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Secretariat Kentucky Derby Winner 1973

secretariat kentucky derby winner 1973

Get ready to feel the excitement of watching Secretariat make history at the 1973 Kentucky Derby. Against all odds, he broke records and showed unmatched speed and power on the track. Experience the suspense leading up to the race and savor the thrilling moment when he crossed the finish line first at Churchill Downs. Immerse yourself in the incredible story of this legendary champion in horse racing.

Secretariat’s Early Life and Racing Career

Secretariat was born on March 30, 1970, and from the moment he came into this world, it was clear that he was meant for greatness. His strong physique and graceful stride made him stand out among his peers right away.

At just two years old, Secretariat showed off his incredible talent by winning seven out of nine races. He was faster and had more stamina than any other horse, earning him the title of American Horse of the Year in 1972.

As preparations were being made for the Kentucky Derby in 1973, excitement filled the air as fans eagerly anticipated seeing Secretariat race on one of horse racing’s biggest stages. The competition was tough, but all eyes were on this majestic chestnut colt with dreams of glory within reach.

On that crucial day at Churchill Downs, history unfolded as Secretariat showcased an impressive performance full of athleticism and determination. With jockey Ron Turcotte skillfully guiding him through every step of the way, they left spectators amazed with each powerful gallop toward victory.

The cheers from the crowd reverberated throughout the racetrack as Secretariat crossed the finish line a remarkable two-and-a-half lengths ahead of his closest rival. It was a moment that would go down in horse racing history—a triumph so significant that it cemented Secretariat’s legacy as one of the greatest racehorses ever to grace the track.

Road to the Kentucky Derby

Before the 1973 Kentucky Derby, Secretariat faced doubts after coming in third at the Wood Memorial Stakes. Despite this setback, his reputation as a strong contender remained intact due to his outstanding performances in previous races. Excitement was building as he prepared for the prestigious event, with fans and experts eagerly anticipating if he could live up to expectations on Churchill Downs’ revered track.

As Secretariat entered the track for the historic race, all eyes were on him. His shiny chestnut coat sparkled under the sun, projecting an air of confidence and power that seemed almost magical. Jockeys atop their horses watched him closely, knowing they were about to compete against a true racing legend – a horse known for unmatched speed and grace destined for greatness.

When the starting bell echoed through Churchill Downs marking the beginning of the race, time seemed to stand still. The thundering hooves filled the air as horses raced forward in a blur of motion. Amid tough competition from rivals like Sham and Our Native, Secretariat quickly showed his dominance with each stride along the iconic dirt track.

And then it happened – in a moment etched into horse racing history – Secretariat displayed incredible brilliance that left spectators stunned. With every powerful muscle thrust pushing him ahead effortlessly, he surged past competitors widening distance until crossing victoriously by an impressive margin – 2 1/2 lengths! It was an unforgettable performance; one that established Secretariat not only as champion but also as an immortal icon cherished by future generations.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Inspiring the next wave of racehorses for the future

  2. Making lasting memories in sports history that you'll never forget

  3. Highlighting extraordinary athleticism and skill on display

  4. Adding excitement and thrills to the world of racing

  5. Showing how dedication and hard work pay off in a big way

  6. Boosting the status and image of horse racing industry


  1. The horses and their trainers face intense pressure in competitive racing.

  2. Injuries or accidents can occur during races, posing risks to both the animals and their handlers.

  3. Animals may be exploited for entertainment purposes within the industry.

  4. Unethical practices could arise due to high stakes involved in horse racing.

  5. Top performers often have short careers, leading to early retirement from competition.

  6. Criticism of how racehorses are treated is a subject of public scrutiny.

The 99th Kentucky Derby Victory

The buzz leading up to the 99th Kentucky Derby was intense, with fans and experts alike excitedly discussing Secretariat’s potential victory. The air crackled with anticipation as spectators eagerly awaited the moment when these majestic horses would burst out of the starting gate. In a colorful blur of silks and thundering hooves, all eyes were on Secretariat, the confident colt who seemed unbeatable.

As the race began, it quickly became clear that this wasn’t just any ordinary day at the Derby. Secretariat surged forward with incredible speed, leaving his rivals trailing behind him. With each stride he took, he widened his lead over Sham and Our Native, showing a level of dominance rarely seen in horse racing history. The crowd erupted in cheers as they watched this incredible athlete showcase his full potential on Churchill Downs’ famous track.

In those thrilling moments that felt like an eternity for some but passed by in a flash for others, time stood still as Secretariat raced towards victory. His sleek body shimmered under the sun’s rays as he devoured ground like a predator chasing its prey. Jockey Ron Turcotte sat proudly atop him like royalty guiding him effortlessly towards greatness. Every muscle rippled beneath his coat as every sinew worked together perfectly; Secretariat embodied grace and power in motion.

And then it happened – that historic moment when seconds stretched into hours and hearts beat together in triumphal unison – crossing the finish line! Touched by divine inspiration or perhaps pure magic from another world altogether; Secretriat shattered records with an unbelievable time of 1:59+2⁄5 – a feat so extraordinary that many found it hard to believe whether witnessing live or through screens afar! In winning at such an iconic event like Kentucky Derby’s 99th edition; Secretriat not only secured victory but also cemented himself into legend – becoming more than just a winner but an immortal symbol forevermore – embodying excellence within equine athleticism throughout ages!

Pre-race Coverage and Expectations

Before the big race, everyone was talking about which horse would win. Angle Light, Sham, and Shecky Greene were considered tough competition for Secretariat. People thought that with all these fast horses racing, someone might break the course record.

On Derby Day at Churchill Downs, fans were hyped up to see these amazing racehorses go head-to-head. The atmosphere was electric as people placed their bets on who they thought would come out on top from a strong field of competitors.

The excitement grew as Secretariat lined up at the starting gate next to his rivals. His shiny coat sparkled in the Kentucky sun, showing off his quiet confidence that drew everyone’s attention. It was obvious this magnificent creature was meant for greatness.

When the gates opened and hooves thundered down the track, it quickly became clear this race would be unforgettable. Secretariat surged ahead with incredible speed and strength around the first turn, leaving other horses behind in awe of his dominance.

In an impressive show of skill and drive, Secretariat raced down the final stretch like a shooting star across a night sky. The crowd cheered wildly as he crossed the finish line in record time – proving himself not only as a winner but also as a legendary figure in horse racing history.

Winners Circle: Top Finishers at Kentucky Derby

Finish Post Position Horse Jockey Final Odds Stake
1 10 Secretariat Ron Turcotte 1.50 $155,050
2 4 Sham Laffit Pincay, Jr. 2.50 $25,000
3 7 Our Native Donald Brumfield 10.60 $12,500
4 9 Forego Pete Anderson 28.60 $5,000
5 1 Restless Jet Michael Hole 28.50
6 11 Shecky Greene Larry Adams 5.70
7 5 Navajo Weston Soirez 52.30
8 8 Royal and Regal Walter Blum 28.30
9 12 My Gallant Braulio Baeza 5.70
10 2 Angle Light John LeBlanc 1.50
11 13 Gold Bag Earlie Fires 68.30
12 6 Twice a Prince Angel Santiago 62.50
13 3 Warbucks Bill Hartack 7.20

Event Details and Attendance

The 1973 Kentucky Derby was an unforgettable event that captivated a massive crowd of 134,476 enthusiastic fans eager to witness something extraordinary. It took place on May 5th, with clear skies and fast track conditions setting the stage for an epic showdown.

Excitement buzzed in the air as the horses raced down the track, each stride filled with tension and anticipation. Spectators were on edge, eagerly awaiting to see which horse would emerge victorious in this highly unpredictable race featuring some of the top competitors in horse racing.

Then came Secretariat – a stunning chestnut stallion who immediately stole the spotlight with his commanding presence. Every powerful step he took around Churchill Downs solidified his status as a true legend in the making. The crowd erupted into cheers as Secretariat showcased unmatched speed and grace, leaving all other contenders trailing far behind him.

As Secretariat crossed the finish line in record time, it wasn’t just a win – it was a moment that etched itself into horse racing history forevermore, leaving everyone present awe-struck by his incredible performance at that historic Kentucky Derby.

Race Summary and Outcome

The 1973 Kentucky Derby will always hold a special place in horse racing history because Secretariat, the remarkable chestnut colt known for his unmatched speed and unbeatable spirit, delivered an extraordinary performance that day. As the horses raced down the track at Churchill Downs on that memorable afternoon, there was a buzz of excitement in the air, building up like energy before a storm. The spectators were on edge, eager to witness something truly remarkable unfold at this prestigious event.

At the start of the race, Shecky Greene burst out of the gates with determination and set a fast pace that made many wonder if he could keep it up for the entire race. Sham then surged forward near three-quarters of a mile into the race, passing Shecky Greene and igniting hopes among his fans. The competition intensified as these strong contenders fought for position, each trying to outshine their rivals under cloudy skies filled with anticipation.

However, it was Secretariat who stood out as the star among these top competitors. With every powerful stride pushing him ahead like a speeding train heading towards its destination, Secretariat moved forward in an impressive display of talent and unwavering determination. His hooves pounded against the ground rhythmically, creating a sound that resonated through Churchill Downs and stirred emotions within everyone present at this historic event.

In those final moments leading up to his victory crossing overthe finish line with grace fit only for true champions – time seemed suspended between past and future where legends are born and destinies fulfilled. When Secretariat completed his triumphal run across that finish line – not just winning but capturing hearts and minds alike with his sensational performance – there was no doubt left; he wasn’t just victorious; he had conquered hearts too.

As cheers erupted from all corners of Churchill Downsand tears welled up in eyes witnessing greatness firsthand – one thing became crystal clear: Secretariat wasn’t just any racehorse; he embodied excellence beyond mere competition or sport.He etched an immortal legacy by pounding destiny itself beneath hooves on that unforgettable dayat Kentucky Derby ’73.

Legendary Secrets of Triple Crown Champion Secretariat

  1. Exploring the Incredible Feats of Triple Crown Champion Secretariat:

  2. Secretariat's Amazing Heart: One standout feature of Secretariat is his unusually large heart, estimated to be75 times bigger than that of an average horse. This exceptional trait boosted his endurance and racing skills significantly.

  3. Smashing Records at the Kentucky Derby: Back in 1973, during the Kentucky Derby, Secretariat blazed through a record-breaking time of 1 minute and 59 seconds for the25-mile race – a feat that remains unmatched even today! His lightning-fast speed and utter dominance on the track firmly established his legacy in horse racing history.

  4. Unforgettable Triple Crown Victory: The year 1973 witnessed Secretariat's awe-inspiring performance in winning all three legs of the prestigious Triple Crown series – comprising the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes – with sheer brilliance. He became the first winner of this esteemed title in a quarter-century.

  5. The "Secretariat Phenomenon": Following his historic triumph at Triple Crown, there was an unprecedented surge in enthusiasm and turnout for horse racing known as the "Secretariat Phenomenon." His widespread popularity breathed new life into equestrian sports by captivating a fresh wave of followers from diverse backgrounds.

  6. Legends Surrounding Secretariat: Throughout time, numerous fables have swirled around Secreteriat portraying him with almost supernatural abilities like unmatched speed or mystical prowess on tracks.These tales may carry embellishments but they undoubtedly contribute to maintaining fascination surrounding this iconic equine champion.

Final Placings and Payouts

After Secretariat’s impressive win, Sham, the brave competitor who pushed himself to keep up with Secretariat’s unstoppable speed, proudly secured second place. Our Native also showed incredible determination by claiming third place among tough opponents. The crowd cheered as these amazing horses crossed the finish line one after another, showcasing their talent and spirit.

The payout schedule reflected everyone’s amazement at Secretariat’s stunning performance that day at Churchill Downs. Those who had bet on this exceptional athlete were generously rewarded for recognizing greatness in action. Spectators eagerly awaited the final results and payouts while admiring how one horse could captivate them with its breathtaking speed and grace.

Looking back, it wasn’t just about winning or losing but witnessing a memorable moment in sports history where legends were born and records broken. Secretariat’s victory went beyond mere competition; it became a symbol of excellence that inspired future generations. Each placement represented stories of dedication, perseverance, and unwavering passion for the sport—a testament to why horse racing holds a special place in our hearts as we honor timeless champions like Secretariat.

Triple Crown Triumph and Lasting Legacy

In 1973, Secretariat won the Kentucky Derby and began a journey that would make him a legend in horse racing. His amazing performance amazed the crowds and showed off his incredible speed and strength. As he raced down the track at Churchill Downs, leaving his competitors far behind, everyone could see they were witnessing something truly extraordinary.

At the Preakness Stakes, Secretariat once again showed his dominance as he effortlessly surged ahead to become a top contender for the Triple Crown title. Each win seemed effortless, making it clear that this chestnut colt was unstoppable. Fans couldn’t help but be impressed by his elegance and determination as he continued to show why he was considered one of the greatest racehorses of all time.

Then came the Belmont Stakes – a race that would go down in history as an unforgettable moment in sports. With unmatched stamina and unwavering spirit, Secretariat raced across the track like lightning cutting through the sky. The ground shook beneath him as he charged forward, breaking records with each powerful stride of his hooves. In that brief moment when horse and jockey worked together flawlessly towards victory, Secretariat not only won but also secured his place in history – inspiring generations of racing fans even today.


1. What made Secretariat's victory in the 1973 Kentucky Derby so historic?

Secretariat made history by winning the 1973 Kentucky Derby in record time with unmatched speed and a stunning victory margin of 31 lengths. This performance established him as one of the greatest racehorses ever.

2. How did Secretariat's performance in the Kentucky Derby compare to other races in his career?

Secretariat's incredible run in the 1973 Kentucky Derby marked the highlight of his amazing career. His unmatched speed, strength, and dominance during that race truly distinguished him from all others he had ever competed against.

3. What were some of the key factors that contributed to Secretariat's unparalleled dominance in the 1973 Kentucky Derby?

Secretariat was unbeatable in the 1973 Kentucky Derby because of his incredible speed, top-notch breeding, and strong determination. His performance amazed everyone watching, showcasing his brilliance on the racetrack.

4. How did Secretariat's winning time in the 1973 Kentucky Derby set a new record that still stands today?

In the 1973 Kentucky Derby, Secretariat raced to victory in an incredible time of 1 minute and 59 seconds. Not only did he win by a remarkable 2 and a half lengths, but he also set a new track record that stands unbroken even today. This achievement firmly established him as a legendary figure in the world of horse racing.

5. What was the atmosphere like at Churchill Downs leading up to Secretariat's race in the 1973 Kentucky Derby?

The buzz surrounding Secretariat's upcoming race at the 1973 Kentucky Derby had Churchill Downs filled with excitement and anticipation. Fans and experts alike could feel that they were about to witness something truly remarkable on the horizon.

6. How did Secretariat's victory in the Kentucky Derby solidify his legacy as one of the greatest racehorses of all time?

In the 1973 Kentucky Derby, Secretariat made history with an incredible win that left his opponents in awe. He raced past them by a remarkable 2 1/2 lengths and set a new track record that remains unbeaten even today. This victory at Churchill Downs showcased Secretariat's unmatched speed, strength, and elegance, cementing his status as one of the greatest racehorses ever.