Stable (Christian & Klein) 4.42
7 2 Don Q. Pete Walls Bud Stotler Sagamore Stable 4.42
8 20 Bobashela Herb Fisher S. Miller Henderson Audley Farm Stable 12.08
9 10 Blackwood Frank Chiavetta Burton B. Williams Bloomfield Stable (Walter Briggs, Charles T. Fisher, Frank Navin) 4.42
10 6 Martie Flynn Willie Fronk Robert V. McGarvey Syl Peabody 14.18
11 18 Sun Beau John Craigmyle Charles W. Carroll Willis Sharpe Kilmer 38.42
12 13 Bar None Joe Kederis William H. Buckner Longridge Stable 4.42
13 19 Distraction Danny McAuliffe George Tappen Wheatley Stable 11.51
14 15 Petee-Wrack Albert Johnson Willie Booth John R. Macomber 4.42
15 17 Typhoon Edgar Barnes H. Guy Bedwell Kenton Farm Stable (John A. Payne Jr. & Robert H. West Jr.) 41.21
16 11 Replevin Virgil Peterson J. S. Middleton Frederick Johnson 4.42
17 3 Cartago Karl Horvath John J. Flanigan R. E. Lechleiter 4.42
18 21 Bonivan Charles Landolt Jim Everman A. A. Kaiser 4.42
19 22 Charmarten James Butwell C. F. Cherry Wild Rose Farm (Valentine "Val" Crane) 4.42
20 12 Vito Clarence Kummer Max Hirsch Alfred H. Cosden 39.04
21 14 Sortie Fred Weiner Max Hirsch A. Charles Schwartz 39.04
22 16 Strolling Player George Fields Robert A. Smith Salubria Stable 12.08

Jockey and Trainer Combination

Reigh Count and his team dominated the 1928 Kentucky Derby. The track was a mess that day, soaked from heavy rain which turned it into a muddy obstacle course. Despite this challenge, Chick Lang expertly guided Reigh Count through the treacherous terrain. His smart decisions during the race displayed true mastery of horsemanship.

Bert S. Michell’s training techniques were on full display as Reigh Count sprinted down the final stretch towards victory. Michell’s dedication to preparing both horse and jockey for such an important event was evident in every step they took at Churchill Downs on that crucial day. His attention to detail and ability to bring out their best set them apart from all competitors.

The lineup for the 1928 Kentucky Derby was intense, packed with top contenders all aiming for glory on racing’s biggest stage. Yet, it became clear early on that Reigh Count possessed something extraordinary – a spark that outshone any other competitor present that day. With Lang guiding him skillfully and Michell’s training backing them up, they formed an unbeatable pair.

Fannie Hertz must have felt immense pride watching her cherished colt gallop across the finish line first, clinching victory in one of horse racing’s most esteemed events ever held! Her choice to entrust Reigh Count to Lang and Michell proved incredibly wise; their teamwork culminated in an unforgettable moment of triumph at Churchill Downs.

Looking back at how everything fell perfectly into place for Reigh Count during the 1928 Kentucky Derby feels like witnessing pure magic unfold right before our eyes—a perfect storm of talent coming together harmoniously at one legendary racetrack where dreams transformed into reality amidst resounding cheers echoing throughout history itself!

Track Conditions and Surface Type

The 1928 Kentucky Derby had tough track conditions because of bad weather that hit Churchill Downs on race day. Despite the challenges, Reigh Count performed exceptionally well on the muddy track.

Fannie Hertz owned Reigh Count during his big win at the Kentucky Derby in 1928 and brought a legacy of horseracing excellence to the sport through her ownership interests. Her involvement added prestige to Reigh Count’s victory in this important event.

Reigh Count’s triumph at the 1928 Kentucky Derby was a huge moment in racing history as it influenced future breeding lines and generations within the sport. The horse’s victory cemented its position among top competitors in thoroughbred racing lore.

By winning at the 1928 Kentucky Derby, Reigh Count created a lasting impact that still resonates within horseracing circles even decades after his historic achievement. His name is still linked with excellence and success in classic American races.

The atmosphere surrounding the 54th running of the Kentucky Derby on May 19, 1928 reflected an era characterized by rich traditions, passionate spectators, and fierce competition among top contenders all aiming for glory at Churchill Downs.

The Enigmatic Lore of Reigh Count at the Derby

  1. ## The Mysterious Story of Reigh Count's Triumph at the Derby

  2. **Undefeated in Every Race**: Reigh Count had an extraordinary career, winning all six races as a two-year-old and claiming victory at the Kentucky Derby inHis unbeaten record made him a standout figure in horse racing history.

  3. **Trained by Racing Legend Bert S. Michell**: Bert S. Michell, a renowned horseman known for his exceptional skills and ability to bring out the best in horses, trained Reigh Count. Michell's expertise was crucial to Reigh Count's success on the track.

  4. **Owned by Business Mogul John D. Hertz**: John D. Hertz, founder of Yellow Cab Company and Hertz car rental business, owned Reigh Count. A prominent figure in the racing world, Hertz added to the allure surrounding Reigh Count.

  5. 4 .**Breaking Records with Derby Win**: In 1928, Reigh Count set a record time when he won the Kentucky Derby, finishing the 1 1/4 mile race in just 2:10 2/5! This outstanding performance secured his place among top-class racehorses and left an indelible mark on Derby history.

  6. 5 .**Fathering Triple Crown Champion -Count Fleet:** After retiring from racing ,Reign count became a successful sire who produced none other than legendary Triple Crown winner-Count Fleet.This connection between father and son added another captivating layer to Reign Counts already intriguing tale."


1. Who was the jockey who rode Reigh Count to victory at the 1928 Kentucky Derby?

In 1928, Jockey Chick Lang skillfully rode Reigh Count to an unforgettable win at the Kentucky Derby. Their outstanding teamwork and exceptional talent shone brightly during this historic race.

2. What were the track conditions like during the 1928 Kentucky Derby, and how did they impact the race?

During the 1928 Kentucky Derby, the track was in excellent condition – fast and firm. This benefited Reigh Count's remarkable speed and agility, helping him secure a fantastic victory.

3. How did Reigh Count's victory at the 1928 Kentucky Derby contribute to his legacy in horse racing history?

Reigh Count's win at the 1928 Kentucky Derby firmly established him as a legendary champion in horse racing. It highlighted his amazing skills, unwavering determination, and the combined teamwork of jockey Chick Lang, trainer Bert S. Michell, and owner Fannie Hertz to achieve one of the most unforgettable victories in sports history.

4. What role did owner Fannie Hertz play in Reigh Count's training and preparation for the Kentucky Derby?

Fannie Hertz, the owner, took charge of supervising and backing up the training and readiness of Reigh Count for the 1928 Kentucky Derby. She made sure that the horse was in top shape for this important race.

5. How did trainer Bert S. Michell's expertise and strategy influence Reigh Count's performance in the 1928 Kentucky Derby?

Trainer Bert S. Michell's top-notch training and smart planning were key factors in helping Reigh Count win the 1928 Kentucky Derby. By getting the horse in great shape physically and mentally, he made sure it was ready to tackle the tough track and beat all the other horses.

6. What was unique about the field composition of horses competing against Reigh Count in the 1928 Kentucky Derby?

The horses that raced against Reigh Count in the 1928 Kentucky Derby were a mix of skilled competitors, which made his win even more remarkable.