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Super Saver Kentucky Derby Winner 2010

super saver kentucky derby winner 2010

Key Takeaways

In the 2010 Kentucky Derby, Super Saver won a thrilling victory that had everyone buzzing with excitement. The race day was tough with a wet and sloppy track, making it even more intense for the 155,000 spectators in attendance. Despite some favorites pulling out of the competition, Calvin Borel’s smart moves along the rail helped guide Super Saver to success in a competitive field. This demonstrated the true spirit of horse racing at its finest.

Super Saver’s Victory at the 2010 Kentucky Derby

Super Saver’s win at the 2010 Kentucky Derby was truly a sight to behold as they raced through the rain at Churchill Downs. Jockey Calvin Borel, who is known for his skill in handling wet tracks, showed exceptional talent as he expertly guided Super Saver through the tough conditions with finesse and determination. Their seamless teamwork on that special day amazed spectators as they surged ahead to claim the prized Garland of Roses.

The thrilling race took place amidst intense competition, with Super Saver standing out among a field full of talented contenders. Fans packed into the grandstands watched eagerly, feeling excitement and suspense fill the air around them. Even when facing strong opponents like Ice Box and Paddy O’Prado, Super Saver’s smart positioning by Borel played a key role in securing their path to victory.

After their impressive triumph at the Kentucky Derby, both Super Saver and Calvin Borel made history while leaving a lasting impression on racing enthusiasts worldwide. The incredible display of skill and determination shown by this dynamic pair resonated far beyond Churchill Downs, sparking lively conversations within racing communities about their outstanding performance against all odds. With each step towards success, Super Saver embodied resilience while striving for greatness—a powerful example of dedication and unwavering spirit that continues to inspire fans across generations in every corner of our planet.

Race Day Conditions and Attendance Figures

The 2010 Kentucky Derby faced tough conditions with wet and sloppy tracks from rain the night before and on race day. Despite this, a large crowd of 155,804 spectators showed up, making it the sixth-largest attendance in Derby history.

This year’s Kentucky Derby lineup included a mix of talented horses eager for victory. When favorite Eskendereya pulled out due to injury just days before the race, other contenders had a chance to shine.

Super Saver claimed an exciting win with jockey Calvin Borel leading the way. The thrilling race also saw Ice Box make an impressive final push from behind to secure second place in a close finish that kept fans at the edge of their seats until the very end.

The Pros & Cons of Derby Day Delight


  1. Experience the electrifying vibe and excitement of Derby Day

  2. Get up close to witness the exhilarating horse race action

  3. Dress to impress in classy Derby fashion

  4. Indulge in mouthwatering Southern cuisine and refreshing drinks

  5. Make unforgettable memories with your loved ones and friends


  1. The event is really packed with people

  2. Premium seating costs a lot for tickets

  3. Weather can be unpredictable and mess up the fun

  4. Be prepared to wait in long lines for food, drinks, and restrooms

  5. Traffic might be bad when going to or leaving the event

Betting Payouts and Wagering Statistics

During the 2010 Kentucky Derby, the total amount wagered went beyond $30 million for the main pool and hit $21 million for exacta bets. The excitement of witnessing Super Saver charging to victory was intensified by the huge payouts waiting for lucky bettors at the end of that thrilling race day. A single dollar superfecta bet paid out a whopping $101,284.60 in return, causing punters to cheer wildly as they cashed in on these high-stakes betting opportunities.

The appeal of exotic bets like superfectas added an extra layer of thrill to an already exciting event, drawing both experienced gamblers and newcomers alike to try their luck against all odds. As Super Saver skillfully navigated through a competitive field under Calvin Borel’s expert guidance, spectators held their breath not only in anticipation of his win but also hoping to strike it big with well-placed wagers. The Kentucky Derby wasn’t just about top-tier horse racing; it was a heart-pounding rollercoaster ride where fortunes could shift with every thundering hoofbeat down the homestretch.

Looking back, those who left Churchill Downs richer weren’t simply winners by sheer chance – they were smart risk-takers who grasped the intricate interplay between skilled jockeys, powerful horses, and unpredictable outcomes that make horse racing so captivating. The massive payout from that unforgettable superfecta bet stood as proof of both the unpredictability and potential windfalls inherent in this beloved sport where dreams are either fulfilled or shattered within moments.

Post-race Commentary and Quotes

When Super Saver crossed the finish line first at the 2010 Kentucky Derby, NBC Sports race announcer Tom Durkin excitedly called out Calvin Borel’s strategy of sticking close to the rail that led him to victory in what was dubbed as “the most wide-open Derby in years.”

The intense race day weather conditions added even more excitement and unpredictability to this historic event. Despite heavy rain at Churchill Downs, jockey Calvin Borel skillfully guided Super Saver through a crowded field, demonstrating his exceptional talent and strong bond with his horse.

A massive crowd of over 155,000 people witnessed this unforgettable Kentucky Derby where Super Saver clinched the win. The betting payouts reflected how competitive the race was, rewarding those who had faith in Borel’s skills and believed in Super Saver’s potential for success.

Kentucky Derby 2010: Top 20 Horse Finishes

Finish Post Horse name Trainer Jockey Morning odds Final odds to $1 Earnings
1 4 Super Saver Todd Pletcher Calvin Borel 15 8 $1,425,200
2 2 Ice Box Nick Zito Jose Lezcano 10 11.7 $400,000
3 10 Paddy O’Prado Dale Romans Kent Desormeaux 20 12.3 $200,000
4 9 Make Music for Me Alexis Barba Joel Rosario 50 30 $100,000
5 3 Noble’s Promise Kenny McPeek Willie Martinez 12 24.9 $60,000
6 1 Lookin at Lucky Bob Baffert Garrett Gomez 3 6.3
7 17 Dublin D. Wayne Lukas Terry J. Thompson 12 20
8 6 Stately Victor Michael Maker Alan Garcia 30 20.2
9 14 Mission Impazible Todd Pletcher Rajiv Maragh 20 16.7
10 11 Devil May Care Todd Pletcher John Velazquez 10 10.9
11 7 American Lion Eoin Harty David Flores 30 23.2
12 13 Jackson Bend Nick Zito Mike E. Smith 15 23
13 15 Discreetly Mine Todd Pletcher Javier Castellano 30 31.6
14 8 Dean’s Kitten Michael Maker Robby Albarado 50 25.7
15 12 Conveyance Bob Baffert Martin Garcia 12 27
16 19 Homeboykris Richard Dutrow, Jr. Ramon Dominguez 50 27
17 20 Sidney’s Candy John W. Sadler Joe Talamo 5 9.5
18 5 Line of David John W. Sadler Rafael Bejarano 30 19.9
19 16 Awesome Act Jeremy Noseda Julien Leparoux 10 11.6
20 18 Backtalk Thomas M. Amoss Miguel Mena 50 23.1

Field Composition and Favorite Withdrawal

When Eskendereya got injured and couldn’t race, Lookin At Lucky quickly became the new favorite with odds of 6-1 to win. Super Saver also had a good shot at winning, entering as a strong contender with odds of 8-1 following some impressive performances before the Derby.

The lineup for the 2010 Kentucky Derby was filled with top-notch horses from different backgrounds, making it an exciting and competitive event. Both jockeys and trainers were eager to show off their skills on this big stage.

Eskendereya’s absence shook up some predictions but added even more excitement to the already thrilling race. Fans were kept guessing until the very end thanks to unexpected twists in the storyline.

Despite Lookin At Lucky being favored after Eskendereya dropped out, all eyes turned to Super Saver as he put on a spectacular display of talent and speed that wowed everyone watching.

This particular Derby will go down in horse racing history not only for its tough conditions or huge crowds but also for proving that even when things don’t go as planned, moments of greatness can still shine through on the track.

Notable Finishers Beyond Super Saver

Ice Box, with jockey Jose Lezcano riding, made an impressive effort as they raced to a close second place finish behind Super Saver. The exciting duel between Ice Box and the eventual winner kept fans at the edge of their seats until the very end.

Coming in third was Paddy O’Prado, ridden by Kent Desormeaux, who put up a strong fight throughout the race. Paddy O’Prado’s excellent performance added even more excitement to what was already a thrilling Derby day.

Make Music for Me, guided by Joel Rosario, completed the top four finishers at Churchill Downs that day. Despite facing tough competition from experienced rivals like Super Saver and Ice Box, Make Music for Me displayed incredible skill and determination on one of racing’s grandest stages.

The 2010 Kentucky Derby showcased talent and resilience as these standout finishers competed amidst challenging track conditions. Each horse-jockey duo brought unique strengths to the table, making every step toward victory hard-earned in this prestigious event that captivated fans worldwide.

Enchanting Lore Surrounding Super Saver's Victory

  1. ### Fascinating Stories About Super Saver's Big Win

  2. **The Lucky Number 4:** In 2010, Super Saver won the Kentucky Derby, giving famous trainer Todd Pletcher his fourth victory. Some people think that the number 4 brought them luck and helped both Pletcher and jockey Calvin Borel succeed on that special day.

  3. **Connections to Triple Crown Winners:** Maria's Mon was Super Saver's father and also sired Monarchos, who won the Derby inThis link to a past champion added more excitement to Super Saver's win as fans wondered if he could go for the elusive Triple Crown.

  4. 3 .**Exciting Rainy Victory:** The rain poured down during the 2010 Kentucky Derby, making it an unforgettable backdrop for Super Saver’s triumph. Many believe that the wet conditions favored him, adding magic to his performance.

  5. **Calvin Borel’s Daring Move:** Jockey Calvin Borel took a bold risk during the race by sticking close to the rail and maneuvering through tight spots to secure victory for Super Saver. His thrilling riding tactics brought suspense and energy to the race, making Super Saver even more legendary.

  6. 5 .**Super Saver’s Historic Triumph:** Winning at Churchill Downs in 2010 made sure that no one would forget about him in Kentucky Derby history – he will always be linked with this prestigious event known as "Run for Roses." His success still captivates racing fans today and inspires hopes of future derby glory.

Winning Time and Margin of Victory

Super Saver won the 2010 Kentucky Derby with a time of 2:04.45 on a wet track that dried up just before the race started. Leading for most of the race, Super Saver crossed the finish line first, beating Ice Box by 2+1/2 lengths as he made a late push.

Calvin Borel showed his brilliant strategy in guiding Super Saver to victory despite challenging conditions at Churchill Downs. His precise riding and expert handling proved why he was one of the best jockeys when it came to these high-stakes races.

The unpredictable nature of horse racing was evident as favorites stumbled and underdogs surged ahead. When Eskendereya pulled out due to injury, it created opportunities for contenders like Super Saver to shine on this big stage.

The excitement at Churchill Downs captivated spectators as they watched an intense battle unfold that day. The crowd’s cheers added extra energy as horses raced down the home stretch, competing fiercely in one of sports’ top events.

Super Saver’s win not only made history but also left a lasting mark on horse racing fans worldwide. His triumph inspired those who believed in him, showing that determination and skill could help any contender overcome challenges and achieve success on racing’s grandest stage.

Jockey Strategy and Race Dynamics

Calvin Borel’s smart racing strategy was a key factor in Super Saver’s big win at the 2010 Kentucky Derby, starting from gate No.4. By sticking close to the inside rail for most of the race, Borel skillfully maneuvered through traffic and saved precious ground, setting up Super Saver for a strong finish.

The tricky track conditions on that rainy day made Calvin Borel’s choice to stay near the rail even more impressive. Despite both horse and jockey being covered in mud as they crossed the finish line, their determination stood out amidst challenges.

Not only did bettors cash in on Super Saver’s unexpected victory, but it also highlighted how thrilling and unpredictable horse racing can be. The surprising win resulted in generous payouts for those who took a chance on him – proving once again that anything can happen in this sport, adding excitement for fans and gamblers alike.

With over 150,000 spectators at Churchill Downs that day, watching Calvin Borel showcase his skills aboard Super Saver must have been truly exciting. The crowd cheering as they raced down the homestretch would have given anyone goosebumps – capturing a moment forever etched into Derby history.

Super Saver’s triumph not only secured his place among legendary racers but also made an unforgettable impression on fans worldwide. His victory wasn’t just about finishing first; it represented resilience, determination, and seizing opportunities when they arise – valuable lessons we can all learn from whether we’re on or off the racetrack.

Subsequent Grade I Wins by Competitors

After winning the 2010 Kentucky Derby, Super Saver’s rivals went on to shine in other Grade I races. Lookin At Lucky, who had a tough time and finished sixth at the Derby, bounced back by winning both the Preakness Stakes and Haskell Invitational later that year. Ice Box, known for his strong finish at Churchill Downs, impressed with wins in the Florida Derby and Whitney Handicap.

Despite finishing seventh in the Kentucky Derby, Dublin managed to come out on top in both the Hopeful Stakes and Dwyer Stakes after that race. Even Jackson Bend made waves with victories in big events like the Forego Stakes despite ending up twelfth on that rainy day at Churchill Downs. These horses proved they were more than just one-day wonders.

Coming from different backgrounds and facing their own challenges during that memorable Run for Roses didn’t stop these horse athletes from chasing greatness elsewhere on big racing stages across America. Each horse brought its own style to various Grade I contests following their exciting face-off under Churchill Downs’ Twin Spires—a true testament to their versatility and competitive spirit.

Their achievements beyond May 1st added layers of intrigue to an already captivating story centered around Super Saver’s historic victory—cementing this group of contenders as truly remarkable long after they crossed that iconic finish line on a wet Kentucky afternoon back in 2010.

Lasting Impact of Super Saver’s Victory

When Super Saver won the 2010 Kentucky Derby, it caused a huge stir in the world of horse racing and left a lasting impression on fans and industry insiders. This win was Calvin Borel’s third victory in four years, cementing his reputation as a jockey with an incredible talent for succeeding at Churchill Downs. Borel’s smart moves guiding Super Saver along the rail from post position four in challenging conditions showed off his exceptional skills and unwavering determination.

The race drew over 155,000 spectators, adding to its excitement. With bets totaling more than $21 million, punters were eagerly waiting to see if Super Saver could defy the odds and come out on top. Despite favorite Eskendereya pulling out due to injury just days before, Super Saver rose to the challenge and proved that unexpected outcomes are always possible in big races like the Kentucky Derby. The competitive nature of other top finishers like Ice Box and Paddy O’Prado showcased the intense competition during this memorable event.

Super Saver’s legacy still resonates within horse racing circles today, serving as a reminder that hard work, persistence, and natural talent can triumph against all obstacles. His win inspired many young jockeys and trainers to set lofty goals and strive for success on racing’s biggest stages. As fans reminisce about that special day at Churchill Downs when they witnessed Super Saver deliver an electrifying performance that captured their hearts – it is evident that his impact extends far beyond one thrilling race; it represents hope, potentiality ,and boundless possibilities found on racetracks worldwide through every stride taken by these magnificent animals.


1. How did Super Saver's victory at the 2010 Kentucky Derby impact his career and legacy in horse racing?

Super Saver's win at the 2010 Kentucky Derby secured his spot in horse racing history, boosting his career and reputation as a skilled and tough champion who overcame difficult conditions to claim victory in the renowned race.

2. What were the challenging race day conditions that Super Saver and jockey Calvin Borel had to overcome to secure their win?

In 2010, jockey Calvin Borel and Super Saver won the Kentucky Derby on a rainy day. Despite the tough conditions, they showed their talent and determination to triumph in this historic race.

3. Can you describe the strategic brilliance displayed by jockey Calvin Borel in guiding Super Saver to victory at the 2010 Kentucky Derby?

In the 2010 Kentucky Derby, Calvin Borel expertly rode Super Saver to victory by skillfully maneuvering through a tough muddy track, sticking close to the rail for an advantage, and making a perfectly timed move to secure an exciting win.

4. What were the betting payouts for Super Saver's win at the 2010 Kentucky Derby, and how did they compare to other contenders?

Super Saver's victory at the 2010 Kentucky Derby paid out $18.00 for a $2 bet, surprising everyone and bringing an exciting win that caught the attention of fans around the globe.

5. Who were some of the notable finishers in the 2010 Kentucky Derby besides Super Saver, and what made this race so competitive?

The 2010 Kentucky Derby had some impressive runners apart from Super Saver. Ice Box, Paddy O'Prado, and Make Music for Me were among the top finishers in a tough race featuring a strong field and difficult track conditions.

6. How did Super Saver's victory at the 2010 Kentucky Derby leave a lasting impact on the sport of horse racing and its passionate fans?

Jockey Calvin Borel's expert handling of Super Saver led to an exciting win at the 2010 Kentucky Derby, grabbing the attention of fans with its clever tactics in tough conditions. This victory sparked fresh enthusiasm and respect for horse racing as a sport.