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The Thoroughbred Corp. Owner: One Kentucky Derby Winner

kentucky derby winner war emblem 2002

Join us on an exciting journey through the remarkable history of The Thoroughbred Corp. in the world of horse racing, starting when Prince Ahmed bin Salman and Richard Mulhall founded it back in 1994. Discover their incredible accomplishments, such as winning top races like the Kentucky Derby and Epsom Derby, showing their strong dedication to excellence and success on international race tracks. See how The Thoroughbred Corp. faced challenges after Prince Ahmed’s passing but managed to come back triumphantly to the racing scene under his family’s guidance in 2022.

Establishment of the Thoroughbred Corporation

Established in 1994 by Prince Ahmed bin Salman of the Saudi Arabian royal family and his college buddy Richard Mulhall, The Thoroughbred Corporation swiftly became a prominent player in the world of horse racing. Their goal was crystal clear — to breed and race top-notch horses that would captivate audiences at prestigious events around the globe. With a substantial initial investment, they were serious about leaving their mark on the international stage.

The corporation faced challenges along its journey. From unexpected losses on the track to difficulties with breeding, it seemed like luck had abandoned them for a while. However, true champions are not made overnight; they emerge through trials and tribulations with unwavering determination. Prince Ahmed’s resilience shined brightly during these tough times as he refused to let setbacks hold him back.

Fast forward to today, and The Thoroughbred Corporation stands strong as a symbol of perseverance and passion for equine excellence. Although Prince Ahmed passed away too soon, his legacy lives on through his family members who have taken up the mantle with dedication. Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, this renowned corporation has experienced an impressive revival under new leadership—a story that rivals even the most thrilling races witnessed on tracks worldwide.

In every thundering hoofbeat echoing down history’s annals, one can hear whispers of victories celebrated alongside heart-wrenching defeats endured by The Thoroughbred Corporation. It is more than just a name in the realm of horse racing—it embodies grit, grace, and an unyielding spirit that refuses to be held back by adversities thrown its way.

As admirers of this esteemed establishment rooted deeply in tradition yet reaching for innovation with each step forward—let us tip our hats (or riding helmets!) in honor of The Thoroughbred Corporation’s indomitable spirit that continues to leave hoofprints on our hearts while creating stories worth sharing for generations ahead!

Notable Achievements in Racing

The Thoroughbred Corp. has made a lasting impact on the world of horse racing, achieving numerous impressive feats that shine brightly like gold trophies in the limelight. Their wins in four American Classic Races and triumphs in four Breeders’ Cups highlight their unwavering dedication to excellence on every track they race.

With exceptional skill that few can match, The Thoroughbred Corp. has secured its place among the elite by accomplishing what only a select few have dared to dream – owning winners at both the Kentucky Derby and Epsom Derby. This achievement is not just about luck; it’s about nurturing talent tirelessly, making strategic decisions, and knowing when to let horses run freely towards victory.

In a realm where legends are born and aspirations soar faster than thundering stallions down the final stretch, The Thoroughbred Corp.’s determination shines brightest. They have faced challenges that would make even experienced jockeys nervous but have emerged stronger with each step forward. It’s not just about winning races; it’s about demonstrating true resilience when confronted with obstacles bigger than hurdles at Aintree.

As family members of Prince Ahmed took over after his passing, they didn’t simply inherit a legacy—they fully embraced it, injecting new vitality into The Thoroughbred Corp.’s veins while honoring its rich history. Like skilled riders guiding spirited horses around sharp turns with grace and precision, they adeptly navigated challenges—steering towards success while carrying forward a torch lit by past glories for future generations to appreciate.”

The Pros & Cons of Derby Dominance


  1. Kentucky Derby has a long history of winning races

  2. Known for its high status in horse racing

  3. Famous for breeding and training top racehorses

  4. Continuously succeeds in creating winning horses

  5. Draws in top jockeys and trainers to join the team


  1. Setting high goals might put a lot of stress on the team

  2. Facing tough competition from other stables and owners

  3. Always needing to invest in horse care, training, and facilities

  4. The public and media watching closely can sometimes feel like too much

  5. There's always a chance for injuries or unexpected challenges in horse racing

Key Horses Raced by the Thoroughbred Corp.

The Thoroughbred Corp. has long been known for its excellence in the world of horse racing, boasting a lineup of extraordinary equine champions that showcase their impressive legacy. From the dominating performance of Point Given to the relentless spirit of War Emblem, these horses have made their mark in racing history with remarkable wins on tracks near and far. Jewel Princess sparkled like a rare gem, Anees raced towards victory, Oath asserted dominance, while Elusive City consistently displayed his exceptional speed. Each hoofbeat not only resonated within the sport but also captured the hearts and minds of fans worldwide.

These legendary horses did more than just win races; they captivated audiences and left lasting impressions. Their triumphs at prestigious events around the globe were more than just awards – they were moments that defined eras in horse racing folklore. The stable at The Thoroughbred Corp. was a breeding ground for legends where each steed carried tales of determination, elegance, and magnificence from start to finish line. Whether thundering down Churchill Downs or gliding over Ascot’s turf, these horses demonstrated unmatched skill under The Thoroughbred Corp.’s banner.

Despite facing obstacles along life’s racetrack – whether heartbreaking defeats or unforeseen challenges – The Thoroughbred Corp., much like its magnificent steeds during intense finishes on course showed unyielding resilience through every twist and turn along their journey. And when adversity threatened to halt their winning streak temporarily after tragic losses such as those suffered by Prince Ahmed’s family members who took up reins post-challenges adjusting saddles quickly became second nature as they reignited past glory amidst cheers louder than ever before.

Succession After Prince Ahmed’s Passing

Following the unexpected passing of Prince Ahmed, The Thoroughbred Corp. encountered a challenging period which saw his brother Prince Faisal taking charge to steer the company through turbulent times. In 2004, a significant setback occurred when many prized horses were auctioned off in southern California, causing operations to be put on hold temporarily. Despite facing these obstacles, The Thoroughbred Corp.’s spirit and legacy persisted over time.

Fast forward to 2022, and under the guidance of Prince Ahmed’s family members, The Thoroughbred Corp. has experienced an impressive comeback. Their dedication and love for horse racing have injected new energy into the corporation, pushing it back into the spotlight within the competitive world of equestrian sports. This revival serves as proof of their unwavering commitment and belief in maintaining The Thoroughbred Corp.’s esteemed reputation.

The journey from adversity to triumph not only illustrates resilience inherent in The Thoroughbred Corp.’s DNA but also demonstrates how challenges can spark growth and progress. It is a story that resonates deeply within horse racing communities where legends are born out of sheer determination and perseverance against all odds.

Looking ahead with optimism and excitement, one thing remains clear – The Thoroughbred Corp.’s enduring legacy will continue captivating fans worldwide with its remarkable accomplishments on racetracks across the globe.

Race Legends: Noteworthy Achievements in Horse Racing

Horse Name Year Race Won Award/Recognition
Jewel Princess 1996 Breeders’ Cup Distaff Eclipse Award for Outstanding Older Female Horse
Sharp Cat 1996 7 Grade 1 races
Anees 1999 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Eclipse Award for Outstanding 2-Year-Old Male Horse
Spain 2000 Breeders’ Cup Distaff Richest mare in North American racing history
Point Given 2001 Preakness and Belmont Stakes United States Horse of the Year
Johar 2002 Hollywood Derby, Breeders’ Cup Turf
War Emblem 2002 Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes Eclipse Award for Outstanding 3-Year-Old Male Horse
Dr Fong 1998 Prix Eugène Adam, St. James’s Palace Stakes
Royal Anthem 1998 Canadian International Stakes, Juddmonte International
Oath 1999 Epsom Derby
Elusive City 2002 Prix Morny Champion 2-Year-Old in France

Revival and Return to Racing Tracks

The Thoroughbred Corp. has made a strong comeback in 2022, thanks to the efforts of Prince Ahmed’s family members. This resurgence is an exciting moment in horse racing history. The six fillies currently under the training of John and Thady Gosden are ready to continue the corporation’s impressive legacy with style and speed.

These horses seem to embody resilience as they charge towards a promising future despite facing challenges.

As The Thoroughbred Corp.’s distinct colors start appearing once more on UK racing tracks after some time away, fans can’t help but feel nostalgic for the victories and thrill they used to represent. Each step taken by these amazing athletes stands as proof of determination and dedication, echoing the hard work put in by those driving this revival behind-the-scenes. Every race entered isn’t just about winning but also about paying tribute to a rich tradition that has been revived from tough times.

With every hoofbeat echoing through racetracks, you can almost picture Prince Ahmed smiling down at his beloved project brought back to life through his family’s unwavering commitment. It feels like watching old wounds heal while witnessing new successes unfold right before our eyes – showing that true champions shine bright even when faced with challenges beyond their control. As fans cheer on these majestic creatures adorned in familiar silks, it becomes clear that The Thoroughbred Corp.’s return means more than just victories; it represents restored hope against all odds.

The bond between horse and rider has always been mysterious – an unspoken connection transcending time and space. In this tale of revival led by Prince Ahmed’s relatives, we see skilled jockeys guiding powerful steeds towards victory while witnessing a multigenerational story play out with each race run under those iconic fluttering colors once again.

By combining past glories with present aspirations within its renewed campaign on British soil, The Thoroughbred Corp.’s comeback serves as motivation for dreamers everywhere who refuse to let setbacks define their journey forward. Like thoroughbreds surging ahead despite obstacles along their path, this story of rebirth reminds us all that real greatness prevails when courage meets opportunity head-on – leaving an unforgettable mark on hearts captivated anew by tales of triumph over adversity.


1. How did The Thoroughbred Corporation make its mark in the world of horse racing?

The Thoroughbred Corporation made a lasting impact in the horse racing world by excelling at acquiring top racehorses, winning big races such as the Kentucky Derby and Breeders' Cup, and demonstrating a strong dedication to excellence that defined an amazing era in the sport.

2. What were some of the most notable Kentucky Derby victories achieved by The Thoroughbred Corp.?

The Thoroughbred Corp. made a big impact at the Kentucky Derby by winning with horses such as Real Quiet in 1998 and War Emblem in 2002. These victories highlighted their lasting influence and skill in horse racing.

3. How did The Thoroughbred Corp. overcome challenges to continue its legacy in horse racing?

Prince Ahmed's family members showed unwavering dedication and passion to revive The Thoroughbred Corp., overcoming challenges in the horse racing industry with resilience and determination. They successfully continued the corporation's legacy through their hard work and perseverance.

4. Who are some key figures associated with The Thoroughbred Corp.'s success in the Kentucky Derby?

The Thoroughbred Corp.'s triumph in the Kentucky Derby was made possible by key figures such as Prince Ahmed bin Salman and his family members. Even after his passing, they have persevered to uphold the legacy with great resilience and success.

5. What role did Prince Ahmed's family members play in reviving and sustaining The Thoroughbred Corp.'s influence in horse racing?

Prince Ahmed's family played a crucial part in bringing back and maintaining The Thoroughbred Corp.'s impact in horse racing. They showed strong dedication, smart planning, and a deep commitment to preserving the corporation's respected history.

6. How has The Thoroughbred Corp.'s legacy impacted the broader landscape of horse racing beyond the Kentucky Derby?

The Thoroughbred Corp. has made a lasting impact on the global horse racing scene, demonstrating resilience, top-notch performance, and unwavering dedication to the sport that goes beyond just the Kentucky Derby. This has inspired countless fans and industry insiders for generations.