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Kentucky Derby Winner 1964 Northern Dancer

kentucky derby winner 1964 northern dancer

Join us on an exciting journey through the world of horse racing as we uncover the historic win of the 1964 Kentucky Derby champion. Discover the incredible teamwork between a famous Canadian-bred Thoroughbred, a skilled jockey, a top-notch trainer, and a well-known breeder that led to a memorable moment at Churchill Downs. Experience firsthand how this unforgettable victory continues to leave its mark on the sport of kings.

Northern Dancer: A Racing Phenomenon

In 1964, Northern Dancer made history by winning the Kentucky Derby in a record-breaking time of 2:00. The Canadian-bred Thoroughbred amazed everyone with his speed and grace, crossing the finish line under jockey Bill Hartack’s expert guidance. This victory was more than just a race; it became a moment etched forever in horse racing history.

Northern Dancer’s triumph at Churchill Downs wasn’t just about that one day – it represented excellence and determination. Trained by Horatio Luro, known for spotting talent, this colt from Windfields Farm showcased unparalleled spirit on the track.

Over fifty years later, fans still remember Northern Dancer’s iconic win at the Kentucky Derby. His legacy lives on as an inspiration to generations of racing enthusiasts worldwide. From his early days in Canada to international stardom under Luro’s mentorship and Hartack’s skillful handling, Northern Dancer remains a symbol of dedication and passion for equine greatness that continues to captivate audiences even today.

Jockey Bill Hartack: Guiding Northern Dancer to Victory

Bill Hartack showed remarkable skill when he rode Northern Dancer to victory in the 90th Kentucky Derby. His strategic thinking and strong connection with his horse allowed him to maneuver through a crowded field at Churchill Downs with ease.

During the race, Hartack pushed Northern Dancer to their limits, urging them forward with precision and determination. This display of teamwork between jockey and horse was truly inspiring, showcasing what can be achieved when trust and instinct come together on the racetrack.

The partnership between Bill Hartack and Northern Dancer exemplified excellence as they raced towards glory that day. Their unity demonstrated the importance of trust in achieving success in competitive sports like horse racing.

In this exciting win at Churchill Downs, Bill Hartack’s expertise combined seamlessly with Northern Dancer’s talent, creating a memorable moment that continues to captivate fans worldwide. Their journey together serves as a reminder of how dedication, hard work, and belief in oneself can lead to extraordinary accomplishments that stand the test of time.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Fans are amazed and inspired by it

  2. It raises the bar for upcoming generations of racehorses

  3. It makes unforgettable moments in sports history

  4. It highlights the amazing skill and talent of both horse and jockey


  1. Puts a lot of stress on the horse, jockey, and team

  2. Increases the chances of injuries or accidents happening during races

  3. Could result in making the sport too focused on making money

  4. Might lead to taking advantage of horses for financial reasons

Trainer Horatio Luro: Mastermind Behind Success

Horatio Luro, a famous trainer, played a crucial role in getting Northern Dancer ready for the Kentucky Derby victory. With his unique style from Argentina and deep knowledge of horse racing, Luro created a training plan that improved Northern Dancer’s speed and endurance to perfection. He knew how to tailor his methods for each horse individually, bringing out the best in all the horses he worked with.

Luro’s smart training techniques and thorough understanding of horse racing dynamics greatly helped Northern Dancer perform exceptionally well on race day. He paid close attention to every detail of Northern Dancer’s preparation – from workouts to diet – making sure that the colt was fully prepared for the challenging 1 ¼ mile race at Churchill Downs. Under Luro’s guidance, Northern Dancer transformed into an outstanding champion with strong determination and spirit.

The bond between Horatio Luro and jockey Bill Hartack was vital for Northern Dancer’s win at the 1964 Kentucky Derby. Their smooth communication and mutual respect formed a winning team that went beyond words – it showed clearly in their coordinated movements on track as they flawlessly executed strategies during races. This dynamic duo displayed exceptional teamwork that set them apart from their competitors.

Horatio Luro’s impact goes far beyond just one win; it encompasses a lifetime devoted to nurturing incredible equine talent like Northern Dancer at Windfields Farm. His love for horses extended past training – he instilled values like perseverance, integrity, and sportsmanship in everyone around him. The influence of his teachings continues through generations of horse racing fans who see him not only as a brilliant mind but also as someone guiding them towards success on racetracks worldwide.

Windfields Farm: Breeding Excellence Personified

Windfields Farm was known for its careful breeding program and strong commitment to excellence, where greatness was born. They were dedicated to using top-quality bloodlines and providing excellent care for their horses, all of which contributed to Northern Dancer’s success on the racetrack. Each mare and stallion they chose played a crucial role in shaping champions like Northern Dancer.

When Northern Dancer won the 1964 Kentucky Derby, it wasn’t just his victory but also a reflection of Windfields Farm’s exceptional breeding methods. That day marked the pinnacle of the farm’s legacy in producing top-notch racehorses as Northern Dancer made history by winning the race. It wasn’t merely chance; it was a result of hard work, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to creating horse racing stars.

With every stride he took at Churchill Downs that historic day, Northern Dancer showcased perfection honed from years of meticulous planning and expert knowledge at Windfields Farm. His win under jockey Bill Hartack wasn’t just any other race; it was a beautiful blend of skillful riding combined with outstanding genetics overseen by trainer Horatio Luro. Together, this trio created magic on the track that continues to enchant horse racing fans worldwide even after many decades have passed.

Thrilling Finish: Neck-to-Neck Race Results

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 7 Northern Dancer Bill Hartack Horatio Luro Windfields Farm 2:00
2nd 11 Hill Rise Bill Shoemaker William B. Finnegan El Peco Ranch (George A. Pope) neck
3rd 6 The Scoundrel Manuel Ycaza Meshach A. Tenney Rex C. Ellsworth 3+1/4
4th 12 Roman Brother Wayne Chambers Burley E. Parke Harbor View Farm nose
5th 2 Quadrangle Bobby Ussery J. Elliott Burch Rokeby Stables 3
6th 1 Mr. Brick Ismael Valenzuela James E. Picou Roy Sturgis 3/4
7th 5 Mr. Moonlight Jimmy Combest Nick Combest Edith Baily Dent 5
8th 9 Dandy K. Mickey Solomone Robert E. Wingfield Cecil Carmine 2+1/4
9th 8 Ishkoodah Ronald Baldwin Harold G. Bockman Tumblewood Stable (Mrs. D. W. Price/Tom Woods) 4
10th 3 Wil Rad Jacinto Vásquez Robert E. Wingfield Wilbur Clark & William Radkovich nose
11th 4 Extra Swell Merlin Volzke Earle Davis Mr. & Mrs. Earle Davis 14
12th 10 Royal Shuck Harrel Bolin Ben H. Marshall Emil A. Dust
13th 13 Feed Nana Anthony Cumia Daniel Kurlan Compound Media

Setting a New Record Time

In 1964, Northern Dancer crushed the competition at the Kentucky Derby and made history by setting a new record time. His outstanding performance on the dirt track at Churchill Downs proved that he was not just any racehorse – he was a true standout among all Derby winners.

This victory didn’t come out of nowhere; it showcased Northern Dancer’s incredible breeding and exceptional talent on the racetrack. Bred by E.P. Taylor’s Windfields Farm, this horse carried with him a legacy of greatness that really shined during one of horse racing’s most prestigious events.

Jockey Bill Hartack expertly steered Northern Dancer through the challenging course, demonstrating his skill and finesse in perfect sync with this amazing colt. Their partnership was like watching poetry in motion, each stride getting them closer to leaving their mark in racing history books.

Trainer Horatio Luro played a key role in molding Northern Dancer into the champion we know today. With careful planning and expertise, Luro shaped this spirited horse into a disciplined athlete prepared to take on any challenge thrown his way.

As they raced across the finish line in record time that unforgettable day at Churchill Downs, Northern Dancer captured not only our hearts but also solidified his position as one of horse racing’s ultimate icons. The impact of his triumph continues to inspire fans from all generations who admire his speed, elegance, and unwavering determination – truly an ageless legend for everyone to cherish.

Legacy of Success for E.P. Taylor’s Windfields Farm

Windfields Farm, owned by E.P. Taylor, is known for its exceptional reputation in horse racing. The farm’s breeding programs are meticulously designed to create top-notch racehorses that dominate the track with unmatched success. One standout example of their excellence is Northern Dancer.

In 1964, Northern Dancer made history by winning the prestigious Kentucky Derby – a victory that resonated for years to come and showcased his incredible talent and competitive spirit instilled in him at Windfields Farm. This moment perfectly captured how dedication and skill can lead to an unforgettable legacy.

The teamwork between jockey Bill Hartack and trainer Horatio Luro during Northern Dancer’s journey to glory demonstrated flawless coordination. Their combined efforts worked seamlessly together like a well-rehearsed dance routine, guiding Northern Dancer towards legendary status on the racetrack under their expert supervision.

Looking back on the enduring popularity of Northern Dancer among racing fans worldwide, one cannot help but be amazed at how everything – from Windfields Farm’s innovative breeding strategies to Hartack and Luro’s effective partnership – came together brilliantly on that pivotal day at Churchill Downs. This harmonious blend of talent and determination stands as a lasting tribute to what can be accomplished when individuals unite in pursuit of greatness on hallowed turf revered by many.

Legendary Tales of Northern Dancer's Triumphs

  1. ### The Epic Saga of Northern Dancer's Triumphant Journey

  2. **Unmatched Swiftness:** Everyone marveled at Northern Dancer's incredible speed on the racetrack, where he set records and left his rivals in awe with his quick and powerful strides.

  3. **Chasing the Triple Crown:** Back in 1964, Northern Dancer clinched victories at the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, putting him within reach of winning the prestigious Triple Crown title.

  4. **Globally Acclaimed:** Northern Dancer wasn't just a star in North America – he also triumphed at races like Canada's Queen's Plate and Florida's Flamingo Stakes, cementing his reputation as an international sensation in horse racing.

  5. **Influential Bloodline:** The legacy of Northern Dancer lives on through his descendants, many of whom have excelled as racehorses and influential sires shaping the world of Thoroughbred breeding.

  6. **Timeless Impact:** Beyond his wins, Northern Dancer’s influence echoes through captivating tales and enduring legends that celebrate his extraordinary career, ensuring he remains a revered figure in horse racing history for generations to come.

Unforgettable Finish at Churchill Downs

The thrilling conclusion of the 1964 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs had everyone on the edge of their seats. Northern Dancer and Hill Rise battled head-to-head for victory in a nail-biting finish that showcased their incredible determination and skill in horse racing. The crowd was in awe as both horses gave it their all, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed this historic moment.

Northern Dancer’s win over Hill Rise wasn’t just about speed – it was a true display of teamwork between jockey Bill Hartack and the brave colt. Their strong partnership and mutual trust were evident as they charged towards success, demonstrating a unity that resonated with fans of horse racing everywhere.

Trainer Horatio Luro played a significant role in shaping Northern Dancer into a champion capable of winning one of the most prestigious races in history. Under Luro’s careful guidance, Northern Dancer evolved into an admired icon known for his elegance, agility, and unwavering spirit – qualities that defined his legacy long after that unforgettable day at Churchill Downs.

Impact on Canadian Horse Racing History

In 1964, Northern Dancer made history by winning the Kentucky Derby, marking a significant moment for Canadian horse racing. This victory also established him as one of the top thoroughbreds in the sport. Despite being smaller than his competitors at just over 15 hands tall, Northern Dancer showed exceptional speed and determination that won over fans worldwide.

Jockey Bill Hartack’s skilled ride on Northern Dancer during the Derby showcased precision and expertise under pressure. Known for his strong bond with horses, Hartack guided Northern Dancer flawlessly through a crowded field, expertly maneuvering turns and accelerating down the homestretch with confidence. Their partnership demonstrated teamwork and trust between rider and horse.

Trainer Horatio Luro played a crucial role in preparing Northern Dancer for success on race day through meticulous training routines. Luro’s attention to detail and deep knowledge of equine physiology allowed him to tailor workouts to maximize Northern Dancer’s potential. Under Luro’s guidance, Northern Dancer honed his skills from a promising colt into an unstoppable force on the track.

Northern Dancer was born and raised at Windfields Farm under breeder E.P Taylor’s supervision – known as a breeding ground for champions like this remarkable colt. The farm provided fertile grounds for developing talent while instilling values of hard work and dedication in its horses. Here, not only did he grow physically but mentally too—learning what it takes to compete among elite competition.

Northern Dancers’ legacy continues to resonate throughout Canadian horse racing history as an icon of excellence inspiring future generations along their journey in pursuit of greatness. His triumph at the Kentucky Derby serves as proof that perseverance, passion, belief in oneself are key ingredients towards achieving success – reminding us all that ambition paired with heart can break any boundaries standing in our way toward greatness.

Enduring Popularity Among Racing Enthusiasts

In 1964, Northern Dancer stunned everyone by winning the Kentucky Derby with an incredible show of speed and stamina that had fans in awe. Jockey Bill Hartack expertly guided the horse to victory at Churchill Downs, displaying unmatched skill and teamwork between man and animal.

Trainer Horatio Luro’s careful training turned Northern Dancer into a champion racehorse, instilling discipline and grit that set him apart from other horses. Luro’s attention to detail ensured every aspect of Northern Dancer’s preparation was finely tuned for success, leading them to their historic win in one of the world’s most prestigious races.

Windfields Farm played a crucial role in nurturing Northern Dancer from a young foal into a legendary racer. The dedication and expertise of Windfields’ team helped shape Northern Dancer’s career by providing top-notch care, training facilities, and support that propelled him to greatness on the track.

Even years after his memorable Kentucky Derby win, racing fans are still captivated by Northern Dancer’s lasting legacy. His name brings back memories of bravery, speed, and excellence – qualities that stand the test of time and resonate with admirers who marvel at his extraordinary achievements on the racetrack.

Reflecting on an Iconic Moment in Racing History

The 1964 Kentucky Derby wasn’t just any horse race; it was a magnificent display of skill, speed, and unwavering determination. Northern Dancer, the standout Canadian sensation who stood at only 15.1 hands tall but possessed the heart of a champion, defied all expectations to clinch victory that day. Jockey Bill Hartack’s expert guidance in the saddle, combined with trainer Horatio Luro’s sharp instincts and Windfields Farm’s steadfast support, propelled Northern Dancer to glory on that pivotal afternoon.

Picture this: amid thundering hooves and cheering crowds at Churchill Downs, Northern Dancer elegantly surged across the finish line first – leaving spectators spellbound by his exceptional performance. The colt not only secured the prestigious Garland of Roses but also cemented his place in racing history as one of the greatest competitors ever seen. It wasn’t just about winning; it was about displaying an unyielding spirit that transcended mere competition.

Looking back now, every stride taken by Northern Dancer appeared like poetry in motion – showcasing passion embodied through equine excellence. His legacy stands as a guiding light for aspiring racers worldwide, underscoring that true champions are born out of dedication and teamwork between horse and crew. The 1964 Kentucky Derby remains an unforgettable moment in racing lore where dreams raced alongside reality beneath Louisville’s blue skies – painting an enduring picture of triumph against all odds.


1. Who was the jockey that rode Northern Dancer to victory at the 1964 Kentucky Derby?

In 1964, Jockey Bill Hartack made history by riding Northern Dancer to victory at the Kentucky Derby. Their incredible teamwork and Hartack's exceptional riding skills were on full display during this unforgettable race.

2. Which renowned trainer prepared Northern Dancer for his historic win at the Kentucky Derby?

The famous trainer Horatio Luro worked hard to get Northern Dancer ready for his big win at the 1964 Kentucky Derby. He showed off his amazing talent and know-how by leading the legendary horse to victory in a memorable race.

3. What distinguished Northern Dancer as a standout horse in the world of horse racing?

Northern Dancer stood out as a legendary horse in the world of racing because of his incredible speed, endurance, and determination. This was made possible by Horatio Luro's expert training techniques, jockey Bill Hartack's skilled guidance, and the innovative breeding program at Windfields Farm.

4. How did Windfields Farm contribute to Northern Dancer's success leading up to the Kentucky Derby?

Windfields Farm greatly contributed to Northern Dancer's triumph in the Kentucky Derby by giving him top-notch care, training, and breeding. These efforts helped mold him into a renowned racehorse.

5. What made Northern Dancer's victory at the 1964 Kentucky Derby such a significant moment in horse racing history?

In 1964, Northern Dancer won the Kentucky Derby, making a big impression in horse racing history. The victory highlighted the amazing skills of both the horse and jockey Bill Hartack, along with trainer Horatio Luro's expertise and Windfields Farm's legacy. This remarkable achievement continues to fascinate fans of racing around the globe.

6. How did Northern Dancer's performance at the Kentucky Derby impact his legacy in the racing community?

In 1964, Northern Dancer made history by winning the Kentucky Derby. This victory established him as a legendary racehorse and boosted his reputation to iconic levels in the racing world and beyond.