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1932 Burgoo King Kentucky Derby Winner

1932 burgoo king kentucky derby winner

In 1932, the Kentucky Derby was a sight to behold as Burgoo King made history with an incredible victory. Owned by Edward R. Bradley and trained expertly by Herbert J. Thompson, Burgoo King showed off his amazing speed and endurance under jockey Eugene James’ guidance. He dashed across the finish line at Churchill Downs in just 2 minutes and 5 seconds, securing his place as a celebrated champion in American horse racing lore.

Early Life and Family Background

Born in 1929, Burgoo King came from a prestigious lineage with a strong racing background. His father was Bubbling Over, the champion of both the 1926 Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes. On his mother’s side, Burgoo King inherited his speed and stamina from Minjah, a renowned racehorse known for her impressive performances on the track. This ancestry gave Burgoo King the perfect combination of speed and endurance needed to succeed in top-tier races like the Kentucky Derby.

Under Herbert J. Thompson’s careful guidance, Burgoo King developed his skills as a racehorse through intense training sessions. Thompson’s expertise in preparing Thoroughbreds helped shape Burgoo King into an elite competitor ready to face tough challenges at Churchill Downs on that significant day in May 1932. The collaboration between horse and trainer played a vital role in turning Burgoo King into an intimidating contender capable of taking on some of the finest horses of his era.

Edward R. Bradley’s ownership of Burgoo King not only represented an investment but also showcased his deep love for horse racing. Bradley’s commitment to nurturing talented horses such as Burgoo King highlighted his dedication to maintaining excellence within the sport. The bond formed among owner, trainer, and steed set the stage for an unforgettable moment at Churchill Downs—a victory that would go down in history during the esteemed 1932 Kentucky Derby.

Racing Career and Training

Herbert J. Thompson trained Burgoo King, who showed a remarkable mix of speed and endurance during the famous 58th Kentucky Derby on May 7, 1932. With jockey Eugene James skillfully guiding him, Burgoo King surged past his rivals at Churchill Downs, leaving everyone in awe.

Burgoo King’s win in the Grade I stakes race not only secured his spot in racing history but also highlighted the excellent training he received from Thompson. The partnership between them demonstrated how thorough preparation can lead to success on big stages.

Under Thompson’s guidance, Burgoo King became a strong competitor with a fierce determination for victory. Their commitment to developing both physical strength and mental toughness made them stand out from their competition and culminated in a glorious moment at the prestigious Kentucky Derby.

The impact of Burgoo King’s triumph continues through time as an inspiring example of what can be accomplished with unwavering dedication and expert support. His name is remembered in horse racing history as a symbol of excellence and perseverance that motivates enthusiasts worldwide across generations.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Inspires a sense of wonder and amazement

  2. Demonstrates amazing physical abilities and talent

  3. Makes unforgettable moments in sports history

  4. Honors the past and heritage

  5. Provides exciting entertainment for fans to enjoy

  6. Embraces the competitive spirit


  1. Horses and jockeys can get hurt

  2. It costs a lot to keep up with famous racehorses

  3. Racing may continue to raise worries about treating animals fairly

  4. Athletes feel pushed to do well in high-stakes situations

  5. There is a chance for dishonesty within the industry

  6. Not a lot of variety or different kinds of people involved

Victory at the 1932 Kentucky Derby

In an exciting horse race at Churchill Downs, Burgoo King and jockey Eugene James clinched victory at the 1932 Kentucky Derby with a winning time of 2:05.20. The horse was owned by well-known owner Edward R. Bradley, and this win established Burgoo King as a notable figure in horse racing history.

Burgoo King’s triumph went beyond just being fast; it also highlighted his determination and courage. Throughout the race, he displayed exceptional endurance and an unwavering spirit that distinguished him from his competitors.

The 1932 Kentucky Derby not only marked a significant achievement for Burgoo King but also signaled a pivotal moment for American horse racing overall. His victory captured the hearts of fans and enthusiasts, propelling him to legendary status within the sport.

With prestigious lineage tracing back to renowned bloodlines like Man o’ War, Burgoo King continued a legacy of greatness that echoed through future generations of horses.

Even today, when recalling memorable moments in horse racing history, one cannot overlook Burgoo King’s triumphant performance at the 1932 Kentucky Derby as an exceptional showcase where skill met opportunity on that famous racetrack in Louisville.

Payout and Rewards

When Burgoo King won the 1932 Kentucky Derby, it wasn’t just a historic moment – it also meant he took home a whopping $52,350 in prize money. This big sum showed how important and prestigious winning such a famous race was, highlighting Burgoo King’s incredible talent on the track.

And if that huge cash prize wasn’t enough, Burgoo King also scored a fancy $5,000 Gold Cup as part of his winnings. Getting this special trophy made his victory even more glorious and established him as one of the all-time greats in American horse racing history.

By combining both financial success and getting recognized with trophies like the Gold Cup, it’s clear just how monumental Burgoo King’s win really was. These prizes didn’t just honor his skills but also ensured that his name would be remembered alongside legendary champions who have left their mark at Churchill Downs for years to come.

Thrilling Race Results: From First to Last Place

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 13 Burgoo King Eugene James Herbert J. Thompson Edward R. Bradley 2:05.20
2nd 10 Economic Francis Horn Clarence Buxton Jerome H. Louchheim 5
3rd 4 Stepenfetchit Lavelle Ensor James W. Healy Liz Whitney Head
4th 11 Brandon Mint George Ellis Frank M. Bray Brandon Stable 1/2
5th 5 Over Time Earl Sande James W. Healy Liz Whitney Nose
6th 6 Tick On Pete Walls Max Hirsch Loma Stable Nose
7th 3 Our Fancy Charles E. Allen Charles H. Trotter Jerome B. Respess 4
8th 19 Gallant Sir George Woolf Elwood L. Fitzgerald Northway Stable 1
9th 8 Hoops R. Fischer Claude Hunt William F. Knebelkamp 2
10th 12 Cold Check Willie Garner Willie Crump James W. Parrish 1/2
11th 7 Adobe Post Charles Landolt C. E. Gross Knebelkamp & Morris 1+1/2
12th 1 Crystal Prince Charles Corbett Raymond White P. C. Thompson 3
13th 2 Oscillation Evan Neal William H. Buckner Longride Stable 3
14th 17 Prince Hotspur Arthur Anderson Nathaniel K. Beal Joseph Leiter Estate 2
15th 14 Cee Tee Clarence McCrossen Clyde Van Dusen Dixiana 1+1/2
16th 20 Cathop Lester Pichon J. Thomas Taylor R. M. Eastman 4
17th 16 Lucky Tom Anthony Pascuma Henry C. Riddle J. J. Robinson 1/2
18th 9 Thistle Ace Gilbert Elston Thomas Sanford George Collins 8
19th 18 Brother Joe Laverne Fator Herbert J. Thompson Edward R. Bradley 8
20th 15 Liberty Limited Mack Garner John F. Schorr Three D’s Stock Farm DNF

Legacy and Impact

Burgoo King’s win at the 1932 Kentucky Derby made a big impact on horse racing. He became a famous champion of his time because of this victory. His success didn’t just stop at that one race – it inspired many jockeys and trainers to aim for greatness in their own races. People were amazed by how fast, agile, and spirited he was compared to other horses.

Burgoo King’s influence went beyond the racetrack as well. It changed how people trained thoroughbreds in the future. His win not only showed off his amazing talent but also emphasized how important it is to prepare meticulously and be skilled with horses to succeed in big events like these. Trainers learned from him, jockeys respected his style, and fans loved watching such an incredible performance unfold right before them.

Even now, decades after Burgoo King’s historic victory, we still feel his impact on today’s horse racing scene. His name is linked with qualities like perseverance, dedication, and sheer determination—qualities that can motivate both experienced pros and new fans alike. The story of Burgoo King reminds us that if you commit fully and have passion anything is possible on the track where dreams chase after glory!

Continued Influence in Horse Racing

Even long after Burgoo King made history by winning the Kentucky Derby, his impact on horse racing continued to be felt. His impressive victory not only raised the standards for future competitors but also inspired many to strive for excellence in their own pursuits. The determination and spirit that Burgoo King showed at Churchill Downs on that important day motivated numerous individuals in the horse racing community, leaving a lasting impression on the sport.

Burgoo King’s win was a powerful example of how perseverance and dedication can lead to success. Starting from humble beginnings, he worked hard to become a champion racehorse, resonating with fans and enthusiasts everywhere. His story showcased how commitment and hard work can transform dreams into reality, influencing trainers, jockeys, and owners worldwide as they approach their craft with passion and purpose.

As time went on, Burgoo King became more than just a historical figure; he symbolized hope and potential for those dreaming big within the world of horse racing. His enduring influence crossed generations, reminding everyone who followed him that greatness is attainable through persistence and belief. Ultimately, Burgoo King’s legacy transcended mere awards or trophies – it embodied the timeless essence of striving for excellence against all odds.

Legendary Tales Surrounding Burgoo King's Derby Victory

  1. Legendary Stories of Burgoo King's Derby Win:

  2. The Unexpected Champion: Back in the 1932 Kentucky Derby, Burgoo King was seen as a real underdog because he had only scored one victory before the big race. Despite his lack of experience, he ended up winning the Derby in a stunning way that amazed everyone and cemented his place in horse racing history.

  3. The Mystery Behind His Name: There are different theories about how Burgoo King got his name. Some say it was inspired by a traditional Southern stew called "burgoo," while others think it might have been named after his owner's love for that dish. No matter where it came from, his name is now linked with his incredible Derby triumph.

  4. Setting Records with Victory Margin: When Burgoo King won the 1932 Kentucky Derby, it wasn't just any win – he smashed records! He crossed the finish line a whole eight lengths ahead of everyone else, setting a new record for the largest margin of victory ever seen at the time in this prestigious race. This achievement truly solidified him as an unforgettable racehorse.

  5. Superstitions and Lore After His Win: Following Burgoo King's unexpected triumph, all sorts of superstitions and myths started swirling around among racing fans. Some claimed that lucky signs foretold his win, while others thought there were supernatural forces at play behind his success on track day. These beliefs added to the mystique surrounding this legendary moment.

  6. The Everlasting Impact: Even though Burgoo King had a relatively short career on track, his legacy has stood strong over time.

  7. His remarkable win at the 1932 Kentucky Derby continues to inspire those who root for underdogs everywhere,

  8. and within racing circles today you can still hear whispers about him,

  9. as he represents sheer determination and victorious spirit against all odds.

Historical Significance of the 58th Kentucky Derby

The 58th Kentucky Derby held in 1932 was a thrilling event marked by Burgoo King’s exciting win. The speedy and enduring colt captivated the crowd as he raced past his competitors towards the finish line. Trained by Herbert J. Thompson, Burgoo King displayed exceptional talent inherited from his impressive lineage.

Burgoo King’s victory at the ‘Run for the Roses’ not only secured his place in history but also showcased American horse racing’s resilience and spirit during tough times. Amidst economic struggles of the Great Depression, Burgoo King’s triumph brought hope and excitement to fans nationwide.

Securing victory wasn’t easy for Burgoo King; he faced strong rivals like Misstep and Mate before emerging victorious. The fierce competition and unexpected twists made this Derby unforgettable for years to come.

Burgoo King’s success went beyond just winning a prestigious race; it symbolized perseverance and determination—a true underdog story that deeply resonated with those who witnessed his remarkable achievement on that fateful day at Churchill Downs.

Looking back, Burgoo King’s legacy serves as a reminder of how sports can uplift spirits even during challenging times. His name continues to be associated with courage, tenacity, and an unwavering will to succeed against all odds—an inspiration both on and off the racetrack.

Notable Competitors and Race Dynamics

The 1932 Kentucky Derby was set for an epic showdown among Burgoo King and his rivals, Economic and Stepenfetchit. The race buzzed with excitement as these skilled horses competed at the historic Churchill Downs track.

Economic, known for his speed and endurance, pushed Burgoo King to his limits during the race. Each stride showcased their fierce rivalry and determination to win the coveted title of Derby champion.

Stepenfetchit added a unique touch to the competition with his agility and strategic moves on the track. Spectators were kept on edge by this unpredictable element as they watched these top-notch horses battle it out for glory.

The clash between Burgoo King, Economic, and Stepenfetchit highlighted not only their individual talents but also their ability to adapt to changing race conditions. It tested their skills, stamina, and willpower under pressure in one of horse racing’s most prestigious events.

Ultimately, Burgoo King emerged victorious from this intense competition. His triumph over such notable rivals solidified his place in history as a legendary Kentucky Derby winner whose name would be forever remembered in American horse racing lore.

Spectator Attendance and Public Reception

The stadium was filled to capacity, buzzing with excitement as Burgoo King raced down the final stretch, leaving his competitors far behind in a cloud of dust. His thrilling win not only captivated the spectators but also secured his spot in Kentucky Derby history.

News of Burgoo King’s incredible victory spread rapidly throughout Louisville and beyond, sparking conversations everywhere about his impressive performance. The city was alive with energy, newspapers were filled with headlines praising the young colt’s extraordinary achievement.

Burgoo King’s triumph at the 1932 Kentucky Derby wasn’t just any race; it was a monumental moment that captured hearts and minds alike. Fans couldn’t help but marvel at his speed and endurance, recognizing him as a true champion among champions. The public adoration for Burgoo King was overwhelming, cementing his status as a legendary figure in American horse racing lore.

Media Coverage and Press Reactions

After winning the 1932 Kentucky Derby, Burgoo King became a sensation in newspapers and sports magazines all over America. Journalists praised his victory and analyzed key moments from the race that led to his win.

Many reporters and fans couldn’t stop talking about Burgoo King’s amazing performance. His incredible speed and endurance on the track captured everyone’s imagination, with some even comparing him to famous past racehorses.

The press pointed out Burgoo King’s impressive lineage, which can be traced back to well-known sires like Bubbling Over and Supremus. This royal bloodline definitely played a part in shaping Burgoo King into the champion he was at Churchill Downs that day.

Journalists were full of admiration for jockey Eugene James, who expertly guided Burgoo King during the race. Everyone praised James’ smart moves and perfect timing as crucial factors in helping this talented colt secure victory.

Overall, media coverage of Burgoo King’s triumph painted a vivid picture of an underdog rising to greatness against tough competitors. The memory of his exciting win would go down in history as one of American horse racing’s most thrilling moments.


1. What made Burgoo King's victory at the 1932 Kentucky Derby so significant in the history of American horse racing?

Burgoo King's win at the 1932 Kentucky Derby made a big splash in American horse racing history. Despite being an underdog, he faced challenges head-on and won over fans with his exciting come-from-behind victory. This solidified his status as a legendary figure in the sport.

2. How did Burgoo King's lineage and training contribute to his success at the Kentucky Derby?

Burgoo King's impressive family history, going all the way back to his famous father Bubbling Over, along with his dedicated training plan led by expert coach Herbert J. Thompson, were key factors in helping him win the 1932 Kentucky Derby.

3. Who were some of the notable competitors that Burgoo King faced during his triumphant run at Churchill Downs in 1932?

In the 1932 Kentucky Derby, Burgoo King triumphed over tough opponents like Mate, Misstep, and Faireno at Churchill Downs. He displayed impressive skills and unwavering determination during his historic win on the track.

4. What rewards and accolades did Burgoo King receive following his win at the Kentucky Derby?

After winning the 1932 Kentucky Derby, Burgoo King received the famous Garland of Roses, a valuable gold trophy, and was forever remembered as a champion in horse racing history.

5. How did Burgoo King's victory impact the landscape of horse racing during the 1930s and beyond?

Burgoo King's win at the 1932 Kentucky Derby secured his spot in horse racing history, boosting his reputation as a legendary champion and sparking inspiration for upcoming racehorses and fans with his incredible victory.

6. What are some enduring legacies or stories associated with Burgoo King's triumph that continue to captivate fans of horse racing today?

Burgoo King left a lasting mark with his impressive win at the 1932 Kentucky Derby, where he surprised everyone by coming out on top. This victory not only thrilled fans but also demonstrated the unwavering determination and grit that define horse racing.