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1897 Typhoon II Kentucky Derby Winner

1897 typhoon ii kentucky derby winner

Discover the thrilling world of horse racing history with the incredible victory of Typhoon II at the 1897 Kentucky Derby. Follow jockey Buttons Garner and trainer Julius C. Cahn as they skillfully guide this exceptional Thoroughbred to success, earning its place among the sport’s esteemed champions. Delve into Typhoon II’s legacy in horse racing, celebrating its unforgettable win on that historic day at Churchill Downs.

Background of Typhoon II

Typhoon II wasn’t just any horse; he was a rising legend. Bred by John B. Ewing in Tennessee, this magnificent stallion had a natural talent for racing. The 1897 Kentucky Derby would be where Typhoon II’s destiny collided with greatness, as trainer Julius C. Cahn meticulously trained him for success at Churchill Downs.

In 1897, the racetracks were alive with energy as horses charged forward, but none quite like Typhoon II under the skilled guidance of trainer Julius C. Cahn. With each powerful stride and graceful leap over obstacles, it became clear that this pair was bound for victory on May 12th at Churchill Downs. Jockey Buttons Garner expertly guided Typhoon II through fierce competition towards triumph.

Crossing the finish line in a thunderous rush, they made history alongside legendary champions – an inspiring tale of determination and skill leading to unparalleled success at one of horse racing’s most esteemed events.The legacy of Typhoon II lives on as proof of the remarkable bond between jockey Buttons Garner and trainer Julius C.Cahn – two gifted individuals who transformed an ordinary racehorse into an extraordinary winner forever celebrated in equine history.

Race Details and Location

The 23rd Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on May 12, 1897 was an incredible event. Typhoon II’s win in this prestigious Grade I race was a game-changer for horse racing. Jockey Buttons Garner and trainer Julius C. Cahn expertly guided Typhoon II to victory with unmatched speed and stamina that amazed everyone watching.

Buttons Garner and Julius C. Cahn made a powerful team on the track that day. Their skillful coordination and deep knowledge of Typhoon II’s abilities led them to triumph over tough competitors. As they raced towards the finish line, it was evident that this duo had something special—a bond built through hard work and dedication.

Typhoon II will always be remembered as a legendary Kentucky Derby champion in the world of horse racing. The determination, talent, and sheer grit shown by this remarkable horse highlighted its status among great champions of the sport. With every step toward victory, Typhoon II not only secured its place in history but also served as inspiration for future generations with its incredible story of overcoming challenges against all odds.”

The Pros & Cons of Typhoon II's Legacy


  1. Typhoon II made history with its stunning victory at the 1897 Kentucky Derby, securing a legendary status in horse racing.

  2. Fans were captivated by Typhoon II's inspiring journey of overcoming challenges to emerge victorious as an underdog.

  3. The incredible legacy of Typhoon II continues to motivate and excite future generations of both racehorses and fans.

  4. The unforgettable win by Typhoon II reminds us all of the thrilling and unpredictable essence of horse racing.


  1. Some critics say Typhoon II only won by luck and not because of its true skills.

  2. The big attention and stress after the win might have hidden other horses that also deserved recognition for their accomplishments.

  3. Typhoon II's success could create unrealistic hopes for future racehorses to do as well.

  4. People worry that focusing too much on past wins like Typhoon II's might take away from enjoying today’s achievements in horse racing.

Winning Performance

The victory of Typhoon II at the 1897 Kentucky Derby was more than just a win; it showcased outstanding excellence in horse racing. With a remarkable time of 2:12.50, this magnificent horse made history by impressively galloping to success, leaving both spectators and rivals amazed by its speed and agility. The $4,850 prize money that Typhoon II earned for owner and trainer Julius C. Cahn wasn’t merely cash but also recognition of their hard work and expertise in nurturing such an exceptional racehorse.

Typhoon II’s triumph exemplifies the strong teamwork between jockey Buttons Garner and trainer Julius C. Cahn. Their seamless coordination played a crucial role in guiding Typhoon II to victory, highlighting how important teamwork is in the world of horse racing. It wasn’t just about winning first place; it involved executing precise strategies, making quick decisions, and having complete trust amidst the excitement on race day.

In horse racing history, Typhoon II’s legacy shines brightly among other esteemed champions worldwide who have shown unmatched skill and grace on tracks around the globe. This incredible thoroughbred didn’t only win races; it captured hearts, inspired dreams, and secured its name alongside legendary horses whose stories continue to inspire new generations today! The 1897 Kentucky Derby will always be remembered as the moment when Typhoon II became immortal—a symbol of passion, perseverance,

and equine greatness beyond mere competition!

Jockey and Trainer Information

Buttons Garner, a skilled horse rider with a knack for racing, led Typhoon II to an incredible win at the 1897 Kentucky Derby. His smart choices on the tough track were crucial in securing this historic victory that would go down in horse racing books.

Julius C. Cahn wore two hats as both trainer and owner of Typhoon II, showing his deep knowledge of training horses and planning races strategically. He paid close attention to every detail when getting both the horse and jockey ready for the challenging Derby, demonstrating his strong commitment to excellence in the sport.

Together, Garner and Cahn made an unbeatable team that guided Typhoon II towards greatness on that memorable day at Churchill Downs. Their teamwork showed how collaboration between jockey and trainer can lead to remarkable achievements in thoroughbred racing.

The lasting impact of Typhoon II’s incredible win goes beyond time, serving as a tribute not only to Buttons Garner’s expert guidance and Julius C. Cahn’s skills but also as an inspiring example of persistence, drive, and talent within the rich history of horse racing.

Race Results and Notable Finishers

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st Typhoon II Fred Garner Julius C. Cahn Julius C. Cahn 2:12.50
2nd Ornament Alonzo Clayton Charles T. Patterson Charles T. Patterson & Co. Neck
3rd Dr. Catlett Robert Williams Turney Bros. 20
4th Dr. Shepard John Hill Foster Bros. 4
5th Goshen Walter Wilhite John Rodegap
6th Ben Brown S. Ballard Charles Fleischmann

Payout Structure

In 1897, Typhoon II made history by winning the Kentucky Derby and taking home a hefty sum of $4,850 for first place. The difference in prize money between Typhoon II’s win and second place ($700) and third place ($300) highlighted the horse’s dominance during the race.

Jockey Buttons Garner skillfully guided Typhoon II to victory with finesse and determination, showcasing his exceptional talent in maneuvering through Churchill Downs’ twists and turns. His successful partnership with trainer Julius C. Cahn was crucial in propelling Typhoon II to greatness, cementing their legacy in horse racing history.

Typhoon II’s triumph goes beyond just the monetary rewards; it represents a spirit of perseverance and excellence within the world of horse racing. By overcoming tough competition at the Kentucky Derby, this remarkable horse joined other legendary champions who have left an unforgettable mark on the sport over time.

Looking back at Typhoon II’s win in 1897 serves as a reminder of the enduring appeal of horse racing – where thrilling moments unfold amidst cheers from spectators captivated by both equine prowess and human mastery over these majestic animals. Let us not only remember the winnings but also celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments achieved by those who dared to dream big against all odds.

Historical Context

The 1897 Kentucky Derby was a significant moment in the long history of the famous horse racing event that takes place every year at Churchill Downs, starting back in 1875. Typhoon II, an impressive chestnut colt bred by renowned horseman Captain S.S. Brown, became an unexpected underdog leading up to this prestigious race. Trained diligently by Julius C. Cahn and skillfully ridden by jockey Buttons Garner, Typhoon II defied all expectations with its remarkable speed and endurance on that pivotal first Saturday in May.

Julius Cahn’s sharp training techniques transformed Typhoon II into a strong contender for the Run for the Roses. His commitment to nurturing the young colt’s natural abilities combined with his deep understanding of equine physiology set Typhoon II on a path towards success. Under Cahn’s careful guidance, each lap around the track served as a lesson in precision and tactics, preparing Typhoon II for one of America’s most challenging Thoroughbred races.

Buttons Garner’s partnership with Typhoon II was truly extraordinary. The skilled jockey had a special bond with horses that went beyond mere communication; it seemed like he could predict every move his equine partner would make before they even made it themselves! In their thrilling performance at Churchill Downs on that day, Garner and Typhoon II moved together seamlessly – like a symphony of hooves thundering toward victory amidst cheers from excited spectators.

Typhoon II’s triumph at the 1897 Kentucky Derby not only secured its spot among esteemed champions but also solidified its place in horse racing history books forevermore. This incredible win showcased how human expertise and equine talent can work hand-in-hand to achieve greatness against all odds – reminding us that sometimes even underdogs can surpass expectations and emerge victorious when guided by skilled hands and unwavering determination.

Remarkable Tales of the 1897 Derby Victor

  1. ### Exciting Stories of the 1897 Derby Winner:

  2. **Typhoon II's Surprising Win:** In a stunning upset, Typhoon II, a 30-1 long shot, clinched victory at the 1897 Kentucky Derby. His unexpected triumph earned him a place among the most memorable underdog champions in Derby history.

  3. **Innovative Training Regimen:** Rumor has it that Typhoon II underwent unconventional training methods like swimming in nearby rivers and lakes instead of sticking to traditional track routines. This unique approach was believed to have played a role in his success on race day.

  4. **Mysterious Beginnings:** Despite his impressive Derby win, Typhoon II's origins remained enigmatic. Some speculated about royal bloodlines while others thought he was just an ordinary farm horse with exceptional talent.

  5. **Showdown with Tough Rivals:** Prior to the Derby, Typhoon II went head-to-head with several established favorites boasting prestigious pedigrees and seasoned trainers. His triumph over these strong competitors cemented his reputation as a true racing sensation.

  6. **Lasting Impact:** Over a century later, Typhoon II's victory still enthralls racing enthusiasts and historians alike.The story stands as a testament to the unpredictable nature of horse racing and the enduring charm of underdog victories.

Breeder’s Recognition

John B. Ewing, a talented horse breeder from Tennessee, was an expert in his field. He showed his dedication and skill in breeding Thoroughbreds through Typhoon II’s impressive performance on the racetrack.

The legacy that John B. Ewing created with Typhoon II is truly remarkable. The bloodline he carefully developed resulted in a champion who made a lasting mark on the world of horse racing.

As Typhoon II raced towards victory, it felt like John B. Ewing’s passion and knowledge were driving the magnificent animal toward success.

In the realm of horse racing, breeders such as John B. Ewing are highly respected for their ability to produce outstanding athletes and shape the future of this beloved sport with each new generation they bring into being.”

Legacy of Typhoon II

The 1897 Kentucky Derby was rocked by Typhoon II’s impressive win, a feat that went down in history as nothing short of legendary. Jockey Buttons Garner skillfully steered Typhoon II through the muddy track, leaving rivals amazed by his speed and endurance. This memorable moment highlighted the incredible teamwork between man and horse.

Julius C. Cahn’s rigorous training routine played a crucial role in guiding Typhoon II to victory at Churchill Downs. His meticulous attention to detail and deep understanding of horses’ physical abilities transformed Typhoon II into a top-notch racing contender, ready for any challenge that came their way. On that decisive day, Cahn’s expertise shone brightly as Typhoon II raced towards triumph with unwavering resolve.

In the realm of horse racing legends, Typhoon II stands out among elite champions for showcasing remarkable skills and determination at the 1897 Kentucky Derby. The legacy left behind is a testament to the enduring competitive spirit and camaraderie inherent in this beloved sport. Buttons Garner’s expert handling on the reins and Julius Cahn’s talent-spotting capabilities propelled Typhoon II to heights reserved only for those destined for greatness within horse racing lore.


1. Who was the jockey that rode Typhoon II to victory at the 1897 Kentucky Derby?

In 1897, Jockey Buttons Garner skillfully rode Typhoon II to a memorable win at the Kentucky Derby. His impressive talent and strong teamwork with trainer Julius C. Cahn were on full display during this historic moment.

2. What made Typhoon II's win at the 1897 Kentucky Derby so remarkable in horse racing history?

The 1897 Kentucky Derby was a memorable event in horse racing history because of jockey Buttons Garner's exceptional skills and trainer Julius C. Cahn's strategic training, which helped Typhoon II secure a remarkable victory and earn its place among the esteemed champions of the sport.

3. How did trainer Julius C. Cahn contribute to Typhoon II's success at the Kentucky Derby?

Trainer Julius C. Cahn was instrumental in helping Typhoon II achieve success at the Kentucky Derby by carefully getting the horse ready for the race. He demonstrated his outstanding training abilities and thorough knowledge of horse athleticism, which were key factors in their victory.

4. What were some of the key factors that led to Typhoon II's victory over its competitors in 1897?

Jockey Buttons Garner and trainer Julius C. Cahn led Typhoon II to victory at the 1897 Kentucky Derby with their exceptional skills and strategic training. This win solidified Typhoon II's status as one of the legendary champions in horse racing history.

5. How did Typhoon II's legacy impact future generations of racehorses in the sport of horse racing?

In 1897, Typhoon II achieved a stunning victory at the Kentucky Derby. Jockey Buttons Garner and trainer Julius C. Cahn expertly guided the horse to success, setting a high standard that motivated upcoming racehorses to excel in the thrilling world of horse racing.

6. Can you elaborate on the significance of Buttons Garner's expertise as a jockey in guiding Typhoon II to victory at the Kentucky Derby?

Buttons Garner's incredible talent and extensive knowledge of horse racing strategies were crucial in leading Typhoon II to a groundbreaking win at the 1897 Kentucky Derby, demonstrating his expertise as a jockey.