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1999 Kentucky Derby Winner Charismatic

1999 kentucky derby winner charismatic

In 1999, a champion triumphed at the Kentucky Derby with an electrifying win. The race showcased a thrilling blend of speed, skill, and determination on the revered grounds of Churchill Downs. An exceptional horse and talented jockey formed a seamless partnership as they raced towards victory among fierce competition. This iconic moment in horse racing history captures the excitement and legacy that endures from that unforgettable day.

Charismatic’s Background and Training

In 1999, Charismatic amazed everyone by winning the Kentucky Derby. He owed his success to top-notch training and natural talent. With expert coaching from famous trainer D. Wayne Lukas, Charismatic became a fierce competitor in horse racing after practicing on dirt tracks for hours.

Bob and Beverly Lewis supported their champion with love and care, creating an environment where he could thrive. Charismatic’s impressive speed and agility captured fans’ hearts during races. Thanks to Lukas’ strict training routine, Charismatic stayed disciplined and focused for the tough competition at Churchill Downs.

Jockey Chris Antley skillfully guided Charismatic to victory against strong rivals in one of America’s toughest horse races. The day of the race was unforgettable as crowds cheered wildly from the stands at Churchill Downs when history was made by Charismatic’s triumphant run down Victory Lane in 1999.

This win wasn’t just about victory; it showcased an incredible partnership between horse and rider that went beyond competition—it showed poetry in motion where every powerful stride resonated with grace thanks to dedication paired with raw talent possessed by this amazing creature named Charismatic.

Jockey Chris Antley

Chris Antley skillfully guided Charismatic through the crowded field at Churchill Downs, expertly maneuvering towards the front of the pack while closely watching his competitors’ moves. His smart decisions during the race showed his deep understanding of both Charismatic’s skills and racing strategies.

The bond between Chris Antley and Charismatic was truly special as they raced down the homestretch in perfect harmony. Their partnership went beyond just working together; it was a blend of trust and determination that led them to victory. Antley’s calm yet strong presence on horseback matched with Charismatic’s power created an unstoppable duo on that memorable Derby day.

As they triumphantly crossed the finish line, Chris Antley raised his whip in celebration, marking not only a win but also a testament to hard work paying off splendidly. The cheering crowd echoed their admiration for this dynamic pair who had surpassed expectations to emerge victorious against all odds. In that moment of glory, Chris Antley became more than just a jockey – he became a legend alongside his noble steed Charismatic.

The Pros & Cons of Derby Day Drama


  1. Experience an exciting and thrilling atmosphere

  2. Engage in high-stakes and intense competition

  3. Create memorable moments and achieve historic milestones

  4. Witness top-tier horse racing talent


  1. Be prepared for surprising upsets or letdowns

  2. Navigate through bustling and lively event venues

  3. Watch out for weather changes that may affect race conditions

  4. Experience intense emotions as both a participant and spectator

Race Day Conditions

The 1999 Kentucky Derby happened on May 1st at Churchill Downs with the track in top condition for fast racing. The ideal track surface allowed horses like Charismatic to show their best skills and compete at the highest level.

The sun shone brightly over the famous racetrack, casting a golden light on the excited crowd gathered to watch history unfold. The smell of freshly cut grass mixed with the excitement hanging in the air, creating an atmosphere full of anticipation.

Jockeys wearing colorful silks jumped onto their powerful horses, each pair showing determination and grace as they paraded before the eager spectators. Among them was Chris Antley riding Charismatic, a duo set for success on this significant day.

As they raced down towards victory along the final stretch, hooves beating out a rhythmic pattern that seemed to resonate through time itself, Charismatic and Antley moved seamlessly together – blending power and finesse in a way unmatched by any other competitor on that revered turf.

Unforgettable Victory at Churchill Downs

The 1999 Kentucky Derby was a defining moment in horse racing when Charismatic emerged victorious, crossing the finish line with a time of 2:03.29. A crowd of over 150,000 spectators witnessed an electrifying race that highlighted the remarkable skill and determination of both the horse and its rider.

Charismatic and jockey Chris Antley formed an extraordinary partnership, moving together like a perfectly synchronized dance routine with each step precisely timed. As they raced down Churchill Downs, their connection felt almost spiritual, pushing each other towards triumph.

Their path to victory had its share of challenges; it was like navigating through a maze full of unexpected obstacles. But when faced with adversity, Charismatic tapped into his inner strength and unwavering resolve to surge forward.

When they crossed the finish line first among all competitors, there was a collective gasp followed by thunderous applause—a celebration honoring their unbeatable spirit and unbreakable bond. It wasn’t just about winning a race; it was about defying expectations, overcoming obstacles, and leaving an unforgettable mark on sporting history for eternity.

Race Results: Top Performers at the Derby

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 16 Charismatic Chris Antley D. Wayne Lukas Robert B. & Beverly J. Lewis 2:03.29
2nd 18 Menifee Pat Day W. Elliott Walden J. Stone & A. Hancock III
3rd 10 Cat Thief Mike E. Smith D. Wayne Lukas Overbrook Farm
4th 13 Prime Timber David Flores Bob Baffert Aaron U. & Marie Jones
5th 5 Excellent Meeting Kent Desormeaux Bob Baffert Golden Eagle Farm
6th 12 Kimberlite Pipe Robby Albarado Dallas Stewart Prairie Star Racing & John Gunther
7th 11 Worldly Manner Jerry D. Bailey Saeed bin Suroor Godolphin Racing, Inc.
8th 9 K One King Alex Solis Akiko Gothard Allen E. & Madeleine A. Paulson
9th 19 Lemon Drop Kid José A. Santos Scotty Schulhofer Jeanne Vance
10th 7 Answer Lively Craig Perret Bobby C. Barnett John A. Franks
11th 14 General Challenge Gary Stevens Bob Baffert Golden Eagle Farm
12th 3 Ecton Park Robbie Davis W. Elliott Walden Mark Stanley
13th 6 Desert Hero Corey Nakatani Richard E. Mandella The Thoroughbred Corp.
14th 4 Stephen Got Even Chris McCarron Nick Zito Stephen Hilbert
15th 8 Valhol Willie Martinez Dallas E. Keen James D. Jackson
16th 15 First American Eddie Delahoussaye Eduardo Caramori T N T Stud
17th 1 Adonis Jorge Chavez Nick Zito Paraneck Stable
18th 17 Vicar Shane Sellers Carl Nafzger James B. Tafel
19th 2 Three Ring John Velazquez Eddie Plesa, Jr. Barry Schwartz

Payouts and Betting Results

The payout schedule for the 125th Kentucky Derby showed some big wins for bettors. Charismatic’s victory paid out $64.60 for a win, $27.80 for placing second, and $14.40 if you had him show up in your bets! And let me tell you about those exotic bets like exacta, trifecta, and superfecta – they made some lucky folks very happy with their payouts.

Picture this: You’re at Churchill Downs that day and you put some of your hard-earned cash on Charismatic to win. As soon as the race ends, those numbers pop up on the board – what a rush! You must have been bouncing around like crazy!

If you were feeling extra bold and decided to bet on an exacta with Charismatic finishing first and another horse coming in right after… Jackpot! Your pockets would’ve filled up faster than a leprechaun finding his pot of gold.

And don’t even get me started on the brave souls who went all-in with trifectas or superfectas including our champ Charismatic – they weren’t just betting; they were creating magic with their ticket picks! Watching all those horses cross that finish line in perfect order must’ve felt like hitting a bullseye blindfolded while riding backward on a galloping stallion!

So next time someone says “it’s harder than picking winners at the Kentucky Derby,” remember there are moments when luck shines brighter than anything else, turning dreams into reality quicker than saying “run for roses” three times fast!

Full Race Results

After Charismatic won, Menifee came in second place and Cat Thief finished third in a tough race. Each horse and jockey showed off their skills, giving it their all as they raced towards the finish line.

The sound of hooves pounding on the track echoed at Churchill Downs as Charismatic and his talented jockey, Chris Antley, surged ahead to claim victory. The teamwork between them was flawless, with every move perfectly coordinated between rider and horse.

As they charged towards the win, you could see Charismatic’s determination in his eyes while Antley expertly guided him to success. Their connection went beyond just working together; it was a beautiful blend of trust, talent, and perseverance that made history on that memorable Derby day.

In the world of racing legends, this moment will always be remembered as a shining example of champions coming together for greatness. Charismatic’s triumph wasn’t just about one horse winning—it was a tribute to hard work paying off and dreams becoming reality through dedication—a reminder to everyone chasing their own Kentucky Derby moments amidst cheers ringing through time.

Mystical Tales of the 1999 Derby Champ

  1. ### The Enchanting Saga of the 1999 Derby Champion

  2. **Charismatic's Modest Origins:** Charismatic, born on February 13, 1996, in Kentucky, was once seen as an underdog due to his simple lineage. However, he defied all expectations and rose to greatness.

  3. **Chasing the Triple Crown Glory:** In 1999, Charismatic captured the hearts of racing enthusiasts by clinching victories at both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. He then set his sights on competing in the Belmont Stakes with a chance to secure the elusive Triple Crown title.

  4. **The Fateful Injury:** During the climactic Belmont Stakes race, Charismatic sustained a career-ending injury during the final stretch. Despite enduring immense pain, he bravely pushed through and gallantly crossed the finish line in third place – showcasing extraordinary courage and determination.

  5. **Embracing Retirement:** Following his unforgettable run at Belmont Park, Charismatic bid farewell to competitive racing and ventured into a new phase as a stud horse. His legacy as a symbol of bravery and resilience lives on among fans who continue to hold him dear.

  6. **A Timeless Legacy:** The tale of Charismatic serves as an ongoing inspiration for countless generations passionate about horse racing history. His incredible journey from humble beginnings to becoming not just a Derby champion but also vying for Triple Crown glory stands tall as proof of a Thoroughbred's unyielding spirit that knows no bounds.

Legacy of Charismatic

The 1999 Kentucky Derby saw Charismatic clinch a remarkable victory that left spectators in awe. This underdog’s triumph resonated with many, as he overcame the odds to emerge victorious at Churchill Downs. His impressive display of resilience and determination not only captured hearts but also inspired fans worldwide.

The dynamic duo of Charismatic and jockey Chris Antley played a pivotal role in their success on that historic race day. Antley expertly guided the spirited colt, enabling Charismatic to showcase his full potential on the track. Their partnership created a magical synergy between horse and rider that mesmerized all who witnessed it.

After winning the Kentucky Derby, Charismatic continued his winning streak by claiming victory at the Preakness Stakes just two weeks later, solidifying his status as a racing legend. These consecutive wins established him as one of the most adored champions in racing history, leaving an unforgettable mark on the sport.

In his final race at Belmont Park, adversity struck when Charismatic suffered an injury near the finish line. However, he displayed immense courage till his very last stride by pushing through pain barriers. His bravery showcased true sportsmanship and left behind a lasting legacy that continues to inspire athletes and enthusiasts alike.

Despite retiring from racing due to injuries following his heroic efforts at Belmont Park, Charismatic remained captivating with his spirit and tenacity. His legacy endures as a symbol of perseverance against all odds—a shining example of what can be achieved through unwavering dedication and sheer willpower.

Continued Success Beyond the Derby

Charismatic, after winning at Churchill Downs, went on to compete in other famous races like the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes as part of his journey towards the Triple Crown. His adventures post-Kentucky Derby victory grabbed fans’ attention and showed that he was a legendary racehorse in the sport.

The connection between Charismatic and jockey Chris Antley was truly special. They worked together seamlessly on the track, moving like a beautiful dance amidst loud cheers from spectators. Each step they took seemed to break boundaries, showing everyone what they were capable of.

Charismatic wasn’t just about winning races; he represented determination, resilience, and an unbreakable spirit. Their victories weren’t just about finishing first but about inspiring others with their perseverance and strong bond.

As they raced into history under the Twin Spires of Churchill Downs during those exciting moments, Charismaic’s hooves sounded like dreams coming true. The world watched amazed as this powerful duo left their mark on racing history forevermore.


1. What made Charismatic's victory at the 1999 Kentucky Derby so historic?

Charismatic made history by winning the 1999 Kentucky Derby, showcasing the incredible teamwork between the amazing horse and his talented jockey, Chris Antley. Together, they raced to victory at Churchill Downs in a thrilling display of skill and determination.

2. How did jockey Chris Antley contribute to Charismatic's success in the race?

In the 1999 Kentucky Derby, jockey Chris Antley's skillful riding and strong bond with Charismatic led them to a thrilling victory. Their teamwork was flawless, making them champions and creating a memorable moment in horse racing history.

3. What were some of the key challenges Charismatic and Chris Antley faced during the 1999 Kentucky Derby?

Even though starting from a far outside position and being considered an unlikely winner at 31-1 odds, Charismatic and Chris Antley defied expectations to achieve an impressive win in the 1999 Kentucky Derby. They displayed remarkable teamwork and persistence throughout the race.

4. How did Charismatic's win at the Kentucky Derby impact his legacy in horse racing?

Charismatic's win at the Kentucky Derby secured his spot in horse racing history, highlighting his incredible skill and the impressive teamwork between him and jockey Chris Antley.

5. Can you describe the bond between Charismatic and Chris Antley leading up to their victory at Churchill Downs?

Charismatic and Chris Antley shared a strong bond as they prepared for their unforgettable win at Churchill Downs. Their connection was built on trust, determination, and relentless dedication. Together, they showcased remarkable teamwork that resonated with racing fans around the globe.

6. What distinguished Charismatic from other competitors in the 1999 Kentucky Derby field?

In the 1999 Kentucky Derby, Charismatic stood out from his competition with his incredible teamwork alongside jockey Chris Antley, relentless determination, and unmatched speed. This led to a memorable win at Churchill Downs that made history.