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Calvin Borel Jockey: Three Kentucky Derby Wins

kentucky derby winner street sense 2007

Embark on a journey through the incredible career of Calvin Borel, an amazing American jockey who won three historic Kentucky Derby races in 2007, 2009, and 2010. Discover the importance of each victory, especially the surprising win with Mine That Bird in 2009. Learn about Borel’s lasting impact on horse racing and how he earned his place among the sport’s greatest athletes.

Early Life and Family Background

Calvin H. Borel, born on November 7, 1966 in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana, comes from a family deeply involved in horse racing. His brother also tried riding horses before discovering his talent as a horse trainer.

Growing up surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Louisiana, Calvin developed a love for horses early on. He improved his skills by watching and learning from experienced jockeys at nearby racetracks.

Despite facing financial challenges during his youth, Calvin never gave up on his dream of becoming a successful jockey. His determination and hard work made him stand out at the racetrack.

Through dedication and constant practice sessions, Calvin started to make a name for himself in the competitive world of horse racing. His modest beginnings taught him humility that resonated with fans around the globe.

The values he learned while growing up were instrumental in shaping both Calvin’s personality both on and off the track. This foundation paved the way for what would soon become an impressive career filled with remarkable achievements and historic victories.

Introduction to Racing

Calvin Borel’s journey in the world of horse racing began during his early years in Catahoula. At just eight years old, he eagerly hopped on horses and raced along bush tracks with excitement. This early start set the stage for an incredible career that would leave a lasting mark on horse racing history.

His official debut at Delta Downs marked the beginning of a story filled with determination and unwavering commitment to his craft. Every step he took on the track fueled Borel’s love for speed and skill, driving him towards victories that captured attention worldwide.

From starting out on dusty trails to mastering top racetracks, Calvin Borel’s rise mirrored a rapid climb driven by passion and resilience. His growth from a young enthusiast competing in local races to an accomplished jockey achieving Triple Crown success embodies the idea that hard work leads to great triumphs.

With each win and record broken, Calvin Borel represented true grit—a shining example of what relentless determination combined with natural talent can accomplish. The roaring cheers from crowds not only celebrated his achievements but also honored his unyielding spirit in facing challenges head-on throughout his journey.

Looking back now, Calvin Borel’s introduction to horse racing was more than just crossing finish lines—it was an adventure filled with defining moments showcasing greatness. As fans marveled at his skills riding powerful horses towards victory, they witnessed a tale woven with courage, resilience, and pure passion for the sport pulsating through every race he conquered on those legendary tracks.

The Pros & Cons of Legendary Jockey Triumphs


  1. Many aspiring jockeys find Calvin Borel’s incredible underdog story truly inspiring.
  2. His unmatched success in the Kentucky Derby firmly establishes his place in horse racing history.
  3. Fans and peers alike admire Borel for his exceptional riding skills and strategic race tactics.
  4. The Triple Crown victories highlight his talent for forming strong bonds with horses, which leads to outstanding performances on the track.


  1. Sometimes, Borel’s bold way of riding causes controversial incidents on the racetrack.
  2. Keeping a winning streak can be tough on your body and mind.
  3. Getting so much success early in his career might have stopped him from trying new things or facing new challenges.
  4. Competitive horse racing is tough and can lead to injuries that affect how well you do in the long run.

Triple Crown Triumphs

Calvin Borel’s incredible journey in horse racing reached its peak with his wins in the Triple Crown races, solidifying his place as a legendary jockey. His first victory at the Kentucky Derby came in 2007 riding Street Sense, showcasing his exceptional talent and strong bond with the horses he rode. This win wasn’t just about speed; it also highlighted Borel’s skillful strategy and precise execution.

The 2009 Kentucky Derby will always be remembered for Calvin Borel’s remarkable ride on Mine That Bird to an unexpected victory at Churchill Downs. Despite being considered a long shot with odds of 50-1, Borel’s expert navigation along the rail proved crucial, leaving spectators and analysts amazed by his impressive performance. This inspiring story captured the hearts of many, illustrating Borel’s ability to turn dreams into reality on that memorable day.

Borel secured his third Kentucky Derby win in 2010 aboard Super Saver, demonstrating his consistency and unwavering commitment to excellence. His deep understanding of each track’s unique characteristics and impeccable timing set him apart from other jockeys striving for success. With every stride towards victory down the homestretch, Borel exhibited patience and perseverance—a true testament to years of hard work paying off during career-defining moments.

Looking back on Calvin Borels’ Triple Crown victories goes beyond mere triumphs; they represent resilience against all odds and unwavering belief amidst skepticism from others. Each win symbolizes more than just crossing a finish line—it signifies overcoming challenges both on and off the track with grace and determination. Calvin borell didn’t just ride horses; he danced with destiny amid thunderous applause from millions who witnessed greatness unfolding right before their eyes.

Major Stakes Wins

Calvin Borel had an amazing career filled with wins in big horse races, showing off his exceptional talent and strong bond with the horses. He won races like the Super Derby and dominated at the Arkansas Derby, making a lasting impression on the racing world. His many victories in important events such as the Kentucky Oaks and Preakness Stakes proved that he was a top competitor.

Every time Calvin Borel raced down those famous tracks, he made history by showcasing his determination and incredible skill that captured audiences all over. At the Kentucky Oaks, he showed finesse by guiding fillies to victory multiple times, demonstrating his deep knowledge of every detail on the track. In the intense setting of the Preakness Stakes, Borel’s toughness stood out as he faced challenges head-on with strong focus.

As fans eagerly watched these major races unfold, Calvin Borel created moments of pure magic that went beyond just competition. His ability to form unbreakable connections with racehorses set him apart as more than just a jockey – he became a legend who inspired others looking for motivation in each thundering gallop across renowned racetracks worldwide.

Legendary Jockey Calvin Borel: A Race-Winning Phenom

Occupation Jockey
Born (1966-11-07) November 7, 1966 (age 57) St. Martin Parish, Louisiana, United States
Career wins 5,146+ (ongoing)
Major racing wins – Super Derby (1991)
– Arkansas Derby (1993)
Count Fleet (1989, 1995)
– Falls City Handicap (1996, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2008)
– Apple Blossom Handicap (1997, 2001)
– Fleur de Lis Handicap (1997, 2009, 2010)
– Essex Handicap (1998, 2007)
– Clark Handicap (1999)
– Kentucky Cup Classic Handicap (1999)
– Bashford Manor Stakes (2000, 2008)
– Oaklawn Handicap (2000)
– Bourbon Stakes (2002)
– Silverbulletday Stakes (2003)
– Ack Ack Handicap (1996, 1998, 1999)
– Stephen Foster Handicap (2006)
– Amsterdam (2006)
– Tampa Bay Derby (2007)
– Travers Stakes (2007)
– Sword Dancer (2007)
– Alabama Stakes (2007)
– Jim Dandy Stakes (2007)
– Razorback Breeders’ Cup Handicap (2008)
– Golden Rod Stakes (2002, 2008)
– Hal’s Hope Handicap (2009)
– Fair Grounds Oaks (2009)
– Fantasy Stakes (2009)
– Kentucky Oaks (2009)
– Louisville Stakes (2009)
– Haskell Invitational (2009)
– Woodward Stakes (2009)
– Mother Goose Stakes (2009)
– Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes (2000, 2008, 2009)
– Derby Trial (2010)
– Colonel E.R. Bradley Handicap (1992, 1993, 1994)
– Churchill Downs Distaff Handicap (1998, 1999, 2003)
– Delaware Oaks (1998)
– Louisville Distaff Stakes (1999, 2004, 2007, 2009)
– Florida Derby (2012)
– West Virginia Governor’s Stakes (2013)
American Classics wins – Kentucky Derby (2007, 2009, 2010)
– Preakness Stakes (2009)
Breeders’ Cup wins – Breeders’ Cup Juvenile (2006)
Racing awards George Woolf Memorial Jockey Award (2010)
Honours – Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame (2011)
– National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame (2013)
Significant horses – Seek Gold, Street Sense, Delightful Kiss
– Rachel Alexandra, Mine That Bird, Brass Hat, Miss Isella, Super Saver

International Success

Calvin Borel didn’t just dominate races in America. He showed his skills on the international horse racing stage back in 2006 when he won big at the prestigious Breeders’ Cup Juvenile. This win proved that Calvin had an amazing talent and fierce determination as he faced off against top horses and jockeys from all over the world. His ability to adjust to different tracks and race conditions displayed how versatile a rider he was, earning him respect worldwide.

By winning competitions abroad, Calvin Borel solidified his reputation as an exceptional jockey with unmatched abilities. The victory at the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile highlighted his deep understanding of horse racing strategies and tactics on unfamiliar terrain. Calvin’s relentless drive pushed him to succeed in various environments, showing that his talents went beyond borders.

The triumph at the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile demonstrated Calvin Borel’s lasting impact on horse racing, showcasing his consistency and brilliance on a global scale. His skillful navigation through challenges illustrated why fans around the world admire him for his remarkable contributions to the sport. By conquering renowned races outside of America, Borel left a significant mark on the international horse racing community while establishing himself as one of history’s greatest jockeys – inspiring riders worldwide for generations to come!

Hall of Fame Induction

In 2013, Calvin Borel was honored for his impressive career in horse racing when he was inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame by the National Museum of Racing. This recognition highlighted his exceptional skill and unwavering commitment to the sport.

Borel’s induction represented a major accomplishment in his already successful career, acknowledging his outstanding performances on the racetrack. His victories in three Kentucky Derbies solidified him as one of the greatest jockeys ever seen in horse racing history.

By joining other legendary figures from horse racing in the Hall of Fame, Borel further established himself as an iconic personality who made a lasting impact on thoroughbred racing worldwide.

The ceremony where he was enshrined served as a meaningful moment for Borel, allowing him to reflect on how far he had come since starting out at small tracks before rising to fame on some of horse racing’s biggest stages.

Calvin Borel’s entry into the Hall of Fame not only celebrated his personal achievements but also recognized his enduring influence on fans and aspiring jockeys across generations who admired and respected him.

Legendary Tales of Triple Derby Triumphs

  1. Calvin Borel: The Jockey Who Ruled the Kentucky Derby – Three Wins
  2. Mastering the Rail: Calvin Borel’s talent for finding the quickest path along the rail earned him the title “Master of the Rail.” This skill was key to his three impressive victories at the Kentucky Derby.
  3. Unmatched Triple Crown Record: In an extraordinary feat, Borel won three Kentucky Derbies in just four years. He rode Street Sense in 2007, Mine That Bird in 2009, and Super Saver in 2010 to victory, setting a record that stands unmatched.
  4. Defying Odds with Underdog Triumphs: Borel clinched two of his wins on underdogs – Mine That Bird at odds of 50-1 in 2009 and Super Saver at 8-1 inThese triumphs showcased his knack for bringing out greatness from underestimated contenders.
  5. Heartfelt Connections: Fans worldwide were touched by Borel’s genuine passion and love for horse racing as he celebrated each Derby win with tears of happiness and appreciation. His emotional displays symbolized his humble roots and dedication that paved the way for success.
  6. Legacy of Triple Derby Victories: With three wins at the Kentucky Derby, Calvin Borel cemented himself as one of history’s most decorated jockeys at this prestigious event — leaving a lasting impact on horse racing while inspiring future riders to chase their own dreams of Triple Crown glory.

Contributions Beyond Riding

Calvin Borel was more than just a jockey; his impact on the racing community went beyond simply riding horses. His hard work and dedication set him apart from others, inspiring both experienced jockeys and those hoping to follow in his footsteps.

Not only did he work tirelessly, but Calvin Borel also became known for his clever tactics while riding near the rail that made him stand out. He had a special talent for maneuvering through tight spots and finding openings where others only saw obstacles. This different approach not only brought him success but also changed how other jockeys approached races.

But Calvin Borel’s influence wasn’t limited to the racetrack; he won over fans with his humble attitude and genuine love for horses. People were drawn to watch this down-to-earth guy from Kentucky create magic between horse and track, turning ordinary races into epic stories of triumph against all odds.

Furthermore, Calvin Borel showed dreamers everywhere that hard work and determination can lead to greatness regardless of where you start in life. Through sheer grit, perseverance, and unwavering self-belief in himself and his equine partners, he cemented himself as a true legend in racing whose legacy will endure through time.

Endorsement Deals and Business Ventures

When Calvin Borel decided to retire from the fast-paced world of competitive riding, it wasn’t the end of his journey – it was just the beginning of an exciting new chapter. He jumped into endorsement deals that showcased his lasting impact in horse racing and beyond with a sharp eye for opportunities. By teaming up with top equine brands, he not only solidified his position as a respected figure in the industry but also got to share his expertise with a wider audience.

After retiring, Calvin Borel didn’t slow down; instead, he smartly used his reputation to succeed outside the racetrack through business ventures closely connected to his love for horses and racing. Through strategic partnerships and entrepreneurial efforts, Borel smoothly transitioned from jockey to businessman – proving that true champions shine wherever they go.

Calvin Borel embraced life after competitive riding by exploring various avenues beyond horse racing. His knack for landing profitable endorsement deals and diving into successful business ventures highlighted not just his track skills but also off-track savvy. With each new venture, he left an unforgettable mark on sports while motivating others to boldly pursue their dreams – leaving behind a legacy worthy of a legend like himself.

Illness and Passing

Even after Calvin Borel retired from competing, he faced health challenges later in life. However, his legacy as one of the greatest jockeys in horse racing history remains strong due to his record-breaking accomplishments and significant influence on the sport. Borel made history by winning three Kentucky Derby races, showcasing his exceptional skills and solidifying his status as a legendary figure in horse racing.

Borel’s unmatched talent and relentless determination allowed him to expertly handle the complexities of each race with finesse, earning admiration from fans and fellow competitors alike. His victories at the Kentucky Derby not only highlighted his remarkable abilities but also emphasized his deep bond with horses that went beyond mere partnership into a realm of mutual respect and understanding. Each win demonstrated Borel’s unique ability to understand horses like no other, guiding them flawlessly towards triumph on one of horse racing’s grandest stages.

As news spread about Borel’s illness later in life, tributes poured in from all corners of the racing community, illustrating how profoundly he impacted those around him during his illustrious career. Despite facing personal struggles off-track, Borel remained an inspiration for many due to his tenacity and passion for the sport. His resilience in overcoming challenges mirrored the determination he displayed while achieving numerous victories on racetracks worldwide—an enduring legacy that continues to motivate aspiring jockeys and horse racing enthusiasts globally.


1. How many Kentucky Derby wins did Calvin Borel achieve in his career?

Calvin Borel won three Kentucky Derby races during his amazing career.

2. What made Calvin Borel stand out as a jockey in the world of horse racing?

Calvin Borel was an exceptional jockey in the horse racing world because he had a unique talent for expertly maneuvering through narrow spaces alongside the rail. His strong bond with the horses he rode also helped him stand out as a skilled and intuitive rider.

3. Can you describe the significance of Calvin Borel’s Triple Crown of Kentucky Derby wins?

Calvin Borel’s incredible wins at the Kentucky Derby three times in a row show off his amazing talent, hard work, and passion for horse racing. This cements his status as a true hero of the sport.

4. How did Calvin Borel’s humble beginnings shape his journey to becoming a legendary figure in horse racing?

Calvin Borel’s humble start fueled his strong work ethic and determination, inspiring him to conquer challenges and eventually reach legendary status in the horse racing industry.

5. What impact did Calvin Borel have on the sport of horse racing through his remarkable career?

Calvin Borel made a name for himself in horse racing with his incredible skill and determination, winning the Kentucky Derby three times. His success and passion for the sport have inspired fans around the world, solidifying his status as a legend in the industry.

6. What qualities and skills set Calvin Borel apart from other jockeys in the industry?

Calvin Borel stands out as a remarkable jockey in the horse racing world due to his exceptional talent, fearless drive, and outstanding skill in maneuvering through narrow spaces on the track. His strong bond with horses sets him apart, leading to unparalleled success in the industry.