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Kentucky Derby Winner 1994 go for Gin

kentucky derby winner 1994 go for gin

In 1994, Go for Gin and jockey Chris McCarron achieved a thrilling victory at the Kentucky Derby. Despite the rainy track, they skillfully navigated their way to a historic win. Owned by William J. Condren & Joseph M. Cornacchia and trained by Nick Zito, this triumph in challenging conditions was a significant moment in horse racing history that highlighted the resilience and expertise of everyone involved. Even today, fans worldwide are still captivated by the enduring legacy of this remarkable race!

Kentucky Derby Winner 1994 go for Gin

The 1994 Kentucky Derby made history when Go for Gin triumphed in tough conditions. The rainy track added complexity, taking us back to races from years past. Jockey Chris McCarron showed off his impressive skills navigating the muddy course, guiding Go for Gin with finesse and determination.

Owner contributions were crucial to Go for Gin’s success, showing the dedication and support needed in horse racing. William J. Condren & Joseph M. Cornacchia played key roles in this amazing win, proving that a strong team stands behind every champion committed to excellence. Their smart decisions and unwavering belief pushed Go for Gin towards greatness on that unforgettable day at Churchill Downs.

Go for Gin’s victory left a lasting mark on horse racing history, highlighting not just individual talent but also teamwork and perseverance under tough circumstances. This win is a reminder that even when facing challenges like unexpected weather or tough competition, true champions rise above it all through skillful execution and unwavering determination—a lesson still relevant in sports today.

Payouts and Betting Results

In 1994, Go for Gin won the Kentucky Derby and got everyone pumped up. The odds were $20.20 to win, $8.40 to place, and $5.80 to show – giving Go for Gin a big advantage on race day.

It was raining during the 120th Kentucky Derby which made things super unpredictable. But despite the slippery track from heavy rain earlier in the day, jockey Chris McCarron did an awesome job guiding Go for Gin to victory.

Behind every successful horse is a dedicated owner who plays a huge part in their success. William J. Condren owned Go For Gin at that time – his dedication and investment really helped secure this amazing win.

People who bet on Go for Gin ended up winning big with nice payouts across different types of bets like exacta and trifecta bets – showing off both his skills on the track and how popular he was among risk-takers.

Go For Gins’ historic victory left a lasting mark that still inspires fans worldwide about never giving up, doing great under pressure, and grabbing opportunities when they come your way – proving that sometimes even underdogs can beat all expectations against all odds!

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Race Results and Contenders

Go for Gin’s win in the 1994 Kentucky Derby made waves in horse racing history. The rainy weather on race day added a thrilling twist to an already intense event, creating a challenging yet exciting atmosphere for both horses and jockeys. Despite the slippery track, Go for Gin showed impressive agility and determination, highlighting not only his exceptional breeding but also the skilled guidance from jockey Chris McCarron.

The dynamic duo of Go for Gin and Chris McCarron maneuvered around Churchill Downs with finesse, taking charge of the race early on and keeping their momentum strong throughout. McCarron’s strategic handling of Go for Gin showcased his expertise as a jockey, making quick decisions that led them to victory. This triumph wasn’t just about winning; it was a display of teamwork, dedication, and talent coming together seamlessly at a crucial moment in history.

Behind every successful horse is an owner who pours their heart into nurturing their equine partner towards greatness. In Go for Gin’s case, William J. Condren embodied this spirit fully – dedicating time, resources, and unwavering belief in his prized colt. His contributions off the track played a pivotal role in shaping Go for Gin into the champion he became that memorable day at Churchill Downs.

The impact of this iconic victory goes beyond one race; it represents perseverance against challenges and serves as a lasting reminder of what can be accomplished when passion aligns with purpose on racing’s biggest stage.

Breeder Information

Pamela duPont Darmstadt’s keen eye for quality horses was the key factor in Go for Gin’s win at the 1994 Kentucky Derby. It wasn’t just luck that led to their breeding success – it was her expertise and dedication that shone through as Go for Gin raced his way to victory on a rainy day at Churchill Downs.

Despite the less-than-ideal conditions during the 1994 Kentucky Derby, with rain pouring down relentlessly and a muddy track causing challenges, both horses and jockeys had to navigate carefully around each turn. However, this didn’t stop Go for Gin and rider Chris McCarron from showcasing their exceptional skills and determination.

Chris McCarron’s masterful ride aboard Go for Gin was truly spectacular. With strategic precision and unwavering focus, he guided the talented colt through the chaotic field, avoiding mishaps while maintaining a steady pace towards victory. Their partnership exemplified perfect synergy – an unspoken understanding between horse and rider propelling them towards greatness.

The combined efforts of owner William J Condren Jr., trainer Nick Zito, jockey Chris McCarron, along with breeder Pamela duPont Darmstadt all played crucial roles in shaping Go For Gin into the champion he became. This demonstrates that success is not solely attributed to one person or entity but rather a collective effort driven by passion and perseverance.

Go For Gin’s triumph in the 1994 Kentucky Derby left an indelible mark on horse racing history—a legacy of grit, skill,and sheer determination against all odds. The victory serves as inspiration to many aspiring breeders, owners,trainers,jockeys— reminding them that with hard work,dedication,and perhaps even some serendipity dreams can come true even under challenging circumstances like those rainy skies over Churchill Downs.

Distinguished Finishers of 1994 Kentucky Derby

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 8 Go for Gin Chris McCarron Nick Zito W.J. Condren & J.M. Cornacchia 2:03.72
2nd 7 Strodes Creek Eddie Delahoussaye Charles Whittingham Hancock, Rose Hill Stable, Whittingham
3rd 13 Blumin Affair Jerry D. Bailey Jack Van Berg Leroy Bowman & Arthur Vogel
4th 10 Brocco Gary Stevens Randy Winick Albert & Dana Broccoli
5th 1 Soul of the Matter Kent Desormeaux Richard Mandella Burt Bacharach
6th 9 Tabasco Cat Pat Day D. Wayne Lukas Overbrook Farm & D.P. Reynolds
7th 12 Southern Rhythm Garrett Gomez James O. Keefer Heiligbrodt, Keefer, New
8th 3 Powis Castle Chris Antley Rodney Rash Vistas Stables
9th 6 Mahogany Hall Willie Martinez James E. Baker Robert Hoeweler
10th 11 Smilin Singin Sam Larry Melancon Niall M. O’Callaghan Dogwood Stable
11th 14 Meadow Flight Shane Sellers James Ryerson Ben J. Aliyuee Stables
12th 4 Holy Bull Mike E. Smith Warren A. Croll, Jr. Warren A. Croll, Jr.
13th 2 Valiant Nature Laffit Pincay, Jr. Ronald McAnally Verne H. Winchell
14th 5 Ulises Jorge Chavez Alfredo Callejas Robert Perez

Historical Significance of Rainy Conditions

During the 1994 Kentucky Derby, heavy rain turned the track into a muddy mess, creating a thrilling race that hadn’t been seen at Churchill Downs since 1948. The downpour made it a tough battle for both horses and jockeys, testing their endurance and skills like never before. This unexpected change in weather added an extra level of excitement to the event, keeping fans on edge throughout.

Jockey Chris McCarron showed off his impressive talent by expertly guiding Go for Gin through the challenging conditions. Despite the slippery terrain, McCarron skillfully steered his horse through the mud, setting him up for success. His ability to think quickly and make smart decisions under pressure was truly exceptional, proving why he’s considered one of horse racing’s best jockeys.

Behind every winning horse are dedicated owners who often go unrecognized in the world of horse racing. In Go for Gin’s case, trainer Nick Zito and owner William J. Condren played crucial roles in securing this memorable victory. Their unwavering support, careful planning, and belief in their horse helped propel Go for Gin to triumph against all odds—a powerful example of how teamwork and determination can lead to success on race day.

Jockey and Trainer Achievements

In the 1994 Kentucky Derby, Jockey Chris McCarron’s impressive ride on Go for Gin was truly unforgettable. Despite the tough rainy conditions, McCarron skillfully guided Go for Gin through the muddy track with finesse and determination, showcasing his exceptional horsemanship skills. His ability to handle challenging weather while maintaining a strong position throughout the race set him apart as an expert jockey.

Trainer Nick Zito played a crucial role in Go for Gin’s success by thoroughly preparing both horse and jockey for the demanding race ahead. Zito’s strategic planning and deep understanding of each horse under his care were evident in how well-prepared Go for Gin was on Derby day. Under Zito’s guidance, Go for Gin not only showed physical strength but also mental toughness—a true testament to Zito’s expertise as a trainer who knew how to bring out the best in his horses when it mattered most.

Together, McCarron and Zito formed an unbeatable team that showcased teamwork, dedication, and passion within horse racing. Their seamless collaboration during the 1994 Kentucky Derby demonstrated what happens when talent meets thorough preparation—victory becomes inevitable. It was their combined efforts that drove Go for Gin towards glory at Churchill Downs that memorable day, leaving a lasting mark on racing history.

The synchronized partnership between jockey and trainer is vital in any successful race campaign; however, achieving greatness amidst fierce competition like at prestigious events such as the Kentucky Derby requires something extraordinary. Chris McCarron’s instinctive timing along with Nick Zito’s profound conditioning knowledge made them formidable opponents on raceday—an unstoppable force ready to overcome whatever challenges came their way.

Looking back at Jockey Chris McCarron’s incredible ride aboard Go For Gin brings forth memories filled with nostalgia—a reminder of absolute triumph despite difficult circumstances; this duo didn’t just beat competitors but nature itself—conquering rain-soaked tracks en route to claiming one of America’s most coveted prizes: The Run For The Roses trophy at Churchill Downs—the pinnacle of racing excellence embodied by two individuals whose names will forever be etched into equestrian lore.

Mystical Tales Surrounding Derby Champ Go for Gin

  1. ### Fascinating Stories about Kentucky Derby Winner Go for Gin

  2. **Irish Luck:** As the winner of the 1994 Kentucky Derby, Go for Gin was named after a famous Irish toast. Many believe that this fortunate name played a crucial role in helping him secure victory at Churchill Downs.

  3. **Pre-Race Superstitions:** Before every race, jockey Chris McCarron would whisper words of encouragement and praise into Go for Gin's ear. This ritual aimed to strengthen their bond and bring them good luck on the track.

  4. **Late-Night Training:** Rumor has it that trainer Nick Zito sometimes took Go for Gin out for training sessions under the full moonlight. These mysterious sessions were thought to boost the horse's speed and agility.

  5. **Guardian Presence: A mystical white stallion was reportedly seen keeping watch over Go for Gin during his training exercises as per local tales suggest; some believe this apparition acted as a guardian angel sent to protect the champion racehorse on his path to success.

  6. **Nature’s Ally:** Fans of Go For Gin insist that he had an extraordinary connection with nature and its elements; they claim he could predict weather changes and even utilize wind power to propel himself towards victory at the finish line efficiently.

Owner Contributions and Support

In 1994, owners William J. Condren and Joseph M. Cornacchia played a crucial role in leading Go for Gin to victory at the Kentucky Derby. Their strong dedication to excellence in horse racing was evident through their unwavering support and investments.

Go For Gin’s win not only broke a time record of 2:03.72 seconds but also showed exceptional speed and endurance on the tough muddy track at Churchill Downs during that memorable race.

A huge crowd of 130,594 people turned up at Churchill Downs for the rainy 120th running of the Kentucky Derby, creating an exciting atmosphere despite the challenging weather conditions. This highlighted how popular and important this prestigious event is.

After its success at the Kentucky Derby, Go For Gin made a lasting impact on horse racing history by showcasing skill, determination, and teamwork among its jockey, trainer, and dedicated owners—a legacy that still inspires fans worldwide within equestrian sports communities today.


1. How did the rainy conditions during the 1994 Kentucky Derby impact Go for Gin's victory?

The rainy weather at the 1994 Kentucky Derby worked in favor of Go for Gin, who thrived on the wet track. The colt showed his ability to adapt and excel in challenging conditions, leading him to a remarkable win that will be remembered for years to come.

2. What role did jockey Chris McCarron play in guiding Go for Gin to success at the Kentucky Derby?

In the 1994 Kentucky Derby, jockey Chris McCarron expertly guided Go for Gin through the tough rainy weather, demonstrating his skill and playing a big part in the horse's win.

3. How did Go for Gin's owner, William J. Condren, contribute to the horse's training and eventual triumph?

Go for Gin's owner, William J. Condren, had a key role in the training and success of the horse. He trusted Hall of Fame trainer Nick Zito to develop Go for Gin and supported him all the way to victory in the 1994 Kentucky Derby.

4. What was unique about Go for Gin's breeding that set him apart from other horses in the 1994 Kentucky Derby field?

Go for Gin had a special lineage because his ancestors included the famous Northern Dancer, who was a top sire known for producing amazing racehorses. This made Go for Gin stand out from the other horses in the 1994 Kentucky Derby.

5. In what ways did Go for Gin's victory at the 1994 Kentucky Derby leave a lasting legacy in horse racing history?

Go for Gin won the Kentucky Derby in 1994, and this victory is remembered as a significant moment in horse racing. It proved that being able to adjust to tough conditions, having a skilled jockey like Chris McCarron, and an owner's support are all crucial for success in the sport. This win stands out as exceptional and impactful.

6. How did Go for Gin's win in 1994 influence future breeding practices and strategies within the horse racing industry?

Go for Gin won the 1994 Kentucky Derby, showing how crucial it is to pick horses with endurance and adaptability. This win led breeders to focus more on these qualities when breeding horses for top races in the future.