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1987 Kentucky Derby Winner Alysheba

1987 kentucky derby winner alysheba

In this exciting tale, we delve into the world of Thoroughbred horse racing and relive Alysheba’s unforgettable win at the 1987 Kentucky Derby. Join us as we follow his incredible journey from humble beginnings to becoming a track champion, under the skillful guidance of jockey Chris McCarron and trainer Jack Van Berg. Witness the thrilling race at Churchill Downs where Alysheba showcased his speed and determination, leaving a lasting mark on racing history for all to remember.

Early Life and Family Background

Alysheba, a chestnut Thoroughbred racehorse born on March 3, 1984, gained fame by winning the Kentucky Derby in 1987. Bred in Kentucky by Preston Madden, Alysheba came from a prestigious line of ancestors known for their speed and stamina in the racing world.

His family tree included renowned sires like Bold Ruler, Nashua, and Raise a Native—traits that would shape Alysheba’s own successful racing style.

Raised at Hamburg Place Farm in Lexington, Kentucky, Alysheba showed early promise with his elegant physique and spirited personality catching the attention of trainers who recognized his potential for greatness on the track.

As a young colt developing his skills under careful guidance at Calumet Farm—a renowned breeder of champion horses—Alysheba began to reveal his natural talent for running swiftly and finishing races strongly.

Road to the Kentucky Derby Victory

In 1987, Alysheba won the Kentucky Derby with jockey Chris McCarron and trainer Jack Van Berg by his side. The big race happened on May 2 at Churchill Downs, where Alysheba proved to be the best in a tough competition.

The road to victory was not easy for Alysheba. He had faced challenges before but never gave up. Jockey Chris McCarron’s expert handling of the young horse was crucial for their success that day.

Trainer Jack Van Berg played a vital role in preparing Alysheba for the race. His skills and training methods turned Alysheba into a top contender for the prestigious Kentucky Derby title. Together, horse, jockey, and trainer worked like a well-oiled machine as they raced towards glory amidst cheers from the excited crowd at Churchill Downs.

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Ownership and Breeding

Dorothy and Pamela Scharbauer owned Alysheba, a talented racehorse who excelled on dirt tracks under their care. The partnership between the Scharbauer family and this exceptional colt played a key role in his success at major racing events.

Breeding a champion like Alysheba isn’t just luck; it’s about carefully selecting the right parents with desirable traits. In Alysheba’s case, his father was Alydar, one of America’s top stallions at the time. This lineage gave him an advantage from birth, setting him up for greatness on the racetrack.

Alysheba had a majestic presence that captivated all who saw him. Standing tall and powerful, he exuded confidence and strength – qualities crucial for dominating in horse racing. His physical prowess combined with his impressive bloodline made him a formidable competitor every time he raced.

The bond between horse and owner is often underestimated but plays a significant role in shaping a champion racer. The Scharbauers’ dedication to nurturing Alysheba both physically and emotionally undoubtedly fueled his determination to win races against tough rivals. Their unwavering support provided stability and comfort throughout his career.

Creating champions goes beyond good genes; it requires passion, perseverance, and unwavering commitment from everyone involved – including owners! The Scharbauers never doubted Alysheba’s potential even during challenging times on the track. Their steadfast belief ultimately led them to unforgettable victories as they made their mark in horse racing history forevermore.

Unforgettable Derby Performance

Alysheba’s remarkable victory in the 113th edition of the Kentucky Derby, where he clocked an impressive time of 2:03.40, cemented his status as a legend in horse racing history. The track conditions were perfect for him on that day, allowing him to outshine tough competitors like Bet Twice and Avies Copy to seize the win.

In this thrilling race, jockey Chris McCarron skillfully guided Alysheba through a crowded field with both speed and agility at Churchill Downs.

The crowd erupted into cheers as Alysheba crossed the finish line first, proving himself as a true champion among champions with an unforgettable performance that will forever be remembered in horse racing lore.

Race Results and Notable Finishers

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 4 Alysheba Chris McCarron Jack Van Berg Dorothy & Pamela Scharbauer 2:03.40
2nd 9 Bet Twice Craig Perret Warren A. Croll Jr. B.P. Levy & Cisely Stable
3rd 14 Avies Copy Mickey Solomone David Kassen T. Brown Badgett
4th 3 Cryptoclearance Jose Santos Flint S. Schulhofer Philip Teinowitz
5th 12 Templar Hill Greg W. Hutton Paul D. Seefeldt Ervin J. Kowitz
6th 2 Gulch Willie Shoemaker LeRoy Jolley Peter M. Brant
7th 2b Leo Castelli Jacinto Vásquez LeRoy Jolley Peter M. Brant
8th 7 Candi’s Gold Sandy Hawley Edwin J. Gregson Royal Lines
9th 10 Conquistarose Jerry D. Bailey Woody Stephens Henryk de Kwiatkowski
10th 1x On the Line Gary Stevens D. Wayne Lukas Eugene V. Klein
11th 8 Shawklit Won Richard Migliore Frank LaBoccetta Edward Anchel
12th 5 Masterful Advocate Laffit Pincay, Jr. Joseph Manzi H.J. Belles & D.A. Leveton
13th 1 War Herb McCauley D. Wayne Lukas Tom Gentry
14th 13 Momentus Don Brumfield Wallace Dollase Chillingworth & Duckett et al.
15th 11 No More Flowers Walter Guerra Happy Alter Arthur I. Appleton
16th 1a Capote Ángel Cordero Jr. D. Wayne Lukas Klein, French & Beal
DNF 6 Demons Begone Pat Day Phil Hauswald Loblolly Stable

Payouts and Betting Results

After Alysheba won the Kentucky Derby, he paid out $18.80 to bettors who had backed him in the race. Lucky punters also received additional payouts for placing and showing.

Those who picked Alysheba and Bet Twice in the $2 Exacta combination won a whopping $109.60.

Making money on horse racing isn’t just luck; it involves strategy, gut instincts, and maybe even a touch of magic.

Punters who studied the form guide might have noticed something special about Alysheba that day – perhaps a sparkle in his eye or an extra spring in his step hinting at future greatness.

In horse racing, there are no guarantees. It’s an exciting journey where fortunes can shift as quickly as the horses thunder down the track towards victory.

Legacy of Success

Alysheba’s impact goes beyond just winning the Kentucky Derby. He continued to triumph in other top races during his career, showing immense potential for future success in Thoroughbred racing.

After winning the Kentucky Derby, Alysheba kept impressing everyone by also taking home the Preakness Stakes title, proving he was a real contender for the Triple Crown. This spirited colt amazed fans with his speed and endurance as he raced towards greatness.

Despite facing tough competition throughout his racing days, Alysheba always delivered stellar performances on tracks all over the United States. His grit and determination were clear every time he ran, earning him respect from both spectators and fellow racers.

Alysheba’s legacy isn’t just about his wins on the track; it’s also about how he influenced horse racing as a whole. His achievements motivated a new wave of fans and pros alike, shaping Thoroughbred racing for years to come with his unforgettable accomplishments.

Over time, Alysheba became synonymous with excellence in horse racing worldwide. His lasting legacy reminds us that hard work, dedication, and unwavering passion can lead to great things in any field. With each powerful stride echoing through history books, Alysheba cemented himself as a true legend of horseracing turf.

Myth-busting stories about Alysheba's Derby triumph

  1. ### Debunking the stories surrounding Alysheba's big win at the Derby:

  2. **Myth**: People thought Alysheba was a risky bet in the 1987 Kentucky Derby.

  3. – **Fact**: Actually, many believed in Alysheba and he was the top choice with odds of 7-2 heading into the race.

  4. **Myth**: Some say Alysheba had tough competition during the Derby.

  5. – **Fact**: While Bet Twice gave him a challenge, finishing second in the Derby, he later beat Alysheba in both the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes.

  6. **Myth**: It was a tight finish for Alysheba's victory.

  7. – **Fact**: In reality, Alysheba clinched his win at the 1987 Kentucky Derby comfortably by three-quarters of a length, showcasing his dominance on that day.

  8. **Myth**: Some believe that winning at Derbys was all that mattered to Alysheda.

  9. – **Fact**: Following his triumph at Churchill Downs, this talented colt went on to secure wins at prestigious events like Preakness Stakes, Super Derby, and Breeders' Cup Classic – proving himself as one of racing's finest.

  10. ** Myth: People might think jockeys don't make much difference to a horse’s success story

  11. Fact: Chris McCarron played an essential role as Alysheeba’s jockey guiding him not only through victories but also throughout his remarkable racing journey."

Post-derby Career Highlights

Alysheba’s journey after the Derby was truly impressive. He showed incredible skill and strength, mastering tracks of different lengths with ease. His performance in subsequent races only solidified his reputation as a strong contender in horse racing.

After winning at Churchill Downs, Alysheba proved himself on various terrains and distances, proving he was more than just a one-time winner. In each race that followed his victory at the Kentucky Derby, Alysheba amazed fans with his speed, agility, and determination.

Fans eagerly anticipated each new race Alysheba took part in following his historic win in 1987. The stallion did not disappoint; instead, he delivered exciting performances that kept viewers captivated while establishing himself among the greatest racers.

In all his post-Derby highlights, Alysheba consistently showcased why he was highly regarded by both fans and experts. His determination shined through as he competed against top rivals on different tracks across various states – leaving an unforgettable mark on horse racing history.

Influence on Breeding Practices

When Alysheba won the 1987 Kentucky Derby, it surprised everyone in the horse racing world. Breeders and fans were eager to figure out how he became so exceptional. His mix of speed, stamina, and strong determination captured the hearts of fans globally. This story wasn’t just about one horse; it was about changing breeding practices by picking mates carefully to create future champions.

In a sport where tiny differences in time can determine success or failure, Alysheba showed what careful breeding could accomplish. Breeders who wanted to recreate his success studied pedigrees closely, examining every detail for that special combination that could produce horses as amazing as him on the track. The pursuit of excellence turned from a goal into an obsession inspired by Alysheba’s impressive achievements.

Every step Alysheba took at Churchill Downs on that important day had an impact around the world in breeding stables. Suddenly, his family line became extremely valuable as breeders saw potential in pairing mares with stallions possessing similar qualities to this legendary champion’s traits. It wasn’t luck that helped him win—it was thoughtful planning and understanding bloodlines better than anyone else.

As word spread quickly about how Alysheba changed traditional breeding tactics within racing circles, excitement filled stables everywhere. The idea that greatness could be achieved through smart pairings reignited passion among breeders determined to make their mark by producing new generations capable of surpassing even Alysheba’s incredible career feats.

Looking back now makes it clear why Alysheba’s influence went beyond simple victories; he left a lasting impression on Thoroughbred breeding forever recorded as a turning point where science merged with artistry in creating superstar horses destined for glory across racetracks worldwide—a legacy fitting for such an extraordinary animal who raced straight into our hearts and forever altered our view!

Enduring Popularity Among Fans

Alysheba’s enduring popularity with fans speaks volumes about his lasting impact on the world of horse racing. It has been many years since that thrilling day at Churchill Downs, but Alysheba’s name still resonates strongly among those who witnessed his greatness firsthand or heard stories of his victories from earlier generations. His legacy lives on through the tales shared by enthusiasts who recall him not only as a racehorse, but also as a symbol of resilience and grace under pressure.

Alysheba captivated fans worldwide with his charisma and charm both on and off the track. With an impressive career record that includes wins in prestigious races like the Preakness Stakes and Breeders’ Cup Classic, he solidified his reputation as one of racing’s most celebrated champions. What set him apart from competitors was not just his athleticism, but also his unyielding spirit and unwavering determination to succeed.

Even today, discussions about legendary racehorses inevitably include Alysheba. The memories he created continue to inspire new generations of racing enthusiasts, evoking awe and admiration for this extraordinary athlete whose accomplishments seemed almost magical at times. In a sport where heroes come and go each season, Alysheba remains firmly entrenched in the hearts of those who are passionate about horse racing around the globe.

As time marches forward steadily, there are certain figures like Alysheba whose brilliance shines brightly despite the passage of years. Fans young and old alike find comfort in revisiting moments when this majestic chestnut colt charged towards victory with passion etched across every sinewy muscle. It is this timeless allure that cements Alysheba’s place not only in history books but also within our collective consciousness—a beacon of hope amidst uncertainty—a reminder that dreams can indeed become reality if pursued with enough heart until they cross over your finish line.”


1. What was Alysheba's background and racing career leading up to the 1987 Kentucky Derby?

Born in 1984, Alysheba was a beautiful chestnut colt who faced challenges at the beginning of his racing career. However, he quickly showed potential by winning the Blue Grass Stakes in 1987 and coming second in the Santa Anita Derby. These victories set the stage for his exciting win at the Kentucky Derby later that year.

2. How did Alysheba overcome challenges during the race to secure the victory at the 1987 Kentucky Derby?

In the 1987 Kentucky Derby, Alysheba had to dodge a close call with Bet Twice and stumbled in the last stretch. Despite these challenges, Alysheba showed incredible resilience and determination by pulling ahead to secure an exciting victory.

3. Who were Alysheba's main competitors in the 1987 Kentucky Derby, and how did they fare in the race?

During the 1987 Kentucky Derby, Alysheba faced strong competition from Bet Twice and Cryptoclearance. Bet Twice finished second while Cryptoclearance came in third as Alysheba claimed victory with a triumphant run.

4. What impact did Alysheba's win at the 1987 Kentucky Derby have on his legacy and the world of horse racing?

Alysheba's win at the 1987 Kentucky Derby confirmed his spot in racing history as a legendary champion, boosting his reputation and making a lasting impact on the horse racing scene.

5. How did jockey Chris McCarron play a crucial role in guiding Alysheba to victory at Churchill Downs in 1987?

In the 1987 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, Jockey Chris McCarron skillfully guided Alysheba through a crowded field. He expertly avoided potential disaster and strategically positioned the colt to surge ahead and claim victory.

6. What memorable moments or standout performances defined Alysheba's historic triumph at the 1987 Kentucky Derby?

Alysheba made history with his impressive win at the 1987 Kentucky Derby. He showed remarkable resilience and determination after a close call with Bet Twice, pushing ahead to claim the prized Garland of Roses in an exciting finish that kept everyone on their toes.