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Smarty Jones Kentucky Derby Winner 2004

smarty jones kentucky derby winner 2004

Join trainer John Servis, jockey Stewart Elliott, and owner Someday Farm as they lead Smarty Jones to victory at the 2004 Kentucky Derby. Experience the thrilling journey of this Pennsylvania-born sensation who captured hearts with his unbeaten streak and incredible wins on the racetrack.

Smarty Jones Early Life and Background

Smarty Jones, a spectacular racehorse from Pennsylvania, captured the hearts of fans throughout his racing days. He was bred by Roy Chapman at Someday Farm and had a special bond with his owner and birthplace state.

Right from the start, Smarty Jones stood out on the track, showcasing extraordinary talent early on. With determination in his eyes and lightning speed in his legs, this chestnut colt displayed promise that would soon translate into legendary accomplishments.

From starting out on the lush fields of Someday Farm to receiving thunderous cheers at renowned racetracks nationwide, Smarty Jones’ journey is truly awe-inspiring. His legacy lives on not just for his wins but also for embodying the spirit of triumph against all odds—an inspiring example of what can be achieved through unwavering dedication and a heart as strong as this remarkable horse’s stride.

Racing Career Introduction

Smarty Jones was the top pick at the 2004 Kentucky Derby because he hadn’t lost any races leading up to that prestigious event. Trained by John Servis and ridden by jockey Stewart Elliott, Smarty Jones seemed destined for success on the track.

With his strong stride and unwavering determination, Smarty Jones made history at Churchill Downs that day. The colt’s impressive win not only got him the highly sought-after garland of roses but also won over racing fans all around the world. His performance caused a wave of admiration and excitement, firmly establishing him as one of the most outstanding horses in recent memory.

Smarty Jones’ victory at the Kentucky Derby gave us just a taste of what was to follow in his remarkable career. This talented horse went on to dominate tracks across America, displaying unmatched speed and skill with each race. His legacy goes beyond just winning; he represents perseverance, teamwork, and sheer excellence in horse racing—a real example of what can be achieved through dedication and passion for this beloved sport we all cherish dearly.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. They inspire and capture audiences with their incredible accomplishments

  2. They set an example for young athletes and people aiming for success

  3. They create buzz and energy within the racing world

  4. They display the elegance and strength of horses in sports competitions

  5. Their impact is remembered, celebrated, and respected over time

  6. They add to the long-established history and customs of horse racing


  1. Feeling the stress to keep a perfect record can be a lot to handle

  2. The possibility of getting hurt or having to retire affecting how well they do and what others think of them

  3. Dealing with lots of attention from the media invading their personal life and privacy

  4. Having people expect them to do even better than before which might make them feel exhausted

  5. Figuring out how to move on from competing all the time once they stop

  6. Being involved in controversies or scandals that could damage their reputation and how others see them

Kentucky Derby Victory

Smarty Jones had a remarkable performance at Churchill Downs on May 1, 2004, when he won the 130th Kentucky Derby despite tough track conditions caused by heavy rain. This win was a major achievement for both the horse and his team.

What made Smarty Jones’s victory so impressive wasn’t just that he won, but how he did it with such determination and skill that left everyone watching amazed. Despite the muddy track from all the rain, Smarty Jones charged forward like a true champion. His strong spirit and incredible talent were evident as he raced past his competitors towards the finish line.

This Kentucky Derby win wasn’t just about being first across the finish line; it represented teamwork, dedication, and passion all working together seamlessly. Trainer John Servis played a crucial role in shaping Smarty into a top racer ready to take on any challenge. Jockey Stewart Elliott expertly guided him during races to ensure every move counted towards achieving victories like this one at Churchill Downs.

As owner of Someday Farm, Roy Chapman must have felt immense pride seeing Smarty Jones triumph at such an important event like the Kentucky Derby. This victory not only placed them among racing’s best but also demonstrated what can be accomplished when everyone works together towards a common goal – creating legacies that will endure through time.

Post-derby Racing Achievements

After winning the Kentucky Derby, Smarty Jones continued to impress fans with his outstanding performances. His triumph at the Preakness Stakes solidified his reputation as a top contender for the Triple Crown, showcasing his incredible talent and unwavering determination on the racetrack.

Smarty Jones’ impressive winning streak went beyond just the big races like the Triple Crown events. He also conquered prestigious competitions such as the Arkansas Derby and Rebel Stakes, leaving no doubt about his exceptional skills as a racehorse. Each victory added another highlight to his already shining career, earning him admiration and respect from fans worldwide.

Despite facing tough competition in every race he entered, Smarty Jones managed to stay undefeated for most of his career—an extraordinary achievement that distinguished him from other champion horses. His consistency and sheer willpower were evident in every stride towards victory he took on any track he raced on.

Under trainer John Servis’s guidance and jockey Stewart Elliott’s skillful riding, Smarty Jones was part of an unbeatable team that worked together seamlessly to reach new heights. Their combined efforts not only resulted in numerous wins but also highlighted how collaboration between horse, trainer, and jockey could elevate Smarty Jones to legendary status within racing circles.

Smarty Jones’ influence goes far beyond simply winning races; it serves as inspiration for countless individuals both within and outside of horse racing. His legacy reminds us all what can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and self-belief—a true testament to how pursuing dreams against all odds can lead to transformative outcomes.

Surprising Outcomes: Unpredictable Results at the Finish

Finish Program number Horse Jockey Trainer Odds Margin Earnings
1 15 Smarty Jones Stewart Elliott John Servis 4.10 $5,884,800*
2 3 Lion Heart Mike E. Smith Patrick Biancone 5.40 2+3/4 lengths $170,000
3 10 Imperialism Kent Desormeaux Kristin Mulhall 10.90 6 lengths $85,000
4 1 Limehouse José A. Santos Todd Pletcher 41.70 8 lengths $45,000
5 11 The Cliff’s Edge Shane Sellers Nicholas Zito 8.20 12+1/2 lengths
6 4 Action This Day David R. Flores Richard Mandella 43.40 13+3/4 lengths
7 14 Read the Footnotes Robby Albarado Richard Violette Jr. 22.50 14+3/4 lengths
8 13 Birdstone Edgar Prado Nicholas Zito 21.20 15+1/4 lengths
9 18 Tapit Ramon A. Dominguez Michael Dickinson 6.40 15+3/4 lengths
10 12 Borrego Victor Espinoza Beau Greely 14.20 16+1/4 lengths
11 2 Song of the Sword Norberto Arroyo Jr. Jennifer Pedersen 55.90 17+1/2 lengths
12 8 Master David Alex Solis Robert Frankel 10.60 18+1/2 lengths
13 19 Pro Prado John McKee Robert Holthus 53.50 20 lengths
14 16 Castledale Jose Valdivia Jr. Jeff Mullins 21.90 25+1/4 lengths
15 6 Friends Lake Richard Migliore John C. Kimmel 18.50 36+3/4 lengths
16 7 Minister Eric Pat Day Richard Mandella 22.50 37+1/4 lengths
17 17 Pollard’s Vision John Velazquez Todd Pletcher 24.00 40+3/4 lengths
DNF 20 Quintons Gold Rush Corey Nakatani Steve Asmussen 51.20

Legacy of Undefeated Record

Smarty Jones became a legendary figure in horse racing when he raced to victory at the 2004 Kentucky Derby with an undefeated record that captured hearts globally. The spirited chestnut colt’s win was a pivotal moment in the sport, showcasing exceptional speed and stamina alongside unwavering determination. Jockey Stewart Elliott skillfully guided Smarty Jones through the challenging 1 ¼ mile race, establishing their partnership as one of remarkable synchronicity.

Trainer John Servis, jockey Stewart Elliott, and owner Someday Farm worked together to propel Smarty Jones into superstardom with every strategic decision and skilled maneuver on the track. Their harmonious collaboration turned dreams into reality as Smarty Jones achieved numerous victories throughout his illustrious career. From winning the Preakness Stakes to dominating at the Arkansas Derby, each step taken by this extraordinary equine athlete left spectators amazed while leaving an indelible mark on racing history.

Smarty Jones’ legacy continues to shine brightly within the racing industry—a symbol of perseverance against all odds and proof of what can be accomplished through dedication and passion. His impact goes beyond mere numbers or awards; it embodies pure athleticism combined with unwavering spirit that still inspires fans, trainers, jockeys, and owners today. By defeating tough competitors multiple times with grace and unmatched tenacity, Smarty Jones remains a timeless icon celebrated for his incredible achievements both on and off the racetrack.

Impact on Trainer, Jockey, and Owner

Winning the Kentucky Derby made Smarty Jones a star and put trainer John Servis, jockey Stewart Elliott, and owner Someday Farm in the spotlight. Together, they created an unforgettable moment at Churchill Downs.

John Servis, an experienced trainer with years of knowledge, carefully prepared Smarty Jones for each race. His dedication and skill helped him lead the talented colt to victories that captured the hearts of racing fans worldwide.

Stewart Elliott’s partnership with Smarty Jones was truly magical. The skilled jockey formed a strong bond with the spirited horse and showed impeccable timing and skill during races. They raced like true champions together.

Someday Farm’s decision to breed and raise Smarty Jones turned out to be brilliant. The farm’s commitment to developing exceptional equine talent paid off with an undefeated champion whose legacy continues to inspire generations in both horse racing circles and beyond.

Smarty Jones: Tales of Triumph and Legend

  1. Smarty Jones: The Story of Victory and Fame

  2. Smarty Jones was born on February 28, 2001, at Someday Farm in Pennsylvania. His dad was Elusive Quality, and his mom was I'll Get Along.

  3. In 2004, Smarty Jones won the hearts of racing fans worldwide when he triumphed at the Kentucky Derby with jockey Stewart Elliott by his side. He then clinched victory at the Preakness Stakes but narrowly missed out on the Triple Crown after coming second in the Belmont Stakes.

  4. Despite facing challenges early in his career, including a fractured skull as a two-year-old, Smarty Jones overcame adversity through expert veterinary care and made an incredible recovery that allowed him to return stronger than ever to dominate on the racetrack.

  5. After retiring from racing in 2004 with an impressive track record boasting 8 wins out of 9 starts and earnings exceeding $7 million, Smarty Jones now calls Northview Stallion Station in Pennsylvania home where he enjoys a well-deserved retirement filled with peace and relaxation.

  6. The legacy of Smarty Jones continues to captivate horse racing enthusiasts who admire his exceptional speed, unwavering determination, and indomitable spirit as symbols of underdog triumphs against all odds while showcasing the enduring power of perseverance in achieving greatness.

Earnings and Bonus Prize

Smarty Jones not only won big races like the Kentucky Derby, but also scored extra cash prizes. For instance, Oaklawn Park gave him a $5 million bonus for hitting certain goals during his racing career. Each win he achieved didn’t just add titles to his name; it also earned him lots of respect from the horse racing world. Smarty Jones was known for thriving under pressure and putting up amazing performances that made him a strong competitor on the track.

His success story wasn’t just about winning races – it was all about showing grit, teamwork, and an unbreakable spirit. Trainer John Servis used his skills to turn Smarty Jones into a champion racehorse by perfecting his natural talent. Jockey Stewart Elliott built a close connection with Smarty Jones and led him through thrilling races that left fans in awe. Together, they created moments of pure brilliance that will be remembered in horse racing history forever.

Smarty Jones’ impact goes way beyond what happened in the winner’s circle – it carries on through generations as a symbol of resilience and excellence in horse competitions. The owners at Someday Farm showed unwavering dedication to their star colt’s well-being while creating an environment where greatness could flourish. Through tough times and victories alike, Smarty Jones came out strong – proving his strength against challenges faced both on and off the racetrack.

Looking back now, Smarty Jones is still seen as an unforgettable figure whose influence goes beyond numbers or awards – he represents courage when facing tough odds head-on with grace and unmatched speed.

The sound of hooves pounding down homestretches can still be heard wherever stories are shared about brave horses chasing glory at top speeds—each hoofbeat bringing them closer to immortality thanks to chestnut-coated legend named Smarty jones who raced straight into our hearts forevermore.”

Subsequent Race Wins by Contenders

Smarty Jones was a standout in the 2004 Kentucky Derby, kickstarting an exciting journey that drew in racing fans from all over. Lion Heart, another strong contender from that race, continued to show his grit and talent by winning races after the Derby. This highlights how these incredible animals keep pushing limits and exceeding expectations long after their moment of fame.

Smarty Jones’ legacy goes beyond just numbers; it represents the determination, focus, and sheer heart needed to excel on the track. Trainer John Servis, jockey Stewart Elliott, and owner Someday Farm worked together seamlessly to shape Smarty Jones into a racing legend. Their teamwork showcased how dedication, skill, and trust can drive a horse towards unparalleled success despite tough competition.

Before his victory at the Kentucky Derby – where he had an unbeaten record leading up to it – Smarty Jones made history with each step towards glory. His wins inspired countless fans in the sport while highlighting how perseverance can overcome challenges faced during high-stakes races like those at Churchill Downs on that unforgettable day.

As Lion Heart achieved victories post-Kentucky Derby alongside other competitors who didn’t let one race define them—it speaks volumes about their determination for excellence beyond individual achievements or setbacks. The ups and downs of horse racing mirror life itself—an unpredictable journey filled with highs and lows where true champions rise above adversity time after time.

In essence… Smarty Jones’ impact extends far beyond his actual wins; it serves as a source of hope for dreamers everywhere striving for success against all odds. Let’s draw inspiration not only from his triumphs but also from his unwavering spirit that continues to resonate across generations—a lasting testament to what courage, passion, and steadfast belief can accomplish both on track…and off.

Breeding Success of Offspring

Smarty Jones had a big impact on horse racing that went beyond his own wins. This was clear from how well his rivals, who later became sires, did in the breeding world. Tapit used to race against Smarty Jones but found great success as a sire after retiring. His foals like Tonalist and Creator did really well in major races, making Tapit one of the top sires in Thoroughbred breeding.

The stories of horses like Smarty Jones and Tapit show why horse racing is amazing – champions not only do great on the track but also leave a mark through their offspring. It proves how bloodlines can shape and change Thoroughbred racing with each new generation.

People like John Servis, Stewart Elliott, and Someday Farm played key roles in helping stars such as Smarty Jones become successful through hard work and passion for horse racing excellence. Their teamwork didn’t just lead to victories; it set the stage for future successes seen in races won and records broken.

Looking at what legendary racehorses like Smarty Jones achieved makes us appreciate their impact on today’s equine athletes both during races and beyond. The connections between past champs and present contenders tell a story full of history carried forward by those who love this thrilling sport endlessly.

Continued Influence on Horse Racing Industry

Smarty Jones had an amazing racing career that made a big impact on the horse racing world, winning over fans worldwide. His impressive wins at famous races like the Kentucky Derby in 2004 showed off his incredible talent, speed, and determination that made him stand out from other horses.

Trainer John Servis played a key role in helping Smarty Jones become a champion racehorse by honing his skills and leading him to victory many times. Servis’s expertise combined with Smarty Jones’ natural abilities created a strong team that dominated racetracks and captured the attention of audiences everywhere.

Jockey Stewart Elliott formed an outstanding partnership with Smarty Jones, displaying perfect timing, accuracy, and teamwork during their races together. Elliott’s expert handling of Smarty Jones led them to great success on the track while thrilling spectators with their fantastic performances.

Owner Someday Farm’s commitment to breeding top-quality racehorses paid off when they owned one of the most famous horses in modern racing history – Smarty Jones. Their unwavering support for both horse and team greatly contributed to Smarty Jones’ victories and secured their place in horseracing history.

Smarty Jones’ legacy lives on through generations as a symbol of excellence, perseverance, and unbridled passion for competition. His unbeaten record demonstrates his exceptional skills on the track while inspiring all those who aim for greatness in horse racing.


1. What made Smarty Jones such a standout in the world of horse racing?

Smarty Jones was a standout in the horse racing scene because of his incredible talent, unbeatable record, and impressive wins. His speed, determination, and the teamwork of trainer John Servis, jockey Stewart Elliott, and owner Someday Farm were on full display during his amazing victory at the 2004 Kentucky Derby.

2. How did trainer John Servis contribute to Smarty Jones' success on the track?

Coach John Servis expertly trained and steered Smarty Jones to an impressive victory on the racecourse, demonstrating his exceptional coaching prowess and profound insight into the horse's capabilities.

3. Who was jockey Stewart Elliott and what role did he play in Smarty Jones' victories?

In 2004, jockey Stewart Elliott expertly steered Smarty Jones to a win in the Kentucky Derby and continued their unbeaten streak, contributing significantly to the horse's impressive triumphs on the racetrack.

4. What were some of Smarty Jones' most memorable wins besides the 2004 Kentucky Derby?

Smarty Jones had some big wins in addition to the 2004 Kentucky Derby. He won the Arkansas Derby, Rebel Stakes, and Preakness Stakes, proving he was an undefeated champion and a legendary figure in horse racing.

5. How did Smarty Jones' undefeated record impact his legacy in horse racing?

Smarty Jones made a name for himself in horse racing by winning every race he entered, establishing his reputation as an extraordinary champion. His amazing talent and unforgettable legacy have left a lasting impact on the sport, showcasing his unmatched skills and determination.

6. What lasting influence has Smarty Jones had on the sport and those involved in it?

Smarty Jones had an impressive winning streak, securing notable victories at the 2004 Kentucky Derby and other races. Trainer John Servis, jockey Stewart Elliott, and owner Someday Farm all played crucial roles in achieving success in the competitive world of horse racing. Their collective efforts continue to inspire excellence within the sport.