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Bill Mott Trainer: One Kentucky Derby Winner

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Key Takeaways

  • Bill Mott has had an amazing career as a trainer, winning big races, conquering international competitions, and earning top awards.
  • Being inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame early on cements his status as one of horse racing’s all-time greats.
  • Mott’s impact on the sport continues to shine through his important wins, exceptional skills recognized with multiple Eclipse Awards, and his unwavering commitment to horsemanship.

Early Life and Family Background

Born on July 29, 1953, in Mobridge, South Dakota, Bill Mott has always been immersed in the world of horse racing. He started training thoroughbreds at just 15 and swiftly climbed the ranks to become a prominent figure in the industry.

Surrounded by horses and racetracks while growing up, his love for these majestic animals was ignited early on. His family’s deep involvement with horses laid the groundwork for his outstanding career as one of history’s most successful trainers in horse racing.

Mott showed dedication to his craft from an early age; he spent numerous hours perfecting his skills and mastering every aspect of horse training. This commitment paved the way for his future triumphs both nationally and internationally.

Starting modestly didn’t hinder Mott’s talent from shining brightly right from the start. Even during his formative years as a trainer, he stood out from peers due to his natural ability to connect with horses and bring out their best qualities.

The support and guidance provided by Mott’s family played a critical role in shaping him into today’s legendary trainer. Their unwavering belief in him fueled his determination to excel further within an industry that demands nothing less than excellence.

Introduction to Racing

Bill Mott fell in love with horse racing when he was young, winning the South Dakota Futurity while still in high school. His journey from that first victory to becoming a highly respected trainer is truly amazing. He started as an exercise rider and then worked his way up to become an assistant trainer, constantly improving his skills and knowledge of horses.

Mott quickly rose through the ranks in the world of horse racing. He has had many major wins, such as leading Cigar to a remarkable 16-race winning streak both nationally and internationally. Winning the Kentucky Derby with Country House cemented Mott’s reputation as one of the best trainers in the sport, leaving a lasting impact on thoroughbred racing history.

In 1998, Bill Mott was honored by being inducted into the National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame for his outstanding contributions to horse racing. His legacy goes beyond borders and continues to motivate equestrian enthusiasts worldwide. Through hard work and talent, each triumph earned by Mott has secured him not only a place in history but also deep within every fan’s heart who loves this magnificent sport.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Racing legends motivate upcoming trainers and jockeys.

  2. They demonstrate the highest level of accomplishment in horse racing.

  3. Racing legends have intriguing stories and backgrounds that grab fans' attention.

  4. They enrich the history and customs of horse racing.

  5. Their participation brings energy and distinction to racing events.

  6. Learning from their tactics and methods can assist aspiring trainers in enhancing their abilities.


  1. Current trainers and jockeys often feel overwhelmed by the pressure of living up to legendary status in the horse racing world.

  2. Scandals or controversies have the potential to damage the reputation of racing legends from the past.

  3. The spotlight on previous legends may prevent new and upcoming talents in horse racing from getting recognized.

  4. As time goes by and perspectives evolve, it becomes increasingly difficult to uphold a legend's image and legacy.

  5. When retired or deceased legends leave behind a gap in the industry, finding someone to fill that void can be quite challenging.

  6. Trying to replicate a legend's achievements is not always feasible for others in the sport.

Training Titles

Bill Mott’s exceptional talent and unmatched dedication have firmly established him as a legend in the world of horse racing. From 1992 to 2007, he dominated Saratoga Race Course by winning an impressive nine training titles. This not only demonstrated his expertise as a trainer but also showcased his ability to consistently bring out the best in horses on one of the most prestigious racing platforms.

Mott didn’t limit his success to Saratoga; he excelled at other top-tier tracks like Belmont Park and Gulfstream Park. His versatility was evident as he navigated different terrains and competition levels effortlessly, impressing spectators with his strategic skills and knack for adapting to various racecourse conditions.

The scale of Mott’s achievements is truly remarkable. With each title he claimed, he further solidified his reputation as a masterful trainer who could elevate any horse under his care to greatness. His unwavering pursuit of excellence distinguished him from others in the field and positioned him as a formidable presence within the competitive landscape of horse racing.

Mott’s influence extended beyond national borders, reaching international races where he triumphed with finesse, demonstrating that true talent transcends boundaries. Whether dominating domestically or making waves globally, Mott consistently exhibited an unparalleled level of expertise that captivated audiences worldwide with his exceptional skill.

Bill Mott’s inspiring journey from modest beginnings to being inducted into the Hall of Fame serves as motivation for aspiring trainers everywhere. His legacy continues to resonate throughout the sport, reminding us all that passion, perseverance, and steadfast dedication are essential elements for achieving success on the racetrack—and beyond!

Major Racing Wins

Bill Mott has won some major horse races that are so exciting, they could be a thrilling story. Each win is like a new chapter in his famous career. He had big victories at the Kentucky Derby in 2019 with Country House and the Belmont Stakes in 2010 with Drosselmeyer. These wins have made him a legend in horse racing history. Mott’s smart training and strategic skills helped him succeed at top events, showing off his amazing talent and strong commitment.

The crowd went wild at Churchill Downs when Country House, trained by Bill Mott, crossed the finish line first. It was an unforgettable moment that showed how good Mott is at coaching champions to success on one of horse racing’s biggest stages. Winning these important races not only proved that he is a top trainer but also made fans all over America love watching him work his magic on racetracks.

Mott’s Big Racing Victories highlight his incredible journey from starting out small to becoming one of the most respected people in horse racing. With each win, he added another achievement to his record, proving himself as a true leader in this sport. His induction into the Hall of Fame shows just how skilled he is with horses and how much he has influenced modern horse racing around the world.

Legendary Trainer's Illustrious Racing Achievements and Accolades

Occupation Born Career wins Major racing wins Racing awards Honors Significant horses
Trainer July 29, 1953 (age 70) 5,000+ Black Gold Stakes (1984), Blue Grass Stakes (1984), Edgewood Stakes (1984, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2008, 2010), Appalachian Stakes (1995, 2002), Apple Blossom Handicap (1984, 1985, 1998), Joe Hirsch Turf Classic Inv. Handicap (1987, 2005), Man o’ War Stakes (1987), Cornhusker Handicap (1988), Jim Dandy Stakes (1990, 1995, 1998), Brooklyn Handicap (1992, 1996), Hollywood Derby (1992, 2008), Hollywood Turf Cup Stakes (1993), Jersey Derby (1993, 2000), Lamplighter Handicap (1993, 1995, 2000, 2003), Lexington Stakes (1993, 1995, 2000, 2006), Test Stakes (1993, 2000), Just A Game Stakes (1994, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2016), Arlington Million (1994), Jenny Wiley Stakes (1994, 1996, 2006, 2007), Turf Classic Stakes (1994, 2004, 2018), Washington, D.C. International Stakes (1994), Canadian International Stakes (1995), Donn Handicap (1995, 1996), Hollywood Gold Cup (1995), Jockey Club Gold Cup (1995, 2012, 2013, 2022), Pimlico Special (1995), Oaklawn Handicap (1995, 1996), Woodward Stakes (1995, 1996, 2018), Suburban Handicap (1996), Mother Goose Stakes (1997), Black Helen Handicap (1998, 2000), Shadwell Turf Mile Stakes (1998, 2001), Royal Palm Handicap (2001), Virginia Derby (2002, 2003), Diana Handicap (2005, 2006, 2007), Hopeful Stakes (2007), Alabama Stakes (2005, 2011), Pacific Classic Stakes (2008), Pegasus World Cup Invitational Stakes (2023), Metropolitan Handicap (2023), American Classics wins: Belmont Stakes (2010), Kentucky Derby (2019), Breeders’ Cup wins: Breeders’ Cup Turf (1987, 1992), Breeders’ Cup Classic (1995, 2011), Breeders’ Cup Distaff (1997, 1998, 2010, 2011, 2012), Breeders’ Cup Mile (2016), International race wins: Dubai World Cup (1996) Eclipse Award for Outstanding Trainer (1995, 1996, 2011, 2023), Big Sport of Turfdom Award (1996) Fair Grounds Racing Hall of Fame (1997), National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame (1998) Ajina, Art Collector (horse), Cigar, Cody’s Wish, Drosselmeyer, Elite Power, Escena, Favorite Trick, Fraise, My Typhoon, Olympiad, Paradise Creek, Royal Anthem, Royal Delta, Theatrical, Tourist, Country House

International Race Wins

Mott didn’t just race in America. In 1996, he won the Dubai World Cup, showing everyone how good he was on a global level. This win proved that Mott could train horses well no matter where they were – earning him respect all around the world.

In 2014, at Royal Ascot, Mott’s horse Lea won the Queen Anne Stakes. This victory showed that Mott wasn’t just good at racing in America; he could also win big races in England.

Mott didn’t stop there – he also won big races in Europe like France’s Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe and England’s Epsom Derby. These wins made people admire him even more and established his reputation as one of the best trainers globally.

Mott’s success internationally helped make him a legend in horse racing everywhere. His talent for training horses across different countries not only showcased his skills but also solidified his place among horse racing greats worldwide – leaving behind an inspiring legacy for future trainers to follow.

Hall of Fame Induction

In 1998, Bill Mott was honored with induction into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. This event marked a significant moment in his already impressive career. At just 45 years old, he became the youngest thoroughbred trainer to receive this prestigious recognition. It showed that his exceptional talent, dedication, and unwavering commitment to horse racing had truly paid off.

Mott’s inclusion in the Hall of Fame confirmed his status as a legendary figure in horse racing. Even before this honor, his remarkable accomplishments on racetracks worldwide set him apart from other trainers. From leading Cigar to an amazing 16-race winning streak to guiding Drosselmeyer to victory in the Belmont Stakes, Mott consistently demonstrated unmatched skill and expertise throughout his career.

The ceremony celebrating Mott’s induction not only highlighted his extraordinary achievements but also emphasized the lasting impact he has had on the sport. His innovative training techniques, ability to spot talent early on, and knack for bringing out the best in every horse under his care have left a profound influence on successive generations of trainers who have followed him. On that day when Bill Mott joined racing greats at their pinnacle achievement level; it secured his place among them ensuring future remembrance not merely as an accomplished trainer but as a visionary whose legacy transcends boundaries and time itself!

Legendary Tales of Derby Triumphs and Training Secrets

  1. Exciting Stories of Derby Wins and Training Tips:

  2. Bill Mott's Big Win at the Kentucky Derby: Back in 2010, Bill Mott worked his magic with the amazing horse Super Saver to clinch victory at the Kentucky Derby. This win marked a major milestone for Mott, establishing him as one of the top trainers in horse racing.

  3. The Secret Behind Mott's Success: One key trick that makes Bill Mott stand out is his knack for being patient with young horses. He lets them grow and learn at their own pace, setting them up for long-term success on the track.

  4. Paying Close Attention to Details: Another secret weapon in Bill Mott's arsenal is his meticulous focus on every little detail of training. Whether it's tweaking diets or adjusting workouts, he covers all bases to ensure his horses are primed and ready come race day.

  5. Drawing from Years of Experience: With decades spent honing his craft in the world of horse racing, Bill Mott brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his training methods. His deep understanding of how horses work sets him apart as a true master trainer.

  6. The Legacy Continues: While celebrating his big Kentucky Derby win remains unforgettable, Bill Motthas notched many other victories across prestigious races nationwide over time.Bill Mottoffers admiration as an outstanding trainer who consistently taps into each horse’s potential underhis watchful eye.

Eclipse Awards and Recognition

Bill Mott has won many top awards for his amazing talent and hard work in horse racing. He won the Eclipse Awards for Outstanding Trainer in 1995, 1996, and again in 2011. These awards show that he is a real expert at training horses and always puts on great performances at famous racetracks around the world.

People from different countries also recognized Bill Mott’s skills because he didn’t just win races in America but also in other parts of the world. This proves that his training methods are really effective no matter where you are. His success internationally showed everyone that he is one of the best trainers globally.

Throughout his long career, Bill Mott has made a big impact on horse racing history with his incredible accomplishments and strong commitment to what he does. He isn’t just about winning races; it’s also about helping horses become champions both during races and beyond them. Everyone respects him so much – peers and fans alike – which shows how much influence he has had on this sport beyond just getting trophies or titles.

As Bill Mott keeps adding more to his already impressive career, each victory reminds us why he deserved another Eclipse Award for Outstanding Trainer in 2023 – proving that even after all these years at the top of horse racing, there seems to be no limit to this trainer’s special touch with racehorses.

Notable Horses Trained

Bill Mott has proven himself as a top-notch trainer by working with exceptional horses like Cigar, who had an amazing 16-race winning streak that became legendary. Royal Delta’s dominance in the Distaff division highlighted Mott’s ability to bring out the best in fillies and mares. Art Collector, a rising star known for his impressive performances, is another example of Mott’s skill in developing talent to its fullest potential. Country House grabbed headlines by winning the Kentucky Derby after Maximum Security was disqualified under Mott’s guidance.

The journey alongside these incredible racehorses must have been truly thrilling for Bill Mott. From watching Cigar speed down racetracks to seeing Royal Delta triumph in prestigious races, each victory added another achievement to his already illustrious career. The bond between trainer and horse runs deep—a partnership based on trust, hard work, and an unspoken connection that goes beyond words.

Just imagine the excitement coursing through Bill Mott as he watched his horses charge towards glory—his heart pounding as fast as their hooves hitting the dirt track. Winning feels incredible but only comes after hours of dedicated training and building strong relationships with these magnificent creatures who become more than just animals; they become part of his extended family.

With accolades stacking up over time like trophies on a shelf, it quickly became evident that Bill Mott wasn’t just any ordinary trainer—he was a master orchestrating symphonies of speed and grace across tracks worldwide. His induction into the Hall of Fame solidified his reputation as one of racing’s brightest minds—an architect shaping legacies engraved in turf and hearts alike for future generations to appreciate.

Milestone Victories

Bill Mott hit a major career milestone on June 20th, 2020 when Moon Over Miami won his 5000th race at Churchill Downs. This win was a standout moment in Mott’s successful career as a horse trainer. It showcased his expertise and deep commitment to the sport.

Mott has had many triumphs leading up to this achievement that have made him a standout figure in horse racing. His success includes training Cigar to consecutive wins in the Breeders’ Cup Classic and Dubai World Cup, proving himself as an exceptional handler of top-tier equine talent.

His skills aren’t limited to American tracks; he has also seen significant victories on international courses like Royal Ascot in England and Longchamp Racecourse in France. These successes highlight his versatility and talent across different continents, earning him respect worldwide.

In 1998, Bill Mott was honored with induction into the National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame alongside other legends who have shaped the world of horse racing. His entry recognizes not just individual achievements but also a lifetime dedicated to excellence, integrity, and love for these amazing animals that captivate us time after time on the racetrack.”

Lasting Legacy

Bill Mott has left a lasting mark on horse racing history with his incredible achievement of training Cigar to win 16 races in a row, captivating fans worldwide. The bond between trainer and horse showcased Mott’s exceptional talent in developing equine skills for unmatched success.

His successes are not limited to the United States, as he has also won prestigious races like the Dubai World Cup and Royal Ascot internationally. Mott’s ability to adjust his training techniques across different racing settings highlights his versatility and expertise in nurturing champions regardless of location or competition level.

One of Bill Mott’s greatest career moments was when he guided Country House to victory at the Kentucky Derby, solidifying his reputation as one of the top trainers in racing history. This significant triumph not only demonstrated Mott’s strategic prowess but also emphasized his unwavering commitment to helping each horse reach its full potential on racetracks globally.

Inducted into the National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame since 1998, Bill Mott is among legends who have influenced modern-day horse racing significantly. His inclusion serves as proof of his enduring impact on the sport and establishes him as an innovative trainer inspiring younger talents to strive for excellence every time they race.


1. How many Kentucky Derby winners has Bill Mott trained throughout his career?

Bill Mott trained Country House to win the Kentucky Derby in 2019, marking his first victory in the prestigious race.

2. What are some of the major racing wins that have solidified Bill Mott's reputation as a top-tier trainer?

Bill Mott has won some big horse races, like the 2019 Kentucky Derby with Country House and the 1998 Breeders' Cup Classic with Cigar. He's also had success in races around the world, such as winning the Dubai World Cup. Because of these wins, many people see him as a top trainer in horse racing.

3. Can you elaborate on Bill Mott's international successes in horse racing?

Bill Mott has won big races all over the world, such as the Dubai World Cup and Royal Ascot. These victories have made him known as a top trainer in horse racing globally.

4. What prestigious accolades has Bill Mott received in recognition of his contributions to the sport?

In 1998, the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame inducted Bill Mott to recognize his outstanding talent and significant impact on the horse racing industry.

5. How did Bill Mott's induction into the Hall of Fame further cement his legacy in horse racing history?

When Bill Mott was inducted into the Hall of Fame, it confirmed his position as a legendary figure in horse racing history. This recognition highlighted his outstanding talent, many significant wins in races, and influential role on the global stage of the sport.

6. In what ways has Bill Mott's training style and approach influenced the next generation of trainers in the industry?

Bill Mott's careful focus on details, methodical way of training horses, and strong dedication to doing his best have created a high standard in the horse industry. His success motivates and impacts younger trainers entering the field.