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Kentucky Derby Winner 2020 Authentic

kentucky derby winner 2020 authentic

In this exciting story, we dive into the world of horse racing and witness the thrilling victory of Authentic at the 2020 Kentucky Derby. Join us as we explore the fierce competition, strategic moves, and heart-racing moments that shaped Authentic’s incredible win at Churchill Downs. Discover the passion, hard work, and exceptional talent that propelled this amazing racehorse to make history in the world of racing.

Background of the 2020 Kentucky Derby

The 146th Kentucky Derby, known as “The Run for the Roses,” happened on September 5, 2020, at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. Because of COVID-19, the race got moved from its usual May date to September.

Even with all the changes due to the pandemic and no fans around for safety reasons, there was still a buzz of excitement in the air. This year’s lineup featured strong contenders like Tiz The Law and Honor A.P., setting up an intense battle for victory.

Trainer Bob Baffert brought his powerful horse Authentic to compete in this big race. He’s had success before with Derby winners like Justify and American Pharoah so he had high hopes that Authentic would do well.

Authentic showed off great speed and stamina throughout the race while facing tough competition from horses like Tiz The Law. Jockey John Velazquez expertly guided Authentic through a thrilling finish that made them champions of one of horse racing’s most famous events.

After the race, everyone was super happy as Team Baffert celebrated another win at Churchill Downs. With Authentic’s victory now part of Derby history alongside legendary names, fans enjoyed watching yet another exciting chapter unfold during these challenging times.

Rescheduling and Impact of COVID-19

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused chaos in the world of sports, including horse racing. The Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs was rescheduled from its usual May date to September, a change not seen since World War II interrupted the event back in 1945. Fans had mixed feelings about this decision, but safety concerns were prioritized over tradition.

Moving such a beloved sporting event presented many challenges. Trainers had to adjust their horses’ training routines for an extended period due to health protocols and restrictions leading up to the race day. Bob Baffert faced this challenge with his top contender Authentic, ensuring that the horse peaked at just the right time despite disruptions caused by the delayed race date. It tested not only the horses’ skills but also pushed trainers like never before as they navigated through these unprecedented circumstances.

On September 5th, all eyes turned towards Churchill Downs as Authentic raced down the final stretch and secured victory at the postponed Kentucky Derby against all odds. This win didn’t just mark a triumph; it solidified Bob Baffert’s reputation in horse racing history once again as he claimed his sixth Kentucky Derby win as a trainer. Amidst cheers ringing out across eerily quiet stands due to COVID-19 precautions limiting spectators, Authentic charged towards glory in what became an unconventional yet unforgettable moment in horse racing history.

The Pros & Cons of Authentic's Derby Win


  1. Authentic showed off his amazing speed and stamina, proving he's a great racer.

  2. Jockey John Velazquez expertly rode the horse to victory.

  3. Trainer Bob Baffert's smart coaching was key to the win.

  4. Authentic winning the Derby made him known as one of the best in horse racing.

  5. This victory was Bob Baffert's sixth Kentucky Derby win, making him a legend in the sport.

  6. Fans around the world were thrilled by Authentic's big win in horse racing.


  1. Some critics doubted if Authentic could keep up his performance in upcoming races.

  2. The tough competition at the Kentucky Derby made people worry about how successful Authentic would be in the future.

  3. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, there were no fans at the 2020 Kentucky Derby which changed how exciting it felt.

  4. Authentic's win might have stolen the spotlight from other talented horses and their achievements during the race.

  5. Racing enthusiasts argued about how outside factors affected Authentic's victory.

  6. The strange circumstances around the 2020 Kentucky Derby, like its rescheduling, made people question if the race was fair.

Authentic’s Victory and Trainer Bob Baffert

Authentic’s win at the 2020 Kentucky Derby was truly amazing. The young horse, led by jockey John Velazquez, raced ahead with incredible speed that amazed everyone watching. Bob Baffert once again showed his skill as a trainer when Authentic won in such an impressive way.

Bob Baffert is a major player in the horse racing world. Tying for the most wins ever at the Kentucky Derby is a huge accomplishment and shows how talented he is as a trainer. His ability to bring out the best in horses like Authentic proves he has a strong bond with these magnificent animals.

The 2020 Kentucky Derby will always be remembered not just for Authentic’s victory but also for Bob Baffert’s outstanding success. With six wins now, he ranks among the greatest trainers in history, making an unforgettable impact on fans worldwide. The teamwork between Baffert, Velazquez, and Authentic was flawless on that special day at Churchill Downs.

Fans cheered from afar or watched trackside (while keeping their distance), experiencing this exceptional talent coming together felt like witnessing pure magic—a symphony played out by hooves pounding against earth amid resounding applause echoing through time and space.”

Field and Contenders

The 2020 Kentucky Derby had some really strong contenders like Tiz the Law, Honor A. P., Ny Traffic, King Guillermo, and Thousand Words. Authentic’s win over these horses showed that he was a top contender too. People were excited about the race because it looked like it would be a tough competition between these powerful horses who all had their own strengths and fans rooting for them.

Tiz the Law had been winning races leading up to the Derby and many people thought he might win it all. Honor A. P., known for his strong finishes, brought an element of surprise to the mix while Ny Traffic hoped to impress everyone with a great performance on race day.

King Guillermo was kind of an underdog in more ways than one; not only did he have impressive speed but also came from a different background in Venezuelan racing circles. And then there was Thousand Words who added even more excitement with his connections to famous trainer Bob Baffert – setting up a thrilling clash of talent at Churchill Downs’ historic track that kept fans on edge until Authentic crossed that finish line first.

Derby Delights: Top Finishers and Payouts

Finish Program Number Horse Qualifying Points Trainer Jockey Morning Line Odds Final Odds Margin (Lengths) Winnings
1 18 Authentic 200 Bob Baffert John Velazquez 8–1 8.40 $1,860,000
2 17 Tiz the Law 372 Barclay Tagg Manuel Franco 3–5 0.70 1+1/4 lengths $600,000
3 9 Mr. Big News 0 W. Bret Calhoun Gabriel Saez 50–1 46.50 3+1/4 lengths $300,000
4 16 Honor A. P. 140 John Shirreffs Mike E. Smith 5–1 7.60 5 lengths $150,000
5 2 Max Player 60 Steve Asmussen Ricardo Santana Jr. 30–1 19.60 7 lengths $90,000
6 4 Storm the Court 36 Peter Eurton Julien Leparoux 50–1 27.50 9 lengths
7 3 Enforceable 43 Mark Casse Adam Beschizza 30–1 22.90 10+1/4 lengths
8 15 Ny Traffic 110 Saffie Joseph Jr. Paco Lopez 20–1 12.70 13+3/4 lengths
9 11 Necker Island 14 Chris Hartman Miguel Mena 50–1 49.30 14+3/4 lengths
10 5 Major Fed 38 Greg Foley James Graham 50–1 43.30 15+3/4 lengths
11 12 Sole Volante 30 Patrick Biancone Luca Panici 30–1 32.10 16+3/4 lengths
12 14 Winning Impression 20 Dallas Stewart Joe Rocco Jr. 50–1 50.00 21+1/4 lengths
13 7 Money Moves 0 Todd Pletcher Javier Castellano 30–1 13.10 22 lengths
14 13 Attachment Rate 35 Dale Romans Joe Talamo 50–1 47.50 23+3/4 lengths
15 8 South Bend 18 Bill Mott Tyler Gaffalione 50–1 36.60 25+1/2 lengths

Race Description and Winning Time

Authentic’s stunning performance at the 2020 Kentucky Derby showcased grit and talent. Despite starting from a challenging outside position, he pushed forward with determination to clinch victory by an impressive margin of 1+1/4 lengths. The clock stopped at a remarkable 2:00.61 for Authentic’s win, cementing his place as one of the top contenders that day.

The race played out like an exciting story, with Authentic and jockey John Velazquez overcoming obstacles to emerge victorious in the end. Their seamless blend of speed and strategy captivated viewers worldwide, highlighting the teamwork between horse and rider in high-stakes events like the Kentucky Derby. As they crossed the finish line, it was clear that Authentic had made history with his outstanding performance under pressure.

Trainer Bob Baffert once again demonstrated his expertise as he guided Authentic to triumph amidst fierce competition at Churchill Downs. With this win, Baffert secured his sixth victory in America’s most prestigious horse race – showcasing his exceptional skills in preparing champions for success on racing’s biggest stages. The perfect harmony between Baffert’s training abilities and Authentic’s natural talent resulted in a significant accomplishment that will be remembered for years within Kentucky Derby history.

Ownership of Authentic

The ownership of Authentic in horse racing showcases the power of teamwork. Spendthrift Farm LLC and MyRaceHorse Stable teamed up to give fans a chance to co-own this amazing colt, combining their expertise and passion with Madaket Stables LLC and Starlight Racing.

This diverse group represents how inclusive horse racing can be, bringing together experienced professionals from different backgrounds alongside enthusiastic fans who love these majestic animals. Their partnership not only shows belief in Authentic’s potential but also proves that shared dreams can lead to great success on the racetrack.

The journey towards winning the Kentucky Derby was a community effort, with each owner playing a crucial role in guiding Authentic’s career and offering support during training and races leading up to his historic victory at Churchill Downs.

As jockey John Velazquez urged him on towards victory at Churchill Downs, it wasn’t just the four ownership groups feeling excited—it was an entire network of supporters watching eagerly as their beloved colt crossed the finish line first. The cheers were heard far beyond the track as everyone celebrated what had been achieved through dedication and teamwork.

Ownership is more than just financial investments; it involves emotional stakes too—the thrill of seeing your horse win big outweighs any money gained. For Spendthrift Farm LLC, MyRaceHorse Stable, Madaket Stables LLC, and Starlight Racing alike—their investment extended beyond dollars—it included a deep passion for horses like Authentic who have now made history at the Kentucky Derby forevermore.

Authentic's Fascinating Tales at Kentucky Derby

  1. Trainer Bob Baffert made history in 2020 by guiding Authentic to victory at the Kentucky Derby, breaking his own record with a sixth win in this prestigious race. This achievement firmly established him as one of the most accomplished trainers ever at the Kentucky Derby.

  2. Even though many expected Authentic to triumph at the Kentucky Derby, he faced tough competition from Tiz the Law, who was seen as a strong rival leading up to the event. The intense showdown between these top contenders added an extra level of excitement for fans watching.

  3. John Velazquez rode Authentic to victory in the 2020 Kentucky Derby; he is an experienced jockey with several Triple Crown wins under his belt. His expert guidance during this race further solidified his reputation as one of horse racing's elite jockeys.

  4. Displaying remarkable speed and endurance, Authentic led from start to finish in the 2020 Kentucky Derby, showcasing his impressive racing skills and unwavering determination. His dominant performance enthralled audiences and left a lasting impact on horse racing enthusiasts everywhere.

  5. Winning the 2020 Kentucky Derby not only secured Authentic's place among racing legends but also underscored how crucial pedigree can be in this sport. As Into Mischief's offspring, Authentic's lineage significantly influenced his exceptional racing abilities and played a vital role in propelling him towards success on the track.

Post-race Reactions and Emotional Significance

Trainer Bob Baffert’s ups and downs before and after Authentic’s win at the Kentucky Derby were intense. The victory followed a tough time, with setbacks like Thousand Words being pulled out just before the race. Despite these challenges, Authentic shone as a ray of hope for Baffert, confirming his place as one of horse racing’s top trainers.

The reactions after the race showed relief, joy, and gratitude from both Baffert and fans worldwide. For him, it wasn’t just another win – it was redemption in the face of hardship. The emotional impact was huge as he looked back on his journey with Authentic and all they had conquered together to reach that peak moment at Churchill Downs.

Authentic’s triumph not only made history at the Kentucky Derby but also stood as a story of resilience and determination. With each step towards victory, Authentic carried not only potential glory but also the hopes and dreams placed on him by those who believed in him – making this win more than just about crossing that finish line first; it symbolized overcoming obstacles against all odds through unwavering faith and dedication.

Subsequent Grade I Wins and Legacy

After winning the 2020 Kentucky Derby, Authentic continued to dominate the horse racing scene with impressive performances in subsequent Grade I races. One of his most notable wins was at the Breeders’ Cup Classic, where he displayed incredible speed and stamina against a field of top competitors. This victory confirmed his status as one of the best racehorses of his time, leaving fans and experts amazed by his talent.

Authentic’s triumphs went beyond individual race victories; they culminated in him receiving the prestigious title of Horse of the Year. This award acknowledged not only his outstanding abilities on the track but also emphasized his impact on the sport overall. His consistent excellence and unwavering determination throughout each race captured hearts globally and left an unforgettable mark on horse racing history.

The legacy that Authentic built through these extraordinary accomplishments is sure to last for many years. His name will forever be associated with some of the greatest horses to have graced racetracks worldwide, serving as an inspiration for future generations of both fans and aspiring equestrians. Authentic’s story demonstrates what can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and a touch of sheer brilliance – qualities that resonate far beyond just horse racing circles.

Trainer Bob Baffert played a crucial role in guiding Authentic towards this pinnacle moment in his career, once again showcasing why he is considered one of horse racing’s finest mentors. Baffert’s expertise combined with Authentic’s raw talent formed a formidable partnership that captivated audiences everywhere while setting new standards for excellence within the sport. Their collaboration stands as proof that teamwork and mutual respect between trainer and equine can lead to remarkable outcomes.

Looking back at Authentic’s journey from winning America’s most prestigious race to claiming Horse Of The Year honors paints a picture not just about one exceptional colt but encapsulates moments filled with adrenaline-pumping excitement supported by sheer grit & determination rarely seen before! With every thunderous hoofbeat echoing across Churchill Downs or Santa Anita Park during those defining moments – they all now stand immortalized in our memories while engraving their place into horseracing folklore forevermore!


1. How did Authentic's victory in the 2020 Kentucky Derby impact his legacy in horse racing?

In the 2020 Kentucky Derby, Authentic's victory proved that he is a true star in horse racing history. It highlighted his amazing skills and added to trainer Bob Baffert's reputation as a legend in the sport.

2. What were the key strategies employed by jockey John Velazquez during Authentic's winning race?

Jockey John Velazquez skillfully led Authentic to win the 2020 Kentucky Derby by controlling the pace, saving the colt's energy for a strong finish, and making a bold move at just the right time to clinch victory.

3. How did trainer Bob Baffert's experience and expertise contribute to Authentic's success in the Kentucky Derby?

Bob Baffert, an experienced trainer with a deep understanding of training elite racehorses and planning races strategically, played a crucial role in Authentic's win at the 2020 Kentucky Derby. His expertise and knowledge of the Churchill Downs track were key factors in their triumphant victory.

4. Which contenders posed the biggest challenge to Authentic during the 2020 Kentucky Derby, and how did he overcome them?

In the 2020 Kentucky Derby, Authentic went head-to-head with tough competitors like Tiz the Law and Honor A. P. However, his incredible speed, endurance, and unwavering determination helped him outshine his rivals and clinch an exciting win.

5. What were some of the standout moments from Authentic's performance that led to his memorable win at Churchill Downs?

In the 2020 Kentucky Derby, Authentic secured a remarkable victory at Churchill Downs. He stole the show with his incredible speed from the get-go, fighting off competitors fiercely till the very end. His unwavering pace during the race displayed his extraordinary skill and sheer determination for success.

6. How did post-race reactions from fans, experts, and industry professionals reflect on Authentic's triumph at the Kentucky Derby?

Fans, experts, and industry professionals were buzzing with excitement following Authentic's victory at the Kentucky Derby. They praised the win as a thrilling showcase of speed, determination, and Bob Baffert's exceptional training skills.