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IEAH Stables Owner: One Kentucky Derby Winner

big brown kentucky derby winner 2008

Key Takeaways

In 2003, IEAH Stables set out to create a successful horse racing stable in the U.S., based in Garden City, New York. One of their major accomplishments was owning Big Brown, who won both the 2008 Kentucky Derby and Preakness races. James Tagliaferri provided significant funding for this venture. Despite encountering legal and financial challenges along the way, IEAH Stables made valuable contributions to the equine industry by establishing initiatives like the Ruffian Equine Medical Center and collaborating with key figures such as Hall of Fame jockey Gary Stevens.

Formation of IEAH Stables

Michael Iavarone founded IEAH Stables in 2003, bringing a fresh perspective to thoroughbred horse racing. Based in Garden City, New York, the stable blended high-stakes finance with the beauty and power of these magnificent animals. They saw horses as valuable assets within a hedge fund model, setting themselves apart from traditional stables and gaining attention for their bold strategies.

IEAH Stables quickly made a name for themselves with smart business decisions and impressive wins on the racetrack. Under Michael Iavarone’s guidance, they acquired top equine talent that enhanced their roster. By focusing on performance excellence and providing meticulous care to each horse in their care, IEAH Stables created an environment where success was not just hoped for but expected.

The path to success had its challenges as navigating the competitive world of thoroughbred horse racing required dedication and adaptability. However, through hard work and a deep understanding of financial markets and equine health, IEAH Stables flourished in an industry known for tough competition. Their commitment to innovation while honoring tradition left a lasting impact on horseracing history – inspiring newcomers to reach new heights within this thrilling sport.

Notable Achievements and Major Funding

IEAH Stables made a name for themselves by owning Big Brown, the star racehorse who won both the 2008 Kentucky Derby and Preakness. This achievement put IEAH Stables in the spotlight of horse racing, showing everyone they were a force to be reckoned with.

James Tagliaferri was a big supporter of IEAH Stables, providing them with funds through his company TAG Virgin Islands. This money helped IEAH Stables buy top horses, hire expert trainers, and compete in races all over the world.

The success of Big Brown showcased IEAH Stables’ dedication to breeding and training elite racehorses. By combining exceptional horse talent with smart investments, IEAH Stables soared to new heights in the competitive world of horse racing.

With careful planning, hard work, and financial support from people like James Tagliaferri, IEAH Stables became leaders in an industry where timing is everything.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Thrilling horse races that capture the attention of audiences globally

  2. Spark curiosity and admiration for the talented horses

  3. Demonstrates the hard work and expertise of trainers, jockeys, and stable staff

  4. Drives substantial economic growth in the horse racing sector

  5. Opens doors for breeding programs to nurture potential champions

  6. Encourages fair play and friendly competition among participants


  1. Horses can get hurt or even die during races

  2. People worry about how horses are treated in the industry

  3. Horses might feel stressed or tired from all the pressure to perform well

  4. Doping scandals have made some famous racing stars look bad

  5. Smaller stables struggle financially against bigger, richer ones

  6. Some people criticize horse racing for its impact on the environment

Key Personnel and Operational Structure

Michael Iavarone and Richard Schiavo, the dynamic duo leading IEAH Stables, achieved great success in the world of thoroughbred horse racing. Their smart planning and strong operational skills helped IEAH reach new heights in the industry.

Teaming up with Hall of Fame jockey Gary Stevens was a brilliant move by IEAH Stables. Stevens brought his wealth of experience and knowledge to enhance their bloodstock management, creating an air of excellence that spread throughout the organization.

Under Michael Iavarone’s guidance, IEAH Stables smoothly navigated challenges and showed resilience during tough times in the equine industry. The team’s ability to adjust to changes while staying true to their values established them as leaders in horse racing.

The close collaboration among key figures like Michael Iavarone, Richard Schiavo, and Gary Stevens laid a solid foundation for IEAH Stables’ operations. This teamwork fueled innovation, promoted growth, and led them towards victories on big stages such as the Kentucky Derby.

Ruffian Equine Medical Center Establishment

In 2009, IEAH Stables took a bold step by opening the Ruffian Equine Medical Center near Belmont Park, showing their dedication to top-quality horse healthcare. This modern facility had cutting-edge medical equipment and skilled veterinarians focused on keeping the horses healthy.

However, they faced challenges and had to close the center in 2011 due to financial issues. Despite this setback, Cornell University stepped in and relaunched the facility as Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialists in 2014. The new center continued IEAH’s goal of providing excellent equine medical care.

The journey from starting the center to bringing it back shows not only IEAH Stables’ strong commitment to horse well-being but also how resilient the equestrian community can be when facing difficulties. The revival of this advanced equine medicine hub demonstrates collaboration and determination among industry leaders striving for innovation.

Looking back at its history filled with closure and reopening, Ruffian Equine Medical Center’s legacy remains as a reminder that passion for horse wellness can bring hope even during tough times. It shows that dedication towards brighter futures in veterinary care within thoroughbred racing circles is always possible despite uncertainties and changes.

Key Milestones in IEAH Stables' Journey

Year Event Description
2003 Formation of IEAH Stables Michael Iavarone founded IEAH, focusing on thoroughbred horse racing
2008 Big Brown Wins Kentucky Derby and Preakness Big Brown, owned by IEAH, achieved victories in two prestigious races
2009 Opening of Ruffian Equine Medical Center IEAH established a cutting-edge equine medical facility near Belmont Park
2011 Closure of Ruffian Equine Medical Center Due to financial challenges, the medical center ceased operations
2013 Sale of Last Shares in Big Brown IEAH divested its remaining ownership stake in Big Brown
2014 Re-opening of Equine Medical Center by Cornell University Cornell University took over the facility and reopened it under the name Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialists
2015 James Tagliaferri’s Sentencing Tagliaferri, major funder of IEAH, was sentenced to six years in prison for securities and investment adviser fraud
2008 Eclipse Award Nomination IEAH Stables was a finalist for the Eclipse Award for outstanding owner, recognizing their achievements in the industry

Legal Troubles and Financial Scandals

In 2015, IEAH Stables faced a tough time when James Tagliaferri, a major financial supporter, got sentenced to six years in prison for securities and investment adviser fraud. The scam involved kickbacks linked to investments made in companies like IEAH. This incident rocked the organization during that period.

Despite these legal issues, IEAH Stables powered through with grit and determination. With their dedicated team of professionals who were all about upholding top-notch ethical standards, they managed to sail through the financial scandals that posed a threat to their reputation.

When things get tough, real character shows up. The leadership at IEAH Stables showed unwavering strength as they went all out to rebuild trust within the industry and among their supporters. Through being transparent and taking responsibility for their actions, they emerged even stronger than before.

This phase in IEAH’s history is a reminder that no matter what challenges come your way or how many times you fall down; persistence and honesty are key qualities crucial for any successful business venture. Their ability to bounce back from adversity not only highlights their dedication to excellence but also solidifies their lasting impact on thoroughbred horse racing worldwide.

Sale of Shares and Transition Period

In 2013, IEAH Stables made a big splash in the horse racing world when they decided to part ways with Big Brown. The bold move of selling their remaining shares in the famous racehorse surprised many people. This change marked a crucial moment for IEAH as they navigated through a period of transformation in the competitive world of thoroughbred horse racing.

After selling off Big Brown, IEAH Stables faced both challenges and opportunities during their transition phase. Without Big Brown in their stable anymore, the company had to rethink its focus and strategy going forward. It was a time for thinking back and making new plans as they tried to figure out where they stood in an industry that was always changing.

As IEAH entered into this new phase after parting with Big Brown, they grabbed hold of exciting chances to broaden and strengthen their group of talented horses. This transition became a spark for innovation within the organization, pushing them toward exploring fresh paths for growth and success on the racetrack.

Even though there were uncertainties during this period of change, IEAH Stables came out stronger than ever before. Their ability to adjust and thrive amidst these changes not only showed how resilient they were but also highlighted their strong dedication to excellence in all areas of managing and owning racehorses.

Legendary Tales from the Winner's Circle

  1. Exciting Stories from the Winner's Circle: IEAH Stables Owner – A Champion Emerges

  2. In 2008, Michael Iavarone, the owner of IEAH Stables, made history by winning the famous Kentucky Derby with their horse, Big Brown.

  3. Rick Dutrow Jr. trained Big Brown to not only triumph in the Kentucky Derby but also claim victory at the Preakness Stakes, showcasing both the extraordinary talent of the horse and the exceptional teamwork behind him.

  4. The powerful partnership between Michael Iavarone and co-owner Richard Schiavo of IEAH Stables led them to great success in horse racing, culminating in an unforgettable win at Churchill Downs.

  5. Big Brown's triumphant run at the Kentucky Derby cemented IEAH Stable's position as a dominant force in racing circles, drawing admiration and attention from fans and competitors alike.

  6. The story of how IEAH Stables raced to victory with Big Brown at the Kentucky Derby continues to inspire and captivate horse racing enthusiasts today; it stands as a thrilling reminder of defining moments that shape this sport's vibrant history.

Top Horses Associated with IEAH Stables

IEAH Stables had an amazing lineup of top-notch horses, including popular names like Benny the Bull, I Want Revenge, Kip Deville, Patena, Stardom Bound, and Willy o’the Valley in their stables. These horses were more than just racehorses; they symbolized excellence and commitment in the world of thoroughbred racing. Each horse brought its own unique strengths to the track and played a crucial role in IEAH’s journey to success.

Benny the Bull stood out as a sprinter known for his blazing speed and determination on the racetrack. He clinched victories in prestigious races like the Dubai Golden Shaheen and True North Handicap. Meanwhile, I Want Revenge captured hearts with his thrilling come-from-behind wins before being sidelined by unfortunate injuries that cut short his promising career.

Kip Deville specialized in turf races and dominated major stakes events across different continents while displaying elegance and grace with every stride. Patena showed remarkable versatility by excelling on both dirt and synthetic surfaces, winning notable races such as the Grade 2 Display Stakes at Woodbine Racetrack.

Stardom Bound impressed audiences with her outstanding performances on turf and dirt tracks, earning accolades like the Eclipse Award for Champion Two-Year-Old Filly in 2008. Lastly,Willy o’the Valley demonstrated grit and determination throughout his career by securing significant wins that cemented IEAH Stables’ reputation as a powerhouse in the racing community.

These horses weren’t just competitors; they embodied teamwork among trainers,jockeys,grooms,and owners—all working diligently behind-the-scenes to help these champions reach their full potential under IEAH’s guidance.The legacy left by these exceptional equines continues to inspire new generations of racing fans worldwide—a testament to IEAH Stable’s enduring impact on thoroughbred horse racing history.”

Eclipse Award Recognition

IEAH Stables received a prestigious nomination in 2008 for the Eclipse Award, recognizing their remarkable achievements as owners in thoroughbred horse racing. This accolade showcased their significant influence on the national racing scene.

With top-notch horses like Big Brown and Kip Deville under their wing, IEAH Stables made a splash with impressive victories and record-breaking performances. Their smart approach to acquiring high-quality bloodstock solidified their reputation as a dominant force in the sport.

Under the leadership of Michael Iavarone and Richard Schiavo, IEAH Stables assembled a team of skilled professionals who shared a common goal of excellence in horse racing. Their combined expertise in training, breeding, and management played a crucial role in achieving success on major platforms within the sport.

Despite facing obstacles such as injuries to key horses or tough competition from rival owners and stables vying for top honors, IEAH Stables persevered with resilience and determination. They showed that setbacks are just stepping stones towards future triumphs within an unpredictable industry like horse racing.

The impact of IEAH Stables continues beyond their time in the limelight; they set new benchmarks for ownership practices that still shape how owners participate in this exciting sport today. By earning recognition as finalists for esteemed awards like the Eclipse Award, they established themselves as innovators whose influence resonates throughout thoroughbred horse racing history.

Impact on Equine Industry Beyond Racing Stable Operations

IEAH Stables, known for their success on the racetracks, went beyond typical stable operations to make a lasting impact on the horse industry. They set up modern medical facilities like the Ruffian Equine Medical Center that changed how horses are cared for and raised new standards for horse wellness.

Bringing in famous figures like Gary Stevens was a smart move by IEAH Stables to improve their bloodstock management strategies. By working with experienced experts in the field, they not only gained valuable knowledge but also showed they were leaders in the industry.

The influence of IEAH Stables goes further than just winning races; it includes an overall approach to improving every part of horse racing and ownership. Through their innovative ideas and focus on excellence, they reshaped ideas about what it takes to be successful in thoroughbred racing.

With a sharp eye for talent and strong dedication to developing future champions, IEAH Stables became a breeding ground for success stories that resonated throughout the world of horses. Their skill at spotting promising prospects and turning them into top competitors demonstrated their exceptional ability to choose and manage elite bloodlines.

In summary, IEAH Stables’ impact on the equine industry wasn’t just about victories or losses; it represented a shift towards innovation, teamwork, and pushing boundaries. By leading projects like advanced medical centers and bringing in top professionals into their team, they made themselves known as pioneers who left a long-lasting impression on generations ahead.

Legacy Amidst Challenges Faced

IEAH Stables made a lasting impact on horse racing, even though they faced legal issues and operational challenges in their later years before becoming inactive in 2012. One of the most memorable moments for IEAH Stables was Big Brown’s wins at prestigious races like the Kentucky Derby and Preakness. These victories showcased excellence in a sport that is always changing.

Founded by Michael Iavarone and Richard Schiavo in 2003, IEAH Stables quickly became known for its innovative approach to owning racehorses as a syndicate. Their success was not without controversy, as they were involved in legal problems related to how they conducted business which ultimately led to their decline.

Big Brown was one of the standout horses under IEAH’s banner, capturing the hearts of many fans with his impressive wins. Trained by Rick Dutrow Jr., Big Brown showed off IEAH Stables’ knack for selecting exceptional horses. Despite facing difficulties behind the scenes that affected their operations, IEAH remained competitive on race days thanks to smart partnerships and investments in promising bloodlines.

More than just winning races, IEAH Stables changed how people viewed thoroughbred ownership through their syndication models where multiple investors shared ownership stakes. This allowed smaller investors to join high-stakes racing ventures that were previously only accessible to wealthy individuals or big companies. They made the sport more inclusive while achieving great success at major events such as Triple Crown races.

The team at IEAH had an eye for talent both among their equine stars and human staff who guided these champions towards victory. From skilled trainers like Rick Dutrow Jr., who knew how to get top performances from his horses when it counted, to jockeys trusted with guiding these speedy animals around tracks with precision – every member played a vital role within this successful operation.

Although now inactive since 2012 due partly because of financial troubles worsened by legal battles, IEAH Stables left an unforgettable mark on horse racing history. Their legacy lives on not just through trophies won but also through reshaping industry norms regarding shared ownership structures; showing that passion combined with wise decision-making can lead unexpected contenders down victorious paths despite challenging times within this unpredictable world filled with hoofbeats and heartbeats.


1. How did IEAH Stables rise to prominence in the world of thoroughbred horse racing?

IEAH Stables rose to fame in the world of thoroughbred horse racing by acquiring top-notch horses, using cutting-edge training techniques, and spotting talent early on. This all led to their biggest success – winning the Kentucky Derby with Big Brown in 2008.

2. Who were the key personnel behind IEAH Stables' success with the Kentucky Derby winner?

IEAH Stables' triumph in the Kentucky Derby was made possible by its core team, led by co-founders Michael Iavarone and Richard Schiavo. Skilled trainers like Rick Dutrow Jr. also played a crucial role in their success story.

3. What challenges did IEAH Stables face on their journey to winning the Kentucky Derby?

As IEAH Stables pursued victory in the Kentucky Derby, they encountered obstacles like financial uncertainty, close oversight from regulators, and concerns about how the public viewed them.

4. What sets IEAH Stables apart from other prominent stables in the equine industry?

IEAH Stables shines in the horse industry for their fresh ideas on ownership, smart collaborations, and impressive triumphs on the racetrack. Their biggest achievement was winning the famous Kentucky Derby with the amazing racehorse Big Brown.

5. How has IEAH Stables' success with the Kentucky Derby champion impacted the legacy of the stable within horse racing?

IEAH Stables' recent win with the Kentucky Derby champion has proven that they are a dominant force in horse racing. This victory highlights their skill in reaching the top level of the sport and making a lasting impact on the industry.

6. Can you share some notable achievements of IEAH Stables beyond their Kentucky Derby victory?

IEAH Stables made a name for themselves by winning the Kentucky Derby with Big Brown in 2008. They also triumphed in top races like the Breeders' Cup, Belmont Stakes, and Dubai World Cup. This success established them as a major player in thoroughbred horse racing.