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Country House Kentucky Derby Winner 2019

country house kentucky derby winner 2019

Key Takeaways

  • Surprising Win: Find out how Country House beat the odds at the 2019 Kentucky Derby, making history by winning after another horse was disqualified.
  • Dramatic Twist: Dive into the controversial disqualification of Maximum Security and see how Country House emerged victorious in the end.
  • Influential People: Discover Trainer William I. Mott’s first win at the Kentucky Derby and Jockey Flavien Prat’s important role in guiding Country House to success despite tough conditions.

Country House Kentucky Derby Winner 2019

The 145th Kentucky Derby will always be remembered in horse racing history, not for the expected winner, but for a surprising turn of events that had everyone gasping and hearts racing. In an unexpected twist as wild as a squirrel on roller skates, Maximum Security finished first with thunderous cheers from the crowd. But the celebrations were short-lived when race officials flagged interference during the event. This led to his disqualification and pushed Country House into an unlikely spotlight.

Amidst fancy hats and mint juleps at Churchill Downs, Country House displayed true underdog spirit with his incredible upset victory. Trained by William I. Mott and expertly ridden by Flavien Prat who navigated through chaos like a pro – their teamwork was nothing short of magical. Despite the odds being stacked against them higher than pancakes at brunch, they emerged victorious against all expectations.

It felt like something out of a fairy tale where Cinderella trades her glass slipper for horseshoes! The dust stirred up by Country House’s win was more exhilarating than a herd of wild stallions charging across the track. With payouts resembling winning lottery tickets rather than typical earnings – bettors saw incredible returns on their wagers while doubters rubbed their eyes in disbelief at this unforeseen outcome.

Looking back at this unexpected turn of events during “the most exciting two minutes in sports”, it showed how fortunes can change quickly within racing circles just like shifting sands beneath your feet! While controversy swirled after Maximum Security’s disqualification; War Of Will triumphed gallantly in subsequent races proving resilience pays off just like Grandma’s secret apple pie recipe passed down through generations without fail! Amidst all this whirlwind drama one thing is certain – no scriptwriter could have crafted such an enthralling plot twist even with Shakespearean flair!

Road to the Kentucky Derby Qualification

To qualify for the Kentucky Derby, horses must accumulate points by competing in specific races on the Road to the Kentucky Derby series. Back in 2019, contenders like By My Standards, Tacitus, and Omaha Beach earned their spots through key prep races such as the Louisiana Derby and Santa Anita Derby.

By My Standards surged into contention with a remarkable victory at the Louisiana Derby, surprising many with his sudden rise to fame. Meanwhile, Tacitus demonstrated his skills by winning at Wood Memorial Stakes after a stellar performance. And not to be outshined, Omaha Beach showcased his dominance by excelling at both Rebel Stakes and Arkansas Derby.

The intense competition leading up to the Run for the Roses was evident as these talented horses battled it out for their chance at glory on Churchill Downs’ renowned track. Each horse’s journey had its ups and downs – some faced challenges while others triumphed on their way to Louisville. The stakes were high; aspirations hung in balance as these equine athletes pushed themselves beyond limits in pursuit of that coveted garland of roses come race day.

The Pros & Cons of Underdog Victories


  1. Inspires you to feel hopeful and motivated

  2. Shows the strength that comes from never giving up

  3. Pushes against traditional norms and expectations

  4. Ignites your enthusiasm with its unpredictability

  5. Highlights the hidden talents and skills of those underestimated

  6. Instills in you a belief in the potential of underdogs


  1. Letting down fans of beloved competitors

  2. Might spark controversy or doubt

  3. Risks stealing the spotlight from other deserving accomplishments

  4. Puts pressure on achieving success again

  5. Could bring about more scrutiny and higher expectations

  6. Seen as a lucky break rather than genuine talent

Maximum Security’s Disqualification

The surprising turn of events at the 2019 Kentucky Derby had everyone baffled. When Maximum Security was first announced as the winner, there was instant joy that quickly turned into disbelief when officials disqualified him for interfering with other horses. This decision shook up the world of horse racing, sparking debates about fairness and sportsmanship.

The disqualification of Maximum Security created a major moment in Kentucky Derby history, casting a shadow of controversy over the event. Fans who were celebrating what seemed like a sure win were left shocked by this game-changing ruling that altered the outcome of America’s top horse race. The unfolding drama demonstrated how unpredictable and exciting sports can be, even on their biggest stage.

After losing his title, Country House unexpectedly emerged victorious against all odds at Churchill Downs. Trainer William I. Mott and jockey Flavien Prat found themselves in the spotlight due to this incredible upset victory that defied expectations – forever etching their names in Derby history books. In a sport where fortunes can shift in an instant, this twist showcased competition’s essence: full of surprises and unforeseen results.

Following Maximum Security’s disqualification, subsequent races saw competitors striving for success with renewed drive and passion. The effects of that pivotal decision echoed not only through future races but also across every aspect of horse racing culture itself – serving as a stark reminder that even favorites are susceptible to fate’s whims on any given day at the track or field.

Race Description and Conditions

The Kentucky Derby in 2019 was an incredible event, drawing in more than 150,000 enthusiastic fans to Churchill Downs. Earlier rain had made the track wet and tough for horses and jockeys. Maximum Security sprinted out of the gates quickly, impressing everyone with a fast pace. However, things took a surprising turn when he was disqualified due to interference on the final turn.

Country House’s win at the race will go down as one of horse racing’s most unexpected victories at the Kentucky Derby. Despite facing long odds and coming from behind because of Maximum Security’s disqualification, Country House exceeded expectations by crossing that finish line first. It was a thrilling moment filled with suspense that kept viewers engaged until the very end. Trainer William I. Mott must have been thrilled to see his horse secure such a prestigious victory under these unforeseen circumstances.

Jockey Flavien Prat played an essential role in guiding Country House through those muddy tracks toward success. His skilled riding during chaos demonstrated his talent and quick adaptability to changing race dynamics—a true showcase of his abilities as a jockey. The payout for this historic win highlighted how unpredictable horse racing can be; bettors saw huge returns on their bets thanks to Country House’s remarkable triumph against all odds.

Kentucky Derby 2019: Top Finishers Revealed!

Finish Program Number Horse Qualifying Points Trainer Jockey Morning Line Odds Final Odds Margin (Lengths) Winnings
1 20 Country House 50 William I. Mott Flavien Prat 30–1 65.20 1+3/4 lengths $1,860,000
2 13 Code of Honor 74 Claude R. McGaughey John Velazquez 15–1 14.40 2+1/2 lengths $660,000
3 8 Tacitus 150 William I. Mott José Ortiz 10–1 5.80 3+3/4 lengths $300,000
4 5 Improbable 65 Bob Baffert Irad Ortiz Jr. 6–1 4.00 3+3/4 lengths $150,000
5 16 Game Winner 85 Bob Baffert Joel Rosario 5–1 6.80 3+3/4 lengths $90,000
6 15 Master Fencer Japan Road Koichi Tsunoda Julien Leparoux 50–1 58.60 4 lengths
7 1 War of Will 60 Mark Casse Tyler Gaffalione 20–1 16.70 4+1/2 lengths
8 9 Plus Que Parfait 104 Brendan Walsh Ricardo Santana Jr. 30–1 57.10 5+1/4 lengths
9 14 Win Win Win 50 Michael J. Trombetta Julian Pimentel 15–1 16.80 8+1/2 lengths
10 10 Cutting Humor 50 Todd Pletcher Mike E. Smith 30–1 24.10 9+1/4 lengths
11 3 By My Standards 100 Bret Calhoun Gabriel Saez 20–1 18.80 11+1/4 lengths
12 6 Vekoma 110 George Weaver Javier Castellano 20–1 16.80 14+3/4 lengths
13 21 Bodexpress 40 Gustavo Delgado Chris Landeros 30–1 71.00 15 lengths
14 2 Tax 52 Danny Gargan Junior Alvarado 20–1 35.50 15 lengths
15 17 Roadster 100 Bob Baffert Florent Geroux 6–1 11.60 16+1/2 lengths
16 18 Long Range Toddy 53.5 Steve Asmussen Jon Court 30–1 54.80 18 lengths
17-DQ 7 Maximum Security 100 Jason Servis Luis Saez 10–1 4.50
18 19 Spinoff 40 Todd Pletcher Manuel Franco 30–1 52.30 18 lengths
19 4 Gray Magician 41 Peter Miller Drayden Van Dyke 50–1 33.80 26+1/4 lengths

Payouts and Wagering Statistics

After Country House pulled off a surprising victory, bettors cashed in big with payouts like a $2 exacta that scored them $3,009.60 and a $1 superfecta netting an impressive total of $51,400.10. In total, bets placed during the Kentucky Derby Festival amounted to a whopping $343 million.

The 2019 Kentucky Derby took an unexpected turn when Maximum Security crossed the finish line first but got disqualified for interfering during the race. This decision led to Country House being declared the winner in what can only be described as a jaw-dropping twist of fate.

Trainer William I. Mott was overwhelmed with emotion seeing his horse, Country House, snagging victory in such an unforeseen way. The seasoned trainer couldn’t hide his surprise and joy at this historic win that’s bound to go down in racing history books for its sheer unpredictability.

Jockey Flavien Prat expertly maneuvered through a crowded field despite challenging weather conditions to guide Country House to triumph at Churchill Downs. His cool-headedness under pressure and top-notch horsemanship were key factors in securing this remarkable win against all odds.

With underdogs like Country House scoring thrilling victories and defying traditional expectations in horse racing, fans were left electrified thinking about what could happen next on these prestigious tracks around the world. The impact of this unforgettable derby win extended far beyond Louisville’s borders – heralding a new era where anything goes in the sport of kings!

Subsequent Grade I Wins

Many horses that competed in the 2019 Kentucky Derby went on to win Grade I races later in their careers, showing they could still perform well after the big race. Notably, Maximum Security won multiple races like the Haskell Invitational and Cigar Mile Handicap.

Tacitus, who came in third at the Kentucky Derby when Country House unexpectedly won due to Maximum Security’s disqualification, showed his strength by winning the prestigious Woodward Stakes.

Despite facing challenges at Churchill Downs, War of Will made a strong comeback by winning both the Preakness Stakes and Maker’s Mark Mile in his next races after all the drama at the Derby.

After being declared winner following Maximum Security’s disqualification from a second-place finish race, Code of Honor achieved another impressive victory with a win in The Jockey Club Gold Cup at Belmont Park.

In the aftermath of that eventful day at Churchill Downs, these racing stars rose above controversy and obstacles to show their skills on various tracks across America. This proved they were top contenders within horse racing circles.

Enchanting tales of Country House's Derby triumph

  1. Exciting stories of Country House's triumph at the Derby:

  2. In 2019, Country House made headlines by winning the Kentucky Derby in a controversial race where Maximum Security was disqualified for interference.

  3. Against all odds at 65-1, Country House pulled off an unexpected victory at the Kentucky Derby, surprising both casual fans and seasoned experts alike.

  4. For the first time in over 145 years of the Kentucky Derby history, a horse like Country House saw its disqualification after crossing the finish line first – adding a unique twist to this prestigious event's long legacy.

  5. Trained by Hall of Famer Bill Mott, Country House displayed incredible resilience and determination during his remarkable win at the 2019 Kentucky Derby – proving himself as a true champion on that "Run for The Roses" day.

  6. After making history with his Churchill Downs victory, health reasons led to Country House retiring from racing post-Derby – cementing his place in Kentucky Derby lore as an unforgettable and captivating champion for all ages to remember.

Controversy Surrounding Maximum Security’s Disqualification

The decision by the stewards to disqualify Maximum Security caused a lot of controversy in the horse racing world. Some people said it was the right call because of safety reasons and rules about interference, while others thought Maximum Security got a raw deal and should have still won despite going off course. The arguments went beyond just Churchill Downs, with experts analyzing every detail like detectives solving a mystery.

As people debated on social media and sports shows, one thing was clear – everyone loves drama. Horse racing fans were confused as they tried to understand what happened in this race that was supposed to be simple. With emotions running high and opinions flying around, it seemed like there were more questions than answers for everyone involved.

After Maximum Security lost its title at the Kentucky Derby and Country House unexpectedly won, chaos took over amid cheers from spectators. People were shocked as history changed right before their eyes in this wild ride where surprises met excitement head-on. In horse racing, just like in life itself, you should always expect the unexpected at every turn.

Record-breaking Odds for Country House

The Kentucky Derby in 2019 was full of surprises that shook Churchill Downs to its core. When Maximum Security crossed the finish line first, everyone cheered – but things took a sudden turn with a controversial decision. The disqualification left people stunned as Country House was declared the unexpected winner against all odds at 65-1.

In a twist no one saw coming, Country House made history by joining Donerail in an exclusive club of underdogs who won despite long shot chances. Trainer William I. Mott’s smart strategies paid off as his underestimated contender left its mark on horse racing history. Spectators were amazed and shocked as they witnessed a race that defied expectations – proving once again how unpredictable sports can be.

After the chaotic aftermath of objections following the race ended, fans were reeling from this wild ride at America’s biggest horse racing event. Whether their pockets were filled or emptied due to these unforeseen events, it became clear that in both horse racing and life, you should always expect the unexpected.

Jockey Flavien Prat skillfully guided Country House through challenges towards an improbable victory that resonated far beyond Louisville city limits. As celebrations erupted among connections and fans alike, echoes of amazement rang throughout Churchill Downs – where dreams are shattered and realized in breathtaking moments like these.

Impact on Trainer William I. Mott

Trainer William I. Mott achieved his first win at the prestigious 2019 Kentucky Derby after many years in horse racing, marking a significant milestone in his successful career.

Mott, a highly experienced and respected figure in horse racing, celebrated victory on one of the sport’s biggest stages with an unexpected triumph by Country House at Churchill Downs.

With more than four decades of experience behind him, Trainer William I. Mott demonstrated his expertise and skill as he led Country House to a remarkable win amidst the chaos and controversy that unfolded during the race.

Mott’s patience, perseverance, and dedication to his craft shone through as he overcame unforeseen challenges to claim victory at the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby—solidifying his status among racing legends with this historic achievement.

Jockey Flavien Prat’s Role in Victory

Jockey Flavien Prat showed incredible skill in guiding Country House to victory at the Kentucky Derby. Despite the chaos of the race and challenging track conditions, he expertly maneuvered his way through a crowded field, earning praise from both fans and experts.

The partnership between Jockey Flavien Prat and Country House was a winning combination that surpassed all expectations on that unforgettable day at Churchill Downs. Even against tough competition, Prat’s smart decisions during the race led them to an unexpected triumph—a true display of his talent under pressure.

Flavien Prat’s win aboard Country House not only secured his place in racing history but also highlighted how crucial jockeys are in determining race outcomes. His ability to adapt quickly on the track and make decisive choices played a key role in achieving a surprising victory that had fans buzzing long after the event ended.

As Flavien Prat celebrated this major accomplishment, he solidified his position as one of horse racing’s emerging stars—a skilled rider who seizes opportunities when they come along. The Kentucky Derby win marked a significant milestone for both him and Country House, showcasing the unpredictable nature of horse racing where anything can happen once those gates open.


1. How did Country House's victory at the 2019 Kentucky Derby come as a surprise to many?

In the 2019 Kentucky Derby, Country House pulled off a surprising win when Maximum Security was disqualified for crossing the finish line first. This unexpected turn of events led to Country House being declared the winner, catching many people off guard.

2. What led to Maximum Security's disqualification and Country House being declared the winner?

During the 2019 Kentucky Derby, Maximum Security got disqualified because he veered out of his lane and blocked other horses' paths. This unexpected turn of events led to Country House being named the winner instead.

3. What were the race conditions like during the 2019 Kentucky Derby that may have influenced the outcome?

The rainy and muddy track during the 2019 Kentucky Derby had a big impact on Country House's surprise win. The messy track caused Maximum Security to be disqualified, giving Country House the chance to snatch up the prestigious title.

4. How did Trainer William I. Mott react to Country House's unexpected win at the Kentucky Derby?

Trainer William I. Mott felt thrilled and shocked when Country House won the Kentucky Derby out of the blue, creating a memorable milestone in his successful career.

5. Who was jockey Flavien Prat, and what role did he play in Country House's historic victory?

In the 2019 Kentucky Derby, jockey Flavien Prat made history by riding Country House to victory. The win came as a surprise after Maximum Security was disqualified, making it one of the most thrilling races ever in horse racing.

6. What impact did Country House's win at the Kentucky Derby have on subsequent races and the horse racing community as a whole?

The surprise win by Country House at the Kentucky Derby got everyone talking and pumped up for more races. It totally changed how people saw horse racing and made sure it would never be forgotten in history.