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Bashford Manor Stable Trainer: Three Kentucky Derby Winners

1892 kentucky derby winner azra

Key Takeaways

In 1887, George Long founded Bashford Manor Stable, which quickly gained fame as a top Thoroughbred horse breeding farm with a fascinating history. The stable produced three Kentucky Derby champions like Azra and Sir Huon, proving the success of their exceptional breeding program on the racetrack. Even though it closed down in 1922, the legacy of Bashford Manor Stable lives on through the annual Bashford Manor Stakes event at Churchill Downs. This event celebrates its significant impact on American horse racing.

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Establishment of Bashford Manor Stable

Built in 1874 as a residence by James Bennett Wilder, Bashford Manor experienced a significant transformation when George Long acquired it in 1887. This change marked the start of an impressive era in Thoroughbred racing history, where top-notch breeding and love for horses combined to establish a legacy that still thrives today.

By obtaining key bloodstock from the Erdenheim Stud following Norman W. Kittson’s passing in 1888, Bashford Manor Stable cemented its reputation as a dominant force in horse breeding circles. Bringing in high-quality bloodlines further boosted their status within the industry and set them on track to produce not one or two but three Kentucky Derby winners—a remarkable achievement showcasing their dedication to excellence and commitment to preserving equestrian heritage.

George Long had grand aspirations for Bashford Manor Stable beyond just winning races; his vision was about nurturing future champions and safeguarding American horse racing’s legacy. His sharp eye for exceptional equine talent, along with unwavering determination, laid the groundwork for producing generations of outstanding Thoroughbreds under his watchful gaze.

The esteemed grounds of Bashford Manor witnessed numerous triumphs and challenges over time, each adding depth to its rich history and reinforcing its position as a symbol of greatness within the horse racing world. From modest beginnings as a residential property to becoming synonymous with exceptional breeding practices, every hoofbeat echoed with historic tales waiting to be recounted repeatedly.

In celebrating establishments like Bashford Manor Stable, we not only honor those who shaped our sporting landscape but also ensure that their contributions are forever remembered. The stories woven through time by trailblazers such as George Long serve as reminders of what can be accomplished when passion meets purpose—a timeless narrative etched into the chronicles of equestrian lore for all enthusiasts alike to appreciate and celebrate endlessly.

Notable Derby Winners Bred by Bashford Manor Stable

During George Long’s time as the owner, Bashford Manor Stable achieved impressive wins on the racetrack with famous horses like Azra and Sir Huon. In 1892, Azra won the Kentucky Derby in a thrilling race that made him a legend in horse racing. Likewise, Sir Huon displayed his incredible talent by winning this prestigious event in 1906, solidifying Bashford Manor Stable’s reputation as a top Thoroughbred breeding center.

Hindus was another standout from Bashford Manor Stable under George Long’s careful guidance, claiming victory at the Preakness Stakes in 1900. This win not only showcased Hindus’ exceptional skills but also highlighted the expertise and dedication found at this renowned stable. The legacy of these remarkable Derby winners bred by Bashford Manor Stable continues to inspire awe among horse lovers worldwide.

Each triumph by horses like Azra and Sir Huon echoes through history as proof of Bashford Manor Stable’s ongoing commitment to excellence. These champions represent more than just victories; they embody a tradition of love for Thoroughbred racing that remains unmatched even today. Their names are revered within racing circles as shining examples of what can be accomplished through smart breeding practices and unwavering determination.

George Long played a crucial role in making Bashford Manor Stable an esteemed place for producing top-tier racehorses. The success enjoyed by horses such as Azra, Sir Huon, and Hindus is a testament to Long’s vision and dedication to preserving American horse racing heritage. Their wins serve as powerful reminders of how one person’s passion for these majestic animals can make an enduring impact on an entire sport.

By honoring the legacy of notable Derby winners bred by Bashford Manor Stable, we pay tribute not only to their extraordinary abilities but also to all those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes – from grooms to trainers – ensuring these equine athletes reached their full potential. The stories woven into each stride towards victory remind us that greatness often stems from collaboration between humans and horses united by shared enthusiasm for speed, grace, competition on turf tracks across America.

The Pros & Cons of Embracing Bashford Manor’s Legacy


  1. Our rich history is connected to breeding three Kentucky Derby winners
  2. We honor our legacy by hosting the annual Bashford Manor Stakes event at Churchill Downs
  3. We make significant contributions to the American horse racing industry
  4. Our enduring cultural significance within equestrian heritage remains strong
  5. We celebrate as a prominent figure in Thoroughbred racing folklore


  1. The operations closed down in 1922 and the bloodstock was dispersed.
  2. They demolished the barns and house, changing the original architecture of the area.
  3. After closing, they turned it into residential homes and a shopping mall.
  4. It no longer exists as an active Thoroughbred breeding farm today.
  5. Its closure had little direct impact on today’s horse racing industry.

Sale and Legacy of Bashford Manor Stable

The sale of Bashford Manor Stable in 1922 marked the end of an era, but its impact still resonates today like the pounding hooves on a racetrack. When its prized bloodstock was dispersed, it stirred emotions among racing fans who knew they were witnessing the closing chapter of a legendary period in American horse breeding history.

It’s hard not to be amazed by George Long’s vision for Bashford Manor Stable and his commitment to excellence. He produced generations of top-tier Thoroughbreds that left a lasting mark on the sport. Each descendant carried a piece of their prestigious lineage with them, embodying the spirit and determination passed down by their ancestors.

Bashford Manor Stable’s legacy goes beyond just wins and losses; it represents a tradition upheld with unwavering dedication to breeding exceptional equine athletes. The echoes of past champions are heard every year at Churchill Downs during the renowned Bashford Manor Stakes, serving as a powerful reminder of this historic stable’s enduring influence on American horse racing.

Reflecting on Bashford Manor Stable’s rich history reminds us how important it is to honor such establishments to preserve equestrian heritage for future generations. Just as racehorses carry traces of their ancestry within them, we must also continue sharing stories and celebrating achievements that have shaped our beloved sport into what it is today – weaving together threads from stables like Bashford Manor.

By paying tribute to George Long’s legacy and his remarkable contributions to Thoroughbred racing, we ensure that his pioneering spirit lives on eternally through each stride taken by descendants bred from those hallowed grounds. Truly great legacies never fade; they run alongside us as we follow the path they paved – filled with victories, obstacles, and above all else, an unyielding passion for these magnificent creatures who capture our hearts with every thunderous beat.

Transformation of Property and Historical Significance

After George Long’s family owned the property until 1951, the land went through some big changes. In 1970, they tore down the barns and in 1973, they demolished the house because Louisville city took over in 1953. The area then turned into a neighborhood with houses and a shopping mall but still held on to its cool racing history.

George Long was an awesome horse breeder who made a huge impact on American horse racing by running Bashford Manor Stable. His legacy lives on today as proof of his hard work and skill at breeding champions.

The place where Bashford Manor Stable used to be has changed a lot, showing how equine history mixes with city development. Even though things have changed physically as time goes by, it’s super important to remember these historic spots so we can keep our equestrian heritage alive and honor those who helped make the sport what it is now.

Legacy of Bashford Manor: Pioneering Thoroughbred Racing

Company type Industry Founded Defunct Headquarters Key people
Horse breeding Farm & Thoroughbred Racing Stable Thoroughbred Horse racing 1887 1922 2040 Bashford Manor Lane Louisville, Kentucky[1] George James Long, owner
Year Event
1874 James Bennett Wilder built a home on farm acreage he called Bashford Manor.
1887 George Long purchased Bashford Manor and developed it into a leading Thoroughbred horse farm which bred three Kentucky Derby winners. To stock his new breeding operation, George Long acquired horses from the Erdenheim Stud of Norman W. Kittson.
1888 Following the May 1888 death of Norman W. Kittson, in November his estate auctioned the bloodstock and Long purchased the sire Alarm and two of his broodmare daughters, Luminous and Albia. The then nineteen-year-old Alarm had notably been the sire of Himyar and Panique. Alarm died at Bashford Manor in 1895 and was buried in the farm’s equine cemetery. [2]
1892 Azra won the Derby.
1900 Hindus won the Preakness Stakes.
1899 Manuel won the Derby for Alfred & Dave Morris.
1906 Sir Huon won the Derby.
1922 The bloodstock was sold.

Impact on American Horse Racing Industry

The Bashford Manor Stable is a legendary name in American horse racing history. George Long, through his innovative breeding programs, produced iconic Thoroughbreds like Flying Ebony and Bagenbaggage. These horses not only won prestigious races such as the Kentucky Derby but also influenced future champions with their exceptional bloodlines.

Bashford Manor Stable set new standards for excellence in Thoroughbred breeding by consistently producing top-tier racehorses that combined speed, stamina, and tenacity. Their careful selection of pedigrees and genetic diversity played a crucial role in shaping modern American horse racing. Each foal born under their banner was nurtured to reach its full potential on the track.

In addition to their breeding success, Bashford Manor Stable was known for fostering talented jockeys and trainers who made significant impacts on the sport later on. Many skilled individuals perfected their skills at this renowned establishment before leaving lasting marks on various aspects of American racing culture. This legacy of mentorship solidified Bashford Manor’s reputation as a source of champions and industry innovators.

Beyond winning races and setting records, Bashford Manor Stable left an enduring mark on American horse racing—a legacy that continues to inspire fans worldwide. The stable’s values of integrity, commitment to equine excellence, and dedication to preserving equestrian heritage serve as guiding principles for future generations looking to excel in the dynamic world of Thoroughbred competition.

Recognition at Churchill Downs

Every year at Churchill Downs, the Bashford Manor Stakes event celebrates the rich history of Thoroughbred racing by honoring Bashford Manor Stable. This special occasion pays tribute to George Long’s influential breeding operation and its lasting impact on the sport.

The Bashford Manor Stakes is not just a race, but a symbol of excellence in horse breeding that has shaped American racing for generations. The event showcases young talent, reminiscent of past successes seen in horses bred at Bashford Manor Stable under George Long’s guidance.

As contenders gather at Churchill Downs for this prestigious race each year, we can almost hear echoes from years gone by when champions like Flying Ebony and Bagenbaggage continued the proud legacy of Bashford Manor Stable. It’s a moment where our present admiration for these incredible athletes intersects with an appreciation for those who built such a strong foundation in our sport.

Legendary Tales of Bashford Manor Stable

  1. Azra’s Incredible Speed: Bred by Bashford Manor Stable, Azra rose to fame in the racing world with his stunning win at the 1892 Kentucky Derby, where he displayed unmatched speed and determination on the track.
  2. The Mysterious Sir Huon: Another standout from Bashford Manor Stable, Sir Huon stole hearts with his victory at the 1906 Kentucky Derby, cementing his status as a true champion known for exceptional talent and elegance.
  3. Hindus’ Historic Triumph: Born at Bashford Manor Stable, Hindus made history with an impressive win at the 1900 Preakness Stakes, showcasing the stable’s breeding prowess and ability to produce top-notch athletes.
  4. Erdenheim Stud Acquisition Legacy: By acquiring key bloodstock from Erdenheim Stud, Bashford Manor Stable enhanced its breeding program significantly, paving the way for future success and leaving a lasting mark on Thoroughbred racing circles.
  5. Bashford Manor’s Lasting Impact: Even after closing its doors in 1922, the legacy of Bashford Manor Stable endures through Churchill Downs’ annual running of the Bashford Manor Stakes – a tribute to this iconic breeding farm’s contributions to American horse racing history.

Architectural Evolution and Urban Development

The area around Bashford Manor has changed a lot since new owners took over. They tore down the barns and built houses and stores in Louisville over the years. These changes show how cities grow and use land differently as time goes on.

If you walk through this part of town today, you can still see some parts of the old stables that used to be there. It’s like getting a glimpse into the past when famous racehorses lived here. The bricks in those old barns hold stories about these amazing horses bred with lots of care and love.

As you stroll along the busy streets near where Bashford Manor once was, it feels like you can almost hear the sounds of hooves from winners long ago echoing through time. The mix between modern buildings and horse history gives this place a special feel, blending past with present in a cool way that respects tradition while welcoming new ideas.

With tall buildings now towering above what were once fields for horses to graze freely, there is a deep respect for how much things have changed since those early days. Going from stables to skyscrapers isn’t just about physical changes but also shows how society has evolved—a reminder that change is normal but we should always remember our beginnings.

In this city where old stories meet new dreams, places like Bashford Manor deserve attention. Keeping their history alive means future generations can enjoy learning about all the exciting events that happened here—where dreams were born alongside champions who raced towards success driven by fate itself.

Enduring Cultural Significance

Bashford Manor Stable has undergone physical changes due to urbanization trends over time. However, it still holds a special place in American horse racing folklore because of its connection to several Kentucky Derby champions that were bred or raced there. The stable’s importance is kept alive through historical records and events like stakes races at Churchill Downs that pay tribute to past successes. This helps preserve an important part of horse racing history for future generations.

Famous horses like George Smith and Behave Yourself made their mark on the racing world from Bashford Manor Stable. Their wins not only brought them glory but also cemented the stable’s reputation as a top spot for breeding exceptional horses. These victories were significant moments in sports and showcased George Long’s talent for choosing and nurturing top-notch Thoroughbreds.

Competition thrived at Bashford Manor Stable, where champions were trained and dreams took flight on speedy hooves. Each hoofbeat carried echoes of past triumphs and hopes for future victories. The legacy created by these remarkable animals continues to shine brightly, guiding fans through the colorful history of American horse racing.

Reflecting on the lasting cultural impact of Bashford Manor Stable reminds us that every champion has a story filled with dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to greatness behind them. The heritage left by this storied establishment serves as a testament to George Long’s vision while also reminding us how crucial it is to honor our roots amid change and progress – preserving the heart of equestrian sports for generations ahead.


1. What role did Bashford Manor Stable play in shaping the history of American horse racing, particularly in the context of the Kentucky Derby?

George Long led the Bashford Manor Stable to a key role in shaping American horse racing history. The stable raised outstanding Thoroughbreds that made a lasting impact on the sport. One such notable stallion was Himyar, whose descendants excelled in prestigious races such as the Kentucky Derby.

2. How did George Long’s vision and breeding program at Bashford Manor Stable contribute to the success of Thoroughbred champions in the Kentucky Derby?

George Long’s careful work in breeding horses at Bashford Manor Stable was crucial in creating top Thoroughbred champions known for their outstanding speed, endurance, and lineage. This laid the groundwork for success in the famous Kentucky Derby races.

3. Can you elaborate on some of the most notable horses bred and raised at Bashford Manor Stable that left a lasting impact on the sport of horse racing?

Definitely! At Bashford Manor Stable, they have bred and raised some incredible horses. One standout is George Long’s famous stallion Plaudit, who fathered the very first Triple Crown champion, Sir Barton. Another notable horse is Bashford Belle, a powerful broodmare whose offspring are still dominating the racing scene today.

4. In what ways has Bashford Manor Stable’s legacy influenced modern breeding practices and standards in the world of Thoroughbred racing?

The impact of Bashford Manor Stable on today’s Thoroughbred racing industry is huge. They have created top-notch bloodlines, produced champion racehorses, and set high standards that still guide the industry.

5. What distinguishes Bashford Manor Stable from other prominent breeding establishments in Kentucky, and how has it maintained its reputation over time?

Bashford Manor Stable has a fascinating history of raising champion Thoroughbreds and upholding a tradition of excellence in American horse racing. For over 100 years, they have remained committed to breeding top-notch equine athletes, which has helped them maintain their prestigious reputation in the industry.

6. How important is it for equestrian enthusiasts and historians to recognize and celebrate the contributions of establishments like Bashford Manor Stable in preserving the heritage and traditions of American horse racing?

Equestrian fans and history buffs should recognize and honor the important impact of revered places like Bashford Manor Stable. They play a crucial role in preserving American horse racing’s heritage for generations to come.