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Kentucky Derby Winner Orb 2013

kentucky derby winner orb 2013

Experience the exciting journey of Orb, the 2013 Kentucky Derby winner. Join him as he races to victory at Churchill Downs. Learn about how he qualified for the race and watch jockey Joel Rosario skillfully guide him to an impressive win. Dive into the thrilling atmosphere of race day where Orb overcame tough track conditions with the expert training from his coach Claude McGaughey III to claim a memorable triumph.

Kentucky Derby Winner Orb 2013

The 2013 Kentucky Derby was a major moment in horse racing history when Orb emerged victorious. Claude McGaughey III trained him, and jockey Joel Rosario skillfully rode him to the finish line with a time of 2:02.89. The thrilling race took place at Churchill Downs, where Orb triumphed over tough competition to claim both the prestigious title and a hefty $1.4 million prize.

Qualifying for the Kentucky Derby is no simple task; horses must compete in races across the country before earning their spot in this grand event. For Orb, winning wasn’t just about crossing that finish line first – it was showcasing talent, stamina, and strategic thinking on that crucial day back in May 2013. With determination propelling his performance, Orb captured hearts globally while making a mark on Derby history.

After his victory at Churchill Downs, Orb continued to shine brightly in horse racing with more Grade I wins under his belt. His legacy isn’t just about winning that memorable race but also embodying perseverance and excellence – qualities that define champions across sports or arenas worldwide. As fans look back on the unforgettable 2013 edition of the Kentucky Derby, they’re reminded of how one exceptional horse can gallop into history books and inspire future generations.

Qualification Process

In 2013, young horses aiming to compete in the Kentucky Derby had to earn their spot through a new points system instead of relying solely on graded stakes earnings like before. A total of thirty-six races were considered in deciding which twenty horses would make it into the prestigious Derby.

This fresh qualification process injected excitement and unpredictability into the lineup for the Derby. Each race assigned different point values based on its importance, creating an exhilarating journey for both trainers and fans. This change meant that even lesser-known contenders could clinch a place by delivering outstanding performances in key prep races leading up to Churchill Downs.

As trainers mapped out strategies for their prized horses, every victory or defeat became crucial in accumulating enough points for entry into one of America’s most elite horse races. The overhauled qualification system brought new faces into the limelight while ensuring only top-performing colts advanced—a transformative shift that kept everyone eagerly waiting until the final list of qualifiers was unveiled.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Strategies


  1. Helps horses perform at their best

  2. Positions them strategically in races

  3. Lets jockeys adjust to track conditions quickly

  4. Improves jockey's decision-making skills on the spot

  5. Customized strategies based on what each horse likes

  6. Boosts the odds of gaining a competitive advantage


  1. Relying too much on just one plan might make it hard to adjust

  2. Picking the wrong strategy could result in not doing well

  3. Certain tactics can be more tiring for the horse physically

  4. Being inflexible and sticking stubbornly to a set plan might fail

  5. Other contestants may see through and counter your usual moves

  6. Swapping strategies all the time could mess up your flow and consistency

Race Day Details

The day of the Derby was filled with excitement as more than 150,000 eager fans poured into Churchill Downs. Due to worries about security following the Boston Marathon tragedy, safety measures were tightened such as limiting coolers and large bags. However, despite these precautions, everyone buzzed with anticipation for Orb’s chance at victory.

As horses raced around the track, the crowd felt a surge of energy. All eyes were fixed on those magnificent animals sprinting towards success. In this sport where split seconds can make all the difference between winning and losing, every step taken by horse and jockey held great importance. It was an intense display of speed and strategy unfolding before our very eyes—a performance led by skilled jockeys guiding their powerful partners towards greatness.

With each lap completed, cheers erupted and hearts raced just like galloping horses racing toward that sought-after finish line painted with dreams of triumph. The atmosphere crackled with excitement—hope mixed with uncertainty—as Orb pushed forward amidst fierce competition vying to claim their place in history.

And then it happened—the moment we had all been waiting for! Orb crossed that final line first, leaving behind a cloud of dust as he secured his spot in Kentucky Derby legend. With Rosario expertly steering him and McGaughey III’s careful training paving his way to glory, Orb emerged victorious—a shining star amid numerous contenders left trailing behind in his wake.

Field Overview

Orb, the clear favorite with odds of 7:2, was all set for an amazing performance at the 2013 Kentucky Derby. This impressive colt got a good post position, setting up an exciting race day at Churchill Downs. Trainer Todd Pletcher showed off his skills by entering five horses in this big event, adding more excitement and competition to the field. Meanwhile, top jockeys like Kevin Krigger and Rosie Napravnik were ready to make history with potential groundbreaking wins.

The hype around Orb’s talent and possible victory created a buzz among fans leading up to one of horse racing’s most famous events. As the horses raced down the track on that important day at Churchill Downs, anticipation spread through the crowd as each contender fought for first place in this high-stakes battle for glory. The air was full of suspense as fans eagerly waited to see which horse would come out on top among tough competitors.

Guided skillfully by jockey Joel Rosario every step of the way, Orb displayed incredible speed and endurance that left spectators amazed. Galloping towards victory with determination and grace, Orb surged ahead of other horses in a stunning display of strength and agility on that legendary racetrack. Each hoofbeat echoed powerfully as Orb moved closer not only to winning but also securing his spot in history alongside legends.

In an exciting finish heard throughout Churchill Downs, Orb crossed the finish line first in a triumphant win that confirmed his title as champion of the 2013 Kentucky Derby. Cheers erupted from thrilled fans witnessing this extraordinary achievement unfold before their eyes – it was evident they had seen something truly remarkable on that unforgettable day at America’s greatest horse race.

Derby Standings: Odds, Stakes & Points Breakdown

Position Post Horse Jockey Trainer Morning Odds Final Odds Stakes Points
1 15 Orb Joel Rosario Claude McGaughey III 7:2 5.4 $1,414,800 150
2 3 Golden Soul Robby Albarado Dallas Stewart 50:1 35.4 $400,000 14
3 2 Revolutionary Calvin Borel Todd Pletcher 10:1 6.4 $200,000 110
4 4 Normandy Invasion Javier Castellano Chad Brown 12:1 9.3 $100,000 44
5 5 Mylute Rosie Napravnik Thomas M. Amoss 15:1 15.3 $60,000 42
6 1 Oxbow Gary Stevens D. Wayne Lukas 30:1 24.9 36
7 10 Lines of Battle Ryan Moore Aidan O’Brien 30:1 31.9 100
8 16 Will Take Charge Jon Court D. Wayne Lukas 20:1 36.4 60
9 14 Charming Kitten Edgar Prado Todd Pletcher 20:1 33.2 20
10 6 Giant Finish Jose L. Espinoza Anthony W. Dutrow 50:1 38.6 10
11 8 Overanalyze Rafael Bejarano Todd Pletcher 15:1 16.2 110
12 9 Palace Malice Mike E. Smith Todd Pletcher 20:1 23.7 50
13 18 Java’s War Julien Leparoux Kenneth McPeek 15:1 21.5 122
14 13 Verrazano John R. Velazquez Todd Pletcher 4:1 8.7 150
15 11 Itsmyluckyday Elvis Trujillo Edward Plesa, Jr. 15:1 9.5 50
16 17 Frac Daddy Victor LeBron Kenneth McPeek 50:1 25.0 44
17 7 Goldencents Kevin Krigger Doug O’Neill 5:1 7.9 129
18 19 Vyjack Garrett K. Gomez Rudy Rodriguez 50:1 18.8 70
19 12 Falling Sky Luis Saez John Terranova II 50:1 39.7 30

Race Outcome

In 2013, Orb made an impressive win at the Kentucky Derby. His exceptional talent and determination were on full display, especially on a tough track. Despite challenging conditions due to rain earlier in the day, Orb showed incredible grit as he surged from behind to claim victory by a remarkable 2 1/2 lengths. This win not only solidified his position as a top competitor but also showcased trainer Shug McGaughey’s skill in preparing Orb for prestigious races.

Orb’s time of 2:02.89 during the race highlighted not just his speed but also his endurance—essential qualities for success in such a demanding event like the Kentucky Derby. The triumph was significant for trainer Shug McGaughey, marking his first victory at one of horse racing’s most respected competitions. This milestone wasn’t just about winning; it represented years of dedication, hard work, and unwavering belief in both horse and trainer.

As Orb crossed the finish line with style and finesse, spectators were amazed by both his performance and jockey Joel Rosario’s expert guidance throughout the race. Despite facing strong competition from other talented contenders that year like Normandy Invasion and Mylute among others—Orb shone with an outstanding show of skill and determination rarely seen on grand stages like this one. The thrilling end brought cheers ringing through Churchill Downs while painting an unforgettable picture of excellence forever etched into Kentucky Derby history.

Betting Payouts

The 139th Kentucky Derby had some big payouts for smart bettors who believed in Orb’s win. The Exacta bet, which rewarded those who correctly picked the first and second-place horses, paid out an impressive $981.60. This showed how good Orb was on the track and how savvy those were who took risks with their predictions.

Likewise, the Superfecta option gave punters a thrilling chance to win big, with a massive payout of $28,542. This hefty sum went to those who not only chose Orb as the winner but also got all four top-finishing horses in exact order in what turned out to be an exciting race at Churchill Downs. These payouts remind us that horse racing can be unpredictable and that there are huge rewards for those brave enough to trust their instincts when placing bets.

These significant wins not only highlight Orb’s amazing performance that day but also show how fun and financially rewarding it can be to take part in events like the Kentucky Derby. It’s clear that moments like these add extra excitement for both spectators and bettors alike, making each Derby edition a spectacle full of anticipation and unforgettable results.

Orb's Derby Legacy: Myths and Marvels

  1. # Unraveling Orb's Derby Legacy: Debunked Myths and Astounding Feats

  2. **Myth Busted: Orb Didn't Need Lucky Number 16**

  3. – Forget superstitions! Despite popular belief, Orb didn't rely on lucky number 16 to clinch victory at the Kentucky Derby inHis raw talent and hard work paved his path to success, not some mystical number.

  4. **Fascinating Fact Alert: The Winning Streak of a Champ**

  5. – Before conquering the 2013 Kentucky Derby, Orb showcased an impressive winning streak by triumphing in races like the Fountain of Youth Stakes and Florida Derby. This winning spree solidified his position as a top-notch competitor.

  6. **Debunking Hype: Triple Crown Dreams Dashed**

  7. – Following his stellar performance at the Kentucky Derby, hype surrounded Orb's potential to nab the prestigious Triple Crown title. While he did win the Preakness Stakes, falling short at Belmont sparked debates about whether he had what it takes for this grand achievement.

  8. **Engaging Tidbit: Unveiling Orb's Racing Lineage**

  9. – Delving into heritage reveals that Orb hailed from esteemed lineage; sired by Malibu Moon known for producing racehorse stars and with a dam named Lady Liberty boasting strong racing genes – fueling expectations of greatness on track.

  10. **Unmasking Truth Behind Churchill Downs Connection Myth**

  11. – Dispel illusions! Contrary to mystical tales linking him to Churchill Downs spirits guiding him towards glory during the iconic Kentucky Derby event – there was no magical intervention but sheer skill that etched a memorable chapter in horse racing lore with Orb’s triumph.

Subsequent Grade I Wins

After winning the Kentucky Derby in 2013, Orb didn’t manage to win any more races, but several other horses from that same year’s race achieved Grade I victories in different competitions. Oxbow won the Preakness Stakes and Palace Malice claimed wins at both the Belmont Stakes and Metropolitan Handicap.

Orb’s influence went beyond just his own wins as he motivated many of his fellow competitors from the thrilling 2013 Kentucky Derby to succeed in subsequent Grade I events. Watching these talented horses shine after the Derby added excitement and depth to what was already a memorable day at Churchill Downs.

The aftermath of Orb’s victory was like planting seeds that blossomed into success for each horse, showcasing their skills across various tracks nationwide. Despite not adding more victories post-Derby, seeing others thrive highlighted how tough and competitive that group of contenders truly was.

It felt almost poetic watching these equine athletes embark on their journeys after the Kentucky Derby – each forging unique paths through prestigious races such as the Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, and Metropolitan Handicap. Their performances told stories of resilience, determination, and sheer willpower within horse racing.

The impact of that unforgettable 2013 Kentucky Derby continued resonating well past Churchill Downs with every subsequent Grade I triumph by horses who raced alongside Orb on that momentous first Saturday in May. It wasn’t just about one victorious moment; it became a testament to the enduring spirit and skill displayed by all those magnificent creatures – showing why this sport captures hearts worldwide.

Legacy and Impact

Orb’s incredible win at the 2013 Kentucky Derby was a turning point in his racing career and highlighted the exceptional teamwork of trainer Claude McGaughey III and jockey Joel Rosario. Together with Orb, they showcased remarkable skill and determination on the track that captured audiences worldwide. This victory wasn’t just about winning but represented collaboration, dedication, and raw talent working seamlessly together.

After dominating at Churchill Downs, Orb continued to impress in horse racing by securing wins at top-tier Grade I races such as the Florida Derby and Belmont Stakes. These victories solidified his reputation as one of the fiercest competitors during that time. His consistent performance across various tracks under different conditions demonstrated his versatility as a racehorse—a trait that distinguished him from other contenders.

Orb’s triumph at the Kentucky Derby had a lasting impact beyond personal achievements; it reignited interest in horse racing among fans and industry insiders alike. With every step towards greatness, Orb inspired a new wave of enthusiasts who admired his speed, agility, and unwavering determination on the racetrack. His legacy went beyond mere numbers or winnings; it embodied resilience, love for sport, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence—qualities that still resonate with every fan today.

Looking back on Orb’s journey from rising star to celebrated champion serves as a timeless reminder that dreams can come true through hard work and perseverance. His legacy lives on not just through trophies or records but through stories shared around tables about an underdog turned hero—the brave colt who defied all odds with grace while leaving an unforgettable mark on history’s canvas of great sporting feats.


1. How did Orb qualify for the 2013 Kentucky Derby?

By winning the Florida Derby, Orb earned a spot in the 2013 Kentucky Derby. The Florida Derby is an important race that helps determine which horses get to compete in the prestigious event.

2. Who was Orb's trainer during his victorious run in the Derby?

Claude McGaughey III was the trainer of Orb when he won the Kentucky Derby in 2013.

3. What was the final time and margin of victory for Orb in the 2013 Kentucky Derby?

In 2013, Orb triumphed in the Kentucky Derby with an impressive final time of 2:02.89, winning by a margin of 2 1/2 lengths and demonstrating his outstanding skills and supremacy on the Churchill Downs track.

4. Which jockey rode Orb to victory in the 2013 Kentucky Derby?

In 2013, Joel Rosario skillfully guided Orb to win the Kentucky Derby.

5. What were the betting payouts for Orb's win in the 2013 Kentucky Derby?

Orb won the 2013 Kentucky Derby and paid out $12.80 for a win, $7.40 for second place, and $5.40 for third place.

6. How did horses from the 2013 Kentucky Derby perform in subsequent Grade I races?

After winning the 2013 Kentucky Derby, Orb and other horses continued to excel in top-tier races, proving just how skilled and competitive they were.