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2009 Kentucky Derby Winner Mine That Bird

2009 kentucky derby winner mine that bird

In 2009 at the Kentucky Derby, Mine That Bird pulled off an incredible victory as the underdog. Despite facing overwhelming odds of 50-1, he made a historic win by dominating with a lead of 6 and three-quarter lengths. From being in last place to crossing the finish line first in just one furlong, Mine That Bird finished strong on a wet track with a winning time of 2:02.66. This unforgettable moment cemented his legacy as one of horse racing’s greatest triumphs ever witnessed.

Background of Mine That Bird

In 2009, Mine That Bird, a remarkable underdog in the horse racing world, surprised everyone at the Kentucky Derby. Despite having incredibly low odds of 50-1 stacked against him, this unassuming colt was not expected to compete with the favorites. But Mine That Bird showed that determination and heart can triumph over even the toughest competition on race day.

When it was time for Mine That Bird to show off his speed and endurance at Churchill Downs, he did so with incredible grace and skill. His impressive winning time of 2:02.66 solidified his spot as one of the fastest Derby champions ever known. As he raced down the final stretch past more favored competitors, fans were amazed as an unexpected hero emerged from obscurity to claim victory in a spectacular manner.

Going up against experienced rivals like Pioneerof The Nile and Musket Man, Mine That Bird found himself in a classic David vs Goliath situation that captured imaginations worldwide. His win wasn’t just about claiming victory but also symbolized hope for all underdogs – proving that with courage and perseverance, greatness can be achieved against all odds. Looking back now at Mine That Bird’s unlikely triumph serves as proof of horse racing’s unpredictable excitement while inspiring dreamers pursuing their own goals on life’s track.

Shocking Victory at the Kentucky Derby

Mine That Bird pulled off a surprising victory at the 135th Kentucky Derby, shocking the crowd. Trained by Bennie L. Woolley Jr. and ridden by jockey Calvin Borel, he started from last place but quickly surged ahead in the final stretch to win by an impressive margin of 6 and three-quarters lengths.

Even though Mine That Bird had daunting odds of 50-1, making him one of the biggest long shots in Derby history, he proved everyone wrong with his unexpected triumph on race day.

Competing against tough rivals like Pioneerof The Nile and Musket Man, Mine That Bird showed incredible determination and resilience at Churchill Downs. He finished the one-and-a-quarter-mile track in just over two minutes to secure his spot as a true underdog champion in horse racing history.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Underdogs


  1. Inspires hope and motivation for those who are considered the underdogs in any sport

  2. Shows how perseverance and determination can lead to success

  3. Highlights the thrill and surprises of racing events

  4. Encourages fans to cheer for the underestimated players and enjoy their surprising wins

  5. Demonstrates that with hard work, any competitor has the potential to achieve greatness


  1. Overshadowing achievements of favorites or established champions can happen.

  2. It may set up unrealistic expectations for underdog success in every race.

  3. If underdogs do not perform as expected, it could lead to disappointment.

  4. The belief that only underdogs can provide thrilling moments in sports might be reinforced.

  5. When underdogs win frequently, questions about fairness and competitiveness in racing are raised.

Historic Winning Time and Conditions

Mine That Bird took on tough competitors like Pioneerof the Nile and Musket Man, who were both expected to win. He faced 50:1 odds against him, which made his victory even more incredible. Despite being seen as an underdog, Mine That Bird powered past his rivals with determination and guts.

The rainy weather at Churchill Downs that day created a muddy track full of puddles. Many thought this would make it harder for Mine That Bird to succeed; however, he surprised everyone by expertly navigating through the slippery surface with agility and skill. His performance on such a challenging terrain impressed spectators with his racing abilities.

Fans and experts were amazed as Mine That Bird crossed the finish line in record time – 2:02.66 – one of the fastest times ever recorded at the Kentucky Derby until then. His remarkable speed on a difficult track established him as one of horse racing’s most legendary underdogs, leaving a lasting mark in racing history.

Looking back, Mine That Bird’s historic win shows us that anything is achievable in sports – from beating tough odds to overcoming obstacles. His inspiring story continues to motivate generations of race fans who remember that unforgettable day at Churchill Downs when this unlikely hero proved that dreams can indeed come true on the racetrack.

Payouts and Betting Odds

Mine That Bird’s surprising victory at the 2009 Kentucky Derby resulted in a big payout for those who had bet on him, bringing them significant returns. Despite his long shot odds of 50-1 and being seen as an underdog by many, Mine That Bird shocked everyone with his win, winning over racing fans worldwide.

During the race, Mine That Bird made a remarkable comeback from last place to first with jockey Calvin Borel guiding him expertly through the crowded field. They maneuvered skillfully like a pro driver navigating busy traffic to clinch their unexpected triumph. Competing against tough rivals such as Pioneerof the Nile and Musket Man, Mine That Bird’s victory showcased his grit and determination on one of horse racing’s biggest stages.

Clocking in at a historic time of 2:02.66 for the 1 1/4 mile distance at Churchill Downs, Mine That Bird left spectators awestruck with his incredible performance that day. His monumental upset stands as a timeless example that both in sports and life itself – anything is achievable when you possess heart, perseverance, and unwavering self-belief. This unlikely hero continues to inspire countless generations with his legendary story of overcoming all odds on that memorable first Saturday in May.

2009 Kentucky Derby Field: Post Positions and Performances

Post Horse Name Trainer Jockey Opening Odds Starting Odds Finishing Pos.
1 West Side Bernie Kelly J. Breen Stewart Elliott 30-1 32.40 9
2 Musket Man Derek S. Ryan Eibar Coa 20-1 19.00 3
3 Mr. Hot Stuff Eoin G. Harty John Velazquez 30-1 28.40 15
4 Advice Todd A. Pletcher René Douglas 30-1 49.00 13
5 Hold Me Back William I. Mott Kent Desormeaux 15-1 12.70 12
6 Friesan Fire J. Larry Jones Gabriel Saez 5-1 3.80 Fav. 18
7 Papa Clem Gary Stute Rafael Bejarano 20-1 12.20 4
8 Mine That Bird Bennie L. Woolley Jr. Calvin Borel 50-1 50.60 1
9 Join in the Dance Todd Pletcher Chris DeCarlo 50-1 51.40 7
10 Regal Ransom Saeed bin Suroor Alan Garcia 30-1 22.60 8
11 Chocolate Candy Jerry Hollendorfer Mike E. Smith 20-1 10.00 5
12 General Quarters Thomas R. McCarthy Julien Leparoux 20-1 10.30 10
13 I Want Revenge Jeff Mullins Joe Talamo 3-1 Scratched Scratched Scratched
14 Atomic Rain Kelly J. Breen Joe Bravo 50-1 55.20 16
15 Dunkirk Todd A. Pletcher Edgar Prado 4-1 5.20 11
16 Pioneerof the Nile Bob Baffert Garrett Gomez 4-1 6.30 2
17 Summer Bird Tim A. Ice Chris Rosier 50-1 43.60 6
18 Nowhere to Hide Nick Zito Shaun Bridgmohan 50-1 45.50 17
19 Desert Party Saeed bin Suroor Ramon A. Dominguez 15-1 14.80 14
20 Flying Private D. Wayne Lukas Robby Albarado 50-1 46.60 19

Post Positions and Competitors

When Mine That Bird drew post position number eight for the Kentucky Derby, he found himself up against tough competitors like Pioneerof the Nile, Papa Clem, Chocolate Candy, and Friesan Fire in a field of nineteen horses. The odds were not in his favor at 50-1, making him the underdog to many bettors. However, jockey Calvin Borel believed in his horse’s abilities.

In a surprising turn of events during the final stretch of the race at Churchill Downs in May 2009, Mine That Bird charged forward from last place to first along the rail. This sudden burst of speed propelled him past his more favored rivals and led him to an impressive victory with a winning time of 2:02.66 for one and a quarter miles – showcasing both grit and remarkable speed.

This unexpected triumph made history as one of the most astonishing wins ever seen at the Kentucky Derby. It established Mine That Bird as a true champion despite being considered an underdog initially. His victory serves as inspiration for those who are underestimated or counted out – proving that determination and belief can lead to greatness even when facing seemingly impossible challenges.

Reflecting on this iconic moment reminds us that sometimes true potential lies hidden beneath initial appearances – akin to discovering treasure among plain rocks or finding gold where others see only dust! It illustrates how incredible achievements can be accomplished through perseverance against all odds – just like our feathered friend did on that unforgettable Derby day!

Looking back on Mine That Bird’s journey from underrated outsider to champion sprinter over Churchill Downs’ hallowed grounds ten years ago now prompts us to consider how many other hidden gems might shine if given their opportunity to rise above expectations! So next time you witness someone being unfairly overlooked or dismissed unjustly remember: they may possess untapped potential waiting to ignite into brilliance… Just like our plucky little bird surprised everyone by soaring high above disbelief with its wings outstretched ready to conquer new heights!

Notable Achievements Post-kentucky Derby Win

After winning the Kentucky Derby, Mine That Bird embarked on an incredible journey that amazed everyone. Despite being considered an underdog in the horse racing world, this determined stallion continued to surprise fans by competing in prestigious races like the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. Although he didn’t win those events, Mine That Bird’s strong performance showed his talent and drive to succeed at the highest level of competition.

Following his historic victory at Churchill Downs, Mine That Bird captivated audiences worldwide with his never-give-up attitude and fighting spirit. His unexpected triumph served as a powerful example of resilience and perseverance against all odds. The spirited gelding’s post-Derby races not only displayed his natural abilities but also revealed his unwavering determination that resonated with people far beyond just horse racing enthusiasts.

Many had underestimated Mine That Bird before he crossed the finish line at Churchill Downs; however, he continually proved them wrong by showing that true champions can come from anywhere – no matter how small or unconventional! This little dynamo made a lasting impact on racing history by demonstrating how determination combined with skill can overcome any challenge thrown your way. His legacy continues to inspire countless individuals who refuse to give up on their dreams despite facing daunting obstacles along their journey.

As Mine That Bird raced through various prestigious competitions after his Kentucky Derby triumph, one thing became crystal clear – greatness has no limits when fueled by passion and purpose. With every stride taken on those revered tracks, this unlikely hero taught us that success isn’t just about winning but about bravely taking on challenges without losing sight of our goals. In essence,Mine That Bird is more than just a racehorse; he stands as a symbol of hope for anyone striving for their own version of glory amidst adversity.

Remarkable Tales: Mine That Bird's Surprising Triumph

  1. ### Fascinating Stories: Mine That Bird's Unforeseen Victory

  2. **Against All Odds:** In the 2009 Kentucky Derby, Mine That Bird pulled off a remarkable upset with 50-1 odds, shocking everyone and securing his place in history as one of the biggest underdog triumphs ever seen at Churchill Downs.

  3. **From Canada to Glory:** Hailing from Canada, Mine That Bird was bred there and raced both in his home country and across the border before achieving an incredible win at Churchill Downs that took everyone by surprise.

  4. **The Ace Jockey:** Calvin Borel, a renowned jockey enshrined in the Hall of Fame, skillfully guided Mine That Bird to victory in the 2009 Kentucky Derby. His masterful riding abilities and strong bond with the horse were key factors in their success story.

  5. **Chasing Triple Crown Dreams:** Following his memorable Kentucky Derby win, Mine That Bird continued on his racing journey by participating in both the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes races. He managed to clinch second place in the Preakness and third place in the Belmont amidst tough competition.

  6. **Heartwarming Triumph:** The unexpected win by Mine That Bird resonated deeply with fans worldwide, illustrating how unpredictable horse racing can be while also reigniting belief that dreams can come true against all odds on any given race day.

Legacy in Breeding Careers

The breeding legacy of Mine That Bird shines brightly as his offspring continue to impress on the racetrack. While he didn’t repeat his own Kentucky Derby win, he passed on his winning genes to future champions. One standout descendant is American Pharoah, who made history by winning the coveted Triple Crown title. They say like father, like son – and Mine That Bird’s descendants have certainly proven this saying true with their outstanding performances.

Mine That Bird’s impact as a sire goes beyond just a few top performers; it stretches across generations of talented racehorses. His bloodline seems to inspire greatness in those who inherit it. Seeing horses like American Pharoah excel in major races shows how influential Mine That Bird has been in shaping the world of horse racing.

In the world of breeding careers, success often comes from producing quality offspring that surpass their ancestors’ accomplishments. Mine That Bird has left a lasting impression through his lineage, showing that greatness can be inherited and developed over time. Every win by one of his descendants adds another chapter to the story of an underdog who became a prolific sire – filled with unexpected victories and remarkable achievements.

Just as fortunes can change quickly in horse racing with a powerful sprint down the homestretch, so too has Mine That Bird changed destinies through his contributions as a stallion. It’s like passing on a torch that lights up paths for future generations around the globe – shining brightly with flashes of brilliance reminiscent of their legendary forebear.

As we admire Mine That Bird’s journey from obscurity to stardom and now into shaping legacies through breeding careers, we remember that true champions leave more than just wins behind; they leave imprints on hearts and histories that endure long after they’ve crossed their final finish line – embodying resilience, spirit, and untapped potential ready to soar towards new horizons.

Chief Party Officer Role at Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs made a bold move by appointing a Chief Party Officer, injecting new excitement into their events like the iconic Kentucky Derby. This role wasn’t just about fancy titles and duties; it was all about bringing the party vibe to life in the lively infield area. The chosen folks had an important job of leading fun activities that kept fans entertained and engaged throughout the celebrations.

Picture yourself at Churchill Downs during one of these thrilling events—the energy buzzing with anticipation, hats swaying all around you, and cheers filling the air like thunderous applause for every racehorse speeding past. The Chief Party Officers added an extra spark of joy and festivity to this already exhilarating scene, making sure attendees were not only witnessing history on the tracks but also creating lasting memories off them.

These appointed leaders weren’t just there for show; they were innovative trailblazers sparking a passion for celebration among fans from different backgrounds. Their infectious enthusiasm spread rapidly, turning breaks between races into spontaneous dance floors where laughter flowed as freely as drinks on Derby day. It was more than just work—it was a mission to enhance experiences, build connections, and nurture camaraderie among spectators gathered beneath Churchill Downs’ historic twin spires.

The role of Chief Party Officer at Churchill Downs wasn’t simply about organizing parties; it was about crafting moments that transcended time—a tapestry woven with threads of happiness, thrill, and community spirit against the backdrop of one horse racing’s most prestigious venues. With each event they led, these officers carved out their place in Kentucky Derby lore as champions not only of revelry but also goodwill—reminding us that amidst intense competition lies an unbreakable bond forged through shared joy and merriment.

Subsequent Grade I Wins by Competitors

After Mine That Bird’s impressive win at the Kentucky Derby, some of the horses he raced against that day went on to achieve Grade I success in their careers. Pioneerof the Nile notably won the Santa Anita Derby and came second in the Kentucky Derby. Musket Man secured victories in both the Illinois Derby and Tampa Bay Derby after competing in the Kentucky Derby. Summer Bird emerged as a strong contender by winning both Belmont Stakes and Travers Stakes later on.

Rachel Alexandra, who chose not to participate in the 2009 Kentucky Derby, made history by beating male horses in races like Preakness Stakes and Haskell Invitational following that iconic event. Dunkirk displayed his talent with a victory at Florida’s Allowance race before going on to compete admirably at various Grade I races throughout his career.

While Mine That Bird did not replicate his success from the Kentucky Derby elsewhere, seeing those he competed against achieve Grade I successes emphasizes how competitive and skilled that field was during that memorable Run for Roses back in 2009. Each horse brought something special to racing history, leaving an unforgettable mark beyond just one spectacular race day at Churchill Downs.

Lasting Impact on Horse Racing History

The 2009 Kentucky Derby was turned upside down when Mine That Bird pulled off a stunning victory that shocked the horse racing world. Despite being considered an underdog with odds of 50-1, this unassuming gelding raced to glory with jockey Calvin Borel at the reins. Finishing in an impressive time of 2:02.66, Mine That Bird crossed the finish line ahead of favorites like Pioneerof the Nile and Musket Man, leaving spectators in awe.

This win wasn’t just any ordinary victory; it was a game-changer that made waves throughout horse racing history. Mine That Bird didn’t just set records; he exceeded expectations and defied logic with each stride towards success. Competing against experienced champions and highly-favored contenders, this unsung hero displayed unmatched determination and resilience that would go on to inspire future generations of jockeys and fans.

Following his historic triumph, Mine That Bird became more than just a racehorse; he symbolized hope for those who dared to dream big despite their circumstances. His legacy serves as a powerful reminder that even when faced with tough odds, perseverance can lead to incredible achievements on any given race day – proving once again that lightning can strike twice in one place!


1. How did Mine That Bird defy the odds to win the 2009 Kentucky Derby?

In 2009, Mine That Bird shocked everyone by winning the Kentucky Derby. Despite being a huge underdog with odds of 50-1, he crossed the finish line in just 2:02.66, beating out some tough competition and making history with his unexpected victory.

2. What were the betting odds for Mine That Bird before the race, and how did they change after his victory?

Before the race, Mine That Bird had 50-1 odds. However, after winning the 2009 Kentucky Derby in a surprising upset, his odds quickly changed to 50-1.

3. Who were some of the notable competitors that Mine That Bird faced during the 2009 Kentucky Derby?

In the 2009 Kentucky Derby, Mine That Bird competed against tough challengers like Pioneerof the Nile, Musket Man, and Friesan Fire.

4. What was Mine That Bird's historic win time at the 2009 Kentucky Derby?

In the 2009 Kentucky Derby, Mine That Bird made history with an amazing win time of just 2 minutes and 2.66 seconds. This victory firmly established him as a legendary underdog in the world of horse racing.

5. How has Mine That Bird's victory in 2009 impacted racing history and inspired other underdog stories in sports?

The 2009 Kentucky Derby saw Mine That Bird achieve a remarkable victory, defying the odds at 50-1 with an impressive win time. This unforgettable moment has cemented his legacy in racing history as a beacon of unexpected success, sparking inspiration for numerous underdog stories in sports.

6. Can you share more about Mine That Bird's journey leading up to his unexpected triumph at the Kentucky Derby?

Mine That Bird surprised everyone by winning the 2009 Kentucky Derby, despite being considered an underdog with low odds. He beat out more favored competitors and made history with a remarkable finish time of 2:02.66, establishing himself as a legendary figure in racing history.