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1908 Stone Street Kentucky Derby Winner

1908 stone street kentucky derby winner

Step back to the unforgettable 1908 Kentucky Derby, where Stone Street surprised everyone by winning despite challenging track conditions and tough competition. Discover how this underdog’s victory continues to inspire, showcasing the exciting unpredictability of horse racing and the incredible teamwork between owners C.E. & J.W. Hamilton, trainer John W. Hall, and jockey Arthur Pickens that led to an epic triumph at Churchill Downs.

Early Life and Family Background

Stone Street, the famous champion of the 1908 Kentucky Derby, became a symbol of hope in tough track conditions and fierce competition. Owned by C.E. & J.W. Hamilton and trained by John W.

Hall, this unexpected winner surprised everyone with an incredible victory on that memorable day at Churchill Downs.

Jockey Arthur Pickens skillfully guided Stone Street to a remarkable win despite facing challenges during the historic race on May 5, 1908. The strong determination shown by this trio – horse, jockey, and trainer – captured audiences worldwide as they witnessed an inspiring underdog story unfold right before them.

The lasting impact of Stone Street’s unlikely triumph serves as proof of perseverance and resilience in the world of horse racing. Overcoming obstacles leading up to the Derby, this exceptional horse made its mark in history with unparalleled grace and determination—a timeless narrative that continues to motivate racing fans from all corners of the globe for years to come.

Race Day and Conditions

The 1908 Kentucky Derby was a thrilling event that captivated spectators. The relentless rain turned the track into a challenging quagmire, testing both jockeys and horses alike. Despite being considered an underdog with odds of 61-1, Stone Street rose to the occasion, ready to make his mark on racing history.

As the starting bell echoed through Churchill Downs, Stone Street exploded from the gates like lightning. Maneuvering skillfully through the muddy terrain, he displayed unwavering determination in every stride as he surged past his competitors. The crowd cheered in amazement as this unexpected contender showcased resilience against all obstacles.

Despite facing difficult conditions due to Mother Nature’s interference, Stone Street and his jockey remained undeterred. With each step towards victory, they epitomized perseverance and courage – demonstrating that winning a race requires more than just speed; it demands heart and grit. When Stone Street crossed the finish line first after overcoming such adversity, he didn’t merely win a race; he captured hearts worldwide with an unforgettable underdog story for the ages.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Inspiring the next wave of jockeys and horse trainers

  2. Putting on display the vibrant history and tradition of horse racing

  3. Shining a spotlight on the remarkable talent and hard work of both horses and riders

  4. Building up excitement and anticipation among fans

  5. Paying tribute to the iconic horses that have made their mark in the sport


  1. Overshadowing current achievements in horse racing is possible.

  2. It might create unrealistic expectations for races happening today.

  3. This could lead to romanticizing past events without thinking about their historical context.

  4. Distracting from dealing with current issues within the sport may occur.

  5. Focusing narrowly on a few select races or horses, while neglecting other important aspects of horse racing, is a risk.

Full Results and Payouts

The 1908 Kentucky Derby was a thrilling race that saw Stone Street clinch the top spot, with Sir Cleges and Dunvegan finishing second and third. James B.A. Haggin from Kentucky bred the winning horse. Stone Street’s victory earned a purse of $4,850, while the second-place finisher received $700 and the third-place contender took home $300.

Stone Street made history at the 1908 Kentucky Derby by defying expectations and triumphing over tough competition at Churchill Downs. Despite challenging track conditions, this unlikely winner emerged as a standout performer among its rivals. Every powerful stride it took seemed to symbolize determination akin to a lone warrior facing seasoned adversaries on the battlefield.

As spectators eagerly watched, Stone Street’s thunderous gallop represented not only a horse racing towards victory but also dreams materializing through sheer perseverance and courage. The enduring impact of this historic win serves as inspiration for fans of horse racing worldwide—an example of how resilience can lead to success in any race, whether at Churchill Downs or elsewhere.

Historical Significance

Stone Street pulled off a miraculous win at the 1908 Kentucky Derby, defying all odds as an underdog. This chestnut colt made history by racing across the finish line first, stunning spectators and serving as a reminder of horse racing’s unpredictable nature. In this sport, determination and spirit can overcome even the toughest opponents.

The muddy track conditions on race day posed an extra challenge for Stone Street and his jockey. Rather than slowing them down, it seemed to drive their determination to succeed even more. With each step through the mud, Stone Street displayed his grit and tenacity, proving that real champions adapt to any situation they face. This memorable moment showcases perseverance in tough times—a lesson that continues to inspire fans worldwide.

Stone Street’s unexpected victory had a lasting impact beyond Churchill Downs, shaping both horse racing history and popular culture. His story offers hope for dreamers everywhere—showing that hard work, dedication, and some luck can turn even the most ambitious dreams into reality.

Every beat of Stone Street’s hooves echoes his legacy: courage under pressure and triumph against all odds.

Thrilling Race Results: Top Performers and Times

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 4 Stone Street Arthur Pickens John W. Hall C.E. & J.W. Hamilton 2:15.20
2nd 2 Sir Cleges Charles Koerner Peter W. Coyne George J. Long 3
3rd 1 Dunvegan Paul Warren William J. Young Johnson N. Camden Jr. Head
4th 8 Synchronized Fred Burton Fred Luzader D. W. Armstrong Head
5th 5 Banbridge Vincent Powers David Henry Barney Schreiber Head
6th 3 Milford Andy Minder William H. Fizer W. H. Fizer & Co. 6
7th 6 Bill Herron James Lee William J. Young Barney Dreyfuss Head
8th 7 Frank Bird J. Williams not available W. A. Hughes 20

Legacy of Stone Street

Stone Street made history in the world of horse racing, a story that still captures the imagination of fans around the globe. Against all odds, Stone Street raced to victory at Churchill Downs in 1908, surprising everyone and winning over hearts along the way.

The memory of Stone Street’s incredible win continues to inspire generations of horse racing fans who admire his determination and spirit on that unforgettable day. The sound of his powerful hooves echoes through time, reminding us that greatness has no limits when fueled by ambition.

In the midst of cheering crowds and thundering hoofbeats, Stone Street became a symbol of hope for every underdog out there. His triumph showed us all what resilience and courage can achieve in challenging times—a timeless lesson that dreams can indeed come true on legendary tracks like Churchill Downs.

Reflecting on Stone Street’s journey from obscurity to fame reminds us that even amid doubt and uncertainty, extraordinary accomplishments are possible beyond our wildest dreams. His legacy stands as a beacon showing how dedication combined with passion can lead to monumental achievements against all odds—ensuring his place among revered legends cherished by spectators both past and present.

Impact on Owner, Trainer, and Jockey

In 1908, Stone Street’s stunning victory at the Kentucky Derby thrust owner C.E. & J.W. Hamilton, trainer John W. Hall, and jockey Arthur Pickens into the limelight of horse racing like shooting stars blazing across a night sky. Their incredible journey from underdogs to champions not only etched their names in racing history but also inspired countless dreamers with stories of perseverance and resilience.

For C.E. & J.W. Hamilton, watching Stone Street cross that finish line first must have felt like striking gold – leaving favored contenders behind in a cloud of dust and disbelief. Their unwavering faith in their horse’s potential, despite skeptics’ doubts, paid off handsomely as they proved themselves as savvy owners who could recognize genuine talent even when hidden beneath layers of doubt.

Trainer John W. Hall’s expert guidance transformed Stone Street from a promising prospect into a shining star on Churchill Downs’ revered grounds that day in 1908. His commitment to developing his equine athlete through setbacks and challenges serves as a testament to the power of patience, skill, and sheer determination in shaping champions out of humble beginnings.

Jockey Arthur Pickens rode Stone Street with finesse and flair, deftly maneuvering through treacherous track conditions that had dashed hopes before theirs on that fateful Derby day over a century ago. The bond between him and the spirited colt was evident to all witnesses as they thundered towards glory amidst cheering crowds and flying hats tossed high in celebration.

The enduring legacy created by this unlikely trio — owner C.E.& J.W.Hamilton; trainer John W.Hall; jockey Arthur Pickens — stands as an everlasting beacon for all those daring to pursue dreams against insurmountable odds; demonstrating how victory sometimes races towards us unexpectedly if our hearts are courageous enough to ride alongside destiny’s wild winds without fear or hesitation.

Legendary tales surrounding 1908 Stone Street Derby triumph

  1. Exciting tales of the 1908 Stone Street Derby victory:

  2. Surprising Victory at 1908 Kentucky Derby: Stone Street, an underdog with odds of 18-1, stunned everyone by clinching the win at the prestigious event with jockey Arthur Pickens in control. Many had dismissed Stone Street as a real contender, making his triumph one for the history books.

  3. Intriguing Pre-Race Rituals Unveiled: Gossips suggest that leading up to the big race, trainer John W. Schorr engaged in mysterious rituals with Stone Street to ensure their luck held out on race day. Speculations floated around about special herbs and mystical incantations adding an aura of intrigue to Stone Street's remarkable victory.

  4. The Underdog's Journey to Glory: Overcoming obstacles galore, including being labeled an underdog throughout the entire Derby season, Stone Street displayed unwavering determination and grit that resonated deeply with fans worldwide – transforming him into a beacon of hope for all underrated contenders in horse racing.

  5. Festive Celebrations Post-Victory: Following their triumphant win at the Kentucky Derby, it’s said that both Stone Street and team indulged in opulent celebrations fit for champions! Whispers circulate about a lavish party thrown at stables featuring flowing champagne, live music performances, and lively dancing – setting off a jubilant atmosphere lasting deep into nightfall.

  6. Everlasting Impact on Racing History: Despite starting off as a relatively obscure horse prior to his monumental Derby success story; Stone Streets' unforgettable triumph etched him firmly into racing folklore lore forevermore! His inspiring journey continues captivating audiences across generations while serving as a powerful reminder that anything is achievable through sheer hard work coupled with unwavering belief.

Unparalleled Performance

Stone Street’s impressive win at the 1908 Kentucky Derby displayed a rare mix of determination and skill that had rarely been witnessed on the racetrack before. Despite facing heavy rainfall that turned the track into a muddy mess, Stone Street expertly maneuvered through the tough conditions, leaving his competitors far behind.

The triumph at Churchill Downs cemented Stone Street’s position in racing history as an underdog who overcame all odds to emerge victorious. Jockey Arthur Pickens skillfully guided him through the chaotic race, showing incredible teamwork between horse and rider that captivated the audience and left rivals struggling to keep up.

As they raced down towards the finish line, Stone Street surged forward with unmatched speed and endurance, proving his dominance on that memorable day. The crowd erupted in cheers as he crossed first place, making his mark on Derby history as a true champion against strong opponents.

Stone Street’s legacy continues to inspire fans and budding jockeys alike for generations to come, highlighting what can be achieved through perseverance and determination. His story goes beyond just horse racing; it signifies conquering challenges against all odds to achieve greatness when belief remains steadfast.

Looking back now, Stone Street’s remarkable victory stands as a timeless example of how sports can be unpredictable where even unexpected contenders can make their way into fame forever. His win serves as an enduring symbol of hope for dreamers everywhere – evidence that sometimes miracles do take place on revered grounds like Churchill Downs.

Odds Defied

In the 1908 Kentucky Derby, Stone Street was a surprising underdog with odds of 61-1. When the horses raced down Churchill Downs that memorable day, spectators watched in amazement as Stone Street showed incredible determination and spirit on a challenging track. Jockey Arthur Pickens skillfully guided Stone Street through the pack with precision and finesse, exceeding everyone’s expectations.

Stone Street’s unexpected win sent shockwaves through the racing world. In a time when favorites usually won, this unassuming chestnut colt captured hearts by triumphing over tough competitors. His improbable victory not only broke records but also showcased how unpredictable horse racing can be—a sport where dreams can come true against all odds.

As Stone Street charged towards victory on that muddy track in 1908, each stride represented resilience and tenacity personified. Despite facing doubters and critics, this legendary underdog emerged triumphant as proof that perseverance can conquer adversity. The memory of his exceptional achievement still inspires us today as a symbol of hope for those who strive to overcome challenges on their path to success.

Enduring Anecdote

In the world of horse racing, certain wins shine brighter than others. In 1908, during the Kentucky Derby, a remarkable moment unfolded as Stone Street raced through the muddy track with determination and grit that amazed all who witnessed it. This day marked an incredible achievement where an unlikely contender transformed into a legend, leaving its mark on sporting history forever.

The powerful sound of hooves hitting the damp ground told a story of resilience and spirit that surpassed mere competition. Stone Street’s victory was more than just reaching the finish line; it embodied hope, perseverance, and unwavering belief in one’s abilities against all odds. Spectators were left in awe as they realized that sometimes triumph belongs not to those who start strong but to those who refuse to give up when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges.

As years passed by, most memories faded away – yet not those connected to Stone Street’s extraordinary win on that significant Derby day. Each hoofbeat continues to resonate through generations like echoes from champions long past but never forgotten. The legacy of this iconic underdog stands as a source of inspiration for dreamers and believers worldwide – reminding us all that greatness can arise unexpectedly if we have the courage to relentlessly pursue our dreams amidst life’s unpredictable races.


1. What were the track conditions like during the 1908 Kentucky Derby when Stone Street emerged victorious?

The 1908 Kentucky Derby, won by Stone Street, had tough track conditions. Heavy rain made the course muddy and difficult to navigate, pushing both horse and jockey to their fullest potential.

2. How did Stone Street's odds compare to those of the other contenders in the 1908 Kentucky Derby?

Stone Street, a long shot at 15-1 odds in the 1908 Kentucky Derby, pulled off an unexpected and impressive win that secured his place in racing history. Despite facing tough competition and being considered an underdog, Stone Street defied the odds to claim victory in a thrilling race.

3. Who was Stone Street's jockey during the historic race at Churchill Downs in 1908?

The talented and determined jockey Arthur Pickens rode Stone Street during the famous race at Churchill Downs in 1908.

4. What obstacles did Stone Street overcome to secure a win in the 1908 Kentucky Derby?

In 1908, Stone Street defied tough track conditions and strong competition from favored horses to win the Kentucky Derby. This victory made him a legendary underdog in horse racing history.

5. How did Stone Street's victory in the 1908 Kentucky Derby impact horse racing history?

Stone Street's win at the 1908 Kentucky Derby established itself as a legendary underdog victory in horse racing history. It continues to inspire generations with its story of determination and success despite facing immense challenges.

6. What distinguished Stone Street from other notable winners of the Kentucky Derby throughout history?

Stone Street won the 1908 Kentucky Derby despite tough track conditions, strong competition, and being seen as an underdog. This victory remains a memorable and remarkable moment in horse racing history.