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Stone Street Before and Beyond the Kentucky Derby

1908 stone street kentucky derby winner

In the thrilling world of horse racing, follow Stone Street’s incredible journey from his ancestors Longfellow and Leamington to his unexpected triumph at the 1908 Kentucky Derby. Experience the excitement as he defies the odds on a muddy track, leading from start to finish with amazing odds of 24 to 1. Despite facing challenges after the Derby, Stone Street’s victory remains a memorable moment in American Thoroughbred racing history.

Early Life and Family Background

Stone Street, born in 1905, came from a distinguished family with deep roots in American Thoroughbred racing history. He was bred by the well-known James Ben Ali Haggin and inherited his exceptional genes from his father Longstreet and mother Stone Nellie. Their bloodline could be traced back to the legendary racer Longfellow, giving Stone Street a strong foundation for success on the racetrack.

Growing up surrounded by horse racing, Stone Street had always been destined for greatness. His name was a clever combination of both his father’s and mother’s names – paying tribute to his heritage and promising pedigree. This naming tradition not only honored where he came from but also hinted at the incredible talent that would define him as a racehorse.

As he grew older, Stone Street exuded grace and power with every stride he took. Whenever he stepped onto the track, all eyes were on him as spectators and fellow competitors alike admired him. Each race built anticipation as people eagerly waited for another amazing display of speed and skill that had become synonymous with this remarkable Thoroughbred.

In 1908, there was a turning point in Stone Street’s career when he made history at the Kentucky Derby with an unforgettable victory against all odds. Spectators marveled at this underdog’s stunning triumph over more favored rivals while creating excitement in betting rings everywhere! Despite facing challenges after the Derby that tested his resilience, Stone Street’s legacy shone brightly as proof of perseverance and unwavering determination.

Looking back now brings into focus how one single moment can change everything within American Thoroughbred racing lore forevermore. His win at the Kentucky Derby stands out not just because it was spectacular but also due to its lasting impact on future generations involved in this sport—winning victories or enduring hardships; regardless of what happened next; one thing is clear: Stone Street remains immortalized as an emblem of courage amidst uncertainty—a guiding light for those who dare to dream beyond conventional boundaries along life’s racetrack.

Racing Career Before the Kentucky Derby

Stone Street’s road to victory at the 1908 Kentucky Derby was anything but ordinary. Surprisingly, he had not won any major races before this historic triumph, which made his win even more extraordinary. Under the guidance of trainer John W. Hall and rider Arthur Pickens during the Derby, Stone Street exceeded all expectations with a dominant performance that left spectators amazed.

Even though Stone Street hadn’t achieved significant victories prior to the Kentucky Derby, he showcased exceptional talent on race day. With skilled trainer John W. Hall by his side and capable jockey Arthur Pickens in control, Stone Street proved that underdogs can rise to greatness when given a chance.

The 1908 Kentucky Derby marked a pivotal moment for both Stone Street and those who witnessed his unexpected victory unfold live. Despite challenging track conditions due to rain, this determined colt surged ahead of competitors early on and maintained a lead that led him to glory at Churchill Downs.

In horse racing circles where favorites usually dominate headlines and betting odds fluctuate leading up to big races like the Kentucky Derby, Stone Street’s upset win brought an exciting element of unpredictability that captivated fans around the world. His triumph served as a reminder that in this sport where surprises are common – even an underdog like Stone Street could emerge victorious against all odds.

Although some may have doubted Stone Street’s abilities before his standout performance at the 1908 Kentucky Derby, history now remembers him not only as a one-time winner but also as a symbol of resilience and determination in American Thoroughbred racing lore. Despite facing challenges in subsequent races after his monumental win at Churchill Downs, Stone Street’s legacy lives on as proof of perseverance within this cherished sport known as horse racing.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Inspiring and motivating upcoming generations of horse racing fans
  2. Displaying the amazing athleticism and beauty of thoroughbred horses
  3. Establishing a strong connection to tradition and history in the sport
  4. Building anticipation and enthusiasm for major racing events such as the Kentucky Derby


  1. It can make the sport seem too glamorous, hiding possible ethical issues
  2. Both horses and jockeys feel immense pressure to perform their best
  3. There is a risk of injuries or accidents during important races
  4. It might reinforce stereotypes or misunderstandings about the horse racing industry

1908 Kentucky Derby Victory

In 1908, Stone Street pulled off a stunning upset at the Kentucky Derby, marking an unforgettable underdog triumph. Despite being given odds of 24 to 1, he exceeded all expectations by leading the race from start to finish on a sloppy track. This victory has since become legendary in horse racing history for its unexpected and impressive nature.

Clocking in at 2:15 1/5, his winning time may have been one of the slowest recorded for that distance in Derby history. However, it carries a special allure as it showcases Stone Street’s unwavering determination and tenacity that propelled him past every competitor that day.

The impact of Stone Street’s win on betting odds would surely have left many bettors scratching their heads. Those who took a leap of faith on this dark horse were undoubtedly handsomely rewarded for believing in his potential when few others did.

Despite encountering obstacles in subsequent races post-Derby, Stone Street’s legacy lives on as a testament to resilience and seizing opportunities against all odds. His name is forever etched into American Thoroughbred racing lore not just for his speed but also for embodying the spirit of never giving up even when faced with challenges.

In sports history, there are moments that go beyond mere numbers—Stone Street’s triumph at the 1908 Kentucky Derby stands out as such an occasion. It serves as a reminder that achieving greatness often requires more than just speed; it demands heart, courage, and unshakable self-belief amidst uncertainty.”

Post-derby Racing Career

Stone Street had a wild ride after the Derby. Though he crushed it at the Kentucky Derby in 1908, he hit a rough patch trying to match that success at other top tracks nationwide. This up-and-down journey post-victory brought on fresh challenges for Stone Street and his crew as they hustled through competitions aiming to recapture their former glory.

The shockwave of Stone Street’s 1908 Kentucky Derby win echoed across American Thoroughbred racing lore. His underdog triumph not only defied odds but also highlighted the thrill and unpredictability that make horse racing so electrifying. Fans and punters were stunned by this dark horse’s incredible show, etching his name into Churchill Downs’ history forever.

Even though Stone Street faced hurdles in races following his historic Derby victory, his legacy kept inspiring racehorses and fans for years to come. While he didn’t snag another big win during his six-year career, his grit and drive embody resilience in Thoroughbred racing. Stone Street stands tall as an iconic figure whose tale reminds us that true champs leave an unforgettable mark on those who witness their greatness unfold trackside – even when facing tough times.

Stone Street: American Thoroughbred Racing Champion

Attribute Information
Name Stone Street
Sire Longstreet
Grandsire Longfellow
Dam Stone Nellie
Damsire Stonehenge
Sex Stallion
Foaled 1905
Country United States
Colour Bay
Breeder James Ben Ali Haggin
Owner C. E. “Bud” & John W. Hamilton
Trainer John W. Hall
Record 92:18-17-9
Earnings $12,812
Major wins Triple Crown Race wins: Kentucky Derby (1908)

Pedigree Analysis

Stone Street came from a long line of famous racing horses like Longfellow and Leamington, thanks to his parents Longstreet and Stone Nellie. This lineage had a strong history in horse racing, giving him the speed, endurance, and natural talent that made him stand out on the track. His impressive performances were influenced by these well-known ancestors.

In 1908, Stone Street made a name for himself by winning the Kentucky Derby against all odds. Despite being seen as an underdog by many bettors and facing tough competition with higher expectations from fans, he pushed through with determination and crossed the finish line first in a thrilling victory. This unexpected win not only amazed spectators but also changed how people viewed underestimated contenders at big races.

After his triumph at Churchill Downs, Stone Street faced challenges in later races that tested both his strength and mental toughness. As newer champions emerged onto the scene and memories of his Derby win started to fade away amidst setbacks along the way; however He kept competing on tracks across America before retiring gracefully left behind an unforgettable legacy that is now part of American Thoroughbred Racing history for future generations to appreciate.

Unfortunate Demise

The unexpected death of Stone Street in January 1914 shocked the racing world. Despite facing challenges after winning the Kentucky Derby, his triumph in the 1908 Run for the Roses was a standout moment. The gelding’s tragic end served as a powerful reminder of how unpredictable horse racing can be.

Stone Street’s victory at the Kentucky Derby was truly remarkable, defying all expectations and odds. Not only did this win secure his place in racing history, but it also had a significant impact on future betting odds. Fans and bettors were amazed by what this underdog achieved at Churchill Downs.

After his Derby win, Stone Street encountered obstacles that tested his resilience and spirit. However, he continued to impress audiences with his determination and grace on the track throughout it all. His perseverance inspired many in the racing community, making a lasting impression despite facing difficulties in subsequent races.

Although Stone Street met an unfortunate end caught in a wire fence, his legacy as a Kentucky Derby champion lives on. His story serves as both a cautionary tale about the risks involved in horse racing and a tribute to these magnificent animals’ enduring spirit that captivates us with their speed and strength on race day.

Legendary Tales of Stone Street and the Derby

  1. Legendary Stories of Stone Street and the Derby:
  2. Long ago, in the heart of downtown Manhattan, there was a vibrant trade route known as Stone Street that had been bustling since the 17th century. This historic area was famous for its cobblestone paths and ancient buildings.
  3. The name “Stone Street” came from the Dutch word “steynstraat,” which means stone street. It became one of the first roads in New Amsterdam to be paved with cobblestones.
  4. In horse racing circles, Stone Street has gained fame for breeding top-notch Thoroughbreds who have gone on to win prestigious races like the Kentucky Derby – champions such as Street Sense (2007) and Always Dreaming (2017).
  5. Apart from producing winners at the Kentucky Derby, Stone Street is also linked with other renowned events like the Belmont Stakes and Breeders’ Cup races, solidifying its place in horse racing history.
  6. Every year on the initial Saturday of May at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, an electrifying event takes place known as The Derby – not just a race but a cultural phenomenon filled with tradition, style choices galore, and excitement over discovering which magnificent horse will emerge victorious next!

Trainer and Owner Relationship

Stone Street’s journey in the world of racing was guided by trainer John W. Hall, a seasoned horseman with a sharp eye for talent and potential. Under Hall’s guidance, Stone Street thrived as a top competitor on the track, showcasing his strength and speed to capture audiences near and far. The relationship between trainer and horse is often compared to a conductor leading an orchestra – precise, harmonious, and full of subtle details that enhance the performance.

The bond between owner C.E “Bud” & John W. Hamilton and their prized colt Stone Street was built on dreams of success at prestigious racetracks across America. Despite facing challenges after his remarkable win at the 1908 Kentucky Derby – where he triumphed against tough competition – this ownership pair remained steadfast beside their beloved horse through thick and thin. Like art enthusiasts admiring a painting despite its imperfections, Bud & John W. Hamilton continued to believe in Stone Street’s untapped potential beyond mere stats or race outcomes.

In the unpredictable realm of horse racing where luck can change swiftly like wind blowing across the track, trainers like John W. Hall play vital roles alongside owners such as C.E “Bud” & John W. Hamilton in shaping destinies on turf or dirt alike for noble steeds like Stone Street who make history with each thundering stride towards immortality amidst cheers from fans under clear skies or stormy weather conditions – proving once more that true champions are not only born but also crafted through unwavering dedication paired with unshakable faith in what tomorrow may hold along paths yet unexplored by familiar hooves creating echoes resonating throughout time itself telling tales old new unfolding before our very eyes watching legends being written chapters turning page upon page never-ending saga filled twists turns unexpected surprises awaiting every corner turned bend straightaway reached finish line crossed victoriously triumphant glorious everlasting memory lives forevermore…

Impact on Betting Odds

During the 1908 Kentucky Derby, Stone Street was considered an underdog with odds of 24 to 1. Bettors who placed a $5 minimum bet on him ended up winning big, receiving $123.60 for each winning ticket. This unexpected victory not only showcased his triumph but also highlighted his status as a dark horse in the race.

Stone Street’s win at the 1908 Kentucky Derby went beyond just finishing first; it was a moment that defied expectations and captured the attention of racing fans worldwide. Despite facing tough competition from favorites like Royal Tourist and Sir Cleges, Stone Street displayed remarkable resilience and determination throughout the entire race.

The impact of Stone Street’s victory went far beyond monetary gains for lucky bettors—it marked a significant milestone in American Thoroughbred racing history. His surprising triumph challenged traditional beliefs about favorites versus underdogs, illustrating that anything is possible on the racetrack.

While subsequent races after the Derby presented challenges for Stone Street, leading to mixed results and raising doubts about his consistency as a top contender, his legacy remained cemented by that memorable day at Churchill Downs in May of 1908.

Looking back at how betting odds were affected by Stone Street’s performance serves as a reminder that in horse racing—and life itself—underdogs can sometimes exceed all expectations and emerge victorious against all odds. His story continues to inspire generations of fans who recognize that true champions are not always those who bask in immediate glory but rather those whose determination shines brightest when faced with adversity.

Legacy Evaluation

Stone Street’s unexpected triumph in the 1908 Kentucky Derby was simply spectacular. Despite being considered an underdog with odds stacked against him, he raced his way to a stunning victory that amazed many fans and bettors. His win not only secured Stone Street’s spot in history but also caused quite a buzz in the betting world, surprising those who had doubted him.

After his memorable Derby victory, Stone Street faced challenges in later races that prevented him from reaching the same level of success on the track. Despite these setbacks, his legacy as a strong competitor endured over time, reminding fans and historians alike of his remarkable achievement at Churchill Downs. While some may recall Stone Street’s struggles after the Derby race, it is important to recognize the significance of his initial win and its lasting impact on American Thoroughbred racing.

The tale of Stone Street serves as a powerful reminder that even champions encounter obstacles along their journey. His story resonates with both experienced racegoers and newcomers to horse racing, showing how unpredictable this sport can be and how one moment can shape a horse’s career forevermore. Although he didn’t maintain consistent victories post-Derby, Stone Street remains a significant figure whose name will always be remembered for going beyond mere wins and losses.

Looking back at Stone Street’s victorious run at the 1908 Kentucky Derby shines brightly as an inspiring beacon amidst adversities faced both on and off the racetrack. Rather than judging horses solely based on statistics or subsequent performances after their greatest triumphs like this colt should inspire admiration worldwide—a true symbol of resilience within equine athletics!

Memorialization Efforts

Stone Street’s victory at the 1908 Kentucky Derby marked a turning point in his racing career. Despite facing challenges and setbacks in later races, this triumph remains a standout moment that firmly secured his place in American Thoroughbred racing history.

The impact of Stone Street’s win at the Kentucky Derby rippled through the horse racing world, shaking up betting odds and surprising many. His unexpected success challenged conventional beliefs and proved that underdogs can come out on top in prestigious competitions against tough rivals.

After Stone Street’s passing, steps were taken within the racing community to honor his accomplishments at events or through publications recognizing his contributions to American Thoroughbred racing during the early twentieth century.

Despite encountering obstacles post-Derby, including injuries and stiff competition, Stone Street’s legacy lives on as a symbol of resilience and determination when faced with adversity. His story serves as a reminder that achievement in horse racing is not just about winning but also about showing grit and spirit both on and off the track.

By celebrating Stone Street’s memory, we pay tribute to an exceptional athlete whose journey showcases perseverance and passion for the sport. While he may have faced difficulties in subsequent races, he will always be remembered for defying expectations on that memorable day at Churchill Downs when he crossed the finish line victorious against all odds.


1. How did Stone Street’s victory in the 1908 Kentucky Derby impact his career and reputation in American Thoroughbred racing?

Stone Street secured his spot in American Thoroughbred racing history by winning the 1908 Kentucky Derby, even though he encountered difficulties in later races. This highlighted his skills and determination on the track.

2. What challenges did Stone Street face in his post-Derby races, and how did they affect his legacy in the sport?

Stone Street surprised everyone by winning the 1908 Kentucky Derby as an underdog. However, he struggled in later races because of injuries and inconsistent performances. This affected how people remembered him in American Thoroughbred racing history.

3. How did Stone Street’s unexpected win at the Kentucky Derby influence betting odds and perceptions of underdog horses in future races?

The surprising win by Stone Street at the 1908 Kentucky Derby changed how people bet on races and view lesser-known horses, making Thoroughbred racing more thrilling and unpredictable.

4. What unique qualities or characteristics set Stone Street apart from other horses of his time, contributing to his historic triumph at the Derby?

Stone Street stood out from other horses of his time by showcasing exceptional speed, stamina, and determination. Despite being an underdog, he achieved a surprising victory at the 1908 Kentucky Derby. This win not only set him apart but also secured his lasting legacy in American Thoroughbred racing history.

5. In what ways did Stone Street’s legacy continue to influence American Thoroughbred racing long after his retirement from competition?

Stone Street’s impact lived on in American Thoroughbred racing after his remarkable win at the 1908 Kentucky Derby. Despite facing obstacles in races following the Derby, his victory defied expectations and left a lasting impression on the sport.

6. How has Stone Street’s victory at the 1908 Kentucky Derby been remembered and celebrated within the broader context of horse racing history?

People still talk about Stone Street’s win at the 1908 Kentucky Derby. It was a surprising victory that went against all expectations, making it a memorable moment in American horse racing history. Even though Stone Street faced difficulties in races after the Derby, his triumph continues to be celebrated.