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Proud Clarion 1967 Kentucky Derby Winner

proud clarion 1967 kentucky derby winner

In 1967, the Kentucky Derby was won by Proud Clarion, who triumphed with trainer Loyd Gentry Jr. and jockey Bobby Ussery leading the way. This race marked an exciting moment in thoroughbred racing history as we explore the thrilling world of horse racing at Churchill Downs. Discover how Proud Clarion’s victory became legendary through strategic training, influence from Darby Dan Farm ownership, and the electrifying atmosphere that surrounded his remarkable win.

Proud Clarion’s Background and Early Training

In 1967, Proud Clarion won the Kentucky Derby with jockey Loyd Gentry Jr. in the saddle. Bred by John W. Galbreath in Kentucky, this impressive horse handled the pressure effortlessly and showed his power on the track. With a strong lineage of winners behind him, Proud Clarion was bound for success from day one.

Racing at Churchill Downs, Bobby Ussery rode Proud Clarion to victory in a race that would go down in history books. The pride of Darby Dan Farm displayed incredible determination as he passed his competitors and made his mark as an immortal champion—a true testament to hard work from both horse and rider.

Beneath his shiny chestnut coat beat the heart of a real winner—showing resilience and spirit that resonated with fans everywhere. Through ups and downs, Proud Clarion proved himself alongside legendary horses before him, forever known for overcoming challenges and making history at Churchill Downs’ grand stage.

Jockey Bobby Ussery’s Role in Victory

Bobby Ussery was a master in the saddle, showing his skills on that unforgettable day at the Kentucky Derby. With years of experience and a natural bond with horses like Proud Clarion, he proved to be a standout among his competitors. His quick thinking and ability to adapt strategies swiftly set him apart from the rest.

Teaming up with Darby Dan Farm added an extra touch of magic to their historic win. Loyd Gentry Jr.’s decision to trust Ussery as Proud Clarion’s rider paid off handsomely as they raced towards victory together. The coordination between jockey, horse, and trainer was evident – each working seamlessly in sync for success at Churchill Downs.

As they charged down the final stretch amidst cheers from spectators, Ussery displayed unwavering determination alongside Proud Clarion’s remarkable talent. Their combined effort created an unforgettable moment that still resonates today – showcasing their resilience and relentless drive for glory in the world of horse racing.

Looking back, it is fascinating how fate brought Bobby Ussery together with Proud Clarion – highlighting not only athletic prowess but also teamwork and unyielding spirit against all odds. Their triumph remains a testament to perseverance and dedication engraved in racing history books forevermore.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Evokes admiration and wonder

  2. Displays outstanding talent and skill

  3. Establishes a connection to tradition and history

  4. Provides exciting entertainment for viewers

  5. Honors the beauty and strength of horses


  1. Horses and jockeys face a high risk of getting injured or harmed

  2. It can reinforce stereotypes about the culture of horse racing

  3. The pressure to perform may result in unethical practices

  4. Animals are exploited for human entertainment

  5. Financial rewards might prioritize profits over the well-being of horses

Trainer Loyd Gentry Jr.’s Strategy and Preparation

Loyd Gentry Jr. transformed Proud Clarion into a strong competitor by putting him through tough training sessions at Darby Dan Farm in Kentucky. He made sure the horse had discipline and stamina, which were important for running the long Derby race.

Gentry showed his expertise by customizing workouts to fit Proud Clarion’s strengths. Each gallop and exercise helped improve the colt’s racing skills for Churchill Downs’ challenging 1.25-mile track.

Proud Clarion’s energetic personality was focused by Gentry into productive energy, mixing fast drills with exercises that built up his endurance. This approach set him apart from other horses on race day.

By combining interval training with closely monitoring Proud Clarion’s progress, Gentry demonstrated his attention to detail and strengthened the bond between horse and trainer – a key factor for success in the intense Derby environment.

With guidance from Gentry, Bobby Ussery smoothly turned strategies into actions during races using Proud Clarion’s sharpened abilities to navigate through competitors and claim victory in one of horse racing’s top events.

Darby Dan Farm’s Ownership Influence

Proud Clarion, a horse owned by Darby Dan Farm and guided by the skilled trainer Loyd Gentry Jr., was destined for greatness. Their partnership forged a strong bond that led them to victory at Churchill Downs, securing their place in racing history.

Teaming up with jockey Bobby Ussery played a crucial role in Proud Clarion’s journey to winning the 1967 Kentucky Derby. Ussery’s expert riding skills and deep knowledge of the sport complemented Proud Clarion’s talent, creating an unbeatable duo that triumphed in one of America’s most prestigious races.

Darby Dan Farm didn’t just invest money; they also had unwavering belief in their horses’ potential. This confidence helped horses like Proud Clarion reach new heights, showcasing not only their physical abilities but also highlighting the special connection between humans and horses on this exciting quest for glory.

With great attention to detail and an eye for talent, Darby Dan Farm created an environment where champions were born and raised. Each hoofbeat represented dedication, each stride symbolized passion—a tribute to years of hard work culminating in moments like Proud Clarion’s victorious run amidst thunderous applause on Derby day.

As time moves forward, Proud Clarion’s win serves as a reminder of what can be achieved through perseverance, skillful guidance, and determination. The legacy lives on beyond Darby Dan Farm or Churchill Downs—in every heart captivated by stories woven from hooves pounding against sacred ground—the timeless tale of magnificent horses racing towards immortality.

Top Finishers and Their Notable Performances

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 7 Proud Clarion Bobby Ussery Loyd Gentry Jr. Darby Dan Farm 2:00 3/5
2nd 5 Barbs Delight Kenny Knapp Hal Steele Jr. Guy Huguelet Jr. & Gene Spalding
3rd 2 Damascus Bill Shoemaker Frank Y. Whiteley Jr. Edith W. Bancroft
4th 10 Reason to Hail Walter Blum Hirsch Jacobs Patrice Jacobs
5th 11 Ask the Fare Donald Holmes Jere R. Smith Sr. Holiday Stable
6th 6 Successor Braulio Baeza Edward A. Neloy Wheatley Stable
7th 8 Gentleman James Ronald Campbell Delmer W. Carroll Sr. Michael G. Phipps
8th 1 Ruken Fernando Alvarez Clyde Turk Louis R. Rowan
9th 4 Diplomat Way Johnny Sellers John O. Meaux Harvey Peltier Sr.
10th 14 Second Encounter Bill Phelps Edwin K. Cleveland Jr. Harris-Pierce Jr.
11th 12 Dawn Glory Earlie Fires Justino Rodriquez Establo Eden
12th 3 Dr. Isby Bill Hartack Frank E. Childs Perne L. Grissom
13th 13 Field Master Álvaro Pineda Warren Stute Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Seley
14th 9 Lightning Orphan Donald Brumfield Don H. Divine Reverie Knoll Farm

Race Day at Churchill Downs

The 1967 Kentucky Derby held at Churchill Downs was a mesmerizing event, eagerly awaited by fans who were excited for the historic race. Proud Clarion surged down the homestretch as jockey Bobby Ussery skillfully guided him to an exhilarating victory in a close finish. The crowd erupted with cheers that reverberated throughout the grandstands when this unexpected underdog horse triumphed and crossed the finish line first.

Loyd Gentry Jr., Proud Clarion’s trainer, had meticulously prepared his horse for this monumental moment. His dedication and expertise were evident as he groomed the talented colt for one of America’s most prestigious horse races. Under Gentry’s guidance, Proud Clarion transformed into a strong contender, capturing hearts and victories en route to glory at Churchill Downs.

Darby Dan Farm, where Proud Clarion was born and raised, played a crucial role in shaping this champion racehorse. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and passion for breeding top-quality Thoroughbreds culminated in Proud Clarion’s remarkable win on that memorable Derby day. The legacy of Darby Dan Farm endures through horses like Proud Clarion who inspire racing enthusiasts worldwide across generations.

Proud Clarion’s journey from modest beginnings to becoming the Kentucky Derby champion showcases perseverance and determination in horseracing royalty. Against all odds, this exceptional colt secured his place in racing history with an unforgettable performance at Churchill Downs that will be cherished for years to come. On that fateful day, the competitive spirit burned brightly as Proud Clarion galloped towards immortality among turf legends.

As darkness settled over Churchill Downs following the 1967 Kentucky Derby, echoes of excitement lingered throughout every corner of the racetrack. Fans reveled in witnessing a genuine underdog story unfold before their eyes—a tale woven with grit, grace, and unbounded ambition personified by none other than Proud Clarion himself. In those fleeting moments after clinching victory time seemed suspended—capturing not just success but also leaving behind an enduring legacy destined to define thoroughbred racing lore forevermore.

Winning Time and Margin of Victory

The 1967 Kentucky Derby saw Proud Clarion clinch a remarkable victory that went beyond just winning the race. It was a showcase of sheer talent and unyielding determination. As he raced down the final stretch, his speed appeared almost supernatural, leaving onlookers mesmerized by his majestic stride. The margin of his win only underscored his dominance that day, establishing him as an undisputed champion.

Loyd Gentry Jr., who oversaw Proud Clarion’s training routine, played a crucial role in molding the horse into a formidable contender. His expertise and profound understanding of equine athleticism were key in getting Proud Clarion ready for one of thoroughbred racing’s most esteemed events. Gentry’s unwavering commitment to refining Proud Clarion’s abilities undoubtedly contributed to their triumph at Churchill Downs.

Bobby Ussery, the jockey who piloted Proud Clarion to victory at the Derby, demonstrated exceptional skill and finesse during their ride together. His ability to harness Proud Clarion’s power while maneuvering through a field brimming with talent was truly remarkable. It was this seamless partnership between horse and rider that propelled them across the finish line with such impressive speed and grace.

Darby Dan Farm served as Proud Clarion’s home before he conquered Churchill Downs—a place synonymous with breeding excellence in horseracing. The farm’s legacy cast a long shadow over every step taken by its prized steeds like Proud Clarion—an affirmation of their steadfast dedication to producing top-notch racehorses year after year. Through careful nurturing and expert guidance from those at Darby Dan Farm, horses like Proud Clarion were shaped into legends destined for greatness on racetracks worldwide.

Unveiling captivating tales of racing legend

  1. ## Revealing exciting stories of a racing hero: Proud Clarion, the 1967 Kentucky Derby Champion

  2. **Unexpected Win:** In the 1967 Kentucky Derby, Proud Clarion was seen as an unlikely winner with odds at 30-But he surprised everyone by pulling off a remarkable victory in the prestigious race.

  3. **Jockey's Victory:** Jockey Bobby Ussery guided Proud Clarion to success in the 1967 Kentucky Derby. This win marked Ussery's first and only triumph at this major event in his impressive career.

  4. **Speedy Finish:** Clocking in at 2:60, Proud Clarion set a new track record at Churchill Downs during his victorious run in the 1967 Kentucky Derby—a record that remained unbroken for more than two decades.

  5. **Chasing Triple Crown Glory:** After securing victory at the Kentucky Derby, Proud Clarion went on to compete in both the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes, positioning himself as a strong contender for the coveted Triple Crown title.

  6. **Enduring Legacy:** The triumph of Proud Clarion at the 1967 Kentucky Derby cemented his status as a legendary champion within horse racing history—an inspiring tale of overcoming obstacles that captured hearts worldwide and left an indelible mark on this sport forevermore!

Impact of Winning Breeder John W. Galbreath

John W. Galbreath was a skilled horse breeder who carefully developed Proud Clarion’s bloodline, showing a strong commitment to excellence in all aspects of his breeding program. He had a sharp eye for choosing top stallions and mares, which set the stage for Proud Clarion’s impressive success on the racetrack.

Galbreath made strategic decisions when it came to breeding, ensuring that Proud Clarion inherited a winning pedigree that made him stand out as a top competitor in races like the Kentucky Derby. By planning meticulously and selecting mating pairs thoughtfully, Galbreath maximized the potential of every foal born at Darby Dan Farm.

The legacy of John W. Galbreath lives on through horses such as Proud Clarion, whose victories showcase his exceptional skills in horse breeding. The genetic foundation he laid continues to influence future generations of champions, carrying forward his tradition of excellence in thoroughbred racing.

Proud Clarion’s win at Churchill Downs marked an important moment not only for owner William Haggin Perry but also as a significant accomplishment for Breeder John W. Galbreath and trainer Loyd Gentry Jr., highlighting their combined efforts in nurturing this outstanding colt into a champion racehorse.

By recognizing John W. Galbreath’s lasting impact on American horse racing through horses like Proud Clarion, we acknowledge the profound influence breeders with vision and passion have—a combination that drives these amazing animals toward greatness with each powerful stride they take on historic racetracks across the nation.

Legacy of Proud Clarion’s Kentucky Derby Win

The 1967 Kentucky Derby saw Proud Clarion clinching victory, showcasing grit and skill on one of horse racing’s biggest stages. Guided by trainer Loyd Gentry Jr., the bay colt exceeded expectations with a dazzling performance at Churchill Downs. Jockey Bobby Ussery expertly steered Proud Clarion through tough competition to secure a historic win, highlighting sheer determination.

Darby Dan Farm played a vital role in shaping Proud Clarion into the champion he became, fostering an environment for his potential to flourish. The farm’s dedication to excellence was evident in Proud Clarion’s top-tier training regimen and care. With meticulous attention and strong support from Darby Dan Farm, Proud Clarion blossomed into a standout competitor ready for success on the racetrack.

Proud Clarion’s Kentucky Derby triumph represents the enduring power of dreams achieved against all odds. In an event known for unpredictability and fierce rivalry, he emerged as a symbol of hope for underdogs—proof that hard work, self-belief, and unwavering resolve can lead to remarkable outcomes. His win continues to inspire generations of racing fans worldwide who admire his journey from unknown contender to celebrated champion.

Decades after his legendary victory at Churchill Downs, Proud Clarion remains ingrained in horse racing history as a true icon embodying courage under pressure and unmatched sportsmanship. His legacy serves as a reminder that every racehorse possesses the heart of a warrior poised to conquer any challenge—a timeless tale resonating with fans who appreciate not just victories but also the unbridled spirit defining this cherished sport.

Continued Influence on Thoroughbred Racing

In 1967, Proud Clarion made history by winning the Kentucky Derby, setting a high standard of excellence in horse racing that still motivates those in the industry today. His victory highlighted how determination, talent, and perseverance are key to achieving success on one of the biggest stages in horse racing.

When Loyd Gentry Jr. decided to buy Proud Clarion for $25,000, it turned out to be a brilliant move as the colt captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his impressive win at Churchill Downs. With trainer Loyd “Boots” Gentry Sr.’s guidance and jockey Bobby Ussery’s expert skills, Proud Clarion overcame tough competition and emerged victorious.

Proud Clarion’s story became intertwined with Darby Dan Farm’s legacy, solidifying their reputation as top breeders who produce elite racehorses capable of greatness on racetracks globally. The farm’s commitment to breeding champions like Proud Clarion continues to shape modern breeding practices and shows their lasting impact on thoroughbred racing.

Today, Proud Clarion remains an iconic figure in horse racing—symbolizing not just past successes but also inspiring future competitors striving for greatness. His spirit lives on through every hoofbeat heard around racetracks worldwide; reminding all who hear his tale that with determination and grace even underdogs can achieve victory against all odds.


1. What was the significance of Proud Clarion's victory in the 1967 Kentucky Derby?

Proud Clarion's stunning win in the 1967 Kentucky Derby proved that with determination and skill, even an underdog can emerge victorious. Loyd Gentry Jr.'s expert training, Bobby Ussery's brilliant ride, and Darby Dan Farm's unwavering commitment all played a crucial role in securing Proud Clarion's well-deserved spot as a legendary turf champion.

2. How did Loyd Gentry Jr. and Darby Dan Farm contribute to Proud Clarion's success?

Loyd Gentry Jr. expertly trained Proud Clarion, while Darby Dan Farm's exceptional breeding program helped shape him into a champion. This led to his historic Kentucky Derby win in 1967, with jockey Bobby Ussery skillfully guiding him to victory.

3. Who was the jockey that rode Proud Clarion to victory in the Kentucky Derby, and what was his role in the historic win?

In the 1967 Kentucky Derby, Bobby Ussery, a talented jockey riding Proud Clarion, skillfully steered the impressive colt to an unexpected victory. Their remarkable triumph showcased sheer determination and expertise, securing their place in horse racing history.

4. Can you describe some key moments from Proud Clarion's journey to winning the Kentucky Derby in 1967?

In the 1967 Kentucky Derby, Proud Clarion defied the odds to claim victory. He was considered an underdog but with a thrilling stretch run led by jockey Bobby Ussery, and unwavering commitment from trainer Loyd Gentry Jr. and owner Darby Dan Farm, he secured a historic win that has since become legendary in the world of horse racing.

5. What made Proud Clarion stand out among other contenders in the 1967 Kentucky Derby field?

Under the skilled leadership of jockey Bobby Ussery and trainer Loyd Gentry Jr., Proud Clarion showed remarkable determination as he overcame challenges to win the 1967 Kentucky Derby. His unwavering spirit and drive were on full display at Churchill Downs, capturing a memorable victory against all odds.

6. How did Proud Clarion's victory impact the world of horse racing and leave a lasting legacy?

Proud Clarion made history with a remarkable victory at the Kentucky Derby in 1967. His win not only secured his spot in racing lore but also highlighted the grit, resilience, and relentless drive that embody the very core of this sport. This inspiring triumph continues to captivate fans and enthusiasts across generations.