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Nyquist 2016 Kentucky Derby Winner

nyquist 2016 kentucky derby winner

Delve into the exciting realm of Thoroughbred horse racing as we honor Nyquist’s incredible path to winning at the 2016 Kentucky Derby. Discover his origins, journey to the Derby, victorious tactics, and enduring influence on the industry with his remarkable skill and unbeatable success at Churchill Downs.

Nyquist’s Background and Early Career

Nyquist, a champion Thoroughbred racehorse born on March 10, 2013, boasts an impressive pedigree. His father Uncle Mo was a champion in his own right and his mother Seeking Gabrielle also had her share of excellence. The skilled Doug O’Neill trained him and he was owned by the passionate J. Paul Reddam.

Nyquist’s journey to racing stardom began with much promise.

This talented colt lived up to expectations as he excelled in various races leading up to the prestigious Kentucky Derby. Fans were amazed at Nyquist’s speed and agility on the racetrack as he displayed his natural talent race after race. Guided carefully by trainer Doug O’Neill, this promising horse continued to show that he was one to watch in the competitive world of Thoroughbred racing.

With each step towards victory, Nyquist cemented his position among racing legends with every win before taking on the ultimate challenge – The Kentucky Derby! This exceptional horse won hearts not only with pure speed but also through unyielding determination that distinguished him from competitors. As spectators eagerly awaited what would happen at Churchill Downs, Nyquist stood tall and ready to make history alongside some of the greatest champions ever known!

Road to the Kentucky Derby

In 2016, horses had to earn their spot in the Kentucky Derby by racking up points on the Road to the Kentucky Derby system. This new method started in 2013 and gave points based on how well a horse did in certain races leading up to the big event. It made sure that only top-notch competitors got a chance at running for glory.

Fans of horse racing were glued to each qualifying race, excitedly waiting to see which horses would come out as frontrunners on this thrilling journey towards Churchill Downs. Every twist and turn in these pre-Derby showdowns added more excitement and anticipation, building up all the way to America’s most prestigious horse race.

As Nyquist powered through these challenging trials on his quest for victory at Churchill Downs, spectators couldn’t help but be impressed by his strong willpower and undeniable talent. With every win along the Road to the Kentucky Derby, Nyquist showed he was a serious contender destined for greatness under trainer Doug O’Neill and jockey Mario Gutierrez’s guidance.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Racing icons amaze and enchant fans with their remarkable skills and accomplishments.

  2. They inject excitement and sophistication into horse racing, drawing in a larger crowd.

  3. Their triumphs inspire young jockeys and trainers to chase their dreams in the field.

  4. Racing legends play a key role in shaping the vibrant history and customs of horse racing, creating an enduring impact for future generations.


  1. Racing legends often feel immense pressure to perform at a top level, which can have negative effects on their physical and mental health.

  2. In horse racing, the competitive environment frequently leads to injuries or accidents for both horses and riders.

  3. Media and public scrutiny can affect the personal lives of racing stars as they face criticism.

  4. The busy schedule of races and training routines may cause burnout and exhaustion for these racing greats.

Post Position Draw and Favorites

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as the Post Position Draw took place at Churchill Downs Racetrack on that memorable May day in 2016. Nyquist, boasting a flawless record of seven consecutive wins, stood ready for greatness despite facing a field packed with tough competitors all vying for the prestigious Kentucky Derby title.

Everyone held their breath as each post position was revealed, fully aware of how crucial this event would be in shaping the race’s story. Drawing post position 13 placed Nyquist strategically near the middle of the pack, boosting optimism among his supporters while causing rivals to strategize on how to beat this unstoppable force.

As the morning line favorite at odds of 3-1, Nyquist exuded confidence like a true champion destined for success. The offspring of Uncle Mo had already demonstrated his strength multiple times, displaying impeccable form and unwavering determination leading up to this historic moment at America’s most esteemed horse racing competition.

Despite facing stiff competition from other talented challengers eager to take him down, Nyquist remained composed – showcasing grace under pressure guided by skilled hands and unshakable belief in his abilities. As spectators geared up for an intense showdown on Derby day, one thing was clear: all eyes were fixed firmly on Nyquist and his captivating journey toward securing a lasting legacy in horse racing history.

Race Description and Victory

Nyquist’s incredible win at the 2016 Kentucky Derby was truly remarkable. Throughout most of the race, Nyquist maintained a strong position near the leaders, showcasing his exceptional racing skills. With jockey Mario Gutierrez guiding him, they made a bold move at the top of the stretch and surged ahead with unmatched determination.

This victory not only secured Nyquist’s place in history but also established him as one of the sport’s elite competitors. Crossing the finish line with a commanding lead of 1+1/4 lengths, Nyquist proved himself as an undefeated winner in Kentucky Derby history. His strategic prowess under pressure and unparalleled skill were evident in every stride towards victory.

From start to finish, Nyquist exuded confidence and grace on the track – qualities that distinguish champions from others. The synergy between horse and rider was palpable as they navigated through tough competition with finesse and precision. Their seamless coordination propelled them towards greatness amidst thunderous applause from spectators witnessing their triumph.

As fans celebrated Nyquist’s remarkable achievement, they admired his resilience throughout this demanding racecourse challenge. This unforgettable moment encapsulated everything thrilling about Thoroughbred horse racing – fierce competition, strategy, and sheer determination to emerge victorious against all odds. By delivering a stellar performance at Churchill Downs that day, Nyquist cemented his name among legends while inspiring future generations to pursue their dreams relentlessly like true champions do.

Triple Crown Race Results and Rankings

Finish Post Horse Jockey Trainer Morning Line Odds Final Odds Margin (lengths) Winnings Points
1 13 Nyquist Mario Gutierrez Doug O’Neill 3–1 2.30 1+1/4 $1,631,600 130
2 11 Exaggerator Kent Desormeaux J. Keith Desormeaux 8–1 5.10 1+1/4 $400,000 126
3 5 Gun Runner Florent Geroux Steven Asmussen 10–1 10.30 4+1/2 $200,000 151
4 14 Mohaymen Junior Alvarado Kiaran McLaughlin 10–1 11.80 4+1/2 $100,000 80
5 2 Suddenbreakingnews Luis Quinonez Donnie K. Von Hemel 20–1 24.60 4+3/4 $60,000 50
6 9 Destin Javier Castellano Todd Pletcher 15–1 18.0 7 51
7 19 Brody’s Cause Luis Saez Dale Romans 12–1 24.90 9+1/2 114
8 4 Mo Tom Corey Lanerie Tom Amoss 20–1 25.70 10+1/4 32
9 8 Lani Yutaka Take Mikio Matsunaga 30–1 29.30 10+3/4 100
10 17 Mor Spirit Gary Stevens Bob Baffert 12–1 12.8 14+1/2 84
11 6 My Man Sam Irad Ortiz Jr. Chad C. Brown 20–1 19.50 14+1/2 40
12 12 Tom’s Ready Brian Hernandez Jr. Dallas Stewart 30–1 49.10 17 44
13 3 Creator Ricardo Santana Jr. Steven Asmussen 10–1 16.40 18+1/4 110
14 15 Outwork John Velazquez Todd Pletcher 15–1 26.50 18+1/2 120
15 20 Danzing Candy Mike E. Smith Clifford Sise Jr. 15–1 25.70 20 60
16 1 Trojan Nation Aaron Gryder Patrick Gallagher 50–1 42.10 26+3/4 40
17 7 Oscar Nominated Julien Leparoux Michael Maker 50–1 42.30 32+1/2 50
18 18 Majesto Emisael Jaramillo Gustavo Delgado 30–1 56.60 36+3/4 40
19 10 Whitmore Victor Espinoza Ron Moquett 20–1 30.30 37+1/4 44
DNF 16 Shagaf Joel Rosario Chad C. Brown 20–1 56.0 50

Results and Payouts

Nyquist’s win in the 2016 Kentucky Derby not only made him a racing icon but also earned his team a hefty $1,631,600. The thrilling race got everyone pumped up – from the fans to the bettors. Those who bet on Nyquist (13) and Exaggerator (11) to come first and second had their pockets filled with a sweet $30.80, showing off how smart they were in backing that talented colt.

The payout for correctly picking Nyquist to win, followed by Exaggerator coming second and Gun Runner third was equally impressive at $86.70 for each winning ticket holder of the trifecta. These payouts didn’t just highlight Nyquist’s dominance on the track but also showed why horse racing is such an exciting sport loved by fans worldwide.

As Nyquist raced ahead at Churchill Downs while being cheered on loudly by spectators, it was evident that this special colt was meant for greatness. His triumph in one of horse racing’s biggest events left its mark on history while rewarding those who believed in him with big bucks. The results and payouts from the 142nd Kentucky Derby proved just how exceptional Nyquist truly is, solidifying his legacy as one of Churchill Down’s best Thoroughbreds ever.

Subsequent Grade I Wins

Nyquist’s victory at the 2016 Kentucky Derby showcased his exceptional skill and determination, firmly establishing him as a racing legend. While Nyquist did not secure another win after the Derby, many of his competitors from that iconic race went on to achieve incredible success at Grade I level events. In particular, Exaggerator triumphed in prestigious races like the Preakness Stakes and Haskell Invitational, highlighting the intense competition Nyquist faced during his time as a top Thoroughbred.

One of Nyquist’s rivals turned champions was Gun Runner, who demonstrated his strength by winning multiple coveted titles including the renowned Breeders’ Cup Classic. Although Nyquist didn’t replicate his Kentucky Derby success in subsequent races, witnessing horses like Exaggerator and Gun Runner shine on such grand stages underscored the talent present in that unforgettable field. The aftermath of Nyquist’s triumph illustrated how one significant event can serve as a catalyst for other equine athletes to excel and make their mark alongside him in horse racing history.

The impact of Nyquist’s victory reverberated through later Grade I races as fans marveled at how that historic Kentucky Derby clash paved the way for rising stars in the sport. Each stride taken towards victory by Exaggerator or each powerful surge displayed by Gun Runner celebrated not only their individual brilliance but also honored Nyquist’s legacy on Churchill Downs’ revered turf. The post-Derby achievements of these talented steeds added excitement to an already vibrant narrative spun around an unforgettable day when dreams were realized amidst cheering crowds.

As time progressed from that thrilling Kentucky Derby showdown where hearts raced faster than any hoof could carry them down those final stretches, it became clear that while Nyqust might not have clinched further wins following his glorious run under Churchill Downs’ twin spires – he had sparked something special within those who shared tracks with him on that momentous day back in 2016; inspiring them towards greatness even if they weren’t adorned with roses upon crossing finish lines elsewhere across America’s storied racetracks.

Myth-busting tales about Nyquist’s Kentucky Derby victory

  1. Some people think Nyquist was an underdog in the 2016 Kentucky Derby, but that's not true. Nyquist was actually the favorite with odds of 2-He proved everyone right by winning the Derby in a really impressive way.

  2. People say Nyquist's win at the 2016 Kentucky Derby was just luck, but that's not accurate. Before the race, Nyquist had already shown he was a skilled and consistent racehorse with an undefeated record.

  3. There is a misconception that Mario Gutierrez, Nyquist's jockey, solely led him to victory. While having a talented jockey is important for success, it was ultimately Nyquist's own talent and training that secured his win at the Derby.

  4. Some doubted whether Nyquist would do well in longer races like the Kentucky Derby due to his breeding background; however, he proved them wrong by showing strength over the challenging distance of 1 1/4 miles in his victorious run at Churchill Downs.

  5. Although there were many strong competitors in the field during the 2016 Kentucky Derby, nothing could overshadow Nyquist’s brilliant win on that day which made history in horse racing world-wide capturing fans' attention everywhere.

Attendance Record and Event Highlights

The 2016 Kentucky Derby was an amazing event, where powerful Thoroughbreds raced at Churchill Downs, their thundering hooves echoing through the air. Nyquist, guided by jockey Mario Gutierrez and trainer Doug O’Neill, showed incredible skill during the race and proved why he was a top contender for victory.

As the gates opened at Churchill Downs, Nyquist sprinted out with determination and speed that left his competitors struggling to keep up. The coordination between horse and rider was flawless as they maneuvered around rivals on the track.

With each stride down the homestretch, Nyquist widened his lead like he had wings under his hooves instead of horseshoes. The crowd cheered loudly as he crossed the finish line first at “The Run for the Roses.” It was a historic moment in racing – a brilliant display of equine excellence that captivated all who saw it firsthand.

Nyquist’s win not only confirmed him as a true champion but also showcased Team O’Neil’s strategic brilliance in preparing him for this important race. From rigorous training routines to smart race strategies, every detail had been perfected leading up to that remarkable day at Churchill Downs. This victory wasn’t just about winning; it demonstrated how dedication, passion, and unwavering belief can make all the difference in a sport where greatness is separated from mediocrity by mere milliseconds.

Legacy of Nyquist

Nyquist’s amazing talent and dominance on the racetrack have left a lasting mark in horse racing history. Even though he faced tough challenges in races following his win at the Kentucky Derby, Nyquist’s flawless victory in 2016 is still remembered as an incredible feat. While the limelight may have shifted away from him after that memorable triumph, his influence continues to captivate fans and experts alike, showcasing his exceptional skills as a top Thoroughbred.

Key figures like trainer Doug O’Neill and jockey Mario Gutierrez played pivotal roles in guiding Nyquist to success at Churchill Downs. They skillfully steered Nyquist through fierce competition leading up to the Kentucky Derby with strategic precision and expert horsemanship. Their teamwork demonstrated unwavering dedication to maximizing Nyquist’s potential on race day, ultimately propelling him towards a historic victory against strong opponents.

Although Nyquist did not replicate his initial Kentucky Derby glory in subsequent races, his legacy endures as a representation of natural talent nurtured by expert guidance. His impact on the sport serves as inspiration for young champions striving for excellence within Thoroughbred racing circles. Despite time passing since that unforgettable Derby day back in 2016 when he dazzled fans worldwide with his speed and elegance, Nyquist remains an iconic figure whose legacy transcends mere wins and losses—a true symbol celebrated for both track achievements and lasting influence beyond it.

Impact on Horse Racing Industry

In the 2016 Kentucky Derby, Nyquist’s incredible win grabbed the attention of horse racing fans worldwide and set a new standard for excellence in horsemanship and training techniques. Trainer Doug O’Neill’s careful preparation, along with owner J. Paul Reddam’s strong support, proved to be the winning combination that led Nyquist to victory at Churchill Downs.

The excitement at Churchill Downs was electric as jockey Mario Gutierrez rode Nyquist past tough competition to claim the prestigious blanket of roses. Nyquist’s flawless race showcased his exceptional skill and determination, cementing his place as a true champion in Thoroughbred racing history.

Nyquist’s triumph echoed throughout the horse racing world, leaving fans and experts impressed by the seamless teamwork behind this significant win. The legacy of Nyquist goes beyond just wins; it stands as a testament to the competitive spirit and camaraderie that make this sport so inspiring and cherished by all who love it.


1. How did Nyquist's performance at the 2016 Kentucky Derby compare to other legendary horses in the history of the race?

Nyquist's outstanding run at the 2016 Kentucky Derby established him as one of the all-time greats in the race. He displayed incredible speed, endurance, and smart tactics that distinguished him as a real champion.

2. What were some key strategies employed by Nyquist's jockey and trainer that contributed to his victory at the Kentucky Derby?

Nyquist's rider, Mario Gutierrez, and coach, Doug O'Neill, flawlessly carried out their race strategy by keeping Nyquist in a great position during the whole race. They saved his energy for the last stretch where he made an impressive move to win the 2016 Kentucky Derby.

3. Can you highlight any standout moments from Nyquist's journey to winning the prestigious Run for the Roses?

Nyquist won the 2016 Kentucky Derby in a thrilling race that highlighted his perfect record, impressive family background, and skillful ride by jockey Mario Gutierrez. This victory showed Nyquist's incredible talent and top-notch performance in the competitive world of horse racing.

4. How did Nyquist's win at the Kentucky Derby impact his career and legacy in Thoroughbred horse racing?

Nyquist's exciting victory at the 2016 Kentucky Derby proved he was a top champion in Thoroughbred horse racing, pushing him towards more wins and ensuring his place among the greatest in the sport.

5. What sets Nyquist apart from other champions in terms of his racing style and temperament on the track?

Nyquist stood out from other champions on the racetrack with his impressive racing skills and calm demeanor, showcasing a unique blend of speed, agility, and intense concentration that carried him to a triumphant win at the 2016 Kentucky Derby.

6. How did Nyquist's connections celebrate his triumph at the 2016 Kentucky Derby, and what was the reaction from fans and experts in the racing community?

Nyquist's team cheered and cried tears of joy after he won the 2016 Kentucky Derby. Fans and experts in horse racing praised his victory as proof of his amazing talent and the smart planning by his team.