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1933 Kentucky Derby Winner Brokers Tip

1933 kentucky derby winner brokers tip

In 1933, the Kentucky Derby was a thrilling event where Brokers Tip won under the ownership of Edward R. Bradley and with training by Henry J. Thompson. Jockey Don Meade guided Brokers Tip to victory in an intense battle against Head Play, resulting in a dramatic “fighting finish” that made them legends in horse racing history. This triumph at Churchill Downs was surrounded by controversy, suspensions, and lasting intrigue, leaving a memorable mark on the world of horse racing.

Early Life and Family Background

Brokers Tip’s journey to victory at the 1933 Kentucky Derby was a captivating tale filled with promise and prestige. This colt, owned by the respected Edward R. Bradley, showcased elegance on the track under trainer Henry J. Thompson’s expert guidance.

With jockey Don Meade in control, Brokers Tip made history as an underestimated contender who surpassed expectations and captured hearts.

The bloodlines of Brokers Tip hinted at his potential long before he raced down Churchill Downs’ famous stretch. A mix of natural talent and nurture molded this magnificent steed into a powerful force destined for greatness beneath those iconic Twin Spires.

In horse racing, success often comes down to split-second decisions or gaining just inches on your competitors; every aspect—whether it’s lineage, training routines, or rider chemistry—plays a crucial role in shaping champions like Brokers Tip. The connection between horse and rider is like a graceful dance; each stride taken on that Louisville turf during Derby day echoed past performances but also foretold future triumphs.

Despite facing more favored opponents leading up to that critical Saturday afternoon in May 1933, Brokers Tip emerged as an unexpected hero—a dark horse whose determination outshined even the strongest contenders competing for equine glory amidst cheering crowds and fluttering betting slips.

As events unfolded that unforgettable day at Churchill Downs, spectators witnessed not just another race but a transformative moment where underdogs rose above pedigreed favorites—a reminder that beauty can emerge from unpredictability within racing’s narrative arc; thus began Brokers Tip’s enduring legacy etched alongside names celebrated for unforeseen victories cherished throughout racing history.

Victory at the 59th Kentucky Derby

The 1933 Kentucky Derby was a thrilling event where Brokers Tip emerged victorious over Head Play in a closely fought race, leaving the crowd amazed. The intense competition and physical battles between the jockeys made it an unforgettable spectacle known for its nail-biting finish.

Brokers Tip’s win showcased the determination and resilience needed to compete at such a prestigious race like the Kentucky Derby. Despite facing tough challenges and battling fiercely with Head Play till the very end, Brokers Tip came out on top, making history in horse racing with his impressive skills and unwavering spirit. This epic showdown highlighted the true essence of sportsmanship and competitive spirit that defines this iconic event year after year.

The controversies surrounding Brokers Tip’s victory only added to its excitement, sparking discussions among fans about fair play and strategies used by riders under pressure. While some criticized the aggressive nature of the race finish, others saw it as a display of equine talent and human perseverance in pursuit of glory at Churchill Downs’ renowned track. Looking back, Brokers Tip’s triumph serves as a reminder that unexpected twists can always happen in horse racing, making each Derby momentous not just for its result but also for all those surprising turns that make this sport so enthralling.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Racing legends motivate upcoming athletes and fans, leaving a lasting impact.

  2. They demonstrate the remarkable connection between horse and rider in an inspiring way.

  3. Their accomplishments enrich the long-standing history and customs of horse racing.

  4. They captivate audiences worldwide with thrilling performances and entertainment.

  5. Racing legends often have captivating tales of persistence and victory to share.

  6. Their legacy can spark greater interest in the exciting sport of horse racing.


  1. Racing can be tough on horses and jockeys, often causing injuries due to the physical demands.

  2. Some famous racehorses may face problems like overbreeding or being taken advantage of after they retire.

  3. Sometimes in horse racing, the focus on winning can make it easy to forget about the well-being of the animals involved.

  4. The pressure to do well in races can lead to stress and burnout for both horses and riders.

  5. Famous racehorses might reinforce ideas about gambling and taking big risks that are linked with horse racing.

  6. After their careers end, not all top racehorses get the care or recognition they deserve.

Controversy and Suspensions

The 1933 Kentucky Derby was rocked by the unforgettable victory of Brokers Tip, a triumph that quickly became the stuff of legend. However, what really stole the show was the aftermath – a heated clash between jockeys Don Meade and Herb Fisher that led to both riders being slapped with 30-day suspensions due to their controversial behavior during this historic event. This incident not only marred Brokers Tip’s win but also left an indelible mark on horse racing history as a moment filled with drama and discord.

Competition in horse racing can be intense, often stirring up strong emotions among jockeys. Yet rarely does it reach such a dramatic climax as seen in the fallout from Brokers Tip’s monumental victory at Churchill Downs. With Fisher vehemently disputing the result and insisting his horse had crossed the finish line first, tensions ran high amid conflicting stories and unwavering convictions. The controversy reverberated far beyond just one racetrack, making waves throughout racing communities worldwide.

Looking back, these kinds of controversies add depth to the lore of horse racing; they become integral parts of its rich tapestry woven with tales both triumphant and tumultuous. The suspension saga raised important questions about sportsmanship, fair play, and integrity in an arena where split-second decisions can have lasting consequences. It highlighted how fragile harmony can be in an environment driven by passion and pride, with majestic steeds thundering down revered tracks under watchful eyes fixed upon them.

As time passed and tempers cooled following Meade’s and Fisher’s post-suspension period – though any lingering resentments may still simmer beneath polite exteriors – Brokers Tip continued to stand out in history yet-to-be-written; no longer just emblematic of speed or skill but now intertwined with controversy that kept tongues wagging long after hoofbeats faded into echoes beneath twilight skies over Louisville’s iconic Churchill Downs racetrack.

Sole Career Victory for Brokers Tip

Brokers Tip’s stunning victory at the 1933 Kentucky Derby shows just how thrilling and unpredictable horse racing can be. Despite having only one win in his career, Brokers Tip shocked everyone with an incredible performance at Churchill Downs that day. He wasn’t the crowd favorite, but he proved his grit and determination when the gates opened.

Brokers Tip embodied the ultimate underdog story on that track. His triumph wasn’t just about winning; it was a display of resilience and perseverance against all odds. This remarkable victory, fueled by heart and willpower, captured imaginations worldwide as a symbol of hope for dreamers who believe in miracles even when things seem impossible.

Despite facing setbacks leading up to this historic win, Brokers Tip showed that sometimes all it takes is one shining moment to make history. The Kentucky Derby victory wasn’t just a race; it represented hope, persistence, and seizing unexpected opportunities—a message still inspiring generations of racing fans amazed by Brokers Tip’s journey from humble contender to legendary champion.

Reflecting on Brokers Tip’s lone triumph reminds us how greatness can emerge unexpectedly in competition—every race holds untold stories waiting to unfold like chapters in an unwritten novel where heroes rise against all odds. Brokers Tip’s legacy resonates with us: showing that each stride taken on any racetrack carries potential for extraordinary achievements beyond what statistics or predictions may suggest—a timeless tale celebrated by those finding magic among thundering hoofbeats on hallowed tracks where legends are born anew every year.

1933 Kentucky Derby: Top Finishers Snapshot

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 16 Brokers Tip Don Meade Herbert J. Thompson Edward R. Bradley 2:06.80
2nd 9 Head Play Herb Fisher Willie Crump Suzanne Mason
3rd Charley O. Charles Corbett J. Thomas Taylor R. M. Eastman Estate
4th Ladysman Raymond Workman Joseph H. Stotler William Robertson Coe
5th Pomponius John Bejshak Joseph H. Stotler William Robertson Coe
6th Spicson Reggie Fischer John S. Skirvin L. M. Severson
7th Kerry Patch Louis Schaefer Joe Notter Lee Rosenberg
8th Mr. Khayyam Pete Walls Matthew Peter Brady Catawba Stable
9th Inlander Dominick Bellizzi J. J. Connor Brookmeade Stable
10th Strideaway Albert Beck Richard N. Vestal Three D’s Stock Farm
11th Dark Winter Robert Jones Bennett W. Creech Willis Sharpe Kilmer
12th Isaiah Clarence McCrossen John Milton Goode James W. Parrish
13th Good Advice Eddie Legere Matthew Peter Brady Catawba Stable

Post-race Revelations

The aftermath of the 1933 Kentucky Derby played out like a gripping scene from a Shakespearean play. Don Meade later revealed that he had to physically defend himself against Herb Fisher’s aggressive tactics during the race. This unexpected revelation added more tension and excitement to an already fiercely competitive event. The clash between these jockeys created vivid imagery, portraying the finish not just as a sporting event but almost as a battle of wills on horseback.

Years after Brokers Tip won at Churchill Downs, rumors still circulated about the intense scuffle between Meade and Fisher. Their fight for dominance went beyond their horses; it escalated into physical confrontation, turning this particular Derby into legend. These post-race revelations immortalized this edition in racing history by highlighting not only the determination needed in such competitions but also showcasing how emotions can sometimes overshadow strategy in sports.

Looking back at all its controversies and conflicts, Brokers Tip’s victory stood as proof of perseverance under pressure. The story surrounding this race fascinated audiences then and continues to captivate modern-day fans with its mix of skilled horsemanship turned physical struggle. It demonstrates that beneath the noise of hooves pounding and crowds cheering lies a complex narrative—a tale where every step taken is filled with both triumphs and challenges, leaving a lasting impact on horse racing history for years to come.

Full Results of the Race

Brokers Tip, against all odds, shocked everyone by becoming an unexpected hero in the 1933 Kentucky Derby. This win wasn’t just about being fast and strong; it showed determination, grit, and a fighting spirit that resonated with many racing fans. The exciting race highlighted Brokers Tip’s toughness and jockey Don Meade’s skilled guidance through a tough course.

On the other hand, Head Play was a favorite going into the race with high hopes due to his impressive speed and track record. However, despite all the attention on him, Head Play faced fierce competition from every side. The battle between these two strong rivals added even more excitement to an already intense event full of surprises at every corner.

Names like Charley O., Ladysman, Pomponius stand out in horse racing history alongside Brokers Tip and Head Play from that memorable Derby of ’33. Their performances weren’t just footnotes but crucial parts of the story played out on Churchill Downs’ legendary turf that day. Every step they took marked another chapter turned in this ongoing tale of equine greatness.

Time seemed to slow down as spectators watched this thrilling event unfold—a grand show where seconds felt like ages amidst exhilarating cheers reverberating across lush fields under clear skies. As each competitor crossed that finish line—whether first or last—they left their mark in time captured forever by photographers’ lenses freezing moments eternally within history’s embrace.

Exploring those final standings is like discovering hidden treasure—a trove filled with untold stories waiting to be shared once again; tales embodying victories celebrated and dreams crushed beneath unyielding hooves shaping fate on dusty tracks shimmering under sunsets melting into twilight whispers carried away by winds bearing secrets only horses truly understand.

Legendary tales of the 1933 Derby champion

  1. Exciting stories about the 1933 Derby champion:

  2. Brokers Tip's surprising win: Back in 1933, Brokers Tip was seen as a big underdog with odds of 40-His victory at the Kentucky Derby that year remains one of the most shocking upsets ever witnessed in the history of the race.

  3. The mysterious vanishing act: In the lead-up to the Derby, there was a strange incident where Brokers Tip disappeared from his training stable for a few days, causing worry among his team. Luckily, he showed up just before the race and went on to claim victory.

  4. Jockey Don Meade's bold move: During the race, jockey Don Meade took an unconventional approach by guiding Brokers Tip along the inside rail – a tactic not commonly used at that time. This unexpected strategy turned out to be key in their triumph.

  5. Rising above challenges: Throughout his racing journey, Brokers Tip encountered various obstacles like injuries and setbacks. However, his remarkable win at the Kentucky Derby showcased his resilience and determination when faced with adversity.

  6. A legacy as an inspiring underdog: By pulling off this incredible upset victory, Brokers Tip secured his spot as a legendary underdog in horse racing history – leaving behind an inspirational tale for future generations of horses and fans alike to admire and draw motivation from.

Legacy of Brokers Tip’s Victory

The victory of Brokers Tip at the 59th Kentucky Derby is still celebrated in horse racing history. Even though it was his only win, his triumph stands as a testament to the thrilling unpredictability of horse racing and the underdog spirit that captures our hearts. In a surprising twist, Brokers Tip defied overwhelming odds to claim glory on that unforgettable day.

Brokers Tip’s remarkable win has secured his place among the most memorable champions of one of America’s most prestigious races. The muddy track conditions worked in his favor as he skillfully maneuvered through the tough course with agility and determination. His display of courage and resilience not only won over spectators but also cemented his name in Derby folklore for years to come.

Despite being seen as an unlikely contender before the race began, Brokers Tip proved himself during those intense moments at Churchill Downs. Jockey Don Meade expertly guided him through early traffic chaos caused by a pile-up, showcasing exceptional skill under pressure. Their partnership thrived amidst chaos, leading to an exhilarating surge towards victory down the homestretch.

Looking back on Brokers Tip’s historic win at the 1933 Kentucky Derby reminds us that greatness can emerge from unexpected places when determination meets opportunity on revered grounds like Churchill Downs. His story serves as a reminder that hope springs eternal even against daunting odds within this sport steeped in tradition and excitement alike.

As we reflect on Brokers Tip’s legendary triumph at age 19 or 20 during their Sophomore Year (which would have been around year 1933), let us not just recall the outcome but also appreciate every step along their journey towards immortality within horse racing—a world where champions rise above expectations and inspire others with their brilliance on track despite any perceived limitations or setbacks they may face.

Impact on Jockeying Etiquette

During the 1933 Kentucky Derby, a heated altercation unfolded between jockeys Don Meade and Herb Fisher during what was known as the “fighting finish.” This incident sparked widespread discussions about sportsmanship and behavior among riders in races. As a result of this clash, racing authorities took action to strengthen regulations concerning on-track conduct.

The showdown between these two famous jockeys had spectators on edge, witnessing an unusual outburst of aggression in a setting that typically demands skill and precision. The event not only shook up the horse racing community but also shed light on the immense pressure faced by riders competing for victory in prestigious races like the Kentucky Derby.

Etiquette among jockeys has always been crucial in horse racing, where mutual respect is vital for fair competition. The controversy surrounding Brokers Tip’s victory that year ignited debates regarding how far competitors should push themselves in their quest for success. With emotions running high and tempers flaring, it became clear that maintaining composure under such intense circumstances could either make or break a rider’s career. As stewards examined video footage and witness accounts, everyone realized just how delicate the balance between competitors truly was.

In response to the dramatic events at Churchill Downs, new guidelines were introduced to prevent similar incidents from marring future races. Jockeys across America took note as stricter penalties loomed over those who veered away from honorable behavior while charging down towards glory on the racetrack. The legacy left behind by Meade and Fisher served as a cautionary tale for generations—a reminder that despite one’s fierce competitive drive, there must always be an unwavering commitment to upholding standards befitting this noble sport.

Brokers Tip’s triumph will forever be linked with this pivotal moment in racing history—a reverberating echo through time reminding us all of both excitement and responsibility inherent when chasing greatness atop these magnificent horses. Looking back at that significant day when champions clashed amid cheers and gasps alike allows us to find comfort knowing that wisdom emerges even amidst chaos—the lessons learned etched into our memories like hoofprints on fresh turf after rainfall—an enduring testament to resilience displayed by both equine athletes and humans alike.

Reflections on Racing History

The 1933 Kentucky Derby wasn’t just any race; it was a showdown of champions, with all eyes on Brokers Tip. As the horses charged down the final stretch, excitement filled the air like a thick fog. The crowd erupted as they witnessed an unexpected twist that would make this Derby legendary for reasons beyond its winner.

Brokers Tip’s victory wasn’t simply about finishing first—it represented resilience and perseverance against great odds. In those brief moments at Churchill Downs, spectators experienced both heartbreak and joy entwined in a timeless dance.

Looking back now, one can almost hear echoes from that historic day echoing through racing history—stories shared by passionate fans who recall every gallop, each strategic move by jockeys, and every gasp from the audience. The controversy surrounding Brokers Tip adds complexity to an already fascinating narrative woven with tales of triumphs and challenges on racetracks worldwide.

Reflecting on that unforgettable Derby in 1933 doesn’t just bring to mind horses charging towards victory; it evokes images of determination, sportsmanship tested under pressure—and most importantly—the enduring competitive spirit that makes horse racing more than just a sport but rather an epic tale painted with hues borrowed from hard-fought wins against overwhelming obstacles.

Enduring Intrigue Surrounding Brokers Tip’s Win

Brokers Tip’s victory at the 1933 Kentucky Derby left a lingering mystery in horse racing history. His win was overshadowed by controversy due to an alleged bumping incident with Head Play. Despite the doubts, Brokers Tip’s jockey, Don Meade, skillfully guided him to a narrow triumph over Head Play. This close finish sparked debates that have continued for generations, making it one of the most talked-about races in Derby lore.

Afterward, stewards closely examined whether Brokers Tip had interfered unfairly with Head Play during their final stretch run. The decision ultimately favored Brokers Tip but fans and experts still speculate about what truly happened on that historic day at Churchill Downs. Even today, people scrutinize old footage and records trying to uncover the secrets behind Brokers Tip’s memorable win and its controversial circumstances.

Despite the controversies surrounding his victory, Brokers Tip remains a significant figure in horse racing history as a symbol of both success and uncertainty. He is remembered for his fierce competition on the legendary track where he narrowly defeated his rivals for glory. Through timeless stories passed down through generations, each retelling adds new dimensions to this mysterious champion who forever changed Derby folklore with every powerful stride towards immortality on those famous grounds.


1. What made Brokers Tip's victory at the 1933 Kentucky Derby so remarkable?

Brokers Tip made a stunning comeback at the 1933 Kentucky Derby after almost stumbling badly, demonstrating his resilience and the expertise of his jockey, Don Meade.

2. How did the controversial finish of the 1933 Kentucky Derby impact Brokers Tip's legacy?

The 1933 Kentucky Derby ended in controversy when Brokers Tip was named the winner despite interfering with Head Play. This event added an exciting twist to his story, highlighting his strength and grit in overcoming challenges to secure a spot in horse racing history.

3. Who were some of the key competitors that Brokers Tip faced during his triumphant run in the 1933 Kentucky Derby?

Brokers Tip had to take on tough competitors like Head Play, who was the favorite to win, and Brokers Tip's skilled companion in his successful run at the 1933 Kentucky Derby.

4. What were some of the unique characteristics or quirks that set Brokers Tip apart from other horses of his time?

During the 1933 Kentucky Derby, Brokers Tip stood out with his unique white blaze and trademark slow start followed by a strong late surge. His racing style made him an exciting and unpredictable competitor among his peers on the track that year.

5. How did jockey Don Meade play a pivotal role in Brokers Tip's success at the 1933 Kentucky Derby?

Jockey Don Meade's skilled riding and fast decision-making in the last stretch of the 1933 Kentucky Derby, when he nearly collided with Head Play but managed to steer Brokers Tip ahead for a thrilling win, created one of the most exciting finishes ever seen at the Derby.

6. In what ways did Brokers Tip's victory in 1933 influence future strategies and approaches in horse racing?

Brokers Tip's surprising win at the 1933 Kentucky Derby highlighted how being adaptable, resilient, and making strategic moves in horse racing can lead to success. This victory inspired upcoming generations to challenge traditional thinking and try out new, bold strategies on the racetrack.