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Kentucky Derby Winner I’ll Have Another 2012

kentucky derby winner ill have another 2012

“In the exciting 138th Kentucky Derby, I’ll Have Another surprised everyone by winning against a tough competition. Learn about the high number of people attending and betting on the race, the intense conditions on race day, and what happened to the participants after the Derby. Discover how jockey Mario Gutierrez achieved his first win, trainer Doug O’Neill’s expert coaching skills, and owner J. Paul Reddam’s proud moment at this famous horse racing event.”

Background of the 138th Kentucky Derby

The 138th Kentucky Derby took place on May 5, 2012, at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. This thrilling event drew crowds from all over to witness history being made. Broadcasted by NBC as the “Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands,” viewers across the nation were captivated as top contenders raced for victory on this legendary track.

I’ll Have Another stole the show that day with an impressive performance that etched his name into racing history. The excitement was palpable as fans cheered for their favorites while jockeys plotted their strategies amidst tough competition. With every thunderous hoofbeat echoing through Churchill Downs, anticipation built until I’ll Have Another surged ahead to claim a glorious finish that left spectators in awe.

A record number of over 165,000 enthusiastic fans flocked to Churchill Downs for this historic race where elite horses competed for supremacy. Wagering hit new heights during the 138th Kentucky Derby, adding to the intensity of an already electrifying event. The thrill was heightened as these majestic animals sprinted down the famed stretch towards potential greatness.

As I’ll Have Another crossed the finish line first under jockey Mario Gutierrez’s expert guidance, trainer Doug O’Neill received well-deserved praise for his impeccable preparation leading up to this monumental win. Owner J.Paul Reddam joined them in celebrating joyously – their triumph forever ingrained in Derby history alongside other legends both old and new.

Contenders and Field Overview

Leading up to the 138th Kentucky Derby, the lineup was packed with strong contenders like Bodemeister, Union Rags, Gemologist, Creative Cause, Take Charge Indy, Dullahan and Hansen. Despite being considered a longshot at 15:1 odds, I’ll Have Another pulled off an unexpected win.

Bodemeister gave it his all in the race. Trained by Bob Baffert and ridden by jockey Mike Smith, this colt showed incredible speed and stamina but ended up coming in second behind I’ll Have Another’s impressive charge to victory.

Union Rags had high hopes riding on him as one of the favorites among fans and experts alike. With jockey Julien Leparoux guiding him under trainer Michael Matz’s watchful eye., he displayed his talent on that day but fell short of claiming first place.

Gemologist brought anticipation to the competition with his undefeated record leading up to the Derby. Trained by Todd Pletcher and ridden by Javier Castellano, Gemologist fought hard against tough competition from I’ll Have Another during this prestigious event.

Creative Cause added excitement to Churchill Downs with his stellar performance under Joel Rosario’s guidance. This talented contender showed determination on track; however facing stiff competition like I’ll Have Another made it challenging for him to secure victory on that memorable Saturday afternoon.

The Pros & Cons of Derby Day Excitement


  1. Feel the excitement of watching top-tier horses compete

  2. See the grandeur and history of the Kentucky Derby firsthand

  3. Get to dress up in fancy clothes and join fashion competitions

  4. Indulge in tasty Southern dishes and savor mint juleps

  5. Connect with friends and other fans of horse racing at social events


  1. Navigating the event can become challenging due to overcrowded conditions

  2. Some individuals may find ticket prices too high, limiting their ability to attend

  3. Bad weather might affect how much fun you have during the day

  4. Waiting in long lines for food, drinks, and betting stations can be quite irritating

  5. Traffic congestion could be a problem when going to and leaving the event

Race Day Conditions and Results

The 2012 Kentucky Derby was a wild ride when it came to weather. It all started with thunderstorms, making the track super messy at first. But miraculously, by the time the race began, it had dried up and turned into a speedy course. The crazy weather kept everyone – both fans and racers – on their toes, adding an extra punch of excitement to the already intense atmosphere.

Bodemeister took off strong in the race; however, I’ll Have Another had different plans brewing. In an epic twist during the final stretch, I’ll Have Another zipped past Bodemeister to grab victory by one and a half lengths. This amazing win not only highlighted I’ll Have Another’s awesome speed and stamina but also showed his ability to shine under pressure when it mattered most.

I’ll Have Another’s triumph from starting gate 19 brought another surprise factor to this dramatic race day—starting from way out there was seen as a disadvantage for winning such a big event like the Kentucky Derby. Despite doubts about his position at the start line, I’ll Have Another shut down all haters with an incredible performance that secured his spot in racing history as one for those who root for underdogs.

The switch-up in leadership during those last moments captured everything that makes horse racing so exciting—the unpredictability, fierce competition, and sheer grit shown by these horses fighting for glory on Churchill Downs’ iconic track. Every step taken towards victory painted an unforgettable picture for everyone watching firsthand or through screens worldwide—a moment forever etched in Kentucky Derby legend thanks to I’ll Have Another’s impressive win against tough conditions and rivals alike.

Record Attendance and Wagering

The 138th Kentucky Derby drew a massive crowd of 165,307 excited fans to Churchill Downs. The atmosphere was buzzing with energy as people from all walks of life came together for the thrilling race day experience. With stylish hats and refreshing mint juleps in hand, spectators created an electrifying vibe that added to the excitement of watching history unfold on the tracks.

As the horses raced down the stretch, bets were flying left and right, totaling an impressive $133.1 million wagered from all sources. Whether you were a seasoned bettor or trying your luck for the first time, everyone was glued to the action happening before them. The thrill of unpredictability filled the air as each horse fought for victory amidst cheers and gasps from the crowd.

In this sea of eager anticipation and high-stakes gambling emerged I’ll Have Another with jockey Mario Gutierrez ready to make his mark in Derby history. As hooves thundered against turf beneath them, dreams hung in balance with every stride toward glory at Churchill Downs.

In what felt like a heartbeat but lasted just minutes on that significant Saturday afternoon, I’ll Have Another charged ahead with unwavering determination through that final stretch—securing not only triumph but also cementing his place among legends who have graced these revered grounds before him.

The record-breaking attendance combined with unprecedented betting numbers confirmed this Kentucky Derby’s status as one for generations—a testament to its lasting appeal captivating hearts worldwide while showcasing athletic accomplishments blended seamlessly with moments of pure chance on racing’s grandest stage

Derby Standouts: Odds, Wins & Surprises!

Position Post Horse Jockey Trainer Morning Line Odds Final Odds Winnings
1 19 I’ll Have Another Mario Gutierrez Doug O’Neill 12:1 15.3 $1,459,600
2 6 Bodemeister Mike E. Smith Bob Baffert 4:1 4.2 $400,000
3 5 Dullahan Kent Desormeaux Dale Romans 8:1 12.1 $200,000
4 13 Went The Day Well John R. Velazquez H. Graham Motion 20:1 30.6 $100,000
5 8 Creative Cause Joel Rosario Mike Harrington 12:1 11.9 $60,000
6 20 Liaison Martin Garcia Bob Baffert 50:1 56.2
7 4 Union Rags Julien Leparoux Michael R. Matz 9:2 5.1
8 7 Rousing Sermon Jose Lezcano Jerry Hollendorfer 50:1 40.7
9 14 Hansen Ramon A. Dominguez Michael J. Maker 10:1 13.1
10 10 Daddy Nose Best Garrett Gomez Steve Asmussen 15:1 14
11 2 Optimizer Jon Court D. Wayne Lukas 50:1 42.4
12 11 Alpha Rajiv Maragh Kiaran McLaughlin 15:1 19.6
13 16 El Padrino Rafael Bejarano Todd Pletcher 20:1 29.4
14 17 Done Talking Sheldon Russell Hamilton Smith 50:1 39.4
15 18 Sabercat Corey Nakatani Steve Asmussen 30:1 37.8
16 15 Gemologist Javier Castellano Todd Pletcher 6:1 8.6
17 9 Trinniberg Willie Martinez Bisnath Parboo 50:1 44.9
18 12 Prospective Luis Contreras Mark E. Casse 30:1 57.9
19 3 Take Charge Indy Calvin Borel Patrick B. Byrne 15:1 11.90
DNF 1 Daddy Long Legs Colm O’Donoghue Aidan O’Brien 30:1 26

Payouts and Betting Results

After I’ll Have Another’s thrilling win at the 2012 Kentucky Derby, a wave of excitement swept through the betting scene. Punters who bet $2 on horses #19-#6 and won an Exacta were overjoyed with their $306.60 prize, while those who took a risk on a Trifecta with horses #19-#6-#5 cashed in big time with a whopping $1,532.80 payout.

The real shocker came for those brave enough to try their luck on the Superfecta involving horses #19-#6-#5-#13. The jaw-dropping reward of $48,046.40 left everyone at Churchill Downs buzzing with disbelief, as they marveled at horse racing’s unpredictability and potential for huge winnings.

It was a moment where intuition met opportunity head-on, creating memories that would be shared over many rounds of drinks or among friends for years to come by those lucky souls present on this historic day when I’ll Have Another achieved legendary status as champion underdog extraordinaire.

For these fortunate individuals witnessing history unfold wasn’t just about being there—it was about reaping rewards beyond imagination by participating in one of sports’ most exhilarating gambling events: horse racing at its finest – full of surprises yet endlessly captivating; where fortunes are made overnight but can vanish just as quickly if luck turns sour – such is life at the racetrack!

Subsequent Grade I Wins for Participants

After the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby, several horses showed their strength in Grade I races that followed. Notably, I’ll Have Another flew down the track to win the Preakness Stakes with incredible stamina and speed. Union Rags also stood out by winning at the Belmont Stakes, proving his talent on various tracks with different distances.

These star horses continued to shine brightly after the Derby in prestigious competitions like gems decorating a crown. Their wins weren’t just quick successes but rather impressive displays of skill developed during that memorable race day at Churchill Downs in 2012. The victories beyond Louisville’s famous twin spires deeply resonated within the horse racing world, establishing these athletes as elite competitors known for their determination and ability.

As history books recorded each hoofbeat and fans cheered from grandstands near and far, it became clear that what happened at the Kentucky Derby was not just fleeting glory but a path towards greater accomplishments for both I’ll Have Another and Union Rags. These triumphs showcased resilience under pressure, strategic brilliance from jockeys guiding their horses to victory amidst tough competition—a story unfolding with every step taken towards excellence far beyond what anyone could have imagined on that historic Derby day back in 2012.

The Lucky Legend of a Derby Champion

  1. ## The Exciting Tale of a Derby Champion: I'll Have Another (2012)

  2. **Chasing the Triple Crown:** After he won the Kentucky Derby in 2012, I'll Have Another went on to clinch victory at the Preakness Stakes, placing him in contention for the highly coveted Triple Crown title. He was on track to become the first horse since Affirmed in 1978 to achieve this prestigious accomplishment.

  3. **A Surprising Contender:** Leading up to the Kentucky Derby, I'll Have Another wasn't seen as a top pick by many. Trained by Doug O'Neill and ridden by jockey Mario Gutierrez, he defied expectations with his remarkable performance on race day.

  4. **Lucky Charms:** Some fans believe that I'll Have Another's name brought him good fortune during races. The expression "I'll have another" is often linked with positive vibes and celebrations, making it a fitting choice for a champion racehorse.

  5. **Unexpected Retirement Drama:** Despite his stellar track record, I'll Have Another's racing career came to an abrupt halt due to a tendon injury just one day before the Belmont Stakes. This sudden retirement left fans disheartened and sparked discussions about what might have transpired if not for this setback.

  6. **An Inspiring Legacy:** Although I’ll Have Another fell short of capturing the Triple Crown, his story as an underdog with unwavering determination continues to motivate both fans and aspiring racers alike even today. His journey stands as proof that within horse racing, achieving greatness is possible through perseverance and perhaps some luck along the way.

Jockey Mario Gutierrez’s Debut Victory

When Mario Gutierrez won the 2012 Kentucky Derby in his first attempt, it was absolutely amazing. Despite being new to Churchill Downs, he showed incredible skill and calmness while riding I’ll Have Another, guiding the horse to a memorable victory that secured his place in racing history.

Gutierrez’s perfect teamwork with I’ll Have Another highlighted the magic of horse racing—a flawless connection between jockey and horse. Their coordination on the track was evident as they raced ahead thrillingly, impressing spectators with their strong bond and unwavering determination.

The victory not only marked a major achievement for Mario Gutierrez but also propelled him into stardom as an up-and-coming talent in the world of horse racing. His first win at the Kentucky Derby immediately made him popular among fans worldwide who admired his grace under pressure and strategic skills during the race.

In just one moment, Mario Gutierrez went from being relatively unknown to becoming a well-known figure among devoted followers of horse racing. His rapid success captured hearts everywhere, representing triumph over challenges and motivating numerous aspiring jockeys dreaming of their own chance at glory on this grand stage.

As Gutierrez crossed the finish line atop I’ll Have Another, he not only secured his debut Kentucky Derby win but also cemented his position in derby history alongside renowned jockeys who had graced Churchill Downs before him. The significance of this accomplishment extended far beyond that pivotal day in May 2012—it was an unforgettable chapter in both Gutierrez’s career and derby history itself.

Trainer Doug O’neill’s Success

Doug O’Neill’s big win at the 138th Kentucky Derby showed off his talent and expertise in training racehorses. His careful preparation of I’ll Have Another proved he could bring out the best in his horses, leading them to victory on one of horse racing’s most important stages.

With Doug O’Neill guiding him, I’ll Have Another not only won at Churchill Downs but also went on to triumph at the Preakness Stakes. This double victory made both the horse and trainer strong contenders in the Triple Crown series, impressing fans and making headlines with their amazing performances.

O’Neill’s smart training methods were key in turning I’ll Have Another into a champion racehorse. By fine-tuning every part of the horse’s routine, from diet to exercise plans, he made sure that I’ll Have Another was ready for success when it counted—on race day under Churchill Down’s famous twin spires.

The teamwork between Doug O’Neill and jockey Mario Gutierrez played a huge role in winning at the Kentucky Derby. Their cooperation and shared commitment stood out as they faced challenges on track with skill and grace, resulting in an unforgettable victory that secured their places in horse racing history forevermore.

Owner J.paul Reddam’s Triumph

In 2012, J. Paul Reddam achieved a major milestone in his successful career as a racehorse owner by winning the Kentucky Derby. The victory was especially significant for him because I’ll Have Another, ridden by jockey Mario Gutierrez, raced to victory at Churchill Downs.

I’ll Have Another completed the race in an impressive time of 2:01.83 on that speedy track day, solidifying its place in history. Despite starting from post position nineteen, an unusual spot for Derby winners, this dynamic duo defied expectations and outperformed some tough competitors.

The triumph of I’ll Have Another wasn’t just about finishing first; it was about making history and joining the ranks of legendary horses in racing lore. The speed and determination shown during those two minutes captured what makes the Kentucky Derby such a beloved event worldwide.

As Reddam celebrated his win that day, little did he know that this victory would be just one part of a larger success story waiting to unfold with his talented colt and dedicated team led by trainer Doug O’Neill. The celebrations weren’t only for that moment but also hinted at more exciting victories yet to come on bigger stages across America’s racetracks.

The impact of I’ll Have Another’s achievement at Churchill Downs extended far beyond May 5th, 2012—its significance reverberated through subsequent races where both horse and owner continued their journey towards becoming legends within racing circles while leaving an unforgettable impression on fans who witnessed their remarkable rise together toward greatness.


1. What were the race day conditions like during the 2012 Kentucky Derby?

The 2012 Kentucky Derby happened on a sunny day with a speedy track, setting the stage for an exciting race at Churchill Downs.

2. How did I'll Have Another's victory at the 2012 Kentucky Derby impact jockey Mario Gutierrez's career?

Mario Gutierrez rose to fame when he won the 2012 Kentucky Derby riding I'll Have Another. This victory marked his first win at the renowned race and paved the way for a prosperous career in horse racing.

3. What subsequent wins did I'll Have Another achieve after the 2012 Kentucky Derby?

After winning the 2012 Kentucky Derby, I'll Have Another continued his winning streak by clinching victories at the Preakness Stakes and the Santa Anita Derby. His incredible talent was on full display as he solidified his spot in the annals of horse racing history.

4. How did trainer Doug O'Neill contribute to I'll Have Another's success at the 2012 Kentucky Derby?

Trainer Doug O'Neill was crucial in helping I'll Have Another win the 2012 Kentucky Derby. He carefully trained the horse, used effective strategies, and led him to perform at his best on race day.

5. Who was the owner of I'll Have Another, and what significance did their victory hold in horse racing history?

J. Paul Reddam owned I'll Have Another, and their win at the 2012 Kentucky Derby was a huge deal in horse racing history. They were the first horse since 1882 to win from post position 19, showing off how amazing both the horse and its team were.

6. Can you elaborate on the record attendance and wagering figures at the 138th Kentucky Derby where I'll Have Another emerged victorious?

The 138th running of the Kentucky Derby was a huge success, with I'll Have Another winning the race. It broke attendance records with over 165,000 people watching and saw an incredible $187 million in bets placed. This made it one of the most exciting and financially successful races in history.