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Frank Mcmahon Owner: One Kentucky Derby Winner

majestic prince kentucky derby winner 1969

Join us on an exciting journey through the life of Frank McMahon, a key player in the oil and gas industry who also made a name for himself in horse racing. Learn about his business skills that led to successful companies like West Turner Petroleums and Pacific Petroleums Ltd., where he made groundbreaking discoveries and expanded his ventures. Discover how McMahon generously supported projects such as McMahon Stadium, showing that he was not just a businessman but also someone who cared about giving back to the community.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Coming from a small town in Moyie, British Columbia, Francis Murray Patrick McMahon started his career as a driller in the rough terrains of mining sites. Through hard work and determination, he perfected his skills over the years before seizing the chance to start his own diamond-drilling business in 1927. McMahon’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to expand into drilling for oil and natural gas reservoirs.

Going beyond traditional career paths, Frank McMahon showed resilience by diversifying his business ventures across different industries. Facing challenges head-on, he guided his companies into new territories within the oil and gas industry. With strategic thinking and taking calculated risks, McMahon grew his presence in a market that was constantly changing due to shifting demands and technological advancements.

A pioneer ahead of his time, Frank McMahon not only transformed landscapes underground but also excelled above ground with a passion for horse racing that mirrored navigating unpredictable markets. Beyond corporate offices and racetracks was a man known for generous acts—a reminder that success is measured by more than just profits made but also by making an impact on others along the way.

West Turner Petroleums Venture

Frank McMahon and his brothers aimed for the Turner Valley Oilfields in Alberta, looking to start a business that would transform the oil and gas industry. Their clever ideas and relentless drive for success paid off when they struck it big with a major oil discovery. This not only boosted their profits but also paved the way for expanding into new areas within the sector.

Thanks to smart decision-making and strategic purchases, Frank McMahon’s strong leadership took West Turner Petroleums to new heights of growth. The company’s talent for spotting great opportunities helped them establish themselves as key players in the always-changing energy field. This was just the beginning of McMahon’s journey as an entrepreneur – one full of victories, obstacles, and a steadfast dedication to excellence.

With every successful exploration, Frank McMahon and his team at West Turner Petroleums discovered fresh possibilities. Their commitment to pushing boundaries and uncovering hidden potential solidified their reputation as pioneers in an industry known for its ups and downs. McMahon’s skill in navigating tough times while staying true to his goals showed a resilience that still inspires young entrepreneurs today.

The Pros & Cons of McMahon’s Legacy


  1. Leading the way in changing the automotive industry
  2. Succeeding in both business and horse racing
  3. Leaving behind a legacy of giving back to the community
  4. Serving as an inspiration for generations to come
  5. Setting new records in racing


  1. Business practices causing controversies
  2. People criticizing aggressive competitive tactics
  3. Not enough attention given to environmental sustainability
  4. Few leaders from diverse backgrounds
  5. Ethical worries about animal welfare in racing

Pacific Petroleums Ltd.

Frank McMahon’s venture into the oil and gas industry was a brilliant strategic move. By merging two smaller companies with West Turner Petroleums, he set the stage for what would grow into a powerful force in exploration. His vision went beyond just making money; it focused on driving innovation and progress, leading to major discoveries that rocked the industry.

With an entrepreneurial skill that could match even the sharpest investors, Frank McMahon tackled challenges like a seasoned captain at sea. His knack for spotting opportunities where others only saw obstacles propelled Pacific Petroleums Ltd. to success. The company’s projects in Fort St. John were not mere strokes of luck but calculated risks taken by someone who understood how to walk the fine line between bold moves and reckless decisions.

In addition to his business savvy, Frank McMahon had a heart as big as his dreams. He was known for his generous acts that reached far beyond corporate offices and drilling sites, showing how real success is about more than just wealth – it’s also about touching lives along the way. In every drop of oil pumped or triumphant racehorse cheered on, there echoed the legacy of a man whose impact transcended industries and made him more than just a businessman – he became a source of hope and inspiration for many.”

Establishment of Atlantic Oil Company

Frank McMahon’s journey in the oil and gas industry is truly remarkable. In 1945, he took a bold step and founded Atlantic Oil Company, beginning an exciting entrepreneurial adventure that would significantly impact Canada’s energy sector for many years. Securing rights to a portion of the Leduc field in Alberta was just the start; this is where McMahon’s vision really began to take shape.

The discovery of oil at Leduc in 1948 was a game-changer not only for Frank McMahon but also for Atlantic Oil Company as a whole. The rush of black gold from beneath the ground solidified McMahon’s position in the industry and boosted his wealth significantly. It wasn’t simply about finding oil; it was about achieving success through perseverance, strategic planning, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

McMahon didn’t just establish a business with Atlantic Oil Company; he created a legacy that continues to influence today’s oil and gas sector across different generations. His sharp business skills turned challenges into opportunities, driving him towards greatness while setting up principles that still impact how companies function today.

Over time, under McMahon’s leadership, Atlantic Oil Company flourished beyond expectations. Its growth mirrored its founder’s strong spirit – always striving higher despite facing obstacles along the way. Beneath all this prosperity were not just profits but also values deeply rooted in community support and charity—a reflection of Frank McMahon being both an industry leader and generous philanthropist simultaneously.

Legacy of a Pioneering Businessman

Born Died Alma mater Occupation Known for
Francis Murray Patrick McMahon (1902-10-02) Moyie, British Columbia May 20, 1986 (aged 83) Hamilton, Bermuda Gonzaga University Businessman Westcoast Transmission Co., Majestic Prince, McMahon Stadium

Creation of Westcoast Transmission Co. Ltd.

In 1949, Frank McMahon founded Westcoast Transmission Co. Ltd., showing his entrepreneurial spirit and paving the way for supplying natural gas to the U.S. market. With a clear vision in mind, he started building an ambitious 650-mile gas pipeline from Taylor in northeastern British Columbia all the way to the United States border.

While some might have thought laying down such a vast pipeline was like chasing rainbows, it wasn’t that way for Frank McMahon. He was a visionary who saw challenges as opportunities waiting to be conquered. His foresight helped him secure crucial contracts and permissions needed for exporting gas—a move that transformed cross-border energy distribution.

Looking back, it’s amazing how one person’s determination could reshape industries and create new pathways where none existed before. The legacy left by Frank McMahon with Westcoast Transmission Co. Ltd., spanning across borders and connecting nations through pipelines instead of fences, is truly inspiring—an ode to his unwavering commitment towards progress and innovation.

Business Expansion and Achievements

Frank McMahon wasn’t just successful in the oil and gas industry. In the 1950s, he explored new opportunities beyond his usual ventures, such as Alberta Distillers Ltd. This showed that he was good at trying out different things and spotting chances outside of one specific area. He proved to be a versatile entrepreneur who aimed for growth in various fields.

His decision to get involved with Alberta Distillers Ltd. was a smart move that expanded his business interests while many others were focusing on just one type of industry back then. By teaming up with different companies, he proved that he had a sharp eye for creating successful partnerships that helped him build significant wealth and influence across multiple sectors.

McMahon’s talent for working together with partners also reinforced his reputation as a clever businessman who knew how important it was to combine efforts in order to grow big businesses. Whether through joint projects or strategic alliances, he understood how to use resources effectively so that he could reach more people and control valuable assets within growing markets.

Going beyond traditional limits, Frank McMahon symbolized innovation by getting into various types of businesses which made him stand out from other entrepreneurs during his time period. His daring moves not only revealed his willingness to take risks but also highlighted his vision for leaving long-lasting impacts that went beyond any single field.

Looking back now, Frank McMahon’s legacy shows us what it means to be resilient, adaptable, and have foresight when facing complex business challenges head-on. His approach towards expansion and achievements serves as an inspiration for young entrepreneurs looking to make their mark amidst constantly changing market conditions – truly capturing the essence of entrepreneurial brilliance without boundaries.

Legendary Tales from the Derby Winner’s Circle

  1. Exciting Stories from the Winner’s Circle at the Derby:
  2. Meet Frank McMahon, a proud owner of a Kentucky Derby champion known for his lucky charm – a horseshoe that he always brings to each race.
  3. Rumor has it that Frank McMahon’s winning horse sported an unusual white marking on its forehead resembling a crown, sparking talk about its possible royal lineage and good luck charm.
  4. Spectators marveled at McMahon’s Derby winner for its lightning speed and agility, praising its graceful stride and fierce finish on the track.
  5. Leading up to the big race, Frank McMahon could be spotted regularly visiting his beloved horse in the stables, offering words of encouragement and sharing carrots with his cherished partner.
  6. In celebration of their victory at the Kentucky Derby, Frank McMahon threw an extravagant party as a thank-you gesture to all involved – stable hands, jockeys, trainers – showcasing his generous spirit and gratitude towards those who helped secure his triumph.

Horse Racing Ventures

Frank McMahon loved horse racing, which showed his diverse interests and success. He was a big owner and breeder who guided his Thoroughbreds to win on top racetracks in North America and Europe. Among all the champions he owned, Majestic Prince stood out the most, winning races like the famous Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes.

Majestic Prince wasn’t just any racehorse; he represented Frank McMahon’s talent for spotting potential, planning smart moves, and staying determined. The spirited stallion not only won important titles but also stole the hearts of fans worldwide with his amazing performances. With McMahon’s sharp leadership skills, Majestic Prince didn’t just run races; he created stories of incredible victories that inspired generations of horse lovers.

In a world where horsepower met equine power, Frank McMahon effortlessly balanced two worlds with style. His abilities went beyond business meetings into paddocks where both deals and thrilling finishes at racetracks were high-stakes games. Each thundering hoofbeat echoed ambition and grace as Frank McMahon made an unforgettable mark as an oil industry leader turned legendary figure in horse racing—a role model whose legacy continues to inspire awe among those who believe true greatness has no limits—whether on dirt tracks or through ticker tape triumphs!

Legacy Through Mcmahon Stadium

Frank McMahon left a lasting impact on both the oil and gas industry and sports infrastructure. Alongside his brother George, they generously donated funds that were crucial in building what we now know as McMahon Stadium at the University of Calgary. This act shows their dedication to improving communities through giving back and supporting athletic pursuits.

The creation of McMahon Stadium is a clear example of Frank McMahon’s business savvy expanding beyond one industry. Just like he succeeded in the oil fields, he invested not just in buildings, but also in fostering community bonds through sports. The stadium stands as a tribute to his vision, where cheers ring out from its seats, honoring his ongoing contributions.

McMahon Stadium represents more than just physical structures; it symbolizes unity and shared experiences among fans who come together there. Similar to navigating complex deals, Frank recognized how teamwork was vital both on and off the field. His involvement demonstrates how strategic collaborations can lead to impactful outcomes that go far beyond initial expectations.

Every part of McMahon Stadium reflects Frank McMahon’s foresight and commitment to creating enduring legacies across different areas. From making significant business agreements behind closed doors to backing community programs that unite people under one roof, he embodied adaptability akin to managing multiple races — each requiring specific strategies yet culminating in collective success reaching finish lines triumphantly.

With every game played at McMahon Stadium echoing past victories, current spectators unknowingly honor someone whose influence extended further than expected boundaries. By blending business acumen with charitable actions evident within these stadium walls, Frank solidified himself not only as an industry leader but also as a force for positive change leaving memorable impacts wherever his ventures took him or charged towards new opportunities ahead.

Personal Life and Family Dynamics

Frank McMahon accomplished a lot in his life, balancing a successful career in the oil and gas industry with personal relationships. He married Isabella Marion Grant first, followed by Betty Lorraine Betz. Alongside funding stadium construction projects, he managed to navigate both professional success and complex personal life challenges with resilience and adaptability.

Sadly, Frank McMahon passed away in 1986 in Hamilton, Bermuda but left behind a lasting legacy across various industries he had explored during his lifetime. His impact extended beyond business expansions to creating opportunities for growth and development within communities through philanthropic efforts. His dedication to giving back shows that success is not just about making money but also about positively influencing those around you.

Frank’s story can inspire young entrepreneurs like us who are looking to make a difference in the world. By demonstrating how one can achieve professional success while facing personal struggles head-on, Frank exemplifies what it means to live a purpose-driven life filled with determination, passion, and compassion. His journey reminds us that true greatness lies not only in achieving goals but also leaving behind a positive legacy that transcends different fields and impacts future generations significantly.


1. How did Frank McMahon establish himself as a prominent figure in the oil and gas industry?

Frank McMahon became a well-known figure in the oil and gas industry by using his business skills, making smart expansions, and giving back to society. His actions had a lasting effect on the industry.

2. What were some key business expansions that Frank McMahon undertook during his career?

Frank McMahon made important moves to grow his businesses, like starting Canadian Superior Oil Ltd. and overseeing the growth of the Hibernia oil field near Newfoundland’s coast. He also branched out into horse racing ventures that turned successful, showing off his skills as a savvy entrepreneur with diverse business interests.

3. How did Frank McMahon’s passion for horse racing contribute to his success outside of the business world?

Frank McMahon loved horse racing, which not only made him happy but also demonstrated his strategic skills and determination. This showed that he could succeed in various areas beyond just business.

4. Can you elaborate on some of the philanthropic gestures made by Frank McMahon throughout his lifetime?

Frank McMahon was a generous person who made big donations to help different charities. He supported projects for healthcare and education, showing how much he cared about giving back to the community.

5. What lasting impact did Frank McMahon leave on both the oil and gas industry and the world of horse racing?

Frank McMahon made a lasting impact on the oil and gas industry by using his business skills to expand his company. He also left a mark on horse racing with successful ventures and generous donations, showing that he was skilled in multiple areas.

6. How did Frank McMahon’s entrepreneurial acumen shape his approach to both business and horse racing ventures?

Frank McMahon used his business skills to successfully navigate the oil and gas industry, making strategic expansions. He also excelled in horse racing, demonstrating his diverse talents and leaving a lasting impact on both industries.