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Kentucky Derby Winner Street Sense 2007

kentucky derby winner street sense 2007

In 2007, Street Sense won the Kentucky Derby with jockey Calvin Borel at the reins. Despite facing tough odds, this incredible racehorse emerged victorious in a thrilling contest. The event drew a huge crowd and even saw Queen Elizabeth II in attendance. With impressive betting rewards and a lasting impact on horse racing history, Street Sense’s triumph is a legendary tale of sporting excellence that continues to captivate audiences.

Street Sense’s Victory at the 2007 Kentucky Derby

Street Sense won the 133rd Kentucky Derby on May 5, 2007, in a thrilling race. Owned by James B. Tafel and trained by Carl Nafzger, Street Sense was ridden to victory by jockey Calvin Borel. Starting as the favorite at odds of 9-2 with a winning time of 2:02.17, Street Sense made history as the most expensive winning favorite in Derby history.

The atmosphere at Churchill Downs that day was buzzing with excitement as more than 156,635 spectators packed every corner to watch this historic event unfold before their eyes. The presence of Queen Elizabeth II added an extra touch of grandeur to the already lively crowd eagerly awaiting the iconic “Run for the Roses.”

As they lined up on the track for what would be a decisive moment, Calvin Borel skillfully guided Street Sense through a field of talented contenders with precision and determination befitting champions. Crossing that finish line first not only secured victory but also brought substantial rewards for those who had bet on this magnificent colt – turning aspirations into reality in one swift gallop towards glory!

Attendance and Special Guest

In 2007, a whopping 156,635 excited fans flocked to Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby. Among them was a very special guest – Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Her presence added an extra touch of elegance and international flair to this prestigious event.

Attending the 2007 Kentucky Derby marked a significant moment for Queen Elizabeth II as it was her first visit to the United States since 1991. Stepping onto American soil once again, she graced Churchill Downs with her dignified presence, captivating everyone with her grace and charm. It was truly amazing as one of the world’s most iconic figures joined in on the excitement and pageantry of this legendary horse race.

Being part of such a rich tradition at The Kentucky Derby fulfilled Queen Elizabeth II’s dream. Fans cheered from all around as they caught glimpses of both royalty and racing legends converging on that historic ground. The atmosphere reached new heights thanks to The Queen’s appearance adding sophistication and glamour – creating unforgettable memories for those present that day.

Queen Elizabeth II brought magic to an already enchanting event through sportsmanship and royal splendor during The Kentucky Derby in 2007.She shared moments alongside esteemed jockeys like Calvin Borel which infused even more anticipation into that year’s derby.

Street Sense thundered down towards victory under Borel’s guidance; it seemed almost fitting that their win would be witnessed by someone so majestic herself- sealing their places forever in derby lore.

The Pros & Cons of Street Sense's Victory


  1. Street Sense showed incredible skill and determination when he won, impressing everyone.

  2. This victory confirmed that Street Sense is a top-notch racehorse.

  3. Jockey Calvin Borel's outstanding performance played a big role in this unforgettable win.

  4. Winning was a major achievement for Street Sense in his career journey.


  1. Some critics said Street Sense didn't face as tough competition as in past years.

  2. People worried about the horse getting tired or hurt after such a hard race.

  3. The team and the horse might feel a lot of pressure to keep winning after such a big victory.

  4. Street Sense's win made everyone expect more from them in future races, which added even more pressure on the team.

Payouts and Betting Results

After Street Sense won, people who attended the event and those who bet on him got some big payouts. If you bet $2 on Street Sense and Hard Spun to come in first and second place, you would have won $101.80. And if your $2 Trifecta bet included Street Sense, Hard Spun, and Curlin finishing in the top three positions, you could have walked away with a huge prize of $440.

But the most impressive payout was from the Superfecta where you picked Street Sense to win, followed by Hard Spun, Curlin, and Imawildandcrazyguy – that one paid out an amazing $29,046.40!

It must have been so exciting for fans waiting to see how their bets turned out after watching Street Sense’s incredible race at the Kentucky Derby that day.

For those lucky enough to believe in this fantastic horse and his jockey Calvin Borel’s skillful riding abilities – they definitely made a nice profit.

The crowd was buzzing with excitement as cheers filled the air from happy spectators who had supported Street Sense all along until he triumphed in one of horse racing’s biggest events ever!

Full Race Results

In the 2007 Kentucky Derby, Street Sense showed incredible determination and Calvin Borel expertly guided him to a well-deserved victory. The energy at Churchill Downs was electric as twenty horses raced towards glory. With Street Sense in the lead, it was an awe-inspiring sight for all who watched.

Hard Spun, with Mario Pino as his jockey, gave a strong effort and finished second behind Street Sense. The intense competition kept spectators on edge as Curlin, ridden by Robby Albarado, galloped into third place with remarkable determination. Each jockey skillfully guided their horses through the twists and turns of the course, adding excitement and drama to this thrilling event.

The crowd cheered loudly at Churchill Downs as Street Sense surged forward with unwavering determination towards the finish line. Queen Elizabeth II attended this prestigious event, adding elegance to an already exciting affair that combined history with modern-day sporting excellence.

Betting fans held their breaths waiting for results that not only determined bragging rights but also brought lucrative payouts for those who believed in Street Sense’s undeniable talent. Fans celebrated joyously amidst overflowing excitement while tension filled the air before erupting into euphoria when it became clear that Street Sense had won against tough odds.

Street Sense’s triumph in the 2007 Kentucky Derby wasn’t just about winning one race; it marked his entry into horse racing immortality—a legacy built through sheer grit and grace under pressure displayed both by horse and rider alike. This unforgettable moment will forever be etched in history books as proof of skill, endurance, and unyielding spirit shown during every stride taken towards greatness on that memorable day at Churchill Downs.

2007 Kentucky Derby Top 20 Finishers Snapshot

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind Odds
1st 7 Street Sense Calvin Borel Carl Nafzger James B. Tafel 2:02.17 4.90
2nd 8 Hard Spun Mario Pino Larry Jones Rick Porter 2 1/4 lengths 10.00
3rd 2 Curlin Robby Albarado Steve Asmussen Jackson, Padua, Bolton and Midnight Cry Stable 5 3/4 lengths 5.00
4th 5 Imawildandcrazyguy Mark Guidry William Kaplan Pell and Eigner 28.90
5th 1 Sedgefield Julien Leparoux Darrin Miller Silverton Hill Farm LLC 58.60
6th 16 Circular Quay John Velazquez Todd Pletcher Michael B. & Doreen Tabor 11.40
7th 15 Tiago Mike E. Smith John Shirreffs Jerry & Ann Moss 14.80
8th 18 Any Given Saturday Garrett K. Gomez Todd Pletcher WinStar Farm & Padua Stables 13.60
9th 13 Sam P. Ramon Domínguez Todd Pletcher Donald Lucarelli & Starlight Stable (Jack Wolf) 43.70
10th 12 Nobiz Like Shobiz Cornelio Velásquez Barclay Tagg Elizabeth J. Valando 10.40
11th 19 Dominican Rafael Bejarano Darrin Miller Silverton Hill Farm LLC 24.90
12th 3 Zanjero Shaun Bridgmohan Steve Asmussen Winchell Thoroughbreds, LLC (Ron Winchell & Christina Harris) 36.00
13th 20 Great Hunter Corey Nakatani Doug O’Neill J. Paul Reddam 25.30
14th 9 Liquidity David Flores Doug O’Neill J. Paul Reddam 40.00
15th 11 Bwana Bull Javier Castellano Jerry Hollendorfer Dan & George Todaro, Mark DeMomencico 50.30
16th 4 Storm in May Juan Leyva William A. Kaplan Felicity Waugh, William Kaplan, Teresa & David Palmer 27.20
17th 10 Teuflesberg Stewart Elliott Jamie Sanders Gary S. Logsdon, Donnie Kelly, Jamie Sanders 51.90
18th 14 Scat Daddy Edgar Prado Todd Pletcher James T. Scatuorchio, Michael Tabor, Derrick Smith 7.20
19th 17 Stormello Kent Desormeaux William L. Currin William L. Currin & Al Eisman 44.80
20th 6 Cowtown Cat Fernando Jara Todd Pletcher Winstar Farm 19.80

Key Prep Races Leading to Victory

As Street Sense geared up for his Kentucky Derby victory in 2007, he demonstrated his potential by dominating important prep races. His win at the Tampa Bay Derby clearly indicated that greater things were in store, showcasing impressive speed and stamina on the track. After this strong performance, Street Sense continued to excel at the renowned Blue Grass Stakes, confirming his position as a top contender for the upcoming Derby.

Fans of horse racing were captivated by Street Sense’s exceptional talent and unwavering determination during these crucial preparatory events. The thrilling atmosphere surrounding each race hinted at something special brewing within this talented colt. With every step towards success, Street Sense proved himself deserving of admiration and respect from fans around the world.

As excitement built leading up to the Kentucky Derby, all attention was focused on Street Sense and jockey Calvin Borel who formed an unbeatable team. Their chemistry on the racetrack was undeniable, with Borel skillfully guiding Street Sense through each twist and turn towards victory. The duo’s seamless partnership became a hot topic among spectators eagerly anticipating race day.

Street Sense’s triumph in these key prep races not only set the stage for his historic Kentucky Derby win but also highlighted his natural abilities as a champion racehorse destined for greatness beyond that memorable victory lap at Churchill Downs in 2007.

Impact on Betting Odds and Favorites

When Street Sense won the 2007 Kentucky Derby, it was a major upset in the betting world. He had odds of 9-2, making him a top contender. Many bettors believed in this talented horse because of his strong form and charming presence on the track. When Street Sense crossed the finish line first, those who had trusted in him were rewarded handsomely for their insight and faith in his abilities.

Street Sense’s unexpected victory not only made him a legend but also changed how people viewed horse racing betting. His win showed that sometimes it’s worth taking a chance on an underdog with determination and heart rather than following popular beliefs. The excitement at the racetrack on race day was fueled by cheers from supporters who knew they had made a wise choice by betting on Street Sense.

In horse racing where favorites often crumble under pressure, Street Sense’s triumph served as a powerful example that anything can happen at the track. His performance inspired both experienced bettors and casual fans alike, proving that dreams can indeed come true even at prestigious events like the Kentucky Derby. Street Sense’s legacy continues to shine bright, reminding us all that seizing opportunities with outsiders can lead to incredible success in life’s challenges.

Street Sense: Derby Legend Unveiled

  1. Street Sense amazed fans in 2007 by winning both the Breeders' Cup Juvenile and the Kentucky Derby, becoming the first horse since 1978 to achieve this impressive double victory, proving his exceptional talent on the track.

  2. Despite being known for closing races strongly, Street Sense surprised everyone with his speed at the 2007 Kentucky Derby where he set a new track record by finishing the 1 1/4 mile distance in an incredible time of just 2:

  3. Trainer Carl Nafzger celebrated his second victory at the renowned Kentucky Derby when Street Sense triumphed inHis first win was back in 1990 with Unbridled, establishing him as a top trainer capable of guiding champion racehorses to success.

  4. Calvin Borel skillfully guided Street Sense through traffic to clinch their thrilling win at the 2007 Kentucky Derby as jockey. Borel's expert handling of the colt showcased his remarkable riding abilities and deep knowledge of Churchill Downs' racetrack layout.

  5. Following his memorable Kentucky Derby triumph, Street Sense continued to impress throughout his racing career by winning other prestigious events like Travers Stakes and claiming second place in Preakness Stakes, cementing his legacy as a true racing legend.

Legacy Beyond One Victory

In 2007, Street Sense achieved a huge win at the Kentucky Derby. This victory not only earned him the prestigious Garland of Roses but also won over racing fans worldwide. A massive crowd of 156,635 people gathered that day at Churchill Downs to witness history being made on the iconic track. Even Queen Elizabeth II attended, adding a touch of royal elegance to the already exciting atmosphere.

The intense betting action surrounding Street Sense and his tough competitors added an extra thrill to an already exhilarating race day. With odds set at 4-1, those who backed Street Sense were handsomely rewarded as he surged ahead under Calvin Borel’s expert guidance with impressive ease. The payouts brought both joy and astonishment among bettors as they cashed in on their belief in this exceptional colt.

Street Sense’s journey didn’t stop at Churchill Downs; it marked just the beginning of a legacy that would last far beyond one triumphant moment. His impact resonated through subsequent races and within the horse racing community itself, cementing his position not only as a champion horse but also as a symbol of determination and grace under pressure in equine sports world-wide.


1. How did Street Sense's victory at the 2007 Kentucky Derby impact his career and legacy in horse racing?

Street Sense made history by winning the 2007 Kentucky Derby, establishing himself as a legendary champion in horse racing. This victory elevated his career and legacy to iconic status, capturing the admiration of fans around the globe.

2. What made Calvin Borel such a standout jockey in guiding Street Sense to victory at the Kentucky Derby?

Calvin Borel's amazing talent and strong bond with Street Sense, along with his smart moves hugging the rail, helped him skillfully steer through the packed field and guide the talented colt to an unforgettable win at the 2007 Kentucky Derby.

3. What were some of the key moments during the 2007 Kentucky Derby that solidified Street Sense's remarkable win?

Street Sense's incredible victory at the 2007 Kentucky Derby was made possible by jockey Calvin Borel's expert guidance, a packed house at Churchill Downs, Queen Elizabeth II making a special appearance, and the thrilling race results that highlighted Street Sense's undeniable talent and determination.

4. How did the attendance and special guest appearance of Queen Elizabeth II add to the excitement and prestige of the 2007 Kentucky Derby?

The 2007 Kentucky Derby made history with its record-breaking attendance and a surprise appearance by Queen Elizabeth II. This special guest added an extra level of excitement and prestige to the event, making it truly unforgettable and regal.

5. Can you share details about the betting results and payouts for those who placed their bets on Street Sense at the 2007 Kentucky Derby?

In the 2007 Kentucky Derby, fans who bet on Street Sense hit the jackpot when the colt pulled off a breathtaking win. They were thrilled to see him pay out $11.80 for a win, $6.40 for second place, and $4.60 for third place. It was an unforgettable and profitable day for those who supported him!

6. How has Street Sense's triumph at the 2007 Kentucky Derby continued to resonate within the world of horse racing over a decade later?

Street Sense's incredible win at the 2007 Kentucky Derby still captures attention in the horse racing world more than ten years later. It showcases his amazing skills, Calvin Borel's expert leadership, and the lasting impact of this important race.