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Kentucky Derby Winner 1992 Lil E Tee

kentucky derby winner 1992 lil e tee

In 1992, the Kentucky Derby witnessed an unforgettable moment when Lil E Tee clinched a remarkable victory at Churchill Downs. Join jockey Pat Day and trainer Lynn S. Whiting on their thrilling journey as they skillfully guided the talented horse to triumph in front of a captivated audience. Experience the electrifying race day atmosphere, unexpected outcomes, and the enduring legacy left by Lil E Tee’s historic win that made racing history that year.

Background of Lil E Tee

Lil E Tee was a spirited chestnut colt with a heart as grand as the Derby itself. Teamed up with jockey Pat Day, this duo proved to be an unbeatable force on that crucial day at Churchill Downs. Lynn S. Whiting’s precise training routine had shaped Lil E Tee into a sleek and powerful racing machine prepared to face any opponent.

The connection between horse and rider was undeniable as they raced down the homestretch, leaving viewers in awe of their incredible speed and determination. Each stride appeared effortless, every maneuver executed flawlessly under Day’s skillful direction and Lil E Tee’s unwavering resolve. The crowd erupted into thunderous cheers as they charged past the finish line first, securing their place in Derby history forever.

In those exhilarating moments of triumph, Pat Day raised his whip victoriously while Lynn S. Whiting looked on with tears of happiness streaming down his face – a culmination of months of hard work and commitment paying off in the most magnificent way possible. Lil E Tee had transformed from just another contender to a champion destined to be remembered for years to come; an inspiring underdog tale that captured hearts globally and cemented its status among racing icons.

Road to the Kentucky Derby Victory

Before the 118th Kentucky Derby on May 2, 1992, Lil E. Tee was a standout performer on the racetrack. With jockey Pat Day guiding him, they faced challenges head-on and emerged as strong contenders for the prestigious race. Excitement filled Churchill Downs as fans eagerly anticipated this clash of top-tier horses.

Trainer Lynn S. Whiting’s careful preparations honed Lil E. Tee into a top athlete ready to shine at Churchill Downs that fateful day in May. Through Pat Day’s skilled handling and deep connection with his horse, they formed an unbeatable team set for victory against all odds.

On race day, the sun beat down fiercely at Churchill Downs as spectators cheered on their favorite horses thundering down the track towards Derby greatness. Jockeys dressed in colorful silks whispered words of encouragement to their mounts, pushing them forward with every ounce of strength.

When the starting gate opened and horses raced out like arrows released from Cupid’s bow, it was clear this event meant more than just prestige; it carried dreams realized and destinies fulfilled with each powerful hoofbeat echoing through hallowed turf grounds. And when Lil E Tee crossed that finish line first amidst a deafening crowd roar, history was written – securing his name among legendary turf champions forevermore.

The Pros & Cons of Lil E Tee’s Victory


  1. Fans worldwide were captivated by Lil E Tee’s surprise victory at the race.
  2. Jockey Pat Day showcased exceptional riding skills throughout the event.
  3. The triumph turned Lil E Tee into an underdog who beat the odds, inspiring many.
  4. Trainer Lynn Whiting’s well-planned training techniques led to this significant win.
  5. Lil E Tee secured a lasting spot in racing history with his 1992 Kentucky Derby win.


  1. Some critics said Lil E Tee didn’t face as tough competition compared to other years.
  2. The win overshadowed other strong contenders who also performed well.
  3. Lil E Tee struggled to repeat the same success in later races.
  4. People questioned if the victory was luck rather than skill.
  5. Living up to the legacy of such a big win may have been really challenging for everyone involved.

Historic Kentucky Derby Win

In 1992, the Kentucky Derby was a thrilling event where Lil E. Tee, ridden by jockey Pat Day and trained by Lynn S. Whiting, showed incredible skill and determination to win in front of more than 130,000 excited fans at Churchill Downs.

Pat Day expertly guided Lil E. Tee during the race with precision and finesse that seemed like a perfectly orchestrated dance between man and horse as they maneuvered through their competitors on the track.

Lynn S. Whiting’s careful training regimen leading up to the Derby certainly played a crucial role in helping Lil E. Tee secure this memorable victory; his expertise was evident as he prepared both horse and rider for their big day at Churchill Downs.

The atmosphere at Churchill Downs on that special day was electric – cheers echoed through the stands, bets were placed anxiously, and hearts raced with excitement as Lil E. Tee made his way towards victory among other top contenders also fighting for first place.

Lil E. Tee’s win at the 1992 Kentucky Derby not only solidified his place in racing history but also highlighted the successful partnership between Pat Day and Lynn S. Whiting – a team whose hard work and dedication led them to greatness on an unforgettable afternoon filled with dreams coming true amidst thundering hooves echoing through time.

Jockey Pat Day’s Winning Ride

Famous jockey Pat Day had a key role in leading Lil E. Tee to victory at the Kentucky Derby. With his expert riding skills and smart moves, Day skillfully guided the talented horse to win the race, securing their place in racing history.

Day’s sharp timing and intense focus on race day were crucial in helping Lil E. Tee achieve a stunning victory at Churchill Downs. As they raced towards the finish line, Day’s excellent handling of his horse pushed them ahead of tough competitors with grace and determination.

The partnership between Pat Day and trainer Lynn S. Whiting was like a dream team for racing—a perfect match that combined expertise and intuition to reach greatness on that unforgettable day at the 1992 Kentucky Derby.

Race Results at a Glance: Kentucky Derby 1992

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 10 Lil E. Tee Pat Day Lynn S. Whiting W. Cal Partee 2:03.04
2nd 4 Casual Lies Gary Stevens Shelley L. Riley Shelley L. Riley
3rd 16 Dance Floor Chris Antley D. Wayne Lukas Oaktown Stable
4th 8 Conte Di Savoya Shane Sellers LeRoy Jolley Jaime S. Carrion
5th 12 Pine Bluff Craig Perret Thomas Bohannan Loblolly Stable
6th 1 Al Sabin Corey Nakatani D. Wayne Lukas Calumet Farm
7th 15 Dr Devious Chris McCarron Peter Chapple-Hyam Sidney H. Craig
8th 17 Arazi Pat Valenzuela François Boutin Allen E. Paulson & Sheikh Mohammed
9th 14 My Luck Runs North Ricardo Lopez Angel M. Medina Melvin A. Benitez
10th 2 Technology Jerry Bailey Hubert Hine Scott Savin
11th 11 West by West Jean-Luc Samyn George R. Arnold II John Peace
12th 6 Devil His Due Mike E. Smith H. Allen Jerkens Lion Crest Stable
13th 5 Thyer Christy Roche Jim Bolger Maktoum al Maktoum
14th 13 Ecstatic Ride Julie Krone D. Hal Griffitt DanDar Farm & Joan Rich
15th 9 Sir Pinder Randy Romero Emanuel Tortora James Lewis Jr.
16th 7 Pistols and Roses Jacinto Vásquez George Gianos Willis Family Stables
17th 3 Snappy Landing John Velazquez Dennis J. Manning Frederick McNeary
18th 18 Disposal Alex Solis Bruce Headley Bramble Farm


Trainer Lynn S. Whiting’s Strategy

Trainer Lynn S. Whiting had a sharp eye for details and a deep understanding of Lil E Tee’s strengths, which were crucial in shaping their strategy for the Kentucky Derby. Whiting carefully crafted the horse’s training plan, focusing on building endurance and boosting speed to ensure they were ready for success on race day.

Whiting didn’t just focus on physical conditioning; he also worked to build a strong bond between jockey Pat Day and Lil E Tee. Their teamwork was evident as they maneuvered through Churchill Downs with impressive coordination, setting them apart from their competitors.

With Whiting’s expert guidance, Lil E Tee emerged as an unexpected contender with great potential at the prestigious event, surprising many seasoned racing fans with their rapid rise to fame. The trainer’s unwavering belief in his horse inspired confidence in both the team and spectators alike, creating an exciting atmosphere filled with skill and determination.

All of Whiting’s careful planning culminated when Lil E Tee crossed the finish line victoriously at the Kentucky Derby, securing their place in history books forevermore. This victory not only highlighted Whiting’s expertise but also celebrated teamwork, perseverance, and dedication to excellence in thoroughbred racing.

Unforgettable Race Conditions

During the 1992 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, the track’s fast conditions made the race even more thrilling and challenging. Despite facing tough competition, Lil E. Tee excelled on the dirt surface, showcasing his speed and agility throughout.

After Lil E.Tee’s victory, bettors were in for a surprise with a win payout of $35.60 and an impressive $854.40 payout for those who placed a $2 Exacta bet on him finishing first with Casual Lies in second place.

The unexpected eighth-place finish of Arazi – a favorite among odds-makers – created one of the biggest upsets in Kentucky Derby history during its 118th edition in 1992.

Lil E.Tee’s owner, W Cal Partee, reveled in victory after his horse delivered an outstanding performance at Churchill Downs. This triumph highlighted Partee’s love for horseracing and commitment to nurturing equine talent.

Not only did Lil E.Tee secure a win at one of horse racing’s most prestigious events, but he also solidified his legacy as a remarkable competitor known for his resilience, speed, and ability to capture hearts both on and off the track.

Enthralling Lore Surrounding Lil E Tee’s Triumphs

  1. ### Fascinating Tales About Lil E Tee’s Victories
  2. **Against All Odds:** Back in 1992, the Kentucky Derby saw an unexpected champion in Lil E Tee who was considered a true underdog with odds of 16-Despite the skepticism, he pulled off a remarkable win, showing that miracles can happen even in horse racing.
  3. **Family Tradition:** What made Lil E Tee’s victory at the Kentucky Derby so special was his father, At the Threshold, had also competed in the same race back inThis family connection added depth to his triumph and made it all the more memorable.
  4. **Determination Pays Off:** Jockey Pat Day truly shined when he rode Lil E Tee to victory at the Kentucky Derby by displaying exceptional skill and unwavering determination throughout the race. His expert handling of the horse played a pivotal role in securing their win against tough competition.
  5. **Thrilling Finish:** The nail-biting finish at the 1992 Kentucky Derby is etched into history as Lil E Tee surpassed favorite Arazi during the final stretch to claim an unforgettable victory. This heart-pounding conclusion only added to Lil E Tee’s legendary status after this spectacular win.
  6. **Lasting Impact:** Although not one of those widely known Derby winners, Lil E Tee’s triumph continues to resonate within horse racing circles due to its unexpected nature and lasting legacy on fans everywhere – serving as a reminder of just how unpredictable and thrilling this sport can be.


1. How did jockey Pat Day’s riding strategy contribute to Lil E Tee’s victory at the 1992 Kentucky Derby?

In the 1992 Kentucky Derby, jockey Pat Day expertly rode Lil E Tee to victory by skillfully maneuvering through a busy field and timing his move perfectly. His performance was instrumental in securing their historic win.

2. What training methods did trainer Lynn S. Whiting employ to prepare Lil E Tee for the demanding race at Churchill Downs?

In 1992, Trainer Lynn S. Whiting used careful conditioning, smart workouts, and expert advice to get Lil E Tee ready for the tough race at Churchill Downs. They made sure the colt was all set to win on that important Kentucky Derby day.

3. How did Lil E Tee’s odds reflect the expectations leading up to the 1992 Kentucky Derby, and how did he defy them?

In the 1992 Kentucky Derby, Lil E Tee proved everyone wrong by winning despite his underdog status. Jockey Pat Day skillfully guided him to victory with the help of trainer Lynn S. Whiting. This unexpected triumph will always be remembered as a legendary moment in horse racing history.

4. What was the atmosphere like at Churchill Downs on the day of the 1992 Kentucky Derby, and how did it impact Lil E Tee’s performance?

The vibrant energy at Churchill Downs during the 1992 Kentucky Derby pumped up Lil E Tee for an outstanding performance. Jockey Pat Day and trainer Lynn S. Whiting’s strong teamwork led the underestimated colt to a memorable win that still echoes in racing history today.

5. In what ways did Lil E Tee’s win in the 1992 Kentucky Derby leave a lasting legacy in horse racing history?

Lil E Tee’s win in the 1992 Kentucky Derby made a lasting mark on horse racing history. It highlighted the incredible teamwork between jockey Pat Day and trainer Lynn S. Whiting, cementing their status as legends in the sport and motivating upcoming generations of racing fans.

6. How did Pat Day and Lynn S. Whiting’s partnership showcase their expertise and skill in guiding Lil E Tee to victory at the prestigious event?

In 1992, Pat Day rode Lil E Tee to a remarkable victory at the Kentucky Derby. Lynn S. Whiting expertly trained the horse and strategically planned its path to success, demonstrating their exceptional skills in the world of horse racing.