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Authentic Before and Beyond the Kentucky Derby

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Key Takeaways

  • Discover Authentic’s early life and family background, following his lineage back to the famous breeding stallion Into Mischief.
  • Embark on an exciting journey through Authentic’s success in Thoroughbred horse racing, starting from his remarkable debut at Del Mar Racetrack to his pursuit of the Triple Crown.
  • Explore Authentic’s thrilling victory at the Kentucky Derby, highlighting his skill, drive, and the challenges he overcame in races like the Preakness Stakes and Breeders’ Cup Classic.

Early Life and Family Background

Authentic, who was born on May 5, 2017 in the heart of Kentucky’s bluegrass country, carries with him a strong legacy of excellence. Bred by Peter E. Blum Thoroughbreds, this exceptional colt comes from a lineage rich in racing talent and speed. His ancestry can be traced back to Into Mischief, a well-known breeding stallion celebrated for producing champions on the racetrack.

From his early days onward, Authentic showed an impressive drive and determination that set him apart from others. As he ran across lush fields under the guidance of trainers and breeders alike, it became clear that Authentic possessed not only raw speed but also an unyielding spirit that refused to be constrained.

As Authentic grew into a powerful figure with muscles rippling beneath his shiny coat, anticipation began to build within the racing community. The stage was set for this young sensation to leave his mark on history—an achievement made possible through generations of careful breeding and unwavering dedication behind him. Each step he took towards destiny resonated with echoes of past victories and promises waiting to be fulfilled—each stride symbolizing hopes rising high like jockeys atop their noble steeds at daybreak.

Introduction to Racing

Authentic burst onto the racing scene with an unforgettable debut at Del Mar Racetrack on November 9, 2019. The moment he thundered down the track and crossed the finish line in first place was like witnessing a shooting star streaking across the night sky – captivating and brimming with potential. With each powerful stride, Authentic displayed his natural talent and intense love for racing that left spectators amazed.

As he continued to dominate races with grace and speed, Authentic’s name became synonymous with excellence in Thoroughbred horse racing circles. His victories were not just about winning but also about making a lasting impact on every person lucky enough to witness his skills on the track. Like a skilled conductor leading an orchestra, Authentic orchestrated races smoothly, maneuvering through competitors like notes harmonizing into a beautiful melody that echoed throughout racecourses near and far.

With each triumph under his gleaming coat, Authentic proved himself as more than just a racehorse; he embodied unwavering resolve. His unyielding spirit sparked hope within fans’ hearts as they cheered him towards victory after victory. In those exhilarating moments at Del Mar Racetrack where it all began, no one could have foreseen how this remarkable colt would capture audiences worldwide with his incredible journey from humble origins to becoming one of the most prominent stars in horse racing history.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Towards Glory


  1. Experience that is exciting and thrilling

  2. Chance to gain fame and recognition

  3. Possibility of earning lucrative rewards

  4. Opportunity to display skills and talent

  5. Feeling accomplished and fulfilled


  1. You may be at a higher risk of getting hurt or having accidents

  2. Facing tough competition can feel overwhelming

  3. Feeling the need to excel all the time can be stressful

  4. Having to keep up with intense physical and mental training routines

  5. Finding it hard to make time for yourself and relax

Triple Crown Aspirations

The stunning chestnut colt named Authentic, known for his spirited nature and incredible speed, began his quest to become a racing legend by winning the Sham Stakes in an impressive manner. His hooves pounded the track as he outpaced his competitors, giving a glimpse of the greatness that lay ahead.

During the San Felipe Stakes, Authentic’s determination was like a shining beacon. He effortlessly glided across the dirt course, radiating an aura of invincibility that captivated all who watched him race. It was clear that this extraordinary horse was destined for success.

As excitement built up before the Haskell Invitational, Authentic stood ready like a warrior prepared for battle. Displaying both power and grace, he surged past his rivals with unwavering determination, leaving spectators in awe of his talent and focus. The scene was set for him to make history in the world of horse racing.

Approaching the Kentucky Derby felt like facing a towering challenge waiting to be overcome for Authentic. With nerves of steel and muscles rippling with strength, he charged towards victory amidst tough competition from other top contenders striving for glory on racetrack’s biggest stage. In an exhilarating finish fitting only for legends, Authentic emerged triumphant through sheer perseverance and style.

From early morning training sessions to basking in glory at Churchill Downs after capturing America’s most prestigious race—the Kentucky Derby—Authentic exemplified resilience and excellence throughout every step on his remarkable journey toward achieving Triple Crown aspirations.

Historic Kentucky Derby Win

In September 2020, the sound of Authentic’s powerful hooves filled Churchill Downs as he raced to a historic win in the Kentucky Derby. Fans were on the edge of their seats, watching an incredible show of speed and skill that left his competitors far behind.

The rescheduled Derby became a defining moment for Authentic, proving him to be a true champion among champions. With jockey John Velazquez expertly guiding him, Authentic charged ahead with determination, crossing the finish line first while spectators cheered in awe at his brilliance on the track.

Authentic’s victory was more than just a win; it was a declaration—proof of his exceptional talent and unyielding spirit that made him stand out from others. As he celebrated his triumph at Churchill Downs, it was clear that this extraordinary racehorse had secured his place in racing history with remarkable displays of excellence that would be remembered for years to come.

Exciting Victories: A Snapshot of Prestigious Races

Date Race Racecourse Grade Distance Finish Margin Winning Time Weight Odds Jockey Ref
Nov 9, 2019 Maiden Del Mar Racetrack 5+1/2 Furlongs 1 1+1/2 lengths 1:03.60 120 lbs 0.60* Drayden Van Dyke [5]
Jan 4, 2020 Sham Stakes Santa Anita Park III 1 mile 1 7+3/4 lengths 1:37.57 120 lbs 1.20* Drayden Van Dyke [31]
Mar 7, 2020 San Felipe Stakes Santa Anita Park II 1+1/16 miles 1 2+1/4 lengths 1:43.56 122 lbs 1.20* Drayden Van Dyke [11]
Jun 6, 2020 Santa Anita Derby Santa Anita Park I 1+1/8 miles 2 (2+3/4 lengths) 1:48.97 124 lbs 0.50* Drayden Van Dyke [32]
Jul 18, 2020 Haskell Stakes Monmouth Park I 1+1/8 miles 1 Nose 1:50.45 122 lbs 0.60* Mike E. Smith [17]
Sep 5, 2020 Kentucky Derby Churchill Downs I 1+1/4 miles 1 1+1/4 lengths 2:00.61 126 lbs 8.40 John R. Velazquez [20]
Oct 3, 2020 Preakness Stakes Pimlico Race Course I 1+3/16 miles 2 (neck) 1:53.28 126 lbs 1.50* John R. Velazquez [24]
Nov 7, 2020 Breeders’ Cup Classic Keeneland I 1+1/4 miles 1 2+1/4 lengths 1:59.60 122 lbs 4.20 John R. Velazquez [27]

Preakness Stakes Challenge

Authentic, the powerful horse who won at Churchill Downs in the Kentucky Derby, faced a tough challenge at the Preakness Stakes. Despite coming in second to Swiss Skydiver in an intense race, Authentic’s strong determination and unwavering spirit were evident on that famous track.

The Preakness Stakes tested Authentic against strong opponents, but he ran with elegance and strength throughout every step. His performance not only displayed his natural talent but also showed his ability to handle pressure and face challenges head-on. It was a true show of sportsmanship and commitment from this incredible athlete.

Even though Authentic didn’t win that day, there was a sense of pride lingering after the race; he may have fallen short of victory, but he made a lasting impression on everyone who saw him give his all on the track. The excitement of competition driven by passion flowed through him, propelling him forward even in difficult moments.

As Authentic crossed the finish line behind Swiss Skydiver at the Preakness Stakes, it was clear that setbacks can happen in any competition – what truly matters is how one responds to them. And respond he did – like a champion showing courage and strength that would leave a mark far beyond just one race or moment.

Breeders’ Cup Classic Glory

Authentic’s biggest win came at the Breeders’ Cup Classic held at Keeneland in November 2020. He beat a group of experienced older horses to become only the fourth horse ever to win both the Kentucky Derby and Breeders’ Cup Classic in one year.

The intense race at Keeneland was like watching a skilled artist painting his masterpiece on canvas with every step Authentic took. His hooves thudded against the track rhythmically, carving out his path to victory among tough competition.

As he charged down that final stretch, time seemed to pause, anticipating Authentic making history in racing. The crowd cheered wildly as he crossed the finish line, confirming that this remarkable horse had reached greatness beyond measure.

In that moment of triumph, Authentic didn’t just conquer a race; he cemented his status among legends with a grace and strength that felt almost magical. It was as if fate had whispered secrets of success into his ears long before they unfolded on that revered ground.

And so, while basking in the cheers from fans and fellow racers after winning the Breeders’ Cup Classic, it became evident: this wasn’t solely about victories but about creating an unforgettable legacy resonating through generations of racing enthusiasts worldwide.

The Mystique of Authentic Before and Beyond Derby

  1. ### The Intrigue of Real Before and After Derby Moments

  2. **Authentic's Unexpected Road to Victory**: Back in 2020, Authentic pulled off a surprising win at the Kentucky Derby, shaking up the usual favorites. This victory showed how thrilling horse racing can be, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

  3. **Debunking the "Derby Curse" Myth**: Some people talk about a curse that supposedly jinxes horses who win the Kentucky Derby, making them flop in later races. But Authentic smashed this belief by clinching another big win at the Breeders' Cup Classic post-Derby triumph.

  4. **Authentic's Impactful Role as a Dad**: Since retiring from racing, Authentic has smoothly transitioned into fatherhood among racehorses – passing down his extraordinary genes to future racers. This adds an extra layer to his allure as his offspring continue shining brightly in horse racing circles.

  5. **Champion Training Routine Unveiled**: Dive into just how hard work shaped Authentic into an elite competitor with intense training routines starting early mornings and special care along with nutrition playing key roles in building him up for success at and after the Derby.

  6. **Adoring Fans and Souvenirs Galore**: Beyond just winning races, fans are going crazy for souvenirs celebrating Authentic’s victories both on and off track! His enchantment grows stronger thanks to loyal fan support which cements his place as a treasured icon within horseracing scenes.

Retirement and Legacy

After a successful racing career where he won many prestigious races and awards, Authentic retired to Spendthrift Farm. He started a new job as a sire with a stud fee of $75,000 for 2021. His reputation as an outstanding racehorse lives on through his babies. Authentic’s retirement marked the end of one era in racing but also began another exciting chapter in breeding excellence by passing on his impressive genes to future generations of horse champions.

Authentic didn’t just make waves on the racetrack; he also played a key role behind the scenes in shaping tomorrow’s top winners. Each foal born from him carries hints of his speed, strength, and determination ingrained into their DNA like precious gold threads. Breeders eagerly anticipated the arrival of these potential rising stars, hoping they would inherit at least some of their father’s exceptional qualities.

As time goes by and more races are run under sunny skies or dark clouds, Authentic’s name will be remembered alongside other legendary sires who made significant impacts on Thoroughbred horse racing history books. The hoofprints he left during his racing years now transform into thundering hoofbeats across tracks as his descendants proudly uphold and continue his legacy with skill and confidence.

Accolades and Recognition

During his time as a racehorse, Authentic won many prestigious awards. These included titles like American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse and American Horse of the Year for his amazing performances in 2020. He also received recognition from fans through awards such as the Secretariat Vox Populi Award, solidifying his place in racing history.

His incredible success on the racetrack caught everyone’s attention as he captured hearts and minds with every stride towards victory. Authentic didn’t just win races; he created unforgettable stories etched in dust and hoof prints that placed him among the greatest equine legends.

The roaring cheers that greeted him at each finish line were a celebration of admiration for a horse who exuded grace, power, and unwavering determination. Every award he received was proof of his exceptional spirit and talent that set him apart from others.

As Authentic made his mark on racing history, his legacy shone brightly like a guiding light for future generations of racehorses to look up to. His name became synonymous with excellence, resilience, and pure athleticism—a shining example of what it means to be truly outstanding in an arena where only the best succeed.

With each accolade draped around his majestic neck, Authentic stood tall as a symbol of triumph over challenges—an embodiment of what can be accomplished when passion meets purpose on the revered grounds where dreams are born and champions are forged.


1. What made Authentic's Kentucky Derby win so remarkable in the world of horse racing?

Authentic's victory at the Kentucky Derby was truly exceptional in the horse racing world. His incredible talent, strong determination, and amazing performance not only captured our hearts but also secured his spot as one of the all-time greats in racing history.

2. How did Authentic demonstrate his unwavering spirit and determination on the track leading up to the Derby?

Authentic demonstrated his strong determination and resilience on the racetrack as he prepared for the Derby by delivering outstanding performances in important preparatory races. His exceptional speed, endurance, and heart captured the attention of spectators, showcasing his undeniable talent.

3. What were some of the key challenges Authentic faced at the Preakness Stakes, and how did he overcome them?

Authentic bravely took on tough competition and a challenging track at the Preakness Stakes. His relentless drive and remarkable speed helped him conquer these obstacles, leading to a well-earned win.

4. In what ways did Authentic's victory at the Breeders' Cup Classic solidify his legacy in Thoroughbred horse racing?

Authentic's win at the Breeders' Cup Classic showed how skilled he was in Thoroughbred horse racing. It proved that he had exceptional talent and could beat tough competition on a big stage, solidifying his place in the sport's history.

5. How did Authentic captivate fans and experts alike with his talent and performance throughout his racing career?

Authentic amazed both fans and experts with his incredible talent, strong determination, and outstanding races on the track. He achieved historic wins at the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Breeders' Cup Classic.

6. What lasting impact has Authentic left on the world of horse racing following his retirement?

After Authentic retired from horse racing, his legacy continued to shine brightly. He made history by winning the Kentucky Derby, triumphing at the Preakness Stakes, and achieving greatness at the Breeders' Cup Classic. These victories firmly established him as a legend in the world of racing and sparked inspiration for upcoming generations with his remarkable skills and relentless determination on the racetrack.