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Plaudit Kentucky Derby Winner 1898

plaudit kentucky derby winner 1898

Join us on an exciting journey as we delve into the impressive story of Plaudit’s victory at the 1898 Kentucky Derby. We’ll follow his beginnings as a talented young Thoroughbred, owned and trained by John E. Madden, to his rise to fame with jockey Willie Simms leading him to a historic win. Experience firsthand how Plaudit conquered tough competition, showcasing unmatched speed and endurance that secured his place in horse racing history.

Plaudit’s Background and Early Life

Plaudit, an impressive Thoroughbred racehorse born in Kentucky, was raised by John E. Madden. From the very beginning on Madden’s farm, it was obvious that this magnificent horse had a unique talent that would make history in racing.

Under Madden’s careful training, Plaudit began his journey to greatness with hard work and dedication. Every practice session in the vast fields of Kentucky helped Plaudit improve his skills and endurance under Madden’s expert guidance. The connection between trainer and horse grew stronger as they both worked tirelessly towards their shared goal of victory on the racetrack.

Even before stepping foot on an official track, Plaudit proved himself to be a strong competitor; rumors within racing circles hinted at a rising star with limitless potential. With each stride during training sessions and every elegant gallop around the paddock, Plaudit established himself not just as any other horse but as a true champion waiting for its moment—a symbol of grace, strength, and natural talent ready to claim success at every opportunity.

Road to the 1898 Kentucky Derby Victory

In 1898, Plaudit embarked on an incredible journey that led to his thrilling victory at the Kentucky Derby. Under the guidance of expert trainer John E. Madden, who was renowned for his skill in preparing racehorses, Plaudit was set up for success right from the start. Through diligent training and a commitment to improving his racing abilities, Plaudit quickly proved himself as a strong competitor on the track.

As he raced down the Churchill Downs track on that unforgettable day with jockey Willie Simms riding him, Plaudit displayed a unique combination of elegance and strength. Each powerful stride represented hours of hard work and unwavering determination leading up to this pivotal moment. The crowd cheered wildly as they witnessed history being made – an underdog seizing victory against experienced rivals with unmatched finesse.

Plaudit’s triumph at the 1898 Kentucky Derby not only secured his place in horse racing history but also stood as a testament to resilience and perseverance. His impact went beyond just one race, inspiring future generations of racers and fans alike to always strive for greatness regardless of challenges faced. In every thundering hoofbeat resonated echoes from champions past, creating a tapestry woven with victories that would forever be remembered in equestrian lore.

The Pros & Cons of Vintage Horse Racing


  1. Experience the nostalgic charm and historical significance

  2. Gain unique insight into how horse racing has evolved over time

  3. Witness the impressive skills of both horses and jockeys from a bygone era

  4. Explore the fashion, culture, and social norms of that time period


  1. Horses and riders lack modern safety standards

  2. Vintage horse racing events or footage are hard to find

  3. Historical practices may raise controversies or ethical concerns

  4. It's tough to fully grasp the speed and intensity compared to current races

Triumph at the 24th Running of the Kentucky Derby

On May 4, 1898, Plaudit thundered down the track at Churchill Downs and clinched a victory in the Kentucky Derby. John E. Madden trained him, and jockey Willie Simms skillfully guided him to success.

Plaudit was born at Hamburg Place Farm in Kentucky to a line of champions, setting him on a path towards greatness from day one. His strong build and unwavering spirit made him stand out among his competitors—a true example of grace under pressure.

As the race began that momentous day, Plaudit shot off like a shooting star across the sky. Each stride he took left spectators in awe—his powerful run showcasing talent honed through intense training leading up to this crucial race.

Navigating sharp turns and overtaking rivals with unmatched speed, Plaudit demonstrated precision and composure throughout every part of the demanding course. In those thrilling moments when victory seemed almost within reach yet just out of grasp, his relentless determination propelled him beyond limits into history.

With each beat of his heart matching the cheers echoing from fans along the rails, Plaudit’s win not only secured his place as a legend in horse racing but also served as an inspiration for future generations—an enduring symbol of excellence driven by passion and perseverance alike.

Payout and Recognition

Plaudit’s win at the 1898 Kentucky Derby not only etched his name in racing history but also brought John E. Madden a hefty sum of money. The impressive prize of $4,850 showcased Plaudit’s extraordinary skills and unwavering determination on the racetrack.

After Plaudit emerged victorious, he received well-deserved recognition for proving himself as an outstanding competitor among top-tier horses. This acknowledgment solidified his reputation as a remarkable racehorse with immense potential and talent.

As word spread about Plaudit’s win at Churchill Downs, fans and experts were amazed by his performance. His ability to conquer challenges and triumph in such a prestigious event highlighted not just his physical strength but also mental toughness under pressure.

With all eyes on him now, Plaudit reveled in success while setting new standards for excellence in horse racing. His legacy would live beyond that memorable day at the Kentucky Derby, inspiring future competitors to reach for greatness both on and off the track.

Race Results: Top Finishers and Their Performances

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st Plaudit Willie Simms John E. Madden John E. Madden 2:09.00
2nd Lieber Karl Tommy Burns George Walker John W. Schorr Nose
3rd Isabey A. Knapp Stanton & Tucker 20
4th Han d’Or Jess Conley George A. Singerly

Legacy of Plaudit in Horse Racing History

Plaudit’s big win at the 1898 Kentucky Derby wasn’t just any victory; it was a powerful showcase of determination and talent that set him apart from all the other horses. With his lineage tracing back to Hanover, a legendary stallion in American horse racing history, Plaudit had the blood of champions running through his veins. His trainers worked hard to boost his speed and stamina, turning him into an outstanding athlete primed for any challenge.

On race day, as Plaudit thundered down the track with fiery determination in his eyes, spectators were spellbound by his elegance and strength. The excitement in the air was thick as each step brought him closer to triumph. In a heart-stopping moment frozen in time, Plaudit surged ahead with unmatched power and resolve. Crossing the finish line first amid roaring cheers marked not only a personal victory but also signaled a new era in horse racing—an era where Plaudit ruled supreme.

His name came to symbolize excellence and perseverance—a role model for all young racehorses dreaming of greatness. Trainers aimed to mirror the techniques that shaped this exceptional champion while fans hailed him as one of America’s finest horses on racetracks nationwide. Plaudit’s legacy resonates through generations of racers striving for glory, reminding them that with unwavering dedication and sheer willpower like his own, they too can make their mark on this prestigious world known as horse racing.


1. What was Plaudit's background and training leading up to the 1898 Kentucky Derby?

Plaudit, a young chestnut horse sired by Himyar and born to dam Cinderella, received thorough training from his expert handler, Jim Williams. He demonstrated remarkable speed and endurance during the 1898 Kentucky Derby after intensive preparation.

2. How did Plaudit perform during the actual race day of the 1898 Kentucky Derby?

Plaudit displayed incredible determination and skill during the thrilling race day of the 1898 Kentucky Derby. He raced ahead with impressive speed and precision, ultimately achieving a historic victory that left spectators in awe.

3. What were some key moments or obstacles that Plaudit overcame during the race?

Plaudit powered ahead of the other horses with strong determination, bouncing back from a tough beginning and holding off a fierce late challenge from Lieber Karl to win the 1898 Kentucky Derby.

4. How did Plaudit's victory in the 1898 Kentucky Derby impact his legacy in the world of horse racing?

Plaudit's impressive win at the 1898 Kentucky Derby made him a legendary champion, highlighting his remarkable talent and drive. This victory set the stage for a lasting legacy in the horse racing world.

5. What set Plaudit apart from other competitors in the 1898 Kentucky Derby?

In the 1898 Kentucky Derby, Plaudit stood out from his competitors thanks to his outstanding lineage, intense preparation, and relentless drive. These qualities propelled him to a remarkable victory on race day, showcasing his impressive abilities and speed.

6. How did Plaudit's triumph in the 1898 Kentucky Derby inspire future generations of horses and jockeys?

The impressive win by Plaudit in the 1898 Kentucky Derby motivated upcoming horses and jockeys. It demonstrated how persistence, talent, and drive can lead to success on the racetrack, inspiring future generations to strive for greatness.