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Big Brown Kentucky Derby Winner 2008

big brown kentucky derby winner 2008

In this exciting recap, dive into the world of horse racing at the 2008 Kentucky Derby. Experience the thrill as Big Brown and jockey Kent Desormeaux clinch a historic victory at Churchill Downs. Follow the intense competition between top contenders like Colonel John, Pyro, and Eight Belles as they showcase their skills on the track. See how these incredible horses continued to dominate Grade I races and make a lasting impact on breeding careers in horse racing.

Background and Race Overview

The 2008 Kentucky Derby captivated audiences with its unique spectacle, drawing in crowds of enthusiastic spectators eager to witness the excitement of one of horse racing’s most famous events. As the 134th edition unfolded at Churchill Downs on that memorable May day, anticipation filled the air alongside the aroma of mint juleps and freshly mown grass. Guided expertly by Kent Desormeaux, Big Brown displayed sheer dominance as he raced his way to victory by an impressive margin.

Among a field brimming with talent and ambition, it was Big Brown who emerged as a standout force. His performance on that historic track not only secured his spot in racing history but also left spectators amazed by his raw speed and indomitable spirit. The race itself was truly exhilarating – horses thundering down the homestretch, hooves pounding against the dirt track like drumbeats heralding champions.

As each competitor sought their chance for glory amidst cheers and gasps from fans lining the rails, it became clear that this Derby would be remembered for years to come. Big Brown’s commanding lead highlighted his prowess on that iconic oval where legends are born and dreams take flight. When he crossed the finish line first, leaving rivals trailing behind in admiring astonishment, it was more than just a win – it was a powerful statement.

Reflecting back on that unforgettable day evokes a mix of emotions – excitement combined with nostalgia for those who witnessed history unfold before them. The echoes of hooves thundering down Churchill Down’s revered stretch still resonate today, reminding us all of the magic captured within those fleeting moments when humans and animals unite in pursuit of greatness. Each year since 2008’s Kentucky Derby saga continues anew as fresh contenders strive to replicate Big Brown’s triumph while honoring those who paved the way before them in this timeless tradition known as horse racing.

Tragic Incident with Eight Belles

The 2008 Kentucky Derby was a mix of triumph and tragedy. Eight Belles, the courageous filly who raced alongside male competitors, sadly suffered a fatal injury during her impressive second-place finish. Her determination to push her limits captured the hearts of spectators as they watched in awe.

Following Eight Belles’ devastating accident, conversations about horse safety and well-being spread throughout the racing world. The incident prompted reflection on track conditions, breeding methods, and overall care for these majestic animals that give their all on race day. It served as a stark reminder of the dangers involved in this high-stakes sport where victory and loss go hand in hand.

Despite the sadness that loomed over Churchill Downs that day, Big Brown’s dominant win brought light to the event as he claimed victory with grace. His performance dazzled onlookers and solidified his place among unforgettable champions who have graced the Derby stage with brilliance. While tears were shed for Eight Belles’ tragic end, cheers rang out for Big Brown—a clear example of how quickly emotions can shift within moments at any racetrack around the country.

The Pros & Cons of Triple Crown Contenders


  1. Get ready for an exciting and thrilling horse racing experience

  2. Witness the chance for a groundbreaking achievement

  3. Expect more fans to attend races and tune in to watch

  4. See winning horses and jockeys gain even more prestige

  5. Watch as the sport gets showcased to a global audience


  1. The contenders face a lot of pressure and close scrutiny

  2. There is a risk of getting injured or tired from competing in many races back-to-back

  3. If the contender doesn't win all three races, they might feel disappointed

  4. Fans, media, and sponsors expect a lot, which can be overwhelming

  5. There isn't much time to rest and get ready for each race

Payouts and Betting Results

The 134th Kentucky Derby had some exciting payouts! Big Brown won and paid out at $6.80, Eight Belles came in second with $10.60, and Denis of Cork finished third at $11.60.

One cool thing was the Exacta bet in the 2008 Kentucky Derby – if you guessed the top two horses in order right, you could score big! A winning ticket would get you a sweet $141.60!

And don’t forget about the Trifecta bet – it wasn’t too shabby either! If you correctly picked the first three finishers in exact order, each winner took home over $3,400!

It’s pretty amazing how horse racing can take a small bet and turn it into a huge win with just one race; these results from Big Brown’s victory really show off how thrilling and unpredictable this sport can be.

Looking back on these payouts not only brings up memories of Big Brown killing it but also shows that even when things are crazy and full of surprises, sometimes everything lines up perfectly for those lucky ticket holders waiting to cash in their treasures!

Field Contenders and Favorites

Big Brown’s participation in the 2008 Kentucky Derby caused a lot of excitement among fans and bettors. He was considered a top contender with odds of 2-1, especially after his impressive win in the Florida Derby. Colonel John, ridden by jockey Garrett Gomez, brought an element of surprise to the competition with his strong performances leading up to the big race. Pyro, known for his fast finish on the track, added suspense as people wondered if he could pull off an amazing victory at Churchill Downs. Eight Belles also stood out as one of the few fillies competing, showcasing her speed and determination against tough opponents.

The mix of different contenders created an exciting atmosphere for a thrilling showdown on that memorable first Saturday in May. Big Brown’s dominant presence drew both admiration and skepticism from eager spectators waiting to witness history being made right before their eyes. As each horse entered the track under the iconic Twin Spires, there were murmurs about who would emerge victorious and join racing legends like Secretariat and Seattle Slew.

As race time approached, anticipation peaked – hearts raced faster than horses galloping towards Turn One. The cheers from thousands gathered at Churchill Downs echoed through every fiber as horses bolted out of their gates like arrows unleashed from Cupid’s bow – all aiming for glory or defeat on that sacred patch of dirt below them. In this moment where dreams clashed with reality, it was anyone’s game but only one would secure immortality by crossing that finish line first – leaving behind shattered hopes and triumphant victories along their path.

Surprising Finishing Positions at the Derby

Finished Time/Behind Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Odds
1 -2:01.82 20 Big Brown Kent Desormeaux Richard E. Dutrow Jr. IEAH Stables & Paul Pompa Jr. 2-1
2 04 3/4 5 Eight Belles Gabriel Saez Larry Jones Fox Hill Farms, Inc. 13-1
3 08 1/4 16 Denis of Cork Calvin Borel David Carroll Mr. & Mrs. William K. Warren Jr. 27-1
4 11 2 Tale of Ekati Eibar Coa Barclay Tagg Charles E. Fipke 37-1
5 11 3/4 18 Recapturetheglory E. T. Baird Louie J. Roussel III Louie J. Roussel III & Ronald Lamarque 49-1
6 14 1/4 10 Colonel John Corey Nakatani Eoin G. Harty WinStar Farm LLC 9-2
7 15 3 Anak Nakal Rafael Bejarano Nick Zito Four Roses Thoroughbreds LLC 53-1
8 15 9 Pyro Shaun Bridgmohan Steve Asmussen Winchell Thoroughbreds LLC 5-1
9 15 3/4 17 Cowboy Cal John Velazquez Todd Pletcher Stonerside Stable 39-1
10 19 1/2 6 Z Fortune Robby Albarado Steve Asmussen Zayat Stables, LLC 19-1
11 21 12 Smooth Air Manoel Cruz Bennie Stutts Jr. Mount Joy Stables, Inc. 42-1
12 22 3/4 8 Visionaire Jose Lezcano Michael Matz Team Valor & Vision Racing LLC 25-1
13 24 1/4 4 Court Vision Garrett Gomez William I. Mott IEAH Stables & WinStar Farm LLC 17-1
14 24 1/2 11 Z Humor René Douglas William I. Mott Zayat Stables, LLC 63-1
15 31 3/4 1 Cool Coal Man Julien Leparoux Nick Zito Robert V. LaPenta 44-1
16 32 13 Bob Black Jack Richard Migliore James Kasparoff Jeff Harmon & Tim Kasparoff 29-1
17 36 3/4 19 Gayego Mike E. Smith Paulo Lobo Cubanacan Stables 18-1
18 48 3/4 7 Big Truck Javier Castellano Barclay Tagg Eric Fein 28-1
19 50 3/4 15 Adriano Edgar Prado Graham Motion Courtlandt Farms 28-1
20 59 1/4 14 Monba Ramon Domínguez Todd Pletcher Starlight, Lucarelli & Saylor 31-1

Subsequent Grade I Wins

After claiming victory at the 2008 Kentucky Derby, Big Brown continued to dominate by winning both the Preakness Stakes and Haskell Invitational. Guided by jockey Kent Desormeaux, Big Brown proved himself as a top-notch champion in horse racing. His exceptional skills on the track mesmerized fans across the globe.

In addition to Big Brown’s success, Bob Black Jack and Tale of Ekati also stood out with their impressive Grade I wins post-Derby. Bob Black Jack showcased his speed and determination in races like the Malibu Stakes at Santa Anita Park, establishing himself as a strong contender beyond just one notable race. Tale of Ekati demonstrated versatility and skill by winning prestigious events such as the Cigar Mile Handicap at Aqueduct Racetrack.

Following the 2008 Kentucky Derby, these talented horses continued to excel on tracks all over America. Each triumph not only enhanced their own reputations but also kept fans captivated with thrilling performances from these remarkable equine athletes after competing under Churchill Downs’ iconic twin spires. The post-Derby season was full of surprises and heart-stopping moments courtesy of these exceptional contenders who never slowed down even after leaving Churchill Downs behind them.

Legacy Through Breeding Careers

In 2008, Big Brown dominated the Kentucky Derby and passed down his winning genes to produce exceptional offspring like Dortmund. This chestnut colt made waves in the racing world by winning prestigious events such as the Los Alamitos Futurity and Santa Anita Derby. Following in Big Brown’s footsteps, Dortmund displayed his sire’s speed and stamina on famous tracks before leaving his mark at subsequent editions of the Kentucky Derby.

Another prime example of a legacy through breeding is Pioneerof The Nile, who came second behind Big Brown in that iconic Run for Roses race. Despite narrowly missing out on victory that day, this talented bay colt proved himself as a top-class stallion later on. Pioneerof The Nile fathered none other than American Pharoah, who went on to achieve Triple Crown glory with an electrifying performance that captured racing enthusiasts worldwide.

The impact of talent from the 2008 Kentucky Derby extended further with horses like Colonel John leaving their lasting mark on horse racing history through their descendants. Colonel John’s offspring showcased a mix of elegance and resilience reminiscent of their illustrious father as they galloped towards victories across various racecourses. It’s intriguing how each generation inherits traits from legendary competitors like Colonel John, ensuring that the sport remains infused with echoes of past triumphs.

As we admire these descendants carving their paths in horse racing lore, it becomes clear that greatness can be inherited indeed. Just as champions inspire future generations to strive for excellence, equine dynasties like these ignite our passion for witnessing thrilling contests unfold on racetracks globally. The legacy woven by participants from that unforgettable 2008 Kentucky Derby continues evolving and shaping narratives filled with courage, determination, and unbridled spirit – truly embodying what makes this captivating spectacle timeless.

In every thunderous hoofbeat echoing down history’s lanes lies a story waiting to be told – tales of triumphs achieved against all odds; narratives brimming with heart-stopping moments where destinies are forged beneath fluttering silks and roaring cheers amidst azure skies painted with promise.

Mythical Tales Surrounding Big Brown's Derby Triumph

  1. ### Legendary Stories Behind Big Brown's Derby Win

  2. **The Lucky Horseshoe:** Before the 2008 Kentucky Derby, a mysterious old man reportedly gave Big Brown's jockey a golden horseshoe for good luck. The jockey placed the horseshoe in Big Brown's stall, and many believe it greatly influenced his victory.

  3. **The Whispering Wind:** Local folklore tells of a gentle breeze that passed through the stables where they kept Big Brown on Derby morning. Trainers and grooms claimed to hear whispers carried by the wind, predicting a glorious win for the strong colt.

  4. **The Ghostly Jockey:** Some spectators insist they caught sight of what appeared to be the ghost of a legendary jockey from history riding alongside Big Brown during the race. This phantom rider supposedly guided him to triumph before vanishing into thin air at the finish line.

  5. **The Enchanted Bridle:** Rumor has it that during his Derby run, Big Brown sported a special bridle woven with strands of unicorn hair. This magical gear bestowed upon him unmatched speed and stamina, enabling him to outpace rivals effortlessly.

  6. **The Celestial Alignment:** Astrologers assert that an extraordinary configuration of stars and planets occurred on the eve of the Derby, indicating cosmic favor for Big Brown's quest for victory. Some even believe celestial beings watched over the race, securing his triumph.

Impact Beyond Racing

The 2008 Kentucky Derby left a lasting impact on the world of horse racing, not just as a thrilling race but as a pivotal moment that ignited change. Big Brown’s remarkable win amazed spectators and paved the way for future stars to emerge. At that time, we couldn’t have foreseen how his victory would influence breeding programs far beyond Churchill Downs.

For horses like Court Vision, who finished 13th in the same Derby won by Big Brown, their true calling wasn’t found on the track but in breeding. In the following years, Court Vision became the sire of Storm The Court; an American champion juvenile horse infused with fiery determination. It’s astounding how one event can shape destinies and create legacies that transcend generations.

Picture yourself at Churchill Downs in 2008 witnessing history unfold before your eyes – legends being born amidst thunderous hooves pounding down that iconic stretch. It was more than just a race; it was poetry in motion. From this rhythmic dance emerged champions like Storm The Court, proving greatness knows no bounds of time or space but flows freely through bloodlines intertwined with destiny.

Reflecting on how horses from the 2008 Kentucky Derby continue to influence breeding programs today reveals echoes of past glories resonating into present-day triumphs. Each stride taken by these majestic creatures reverberates across fields and barns alike—a testament to their enduring spirit and unwavering legacy imprinted with every hoofprint they leave behind.

So next time you see a powerful steed gracefully galloping across lush pastures or hear whispers of distant thunder carrying memories of races long gone remember—the impact made by those gallant runners from 2008 stretches beyond racetracks shaping futures yet to be realized and champions yet to shine.”

Continued Relevance and Recognition

The impact of the 2008 Kentucky Derby contenders still echoes loudly throughout the world of horse racing today. Big Brown, who dominated that historic race, has left an unforgettable mark on the sport. His powerful and graceful win at Churchill Downs set him apart as one of the greatest in Derby history. After retiring undefeated from Triple Crown races, Big Brown successfully transitioned into breeding, passing down his exceptional genes to future champion generations.

Meanwhile, horses like Colonel John and Denis of Cork have continued to impress since 2008 by showcasing their skills in prestigious events such as Breeders’ Cup races. These runners consistently prove they possess both speed and enduring stamina – a testament to their training and natural abilities developed through years on the track. Their ongoing presence in top competitions highlights their lasting influence on the sport’s landscape.

Looking ahead to today’s racing scene is inspiring; seeing how these equine athletes from over a decade ago still wield influence through their offspring competing at elite levels worldwide is truly remarkable. The bloodlines established by these champions provide strong foundations for new stars emerging onto the scene – keeping alive the spirit and competitive edge fostered during that significant Derby day back in 2008.

Beyond mere statistics or wins lies a deeper narrative woven through each thundering hoofbeat along those revered stretches – telling tales of grit, determination, heartbreaks endured alongside victories sweetly savored under sunny skies or amidst torrential rains; all encapsulated within those few minutes around two turns at Churchill Downs where dreams are made or broken with equal swiftness.

So when you witness descendants like Mine That Bird or Tale of Ekati fiercely galloping towards victory posts worldwide today – or catch glimpses of sire lines tracing back to Eight Belles thundering down homestretches – you’re witnessing more than just races won; you’re beholding echoes reverberating from past glories deeply etched into racing lore – one stride at a time toward immortality amid thunderous applause echoing across decades gone by – yet somehow forever present within every heartbeat pulsating beneath hooves pounding earth below them relentlessly onwards…


1. How did Big Brown dominate the 2008 Kentucky Derby field to claim victory?

In the 2008 Kentucky Derby, Big Brown showed off incredible speed and endurance. Jockey Kent Desormeaux skillfully led the way as they easily outpaced the competition to secure a dominant win.

2. What set Big Brown apart from other contenders in the 2008 Kentucky Derby?

Big Brown was a standout favorite in the 2008 Kentucky Derby because of his exceptional mix of speed, stamina, and raw talent. With an unbeaten record leading up to the race, he stood out from the competition.

3. Who were some of the notable horses that competed against Big Brown in the 2008 Kentucky Derby?

In the 2008 Kentucky Derby, Big Brown faced tough competition from horses like Colonel John, Pyro, and Eight Belles.

4. What was the significance of Big Brown's win at the 2008 Kentucky Derby in the context of horse racing history?

Big Brown made history at the 2008 Kentucky Derby by winning from post position 20. This victory was significant because it had been over 90 years since a horse had achieved this feat. Big Brown's win highlighted his incredible skill and secured his legacy in the world of horse racing.

5. How did jockey Kent Desormeaux contribute to Big Brown's success at the 2008 Kentucky Derby?

In 2008, jockey Kent Desormeaux skillfully led Big Brown to win the Kentucky Derby by using his exceptional riding abilities, smart race strategies, and thorough knowledge of the horse's capabilities. His efforts played a key role in helping them secure victory at the prestigious event.

6. What impact did Big Brown's victory at the 2008 Kentucky Derby have on his career and legacy in horse racing?

Big Brown's impressive win at the 2008 Kentucky Derby proved that he was a standout in horse racing history. His exceptional skills not only wowed fans but also set the stage for a bright career ahead. This victory captured the attention of many and left a mark on the sport that would be remembered for years to come.