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1955 Swaps Kentucky Derby Winner

1955 swaps kentucky derby winner

Join us on an exciting journey into the world of horse racing as we explore Swaps’ incredible victory at the 1955 Kentucky Derby. Experience the intense competition between Swaps and Nashua in this thrilling East-West showdown that captured global attention. Discover the determination and skill of Swaps, also known as the “California Comet,” who defied all odds and battled through injuries to secure a historic win under trainer Mesh Tenney’s guidance. Feel the excitement of racing on fast track conditions at Churchill Downs and immerse yourself in the unforgettable atmosphere surrounding Swaps’ record-breaking triumph.

Swaps: the “California Comet”

In 1955, Swaps, an American Thoroughbred racehorse born in California, made a legendary mark on horse racing history by clinching victory at the prestigious Kentucky Derby. Known as the “California Comet,” he blazed ahead of tough competitors, showcasing resilience and determination that captured audiences around the world.

Despite facing challenges like injuries along the way, Swaps showed unwavering resolve and proved himself not just as a skilled racer but also as a true champion. His relentless pursuit of excellence on the racetrack earned him a place as an iconic figure in horse racing.

With trainer Mesh Tenney and owner Rex C. Ellsworth providing expert guidance and unwavering belief in his abilities, Swaps emerged as a dominant force during races. Their combined skills and support propelled him to unprecedented success for a California-born colt. This winning partnership set the stage for Swaps to make history with his triumph at Churchill Downs in 1955.

Mesh Tenney: the Trainer Behind Swaps

Mesh Tenney, known as a top-tier horse racing trainer, molded Swaps into a fierce competitor by instilling discipline and boosting his stamina. With sharp attention to detail and unwavering dedication to excellence, Tenney turned Swaps from a talented colt into an iconic champion.

Tenney’s training techniques were cutting-edge for their time, focusing on enhancing Swaps’ strength and agility through challenging workout routines customized to match the young colt’s natural skills. This personalized strategy enabled Swaps to unleash his full potential on the racetrack, demonstrating Tenney’s deep grasp of horse psychology and physicality.

Under Tenney’s guidance, Swaps not only dominated races but also won over fans worldwide with his thrilling performances. The strong bond between trainer and horse was evident in every step towards victory—a true showcase of Mesh Tenney’s exceptional mentoring abilities in the world of horse racing.

The collaboration between Mesh Tenney and Swaps went beyond typical trainer-horse dynamics; it embodied teamwork, trust, and shared determination to achieve greatness against all odds. Together they carved out a legacy that will forever remain part of Kentucky Derby history—a story filled with resilience, skill, and relentless resolve that continues to inspire equestrian enthusiasts across generations globally.

The Pros & Cons of Swaps’ Historic Victory


  1. In 1955, Swaps made history by becoming the first colt from California to win the prestigious Kentucky Derby.
  2. Trainer Mesh Tenney’s exceptional skills and dedication were key factors in helping Swaps achieve victory.
  3. The 1955 Kentucky Derby was full of excitement with the intense face-off between Swaps and Nashua from different parts of the country.
  4. Swaps set a new record-breaking winning time of 2:01 4/5, which secured his place as a legend in horse racing history.
  5. Bettors found favor in Swaps at the Kentucky Derby, where a $2 wager on him yielded a profit of $60, making him a popular choice among bettors.


  1. Swaps faced many injuries, which made people worry about his health and if he could perform well.
  2. The tough competition with Nashua might have stressed out Swaps during the race.
  3. Even though bettors liked him, there was always a chance for unexpected things to happen in horse racing that could change the outcome for Swaps.
  4. Racing on a fast track is thrilling, but it can also be tough for horses like Swaps to stay in control and keep up their energy during the race.

East-west Showdown: Swaps Vs. Nashua

Let me paint a picture of the epic showdown at the 1955 Kentucky Derby between two legendary horses, Swaps and Nashua. It was a clash between East and West that had everyone on edge. Swaps took the lead confidently while Nashua chased closely behind, creating an intense race from start to finish. And when Swaps crossed the finish line at Churchill Downs in full force, there was no question about who deserved to win.

The rivalry between these two powerful horses was truly something special – a thrilling display of speed and endurance. Under trainer Mesh Tenney’s guidance, Swaps became a dominating force on the track. Their connection was evident in every stride as they faced off against their rival from the East with unwavering determination. Winning wasn’t just about victory; it was also about proving themselves against one of the top competitors.

Then there’s Rex C. Ellsworth, who never lost faith in Swaps when others may have doubted him. Ellsworth’s belief in this remarkable colt paid off big time that day at Churchill Downs as they thundered down towards victory together during those final moments of adrenaline-filled excitement.

As spectators watched in awe during that unforgettable duel between Swaps and Nashua at Churchill Downs, you could feel an electric energy pulsating through the air unlike anything witnessed before or since then.The crowd erupted with cheers as these two champions pushed each other to their limits around every turn, making history with each lightning-fast stride taken on that iconic racetrack.

Reflecting back now on how everything unfolded during that momentous Derby day really showcased not only Swaps’ incredible talent but also embodied true sportsmanship and competition seen through both horse connections: Mesh Tenney steering his star pupil toward glory while Rex C.Ellsworth proudly watched his investment pay off amidst resounding cheers echoing throughout Churchill Downs long after crossing under that historic finish line tape.

Record-breaking Win: Time and Odds

Swaps’ victory at the 1955 Kentucky Derby was absolutely spectacular. He raced across the finish line in record time, clocking in at 2 minutes and 1.8 seconds. This outstanding performance not only secured his place in horse racing history but also solidified his status as a true legend on the track. The deafening cheers that greeted Swaps as he crossed the finish line sent ripples of excitement through Churchill Downs, creating an unforgettable moment in sports.

Against all expectations, Swaps clinched victory with final odds of 2.80-1, showcasing his remarkable talent and resilience to everyone watching. Not only did he capture the hearts of fans with his stunning display, but he also earned respect from fellow competitors who were amazed by his speed and endurance. It wasn’t just a win for one race; it stood as proof of Swaps’ unwavering determination and skill on that decisive day in May.

The electric atmosphere at Churchill Downs during the 1955 Kentucky Derby was palpable as spectators held their breath while watching Swaps charge towards glory. Every stride resonated with anticipation as he surged forward, kicking up dust behind him. The crowd erupted with excitement, caught up in witnessing greatness unfold right before them.

Under Mesh Tenney’s expert training regimen, Swaps had been brought to peak condition for this historic race—a testament to both Tenney’s skill and Swaps’ exceptional abilities on the track.Rex C.Ellsworth’s keen eye for talent supported them every step of the way.This dynamic duo proved unstoppable against all challengers,revealing themselvesas forces to be reckoned within oneof horse racing’s most memorable East vs West showdowns—the ultimate test where dreams turned into reality under sunny skiesat Churchil Downsduringthat fatefulday.”

Kentucky Derby 81st Edition: Race Result Snapshot

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind (lengths)
1st 7 Swaps Bill Shoemaker Mesh Tenney Rex C. Ellsworth 2:01 4/5
2nd 5 Nashua Eddie Arcaro James E. Fitzsimmons Belair Stud 1+1/2
3rd 9 Summer Tan Eric Guerin Sherrill W. Ward Dorothy Bryan Firestone Galbreath 6+1/2
4th 1A Racing Fool Henry Moreno Loyd Gentry Jr. Cain Hoy Stable 4
5th 8 Jean’s Joe Steve Brooks William B. Finnegan Murcain Stable 1/2
6th 1 Flying Fury Conn McCreary Loyd Gentry, Jr. Cain Hoy Stable 1+1/2
7th 4 Honeys Alibi William Harmatz Joe Inzelone W-L Ranch Co. 3/4
8th 2 Blue Lem Chris Rogers Harvey C. Fruehauf Harvey C. Fruehauf 3+1/2
9th 3 Nabesna John H. Adams John W. Clark Clifford Mooers 1+1/2
10th 6 Trim Destiny Lois C. Cook Cecil Locklear G. Rollie White 10

Payout Section Insights

At the Kentucky Derby, a $2 bet on Swaps ended up winning big with a return of $7.60, proving how much fans favored him. His win wasn’t just exciting for horse racing lovers – it also had a financial impact through payouts for those who bet on him to win, place, or show based on that small wager. The effects were felt well beyond the winner’s circle as supporters of Swaps saw their trust in him pay off thanks to his incredible performance.

Swaps’ victory was about more than just coming in first; it represented a lasting legacy that captivated generations of followers. Every dollar won by backers meant not only making money but also sharing an exhilarating moment and feeling proud as they witnessed greatness at Churchill Downs unfold before them. The cheers from his triumph echoed throughout the crowd, turning him into more than just a racehorse – he became a symbol of hope and determination for all who watched his historic race.

The excitement of horse racing goes beyond its unpredictability; it’s also about the deep connections formed between spectators and these amazing animals like Swaps. His strong presence on the track went beyond competition; it brought together people from different backgrounds united by their shared love for speed, skill, and sheer will to succeed against all odds.

As history unfolded at Churchill Downs in 1955, each step taken by Swaps showed not just athletic talent but resilience in tough times – inspiring us even now. In betting areas scattered around the venue that day, every ticket cashed out meant more than just winning money—it stood for belief rewarded and dreams achieved through one exceptional chestnut colt named Swaps who left his mark forever on horse racing history with every powerful stride towards glory.

Historic Results: Top Finishers

Swaps made history with a remarkable win at Churchill Downs in 1955, changing the course of horse racing forever and securing his spot among the best in the sport. Swaps, along with strong competitors like Nashua and Summer Tan, showed off their skills on Kentucky’s famous grounds. The battle between these three-year-old stars grabbed everyone’s attention with its intense competition and impressive talent on display.

In this crucial race, Swaps proved himself as a true champion with Mesh Tenney guiding him to victory under Rex C. Ellsworth’s ownership. The connection between jockey and horse was evident as they outpaced their rivals amidst the thundering hooves at Churchill Downs. Swaps’ incredible speed on that speedy track left spectators amazed, ensuring his place in Derby history.

As Nashua chased closely behind, fans watched eagerly as one of America’s most thrilling rivalries unfolded before them. With each stride towards the finish line, Swaps not only revealed his speed but also his unwavering determination to win big. The excitement was palpable as these amazing horses raced for glory in an event that would be remembered for years to come by future generations.

Legendary Rivalry: Swaps vs. Nashua

  1. The 1955 Kentucky Derby featured an intense competition between two remarkable racehorses, Swaps and Nashua, that had fans glued to their seats with excitement.
  2. Swaps, also known as the “California Comet,” impressed everyone by overcoming injuries to clinch victory at the prestigious Kentucky Derby, becoming the first-ever “All-California” colt to achieve this feat.
  3. In a thrilling showdown between East and West, Swaps maintained a strong lead while Nashua tried valiantly from behind, resulting in an exciting finish where Swaps emerged triumphant by a length and a half.
  4. Swaps’ historic win at the 1955 Kentucky Derby set records with an impressive winning time of 2:01 4/5 and odds of 80-1, cementing his legacy in racing history and winning over fans worldwide.
  5. The unforgettable race day at Churchill Downs in 1955 showcased swift track conditions and skilled jockeys like Bill Shoemaker guiding horses such as Swaps, injecting speed and thrill into this iconic face-off between rivals Swaps and Nashua for all spectators to enjoy.

Breeder Recognition: Rex C. Ellsworth

Rex C. Ellsworth’s dedication to breeding paid off when Swaps won the 1955 Kentucky Derby, showcasing his skill in producing top racehorses like the “California Comet.” As the breeder behind Swaps’ victory, Ellsworth received recognition for his role in shaping horse racing history.

Ellsworth’s talent spotting and commitment to excellence led to Swaps’ impressive win at Churchill Downs. The strong bond between horse and breeder was evident as they raced down the track, captivating spectators with their synchronized movements and power.

Swaps represented speed, stamina, and determination—a testament not only to his abilities but also to Ellsworth’s vision in choosing superior bloodlines. This duo demonstrated a perfect balance of skill and spirit that set them apart from other competitors.

The legacy of Rex C. Ellsworth lives on through Swaps’ enduring reputation, making both man and horse unforgettable figures in horseracing history who overcame challenges, broke records, and captured hearts worldwide with their remarkable tale of triumph against all odds.

Unforgettable Race Day: Fast Track Conditions

The 81st running of the Kentucky Derby in 1955 was electrifying due to the fast track conditions at Churchill Downs. Elite jockeys like Bill Shoemaker, riding horses such as Swaps, showcased remarkable speed and skill, thrilling fans with an unforgettable display of talent under ideal racing circumstances.

As hooves pounded on the solid ground, a sense of excitement filled the atmosphere with anticipation. Spectators were captivated as they watched intently, leaning forward in their seats to catch every moment of action as powerful horses kicked up dust clouds behind them. Every second counted that day as these magnificent creatures raced towards victory.

On that historic occasion at Churchill Downs when Swaps surged ahead with determination and grace, it wasn’t just about winning a race; it was about cementing his legacy amongst horse racing greats. Mesh Tenney’s disciplined training had prepared Swaps for this defining moment—his muscles flexing under Shoemaker’s expert guidance as they conquered each mile at breakneck speeds.

Beneath the clear blue skies laid more than just a racetrack—it held dreams fulfilled and hearts shattered within its compacted earth. When Swaps crossed the finish line first, setting records ablaze while Nashua chased closely behind him in pursuit—a Western star shining brighter than all others—the crowd erupted into cheers that resonated through time itself.


1. How did Swaps’ victory in the 1955 Kentucky Derby impact his legacy in horse racing history?

Swaps’ win at the 1955 Kentucky Derby secured his legacy as a legendary champion in horse racing. He showed incredible skill and determination on the track, proving himself to be a true standout in the sport’s history.

2. What were the key factors that contributed to Swaps’ success leading up to the Kentucky Derby?

Swaps’ amazing journey to the Kentucky Derby was powered by his incredible skills, intense training with Mesh Tenney, and the constant backing of owner Rex C. Ellsworth. This all led to a spectacular win that firmly established his legacy in the world of horse racing.

3. How did the East-West rivalry between Swaps and Nashua add excitement to the 1955 Kentucky Derby?

The thrilling competition between Swaps and Nashua in the 1955 Kentucky Derby brought an exciting energy to the event. It ended with a captivating showdown that mesmerized viewers, highlighting the incredible skills of these iconic horses.

4. Who were the influential figures behind Swaps’ training and management, such as Mesh Tenney and Rex C. Ellsworth?

Mesh Tenney and Rex C. Ellsworth played key roles in training and managing Swaps, the legendary horse who achieved a historic victory at the 1955 Kentucky Derby.

5. Can you describe the track conditions at Churchill Downs during the 1955 Kentucky Derby, and how they influenced Swaps’ performance?

During the 1955 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, the track was in excellent condition which suited Swaps perfectly. This allowed the strong and determined champion to really show off his speed and endurance, leading him to a historic win.

6. What made Swaps stand out as a remarkable racehorse, both in terms of his physical attributes and racing style?

Swaps was an extraordinary racehorse, known for his strong body and impressive speed. What set him apart was his relentless determination and unwavering spirit on the track, earning him a legendary status in the horse racing world.