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Kentucky Derby Winner Winning Colors 1988

kentucky derby winner winning colors 1988

Key Takeaways

  • Experience the thrilling win of Winning Colors at the 1988 Kentucky Derby, a race that demonstrated outstanding speed and talent on a quick dirt track.
  • Dive into the smart moves made by jockey Gary Stevens and trainer D. Wayne Lukas, whose skills were essential in ensuring Victory for Winning Colors.
  • Learn about the remarkable crowd of 137,694 fans at Churchill Downs, where Eugene V. Klein’s ownership continued his successful career in horse racing with another exciting chapter.

Kentucky Derby Winner Winning Colors 1988

The 1988 Kentucky Derby was a thrilling showcase of horse racing talent and human skill that took place at Churchill Downs. With nearly 138,000 excited spectators cheering on, Winning Colors raced down the track with determination, leaving a lasting mark in the world of racing. Jockey Gary Stevens expertly guided her through tough competition to claim victory on the fast dirt surface.

During this iconic race in May, trainer D. Wayne Lukas’s brilliant strategy shined brightly. Under his guidance, Winning Colors displayed not only speed but also endurance and tenacity—a true display of athletic excellence pushed to its limits.

Owner Eugene V. Klein proudly witnessed his prized filly cross the finish line first—an unforgettable moment filled with joy and triumph for everyone involved in this incredible journey to success. This win wasn’t just about crossing the finish line; it was about capturing hearts and minds while striving for greatness on that memorable Kentucky Derby day.

Winning Horse: Winning Colors

The 1988 Kentucky Derby was an electrifying event that saw Winning Colors gallop her way to victory, dominating the competition with finesse under jockey Gary Stevens’ expert guidance. Trainer D. Wayne Lukas and owner Eugene V. Klein’s strategic brilliance played a crucial role in the mare’s remarkable triumph.

Clocking in at 2:02.20 on Churchill Down’s fast track, Winning Colors left spectators awestruck as she surged ahead of her rivals, leaving them trailing behind in a cloud of dust. Her captivating performance captivated audiences and solidified her place in horse racing history.

Attendance records were shattered at Churchill Downs that day as fans flocked to witness this historic moment unfold live before their eyes. Cheers reverberated through the stands as Winning Colors gracefully passed each marker with determination and grace.

Those who made smart bets reaped rich rewards following Winning Color’s outstanding win at one of horse racing’s most prestigious events—the Kentucky Derby. It was an unforgettable display where speed met skill, strategy met execution, and sheer willpower propelled a true champion towards glory on that iconic racetrack in Louisville.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Inspiring and motivating upcoming athletes for the future

  2. Showing the amazing connection between horse and jockey

  3. Offering exciting entertainment for fans watching

  4. Honoring the long history and tradition of horse racing

  5. Spotlighting the commitment and effort of trainers and stable staff members

  6. Creating a substantial economic impact within the racing industry


  1. The dangers of horse and rider injuries

  2. Debates about how well animals are treated in the sport

  3. Expectations for athletes to excel at high-stakes competitions

  4. Difficulties in ensuring fair play and stopping cheating

  5. Concerns over too much focus on making money from the sport

  6. Environmental issues linked to land usage and resource depletion

Jockey Profile: Gary Stevens

In the 1988 Kentucky Derby, Gary Stevens, a skilled jockey known for his expertise on the track, demonstrated exceptional talent that captured the attention of racing enthusiasts worldwide. His expert handling and strategic moves with Winning Colors not only secured a historic victory but also set a new standard in horse racing.

Gary Stevens had already made a name for himself as a top rider who could make quick decisions that often changed the outcome of important races like the Kentucky Derby. During this memorable race, his seamless coordination with Winning Colors enabled them to navigate the challenging course with precision and style. The partnership between horse and jockey was so strong that they surpassed their competitors, leaving spectators amazed by their synchronized performance.

Stevens’ masterful control of Winning Colors not only showcased his incredible skill but also cemented his status as one of horse racing’s finest jockeys. His ability to understand race dynamics intuitively and time his moves perfectly played a crucial role in leading them to victory at Churchill Downs—a moment that will forever be remembered in sporting history.

Trainer’s Impact: D. Wayne Lukas

D. Wayne Lukas, a legend in the world of horse racing, transformed Winning Colors into a dominant force on the track for the 1988 Kentucky Derby. He expertly crafted her training routine to perfection, showcasing his skill and deep understanding of his horses’ abilities that proved pivotal in leading Winning Colors to her historic win.

Under Lukas’s guidance, Winning Colors exuded confidence and strength during the race at Churchill Downs, highlighting not only her physical prowess but also the strategic brilliance instilled by her trainer. Lukas’s talent in bringing out the best in his horses was evident as Winning Colors surged ahead with unmatched speed and determination towards victory.

With D. Wayne Lukas taking charge, every decision made for Winning Colors was meticulously planned – from workout routines to jockey selections – all paving the way for success at one of horse racing’s most prestigious events. It was through Lukas’s unwavering dedication and sharp insight that enabled him to orchestrate another triumph on that unforgettable day at Churchill Downs.

The influence of D. Wayne Lukas extended beyond just one triumph; it solidified his legacy as an exceptional trainer capable of guiding champions towards greatness time after time on some of racing’s grandest stages.

Winning Moments: Memorable Results from Prestigious Race

Finished Pgm Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 8 Winning Colors Gary Stevens D. Wayne Lukas Eugene V. Klein 2:02.20
2nd 1a Forty Niner Pat Day Woody Stephens Claiborne Farm
3rd 3 Risen Star Eddie Delahoussaye Louie J. Roussel III Louis J. Roussell III & Ronnie Lamarque
4th 9 Proper Reality Jerry Bailey Robert E. Holthus Mrs. James Winn
5th 12 Regal Classic Laffit Pincay, Jr. Jim Day Sam-Son Farm, Windfields Farm
6th 5 Brian’s Time Ángel Cordero Jr. John M. Veitch Mr. & Mrs. James W. Phillips
7th 11 Seeking the Gold Randy Romero Claude R. McGaughey III Ogden Phipps
8th 8 Cefis Eddie Maple Woody Stephens Ryehill Farm & Robert Kirkham
9th 1a Private Terms Chris Antley Charles Hadry Locust Hill Farm (Stuart S. & Barbara Phipps Janney Jr.)
10th 10 Jim’s Orbit Shane Romero Clarence E. Picou James Cottrell
11th 6 Granacus Jacinto Vásquez Patrick Collins Steve Stavro
12th 4 Lively One Willie Shoemaker Charles E. Whittingham Thomas J. Curnes
13th 2 Din’s Dancer John Lively Jack Van Berg Kenneth Opstein, Ward D. & Geraldine Theisen
14th 15 Kingpost Jorge Velazquez Dianne Carpenter Mark Warner
15th 2 Intensive Command Julio Pezua John P. Campo Thomas J. Curnes
16th 15 Purdue King Kent Desormeaux Barry Wexler Bob Starnes
17th 14 Sea Trek Patrick Johnson Gary Hartlage Diana Stables, Inc.

Owner’s Success: Eugene V. Klein

In 1988, Eugene V. Klein was a well-experienced owner in the world of horse racing who achieved great success when Winning Colors won the Kentucky Derby. He was known for his dedication to finding top equine talent and his strong commitment to excellence, which made him stand out in the sport.

Klein’s smart investments in breeding programs and careful selection of talented racehorses paid off when Winning Colors raced to victory with jockey Gary Stevens guiding her expertly. This win not only showed Klein’s sharp decision-making skills but also demonstrated his deep understanding of what it takes to succeed on the track.

On that unforgettable day at Churchill Downs, Eugene V. Klein must have felt overjoyed as he watched Winning Colors make history and showcase his ownership skills brilliantly. The legacy he created through this significant victory continues to be remembered in horse racing circles, forever linking him with legendary figures in the sport.

Race Conditions and Attendance Record

The Kentucky Derby in 1988 had perfect racing conditions at Churchill Downs, with a fast track surface that set the stage for an exciting competition among top Thoroughbreds competing for victory. A crowd of 137,694 enthusiastic fans gathered to witness history unfold at this iconic horse racing venue.

After Winning Colors won the 1988 Kentucky Derby, bettors saw great returns with a win payout of $8.80 for every $2 wagered. Other contenders like Forty Niner and Risen Star also received place and show payouts.

The tale of the daring Derby dame

  1. ### The thrilling story of the bold Derby heroine

  2. **Fearless and Stunning:** Winning Colors, who clinched victory at the 1988 Kentucky Derby, was a remarkable chestnut filly with a daring running style that captured the admiration of racing fans worldwide.

  3. **Historic Triumph:** By winning the Kentucky Derby, Winning Colors became just the third filly in history to achieve this feat, following in the footsteps of Regret in 1915 and Genuine Risk in

  4. **Groundbreaker:** Under training by D. Wayne Lukas and ridden by Gary Stevens, Winning Colors shattered stereotypes by showcasing that fillies could excel in elite Thoroughbred racing circles. Her achievements paved the way for upcoming female jockeys and trainers.

  5. **Speedy Dynamo:** Renowned for her swift pace and unwavering determination on the track, Winning Colors blazed through the 1988 Kentucky Derby with an electrifying start-to-finish performance that secured her a memorable win.

  6. **Lasting Impact:** Despite facing doubts leading up to race day, Winning Colors proved all critics wrong with her dominant display at the Kentucky Derby — leaving behind an enduring legacy as one of racing's most courageous and talented fillies ever known.


1. How did Winning Colors' victory at the 1988 Kentucky Derby impact the history of horse racing?

Winning Colors made history at the 1988 Kentucky Derby with a groundbreaking victory that left a lasting impact on horse racing. She became just the third filly to win this prestigious race, displaying remarkable talent and shattering barriers in the sport.

2. What made jockey Gary Stevens' performance on Winning Colors so remarkable during the race?

In the 1988 Kentucky Derby, jockey Gary Stevens showed his skills by quickly taking the lead on Winning Colors. He kept up a strong pace throughout the race and ended up winning in a truly impressive way.

3. How did trainer D. Wayne Lukas contribute to Winning Colors' success at the Kentucky Derby in 1988?

Trainer D. Wayne Lukas carefully got Winning Colors ready for the 1988 Kentucky Derby, making sure she was in top shape and skillfully leading her to a remarkable win with his expert training techniques.

4. What were some key factors that set Winning Colors apart from other contenders in the 1988 Kentucky Derby?

Winning Colors stood out in the 1988 Kentucky Derby with her incredible speed, stamina, and the smart tactics of jockey Gary Stevens and trainer D. Wayne Lukas. Their teamwork led to a memorable win that highlighted her amazing talent and strong determination on the track.

5. Can you describe Eugene V. Klein's role as the owner of Winning Colors and how it influenced her victory at Churchill Downs?

Eugene V. Klein's sharp ownership of Winning Colors gave her strong backing, resources, and smart advice that were crucial to her groundbreaking win at the 1988 Kentucky Derby. This highlighted his ability to spot talent and commitment to top-notch horse racing.

6. What were some notable records or statistics set during Winning Colors' historic win at the 1988 Kentucky Derby?

Winning Colors made history by winning the 1988 Kentucky Derby. She was only the third filly to achieve this feat, drawing a record-breaking crowd of over 163,000 spectators. Her victory also resulted in an impressive payout of $10.20 for a $2 bet.