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Frederick Herbert Jockey: One Kentucky Derby Win

donau 1910 kentucky derby winner

Join Fred Herbert, a daring Canadian jockey who raced across the globe, racing on tracks in various countries including Germany, Romania, France, Moscow, Australia, New Zealand, India, and South Africa. From his unforgettable victory at the Kentucky Derby riding Donau to winning prestigious races like the King Edward Gold Cup Handicap and Great Metropolitan Handicap on different continents – Herbert’s diverse career demonstrates his lasting influence on horse racing worldwide.

Early Life and Introduction

Frederick Herbert, fondly nicknamed “Brusher,” was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1887. At just 16 years old, he set out on an exciting journey as a jockey that lasted an incredible five decades until his graceful retirement in 1947.

Throughout his remarkable career, Fred Herbert demonstrated exceptional versatility and adaptability as he dominated racetracks across the globe with finesse. From the lively cities of Germany to the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand and beyond, Brusher made his mark on international horse racing stages far and wide.

Whether at France’s prestigious racecourses or under Moscow’s watchful gaze, Fred Herbert’s skilled horsemanship captured audiences’ attention. His unique ability to connect with each horse he rode distinguished him not only as a jockey but also as a genuine partner to these magnificent animals.

From Australia’s vast Outback tracks to India’s vibrant racing scene bursting with color and culture, Fred Herbert fearlessly took on every challenge that came his way. His love for the sport transcended borders and languages—a universal language spoken fluently by hooves thundering down turf tracks all over the world.

As South Africa’s sun dipped below Johannesburg’s horizon casting golden hues over its racetracks or amid Romania’s rich historical backdrop blending tales of tradition with modern-day excitement—Fred Herbert raced into hearts globally as a symbol of dedication, perseverance, and unparalleled sportsmanship.

First Kentucky Derby Win

In 1910, Fred Herbert achieved a historic milestone as the first Canadian jockey to claim victory at the renowned Kentucky Derby. He rode to triumph aboard Donau, a momentous win that became a turning point in his racing career.

Fred Herbert’s success at the Kentucky Derby solidified his reputation as an accomplished and adaptable jockey capable of excelling on any platform. His determination and vigor during the race resonated with fans globally, establishing him as a legendary figure in horse racing circles.

As Fred Herbert guided Donau across the finish line at Churchill Downs, cheers erupted from spectators who witnessed this groundbreaking feat. The thundering sound of hooves reverberated throughout the racetrack, propelling him towards an unforgettable triumph that would be remembered in racing history for years to come.

The connection between Fred Herbert and Donau went beyond just rider and horse; it was a partnership founded on trust, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Their seamless teamwork displayed their harmony on the track while inspiring upcoming generations of jockeys to strive for greatness in every race they undertook.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Phenom Fred Herbert


  1. I have amazing racing skills and a proven track record
  2. My charismatic personality connects with fans easily
  3. I secure strong sponsorships and financial support
  4. I am recognized internationally for my success
  5. My story of overcoming challenges is inspiring to others
  6. I make a positive impact on the racing community


  1. Feeling a lot of pressure to keep up high performance levels
  2. Chance of getting hurt in fast racing events
  3. Always traveling, which can make you really tired physically and mentally
  4. Not much time left for personal life and relationships
  5. Getting criticized and watched closely by the media and fans
  6. Not knowing what will happen next in the competitive world of pro racing

Transition to England

When Fred Herbert made the move to England in 1912, it was a turning point in his racing career. He wanted more challenges and opportunities beyond just American horse racing. In this new environment, Fred quickly adapted to English circuits and impressed everyone with his exceptional skills.

While in England, Fred won big races that made him known as a top jockey internationally. From winning at events like the May Maiden Plate to dominating the tough Cesarewitch Handicap, Fred showed determination and finesse every time he raced.

The crowd cheered loudly as Fred crossed finish lines first, leaving fans amazed by his talent on horseback. His smooth transition into English racing not only showed how adaptable he was but also highlighted his natural ability to navigate different terrains with grace.

Fred’s journey through English racetracks wasn’t just about victories; it represented resilience, ambition, and an unwavering love for horse racing that transcended borders and captivated people worldwide. His legacy continues to inspire young jockeys everywhere to face challenges head-on and pursue their dreams relentlessly – much like how Fred did during those thrilling races under the British skies.

International Racing Success

Fred Herbert had an incredible racing career that took him around the world and showcased his talent on various tracks. He didn’t just race in prestigious events like the Moscow Derby, where he finished second, but also competed in countries such as Germany, Romania, France, Australia, New Zealand, India, and South Africa.

Traveling to different continents allowed Fred to adapt quickly and show his determination to succeed on all kinds of terrains. Whether it was mastering European racetracks or facing new challenges in places like India and South Africa – Fred always managed to come out on top.

Every time he raced in a new location – whether it was under the sunny skies of Australia or amidst the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand – Fred impressed everyone with his exceptional skills and love for horse racing. By connecting with people from diverse cultures through their shared passion for horses; Fred became known as a global ambassador for the sport.

As fans worldwide cheered him on during races that brought together people from all walks of life; Fred Herbert proved that hard work and talent can lead to success no matter where you go.

Career Highlights and Notable Achievements

Frederick Herbert
Occupation Jockey
Born 1887
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Died 1955
Maidenhead, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Major Racing Wins United States / Canada:
King Edward Gold Cup Handicap (1909)
Camden Handicap (1910)
Demoiselle Stakes (1910)
May Maiden Plate (1912)
Wokingham Stakes (1913)
Cesarewitch Handicap (1913)
Norfolk Stakes (1913)
Great Metropolitan Handicap (1915)
American Classics wins:
Kentucky Derby (1910)
Significant Horses Donau, Fiz-Yama, Hapsburg

Major Stakes Wins

Fred Herbert won big races on different continents, like the King Edward Gold Cup Handicap and Camden Handicap in North America. These wins made him a top contender in the competitive horse racing scene of the United States and Canada. In England, he showed off his skills by winning prestigious races such as the Great Metropolitan Handicap at famous tracks.

But Fred didn’t stop there – he went beyond these familiar places to race in new territories. In Germany, where equestrian tradition runs deep, he outperformed other riders at top events on diverse European tracks. Romania also got a taste of Fred’s incredible talent when he conquered tough courses and beat strong opponents.

And that wasn’t all for Fred Herbert – he took his winning streak to France where he achieved great victories against beautiful backdrops typical of French horse racing culture. Moscow was another challenge that this experienced rider overcame with skill and determination despite unfamiliar grounds and language barriers.

Australia welcomed Fred with open arms as fans were mesmerized by his amazing performances that etched his name into Australian horse racing history forever. New Zealand followed suit in embracing this international star whose success transcended oceans and continents alike. From India to South Africa, each win showcased Fred Herbert’s unmatched versatility within the global tapestry of thoroughbred excellence.

Legacy and Recognition

Fred Herbert was a talented jockey who excelled in various racing environments on both sides of the Atlantic. His achievements continue to be celebrated, showcasing his lasting impact on the sport.

From the green tracks of Germany to the rugged terrains of Romania, Fred Herbert displayed his skills and versatility, leaving a memorable impression on international racing circuits. In Germany, he wowed audiences with his strategic abilities and natural connection with horses, securing victories that resonated across Europe.

At Moscow’s esteemed racecourses, Fred Herbert faced tough competition but consistently emerged victorious, establishing himself as a fearless rider capable of adapting to any track or challenge. The chilly winds in Russia only spurred him on further towards unprecedented success in foreign lands.

In Australia and New Zealand – where horse racing is deeply ingrained in culture – Fred Herbert found himself among passionate fans and fierce rivals. Here he added more trophies to his collection while immersing himself in traditions that influenced him personally and professionally.

Throughout continents like India and South Africa, Fred Herbert became renowned for excellence within horse racing circles. His journey wasn’t just about winning races; it was about uniting cultures through a shared love for these majestic animals that capture our hearts regardless of borders or boundaries.

Legendary Tales of a Derby Champion

  1. The tale of champion jockey Frederick Herbert, also known as Fred Jockey, comes alive with his thrilling win at the renowned Kentucky Derby in
  2. Fred Jockey’s victory at the Derby not only showcased his exceptional riding skills but also cemented his status as a legend in the horse racing world.
  3. Despite facing stiff competition from top jockeys and horses, Fred Jockey’s remarkable talent on display led him to triumph at Churchill Downs.
  4. This historic win instantly catapulted Fred Jockey into stardom, solidifying his place among the greatest jockeys of that era.
  5. Even today, Fred Jockey’s legacy as a Kentucky Derby champion serves as an inspiration for young riders and fans alike, highlighting the enduring magic of this prestigious event.

Family Life and Personal Details

Fred Herbert made Maidenhead, Berkshire his home in later life and passed away at 68 years old in 1955. His daughter lovingly recalled her father’s incredible racing career that took him to different continents, showcasing his adaptability on a global scale.

From dominating tracks in Germany to thrilling crowds in Romania, Fred Herbert achieved unparalleled success internationally. He didn’t just participate in races; he conquered new territories with finesse and style, leaving a lasting impact wherever he traveled.

In countries like France, Moscow, Australia, New Zealand, India, and South Africa – Fred Herbert demonstrated his determination and talent time after time. His wins were not just victories but reflections of his unwavering commitment to the sport of horse racing.

His skillful performance across various racing settings highlighted his talent and drive. Whether navigating challenging courses Down Under or captivating audiences in distant lands like India and South Africa – Fred Herbert established himself as a formidable presence on the world stage.

Even today, long after his passing at age 68,Fred Herbert’s legacy endures through the memories of those who witnessed him rise to greatness worldwide. He remains synonymous with excellence beyond borders—a true legend whose tale continues to motivate aspiring racers globally.

Unique Racing Ventures

Fred Herbert traveled to various parts of the world for his racing adventures, exploring bustling streets in Moscow and serene landscapes in New Zealand. He eagerly embraced each new track with confidence and skill, never backing down from a challenge.

In Germany, Fred Herbert impressed the racing scene with his bold moves and strategic thinking on the tracks. His ability to adapt to different styles of racing and conditions made him stand out from his competitors, earning him respect and admiration worldwide.

During his time in Romania, Fred Herbert faced tough competition in Eastern Europe but didn’t let that stop him. Despite being far away from home at thousands of miles distance, he succeeded on Romanian tracks through sheer determination and unwavering passion for horse racing.

Fred Herbert’s journey continued as he ventured into Australia where he left a lasting impact on fans and fellow racers alike. Known for his fearless spirit and extraordinary talent, he solidified his position as a legend in international horse racing circles.

Significant Horses Ridden

Fred Herbert’s incredible talent shone through with horses like Donau, who raced to victory alongside him at the prestigious Kentucky Derby. Fiz-Yama and Hapsburg also joined his winning team, adding significant achievements to his impressive career on racetracks around the world.

His partnership with these exceptional horses not only led to triumphs in well-known races but also established him as a versatile jockey capable of excelling in various racing settings. From the beautiful tracks of France to the lively arenas of Moscow, Fred showed unwavering dedication to excellence that crossed boundaries and captured global audiences’ attention.

Whether he was conquering challenging courses Down Under in Australia or savoring victories amidst New Zealand’s stunning landscapes, Fred Herbert’s determination and skill drove him towards success across different continents. His memorable rides in India and South Africa further highlighted his lasting impact on international horse racing, leaving a mark on fans and competitors alike that won’t be forgotten.

Lasting Impact on Horse Racing

Fred Herbert was a renowned jockey whose talent transcended borders, impressing audiences not only in North America and Europe but also in countries like Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Moscow, Germany, Romania and France. His ability to adapt to different racing styles on various tracks worldwide solidified his reputation as a versatile rider who excelled wherever he competed.

From the charming streets of Paris to the lively racecourses of Mumbai and Johannesburg, Fred Herbert became known for his winning streaks wherever he went. In France, he amazed crowds at Longchamp and Chantilly with his strategic riding skills that often left competitors trailing behind. Meanwhile in India and South Africa, he conquered tough courses with finesse and determination that earned him respect from fans around the world.

Although Moscow is typically associated with harsh winters, it was during summer races that Fred Herbert truly shined under the Russian sun. His fearless approach to each race won over spectators regardless of language barriers as they cheered for this foreign rider who brought excitement to their turf. Fans admired his courage and tenacity as he navigated through tight turns on unfamiliar tracks.

In Australia’s rugged Outback region, Fred Herbert showcased his remarkable career by taming wild horses on dusty trails leading up to prestigious events Down Under. With each victory in Melbourne or Sydney came admiration from fans who appreciated his connection with every horse he rode – showcasing true horsemanship revered by all equestrians.

Among New Zealand’s picturesque landscapes featuring rolling hillsides overlooking stunning racetracks framed by mountainscapes unrivaled elsewhere; Fred Herbert displayed unparalleled skill atop majestic steeds galloping towards success amidst nature’s grandeur. These tales about this legendary figure inspired aspiring jockeys dreaming big dreams beyond conventional boundaries – illustrating how passion paired with purpose can make a significant impact without hesitation or compromise.


1. How did Fred Herbert first break into the international horse racing scene?

Fred Herbert made a splash in the global horse racing world by demonstrating his skills and adaptability in different countries outside of North America and Europe. He raced in places like Germany, Romania, France, Moscow, Australia, New Zealand, India, and South Africa to showcase his talent on an international stage.

2. How did Fred Herbert adapt his racing strategy to different tracks and competition styles around the world?

Fred Herbert demonstrated his ability to adapt by learning and adapting to different racing tracks and competition styles in various countries. He used his versatile skills to succeed in places such as Germany, Romania, France, Moscow, Australia, New Zealand, India, and South Africa during his incredible international racing career.

3. What challenges did Fred Herbert face while competing in countries like Australia, India, and South Africa?

While racing in countries like Australia, India, and South Africa, Fred Herbert had to learn new racing styles, adjust to different climates, and understand various regulations.

4. How did Fred Herbert’s success in international racing impact his legacy within the global horse racing community?

Fred Herbert became a highly respected jockey in international racing, proving his talent and versatility in various racing environments around the world. His success across different cultures and landscapes earned him admiration and respect within the global horse racing community, solidifying his reputation as an accomplished professional.

5. What unique qualities or skills set Fred Herbert apart as a truly versatile and successful international jockey?

Fred Herbert stands out as an accomplished international jockey, known for his ability to quickly adapt, make smart strategic decisions, and never give up. He has proven himself in races all over the world, showing remarkable skill and finesse.