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2021 mandaloun kentucky derby winner

Immerse yourself in the exciting realm of the 2021 Kentucky Derby, where Mandaloun triumphed over a group of skilled three-year-old Thoroughbreds. Delve into the rigorous qualification process, experience the electrifying race firsthand, and learn about the controversies that stirred up the racing community after it ended. Witness how this momentous occasion unfolded at Churchill Downs and understand its enduring impact on horse racing history.

Introduction to 2021 Mandaloun Kentucky Derby Winner

The 2021 Kentucky Derby, sponsored by Woodford Reserve, was the 147th installment of the prestigious Grade I horse race known as “The Run for the Roses.” It took place on May 1, 2021, at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. This event has a long history and tradition that captivates people all around the world.

Mandaloun’s win at the Kentucky Derby created waves among horse racing fans and experts. The colt showed incredible talent and determination as he raced to victory. With skilled jockey Florent Geroux guiding him through a crowded field of competitors with expertise, Mandaloun proved himself to be among the best in racing.

This year’s derby had fewer attendees due to pandemic restrictions compared to previous years when tens of thousands would gather at Churchill Downs to watch this iconic race live. Despite limited spectators this time around, there was still a palpable sense of excitement both on-site and among those watching from afar as Mandaloun triumphed.

After Mandaloun’s victory, controversies arose regarding potential disqualification due to alleged concerns about medication violations. While these debates added drama after the event ended, they couldn’t overshadow the sheer thrill of witnessing such an important win unfold right before our eyes at one of horse racing’s most revered venues.

Qualification Process for the Race

Qualifying for the 2021 Kentucky Derby was a challenging yet exciting journey. Three-year-old racehorses had to compete in various races along the Road to the Kentucky Derby series, showcasing their speed, stamina, and determination. Key events like the Louisiana Derby, Florida Derby, and Blue Grass Stakes played crucial roles in determining which horses would earn a spot at Churchill Downs for the Run for the Roses.

These young athletes raced on tracks across the country, aiming to earn enough qualifying points to secure a place in one of horse racing’s top events. The fierce competition brought an extra level of excitement as fans closely followed their favorite contenders’ progress on this thrilling quest toward making it to the Kentucky Derby.

The stakes were high as these talented three-year-olds battled it out on some of America’s most famous racetracks. Each stride they took brought them closer to realizing their dreams of competing in the prestigious Kentucky Derby—a stage where history is made and champions are crowned amidst roaring cheers from spectators witnessing something truly extraordinary unfold before them.

After months of intense competition and thrilling races, only twenty top runners earned their golden ticket to Churchill Downs—the revered grounds where legends are born and greatness is written into history forever. The qualification process wasn’t just about earning points; it tested skill, spirit, and sheer determination that culminated in an electrifying lineup ready to showcase their talents on one unforgettable day that would be remembered throughout horse racing lore.

The Pros & Cons of Mandaloun’s Derby Victory


  1. Mandaloun’s amazing skills and potential were on full display during his outstanding performance.

  2. By winning the Kentucky Derby, Mandaloun secured a lasting spot in the history of horse racing.

  3. Fans and supporters of Mandaloun were filled with happiness and anticipation thanks to the victory.

  4. Trainer Brad Cox played a key role in guiding and training Mandaloun to success.


  1. Some people might say that when officials disqualified Medina Spirit, it changed who won the race.

  2. The big problem about Medina Spirit failing a drug test could have taken attention away from Mandaloun’s win.

  3. Mandaloun had to compete against other strong racers, which made some critics think his victory wasn’t very clear.

  4. Because Mandaloun didn’t show total dominance in the race, some people may wonder if he can keep winning big races.

Race Description and Outcome

Medina Spirit was the first to cross the finish line during the 2021 Kentucky Derby, but later got disqualified for testing positive for betamethasone after the race. This led to Mandaloun being announced as the official winner of the race, with jockey Florent Geroux and trainer Brad Cox happily celebrating their victory.

The race was super exciting, with Mandaloun facing tough competition from Essential Quality and Hot Rod Charlie in a thrilling neck-and-neck battle towards the end. The crowd cheered as Mandaloun pulled ahead at just the right moment, showing off incredible speed and endurance that secured them a place in horse racing history.

This year’s Kentucky Derby wasn’t just important for Mandaloun; it also meant a lot to horse racing fans all over. With limited attendance due to pandemic rules compared to previous years, people eagerly watched from home. This win brought some much-needed joy and excitement during these challenging times.

Even though there was controversy around Medina Spirit’s disqualification after the race, there’s no doubt that Mandaloun’s victory will go down as an example of skill, determination, and pure greatness in horses. Betting payouts reflected this unexpected twist of events – surprising many who had bet on different horses but adding an element of surprise that makes this sport so loved by many.

Attendance and Broadcasting Details

In 2020, the Kentucky Derby was held without spectators due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, in 2021, the event welcomed back fans with reduced capacity and safety measures in place. NBC aired the race starting at noon EDT, followed by main network activities at 2:30 pm EDT.

Excitement buzzed around the event as fans looked forward to a return to normalcy after a tough year. People dressed up and enjoyed mint juleps under the sun at Churchill Downs.

Even though there were fewer people than usual, both those present and watching from home felt thrilled. The cheers echoed through the venue as horses raced for victory.

NBC’s coverage captured every moment of suspense – from pre-race rituals to post-victory celebrations. Viewers not only witnessed an exciting race but also got immersed in the traditions that make this event special.

When Mandaloun won first place, it wasn’t just about winning; it represented resilience, hope, and unity during tough times – reminding us that we can come together to celebrate moments that go beyond sports itself.

Surprising Outcomes and Noteworthy Performances

Finish Program Numbers Horse Qualifying Points Trainer Jockey Morning Line Odds Final Odds Margin (Lengths) Winnings
1 7 Mandaloun (winner) 52 Brad Cox Florent Geroux 12–1 26.90 +1/2 length $1,860,000
2 9 Hot Rod Charlie (place) 110 Doug O’Neill Flavien Prat 8–1 5.60 1 length $600,000
3 14 Essential Quality (show) 140 Brad Cox Luis Saez 2–1 2.90* 1 length $300,000
4 6 O Besos 25 Greg Foley Marcelino Pedroza 20–1 41.70 5+1/2 lengths $150,000
5 10 Midnight Bourbon 66 Steve Asmussen Mike Smith 20–1 13.20 8+1/4 lengths $90,000
6 4 Keepmeinmind 18 Robertino Diodoro David Cohen 20–1 49.00 8+1/2 lengths
7 12 Helium 50 Mark Casse Julien Leparoux 50–1 38.10 10+1/2 lengths
8 1 Known Agenda 102 Todd Pletcher Irad Ortiz Jr. 6–1 9.90 10+3/4 lengths
9 17 Highly Motivated 50 Chad Brown Javier Castellano 10–1 10.70 11 lengths
10 5 Sainthood 40 Todd Pletcher Corey Lanerie 50–1 43.40 12+3/4 lengths
11 2 Like the King 104 Wesley Ward Drayden Van Dyke 50–1 49.90 12+3/4 lengths
12 20 Bourbonic 100 Todd Pletcher Kendrick Carmouche 30–1 30.40 16 lengths
13 13 Hidden Stash 32 Vicki Oliver Rafael Bejarano 50–1 39.40 16+3/4 lengths
14 3 Brooklyn Strong 10 Daniel Velazquez Umberto Rispoli 30–1 43.50 18+1/4 lengths
15 18 Super Stock 109 Steve Asmussen Ricardo Santana Jr. 30–1 33.90 19+3/4 lengths
16 15 Rock Your World 100 John Sadler Joel Rosario 5–1 4.70 24+1/4 lengths
17 11 Dynamic One 40 Todd Pletcher Jose Ortiz 20–1 45.30 32+1/4 lengths
18 19 Soup and Sandwich 40 Mark Casse Tyler Gaffalione 30–1 26.90 65+1/4 lengths
DNS 16 King Fury 20 Kenneth McPeek Brian Hernandez Jr. 20–1 Scratched (fever) Scratched (fever)
DQ 8 Medina Spirit 74 Bob Baffert John Velazquez 15–1 12.10 Disqualified (drugs)

Field Favorites and Competitors

The 2021 Kentucky Derby was rocked by Mandaloun’s surprising win, causing a commotion in the world of horse racing. Despite not being favored to win, Mandaloun displayed remarkable speed and determination, ultimately crossing the finish line first in a stunning upset that will be talked about for years.

The race itself was an exhilarating sight, with horses thundering down the track as spectators cheered on enthusiastically. The atmosphere was charged as jockeys skillfully guided their horses around Churchill Downs’ iconic oval, each competing fiercely for victory in one of horse racing’s most prestigious events.

Unlike previous years when attendance numbers were higher, pandemic restrictions meant only a limited number of fans could witness Mandaloun’s historic triumph firsthand. However, even with fewer people present, the energy and excitement from those who were there resonated throughout the venue.

Controversies after the race added an extra layer of intrigue to Mandaloun’s victory. Questions arose about potential disqualifications and investigations into other horses’ performances brought drama that kept fans on edge well past the end of the race.

For those who bet on Mandaloun against all odds, their faith paid off handsomely with impressive payouts as bookmakers hurried to adjust their calculations following this unexpected turn of events. The underdog tale turned out to be a windfall for some lucky bettors who took a chance on Mandaloun defying expectations and seizing victory at Churchill Downs.

Post-race Controversy Surrounding Medina Spirit

After the 2021 Kentucky Derby, Trainer Bob Baffert faced intense scrutiny when his horse, Medina Spirit, tested positive for betamethasone. This led to the disqualification of Medina Spirit after the race and stirred up controversy in the racing world.

Churchill Downs suspended Baffert and his subsequent appeals highlighted issues with drug testing in horse racing. The incident raised doubts about how well current testing methods work and sparked new discussions on doping in the sport.

The fallout from Medina Spirit’s failed test not only damaged Baffert’s reputation but also raised concerns about fairness at one of horse racing’s biggest events. Fans and experts wondered if similar incidents could be prevented by having stricter rules and better oversight.

Despite all the drama surrounding this year’s Derby, Mandaloun emerged as a standout winner with amazing speed and endurance that captured hearts globally. His victory brought hope during challenging times for horse racing, reminding fans why they love this thrilling sport so much.

As we witness each new Kentucky Derby unfold, it is crucial to address weaknesses exposed by cases like Medina Spirit’s failed drug test. By learning from past errors and putting stronger measures in place to ensure fair competition, we can protect both these races’ integrity and keep their enduring magic alive for future generations.

Enchanting Lore Surrounding Mandaloun’s Derby Victory

  1. ### Fascinating Stories Behind Mandaloun’s Derby Win:

  2. **The Lucky Number 7:** Trainer Brad Cox scored his seventh win at Churchill Downs during the 2021 Spring Meet with Mandaloun’s Kentucky Derby victory, creating a buzz around the horse’s incredible success.

  3. **The Surprising Jockey Link:** Jockey Florent Geroux, who guided Mandaloun to triumph in the Kentucky Derby, had previously won the race back in 2017 on Girvin – another horse trained by Brad Cox. This interesting connection adds an extra layer of magic to Mandaloun’s big win.

  4. **Mysterious White Markings:** With unique white markings on his face and legs, some believe that these ghostly patterns bring good luck and divine favor to Mandaloun. Fans are captivated by this striking feature that enhances the horse’s allure.

  5. **Ancient Greek Influence:** The name “Mandaloun” draws inspiration from Mandoilin, an ancient city in Greece steeped in history and legendary tales of victory. Many think this tie to ancient lore brought luck and strength to Mandaloun during his historic Derby triumph.

  6. **Celestial Signs:** Astrologers and mystics suggest that Mandaloun’s Kentucky Derby win was written in the stars due to cosmic alignments predicting a significant moment for him. This mystical link has many seeing his victory as truly magical and enchanting.

Payouts and Results of the Event

The 2021 Kentucky Derby made headlines with Mandaloun’s victory, delivering big payouts for lucky bettors. Exacta bets paid out $503.60, while trifecta wagers rewarded winners with a hefty $848.45. Those who took the risk on superfectas saw an impressive return of $9,456.40. And for the daring few who tried their luck with the Super High Five bet, they hit the jackpot with an astonishing payout of $296,769.60.

The thrilling race at Churchill Downs had fans and spectators glued to their seats as Mandaloun raced to first place in a display of speed and stamina that will be remembered for years to come in racing history books.

Despite attendance restrictions this year compared to previous years at Churchill Downs during America’s most prestigious horse race event, favorites and underdogs alike competed fiercely amidst thunderous cheers from eager onlookers creating an electrifying atmosphere where anything seemed possible until Mandaloun surged ahead victoriously claiming his well-deserved crown.

Following Mandaloun’s triumph came some post-race controversies briefly clouding celebrations amid speculations about disqualifications or drug testing adjustments looming overhead casting shadows over joyous scenes – but nothing could overshadow the brilliance of this historic moment when dreams were realized fortunes were won marking another unforgettable chapter in Kentucky Derby lore!

Impact of Disqualification on Racing History

The 2021 Kentucky Derby was won by Mandaloun, bringing an exciting energy to the world of horse racing. This unexpected victory captured the attention and admiration of many, showcasing Mandaloun’s determination and hard work on its journey to triumph. Competing against a tough field of contenders at Churchill Downs, Mandaloun left a lasting mark in history with its impressive performance.

This year’s Kentucky Derby looked different due to current global circumstances affecting attendance. Despite the subdued atmosphere caused by safety protocols, fans worldwide eagerly watched as Mandaloun made its way towards victory amidst an unusual backdrop.

Mandaloun confidently stood out among the favorites in the race, defying expectations with each powerful stride it took towards success. As jockeys guided their horses around the track at Churchill Downs, spectators waited anxiously for what promised to be an electrifying finish.

Following post-race controversies involving Medina Spirit’s disqualification for drug-related violations—a rare occurrence that shook up racing history—Mandaloun emerged victorious with grace and composure. This unexpected twist added extra drama to an already intense competition but ultimately solidified Mandaloun’s status as a legendary winner celebrated by fans across the globe.


1. How did Mandaloun’s victory at the 2021 Kentucky Derby impact the horse racing world?

Mandaloun’s win at the 2021 Kentucky Derby was a huge deal in horse racing. It showed he is one of the best and got fans excited with how well he did in the race.

2. What were some of the key factors that contributed to Mandaloun’s success in the race?

Mandaloun excelled in the 2021 Kentucky Derby because Brad Cox trained him exceptionally well, Florent Geroux expertly rode him, and his strong pedigree highlighted his stamina and speed on the Churchill Downs track.

3. What were some of the post-race controversies surrounding Mandaloun’s win at the Kentucky Derby?

After Mandaloun won the Kentucky Derby, there was a lot of drama because the first-place horse, Medina Spirit, got disqualified for failing a drug test. This led to Mandaloun achieving a significant and memorable victory in the race.

4. How did Mandaloun’s odds compare to other favorites in the field leading up to the race?

Before the 2021 Kentucky Derby, Mandaloun was considered one of the top contenders with competitive odds. Many people had high hopes for his performance in the race.

5. What changes were made to attendance at the 2021 Kentucky Derby compared to previous years?

In 2021, the Kentucky Derby had only about 51,838 fans in attendance because of COVID-19 rules. This was a big drop from the usual crowd of more than 150,000 people in past years.

6. What were some of the notable betting payouts following Mandaloun’s victory in the 2021 Kentucky Derby?

After Mandaloun won the 2021 Kentucky Derby, bettors scored big with a $51.00 win payout, a $23.00 place payout, and a $13.40 show payout.