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Todd Pletcher Trainer: 2 Kentucky Derby Wins From 62 Starts

super saver kentucky derby winner 2010

Discover Todd Pletcher’s incredible journey from starting as a young hot walker to becoming one of the most successful trainers in Thoroughbred horse racing history. Learn about his impressive accomplishments, such as winning two Kentucky Derby races out of 62 starts and guiding champion racehorses to victory in events like the Breeders’ Cup and American Classics. See how his strategic training methods, dedication, and contributions have shaped a legacy of excellence in the sport.

Todd Pletcher’s Early Life and Introduction to Horse Racing

Todd Pletcher was born on June 26, 1967, in Dallas, Texas. His journey began when he was just seven years old, working as a hot walker for his father and setting the stage for his future career in horse racing.

While attending the University of Arizona during his sophomore year at age 19-20, Pletcher had the opportunity to learn from renowned trainers like D. Wayne Lukas and Charlie Whittingham. These experiences helped him develop his skills and knowledge in Thoroughbred horse training.

Pletcher’s early exposure not only fueled his passion for horses but also shaped him into one of the most successful trainers in the industry. His dedication and hard work during those formative years laid a strong foundation for what lay ahead.

Starting as a hot walker at a young age and learning from legends of the sport were invaluable experiences that propelled Todd Pletcher towards becoming an award-winning trainer with an impressive list of accomplishments.

Todd Pletcher’s Career as a Horse Trainer

Todd Pletcher has had an incredible journey in the exciting world of Thoroughbred horse racing. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, he worked as an assistant to D. Wayne Lukas and then got his trainer’s license in 1995. In 2004, everything changed for him when he won with Ashado at the Kentucky Oaks, marking the beginning of a string of victories that defined his successful career.

As a trainer, Todd Pletcher has set high standards for excellence in horse racing. His skills have been evident through many wins in top races like the Breeders’ Cup and American Classics. Known for his careful preparation and clever strategies, Pletcher’s achievements on the track show how devoted he is to the sport and how talented he is at helping horses reach their full potential.

Todd Pletcher is recognized for being consistent and adaptable – qualities that make him stand out among trainers in Thoroughbred racing history. His ability to spot talent early on paired with smart race planning has led him to amazing successes over time. Starting from working with legends like D. Wayne Lukas to becoming one of today’s most celebrated trainers, Pletcher’s legacy extends beyond just trophies; it includes lasting contributions that have made a significant impact on horse racing worldwide.

The Pros & Cons of Derby Dominance


  1. Todd Pletcher has trained racehorses for the Kentucky Derby for many years.
  2. He has won multiple races and achieved top finishes at the Derby.
  3. Pletcher can get top jockeys and owners to work with his horses, making them more likely to win.
  4. He carefully trains and prepares his horses for the tough conditions of the Derby.
  5. Pletcher may keep winning and adding more victories to his already successful career.


  1. Feeling the pressure and high expectations that come with being a top figure in the Kentucky Derby.
  2. Knowing you might have to compete against other skilled trainers and horses in the race.
  3. Remembering past disappointments or near misses at the Derby could make people question Pletcher’s skills.
  4. Even if you prepare well, unexpected challenges or setbacks can still arise in horse racing.
  5. Juggling multiple entries in the Derby may lead to tough decisions or divided attention on each horse.

Record-earning Achievements of Todd Pletcher

In 2005, Todd Pletcher made history by smashing the record for single-season earnings with over $20 million and clinching victories in ten Grade 1 races. His winning streak continued as he triumphed in Fleet Indian’s Beldame Stakes, contributing to his record-breaking year in North American stakes wins.

Pletcher’s talent for training exceptional horses shone brightly when he guided Super Saver to victory at the 2010 Kentucky Derby, marking his first win at this prestigious event. The following year, he further cemented his reputation by claiming another Kentucky Derby title with Always Dreaming, highlighting his consistency and expertise on horse racing’s biggest stages.

Throughout an impressive career, Todd Pletcher has garnered numerous accolades including multiple Eclipse Awards for Outstanding Trainer. With a meticulous approach to conditioning and developing top-tier Thoroughbreds, Pletcher remains a prominent figure in the world of horse racing—an enduring testament to his dedication and unrivaled skill that have left an indelible mark on the sport.

Awards and Recognition Received by Todd Pletcher

Todd Pletcher has won many top awards in horse racing, showing his skill and dedication. He has received eight Eclipse Awards as the best trainer, putting him at the top of the sport. The New York Turf Writers Association also honored him with Woody Stephens and Fourstardave Awards for his excellent work training champion horses.

In 2021, Todd Pletcher was added to the United States Racing Hall of Fame, solidifying his status as a respected figure in horse racing. These awards are not just for show; they highlight Pletcher’s hard work and commitment to being great in this field. His ability to consistently train winning horses at major races demonstrates both his expertise and love for what he does.

The multiple Eclipse Awards that Pletcher has earned are not just about numbers but represent years of dedication and strong connections formed with amazing horses like Super Saver or Always Dreaming who have stolen our hearts during races across America. These accolades establish Todd Pletcher as a skilled trainer capable of turning potential into success even under pressure—setting him apart from others in the industry.

While many aspire to achieve such heights in their careers, few can reach an exclusive level like entering the United States Racing Hall Of Fame—a recognition reserved only for those whose influence goes beyond mere wins or statistics on paper but reflects qualities like character, integrity & deep affection for these magnificent creatures we call thoroughbreds—the very essence that truly defines Todd Pletcher among legends past and present!

Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Finish Highlights

Year Kentucky Derby Finish Preakness Finish Belmont Finish
2000 Impeachment 3rd Impeachment 3rd Impeachment 5th
2000 More Then Ready 4th
2000 Trippi 11th
2000 Graeme Hall 19th
2001 Invisible Ink 2nd Invisible Ink 5th
2001 Balto Star 14th Balto Star 8th
2002 Wild Horses 18th
2004 Limehouse 4th
2004 Pollard’s Vision 17th
2004 Purge 9th
2005 Flower Alley 9th
2005 Coin Silver 12th
2005 Bandini 19th
2006 Bluegrass Cat 2nd Bluegrass Cat 2nd
2006 Keyed Entry 20th
2006 Sunriver 3rd
2007 Rags to Riches† 1st
2007 Circular Quay 6th Circular Quay 5th
2007 King of the Roxy 6th
2007 Any Given Saturday 8th
2007 Sam P. 9th
2007 Scat Daddy 18th
2007 Cowtown Cat 20th
2008 Cowboy Cal 9th
2008 Monba 20th
2008 Ready’s Echo 3rd‡
2009 Join In The Dance 7th
2009 Dunkirk 11th Dunkirk 3rd
2009 Advice 13th
2009 Take the Points 13th
2010 Super Saver 1st Super Saver 8th
2010 Mission Impazible 9th
2010 Devil May Care † 10th
2010 Discreetly Mine 13th
2010 Aikenite 10th
2010 Interactif 6th
2011 Stay Thirsty 12th Stay Thirsty 2nd
2011 Dance City 5th
2012 El Padrino 13th
2012 Gemologist 16th
2013 Revolutionary 3rd Revolutionary 5th
2013 Charming Kitten 9th
2013 Overanalyze 11th Overanalyze 7th
2013 Palace Malice 12th Palace Malice 1st
2013 Verrazano 14th
2013 Unlimited Budget† 6th
2013 Midnight Taboo 12th
2014 Danza 3rd
2014 We Miss Artie 10th
2014 Intense Holiday 12th
2014 Vinceremos 17th
2014 Commissioner 2nd
2014 Matterhorn 8th
2015 Materiality 6th Materiality 8th
2015 Itsaknockout 9th
2015 Carpe Diem 10th
2015 Made From Lucky 6th
2016 Destin 6th Destin 2nd
2016 Outwork 14th
2016 Stradivari 4th Stradivari 5th
2017 Always Dreaming 1st Always Dreaming 8th
2017 Tapwrit 6th Tapwrit 1st
2017 Patch 14th Patch 3rd
2018 Audible 3rd
2018 Vino Rosso 9th Vino Rosso 4th
2018 Noble Indy 17th Noble Indy 10th
2018 Magnum Moon 19th
2019 Cutting Humor 10th
2019 Spinoff 18th Spinoff 6th
2019 Intrepid Heart 8th
2020 Money Moves 13th
2020 Farmington Road 8th

Notable Horses Trained by Todd Pletcher

Todd Pletcher has made a lasting impact on horse racing history with his incredible champions like Super Saver, Always Dreaming, Rags to Riches, and Palace Malice. These horses weren’t just average; they were legendary runners guided by Pletcher’s expert hand towards victory. Each step they took showed his dedication in shaping them into unforgettable names that will forever be remembered in the world of Thoroughbred racing.

Pletcher’s training skills aren’t limited to a select few famous horses but span across various exceptional equine athletes. Horses such as Malathaat, Uncle Mo, and Vino Rosso have all experienced the magic touch of his coaching finesse. It’s not only about winning races but also about transforming these horses from raw potential into champions—molding them into symbols of speed and grace on racetracks globally. Under Pletcher’s guidance, each gallop becomes a beautiful sight—a masterpiece crafted by an expert trainer.

The connection between trainer and horse resembles a delicate dance where trust is key. In every determined look seen in these horses’ eyes as they race towards the finish line lies Todd Pletcher’s unwavering commitment to their triumphs. His ability to understand each horse individually—to identify their strengths and nurture their talents—is what distinguishes him as one of the most respected trainers in modern horse racing history.

As spectators witness these magnificent animals sprint gracefully down tracks with unmatched power and elegance, it’s impossible not to admire the artistry behind their performances—the countless hours spent refining skills at dawn on serene training grounds or calming restless spirits late at night before major races—all contributing to Todd Pletcher’s legacy intricately woven within this vibrant tapestry we call Thoroughbred racing lore.

Triple Crown Race Record of Todd Pletcher

Todd Pletcher has won the Kentucky Derby twice out of 62 Triple Crown races he entered. His success shows how skilled he is at training horses for top-level horse racing events. He is known for his careful training techniques and ability to spot talent, which have helped him excel at big races like the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.

Pletcher’s way of getting horses ready has made him one of the best trainers in the industry. The detailed planning he does before these important races not only shows off his skills but also his commitment to being great in everything related to Thoroughbred racing.

His skill in handling the tough challenges of Triple Crown races makes him stand out as a true expert in this sport. His talent for bringing out the best in horses when it counts most proves that he knows what it takes to succeed on horse racing’s biggest stages because of both his experience and deep knowledge about winning when things get intense.

Legendary Tales: Todd Pletcher’s Derby Triumphs

  1. Legendary Stories: Todd Pletcher’s Victories at the Derby
  2. Todd Pletcher clinched two wins at the Kentucky Derby during his career, achieving success in 2010 with Super Saver and in 2017 with Always Dreaming.
  3. Despite starting out with a modest win record at the Kentucky Derby (2 wins out of 62 attempts), many consider Todd Pletcher as one of horse racing’s most accomplished trainers.
  4. In 2010, Pletcher secured his first triumph at the Kentucky Derby with Super Saver, guided by jockey Calvin Borel who cleverly stuck to the inside track on a muddy course to claim victory.
  5. The year 2017 saw yet another remarkable win for trainer Todd Pletcher when Always Dreaming, under jockey John Velazquez’s guidance, emerged victorious at the prestigious Kentucky Derby.
  6. By consistently presenting strong contenders for one of horse racing’s most esteemed events -the Kentucky Derby- Todd Pletcher demonstrates his talent in grooming top-tier horses ready to compete on this grand stage.

Personal Life and Family Background of Todd Pletcher

Todd Pletcher is a great example of someone who can juggle a demanding career with family life. He lives in Garden City, Long Island with his wife Tracy and their three lively kids – Payton, Kyle, and Hannah. This tight-knit family not only sees Todd excel as a trainer but also provides him with support during the ups and downs of the racetrack world.

Beyond the busy race tracks where Todd spends much of his time, there lies a peaceful home where family connections are key. Here, this well-known horseman becomes an extraordinary dad – a role he values just as much as his success in racing. The contrast between guiding champion horses to victory on one side and teaching life lessons to children on the other reveals an interesting aspect of this remarkable person’s life.

In reality, behind every win at famous racecourses is a down-to-earth family guy who finds comfort among loved ones in serene Garden City. As Payton explores like a skilled jockey navigating obstacles; Kyle faces challenges like guiding horses around sharp turns; and Hannah displays elegance akin to thoroughbreds before races – you can see how Todd Pletcher incorporates passion both on and off the track effortlessly.

Contributions Beyond Training Horses by Todd Pletcher

Todd Pletcher isn’t just known for his wins on the racetrack; he’s also made a big impact in the racing community. He started the Jockeys’ Guild to help jockeys stand up for their rights and has been a strong supporter of taking care of horses by encouraging responsible ownership and joining charity events that help retired racehorses.

Besides training horses, Pletcher spends time mentoring new trainers and industry pros, passing on his vast knowledge and experience. His mentorship programs have helped many people kickstart their careers in horse racing, creating a friendly and collaborative atmosphere within the community.

Pletcher doesn’t stop at national borders; he works with trainers worldwide to improve global horseracing standards. By teaming up with international trainers, he not only learns different training techniques but also contributes to raising horseracing practices on an international level.

Legacy of Excellence Left by Todd Pletcher

Todd Pletcher’s journey in horse racing is an incredible story of hard work and success, starting from his early days on dusty paddocks to the prestigious Churchill Downs. With more than 5,000 career wins, including multiple victories in big races like the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes, Pletcher has become a prominent figure in the sport.

His dedication to excellence has led him to train some of the best horses in racetracks around the world. From champions such as Super Saver and Always Dreaming to record-breakers like Uncle Mo and Vino Rosso, Pletcher’s skillful coaching has consistently brought these horses glory.

Pletcher doesn’t just excel in Triple Crown races; he also boasts an impressive seven Eclipse Awards for Outstanding Trainer—a clear sign of his top-notch performance at high levels of competition. His methodical training style combined with a keen eye for talent sets him apart from others, making each horse under his guidance a formidable contender on race day.

Beyond numbers and awards is Pletcher’s deep love for these majestic animals—an unwavering passion that shines through every step taken by one of his trained horses. His ability to nurture raw potential into successful champions showcases his expertise developed over many years spent immersed in the fascinating world of Thoroughbred racing.

Todd Pletcher’s legacy not only serves as a standard for success but also inspires young trainers who look up to him with admiration. As he continues shaping future stars on turf tracks across America, one thing remains certain: wherever there are horses galloping towards victory, traces of greatness will always be found thanks to Todd Pletcher—the mastermind behind turning hoofbeats into symphonies.


1. How many Kentucky Derby wins does Todd Pletcher have?

Todd Pletcher won the Kentucky Derby two times. He rode Super Saver to victory in 2010 and steered Always Dreaming to win the 2017 Kentucky Derby.

2. Which horses trained by Todd Pletcher have won the Kentucky Derby?

Todd Pletcher trained two winning horses at the Kentucky Derby: Super Saver in 2010 and Always Dreaming in 2017. His talent and success in Thoroughbred horse racing are truly impressive.

3. What makes Todd Pletcher a standout trainer in the world of Thoroughbred horse racing?

Todd Pletcher is a standout in the exciting world of Thoroughbred horse racing. He has exceptional skills and dedication, which have led to record-breaking success. Throughout his remarkable career, he has trained numerous champions and won prestigious races.

4. How has Todd Pletcher’s training style evolved over the course of his career?

Todd Pletcher has changed the way he trains horses over time. In the past, he used to be very hands-on with them. Now, he focuses more on using data and strategies to train them better. He also uses modern technology and new training techniques to make sure his racehorses are always at the top of their game.

5. What are some of the key strategies Todd Pletcher employs when preparing horses for the Kentucky Derby?

Todd Pletcher carefully plans and carries out a customized training program to help the horse build stamina, speed, and mental sharpness for peak performance on Derby day.

6. How has Todd Pletcher’s success at the Kentucky Derby influenced his overall legacy in horse racing?

Todd Pletcher has achieved incredible success at the Kentucky Derby with numerous wins and consistent top placements. This has established him as one of the greatest trainers in horse racing history, highlighting his exceptional talent, hard work, and ability to thrive on the sport’s biggest platform.