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Kentucky Derby Winner Cannonade 1974

kentucky derby winner cannonade 1974

Key Takeaways

In the 100th Kentucky Derby, Cannonade won in a spectacular fashion, proving his incredible speed and endurance as an outstanding racehorse. The 1974 Kentucky Derby was full of tough competition with horses like Hudson County and Little Current, making it even more thrilling as it marked a significant milestone for this prestigious event. A huge crowd of 163,628 fans showed up to watch the race, demonstrating its lasting popularity and importance in American horse racing history.

Kentucky Derby Winner Cannonade 1974

The 100th Kentucky Derby in 1974 was a major event highlighted by Cannonade’s impressive victory. Guided by jockey Angel Cordero Jr. and trained by Woody Stephens for owner John M. Olin, this winning team secured their triumph in a remarkable way.

Cannonade’s win wasn’t just any ordinary success; it was an exciting showcase of speed, agility, and pure determination that amazed the audience. The fast track conditions heightened the thrill as Cannonade surged forward with strength and grace, leaving competitors behind.

This historic victory not only crowned Cannonade as a champion but also solidified his status as a legend in horse racing history. The massive crowd of 163,628 spectators attested to the excitement surrounding this iconic racehorse whose legacy continues to captivate fans and aspiring equestrians alike.

Cannonade’s Impressive Victory

The 1974 Kentucky Derby saw Cannonade emerge victorious in a race that was far from ordinary. It was a momentous occasion in horse racing history, drawing a record crowd eager to witness the thrilling event unfold. Spectators filled the stands with excitement as they watched Cannonade charge down the track, leaving his competitors trailing behind in amazement at his incredible speed.

Cannonade faced tough competition from other horses, but with skilled jockey Angel Cordero Jr. guiding him every step of the way, he surged ahead with unwavering determination and grit that set him apart from the rest. Each thundering hoofbeat sounded like a drumroll building up to his inevitable triumph, sending spectators into a frenzy of cheers and applause that echoed throughout Churchill Downs.

When Cannonade crossed the finish line in blazing glory, he secured his place among the greats of horse racing history. His victory wasn’t just about winning a title; it represented an indomitable spirit that refused to be overshadowed on that memorable day at Churchill Downs. His legacy continues to inspire generations—a testament to how true champions are forged through hard work, perseverance, and unyielding resolve amidst fierce competition.

Looking back on Cannonade’s win reminds us that it wasn’t simply about crossing first place; it encapsulated an enduring tale of passion meeting skill on sacred grounds where dreams run wild under sunny May skies. The combination of natural ability refined by dedication is what makes victories like this timeless gems within sports lore—reminding us why we flock to racetracks year after year: to witness legends like Cannonade who push boundaries and redefine excellence with each powerful beat of their hearts.

The Pros & Cons of Legendary Derby Triumph


  1. Cannonade's win became legendary in horse racing history

  2. Jockey Angel Cordero Jr. showed outstanding skill and strategy

  3. Trainer Woody Stephens expertly prepared and guided the team

  4. Cannonade displayed remarkable speed and endurance throughout the race

  5. The exciting moment of triumph when they crossed the finish line was unforgettable


  1. Other talented horses are competing fiercely in the race

  2. The horse or rider might get injured during high-stakes races

  3. The pressure and expectations before the Kentucky Derby can feel overwhelming

  4. Unexpected challenges or obstacles may affect performance on race day

  5. Thoroughbred horse racing is demanding, with risks and uncertainties involved

Notable Competitors and Placings

In the 100th Kentucky Derby, Hudson County showed off his incredible speed and stamina as he raced fiercely against strong competitors. Agitate lived up to his name with a fiery spirit that ignited intense competition on the track that day. J.R.’s Pet surprised everyone with a sudden burst of energy, keeping fans at Churchill Downs on the edge of their seats. Little Current’s graceful strides exuded elegance amidst fierce competition, leaving spectators in awe as these powerful Thoroughbreds battled for victory.

The thrilling showdown among Hudson County, Agitate, J.R.’s Pet, and Little Current heightened the excitement during Cannonade’s triumphant run at the 1974 Kentucky Derby. Each horse brought unique strengths and strategies to the racecourse, making every moment of this historic event unforgettable. Their determination to outdo one another added layers of suspense and unpredictability to an already legendary race.

As Cannonade crossed the finish line in record time at Churchill Downs amid cheers from a crowd witnessing history unfold before them; Hudson County came close but couldn’t overtake him while Agitate fought tooth-and-nail right behind them both. With each stride they took alongside Cannonade past those iconic Twin Spires backdrop—J.R.’s Pet held steady ground as he navigated through traffic but fell short before crossing under those exhilarating red roses draped over winner after winner year upon year since first planted there some century ago now by Colossal Jack himself!

Record Attendance and Historical Significance

The 1974 Kentucky Derby set a new attendance record with 163,628 fans filling Churchill Downs. This unforgettable event became a pivotal moment in U.S. horse racing history. The atmosphere that day was buzzing with energy and excitement as people from all walks of life gathered to witness something extraordinary.

As Cannonade raced towards victory down the homestretch, his speed was absolutely electrifying. Each powerful stride pushed him forward like a shooting star streaking across the sky – an unstoppable force making its mark on Derby history. Despite facing tough competition, Cannonade’s incredible speed and determination made him stand out as a true champion.

The Kentucky Derby is more than just a race; it’s a cherished tradition filled with rich heritage and cultural importance – where history meets spectacle in an impressive display of horse power and human achievement. The cheers that echoed through Churchill Downs that day spoke volumes about the enduring allure of this iconic event which continues to capture hearts each year.

Cannonade’s win at the 1974 Kentucky Derby not only secured his place in racing history but also left behind an inspiring legacy for future generations. His remarkable speed turned him into a symbol of excellence – embodying resilience, strength, and unwavering determination. By breaking records amidst roaring crowds at Churchill Down’s renowned spires, Cannonade wrote a chapter destined to withstand time – showing what can be achieved when passion meets purpose on one memorable spring afternoon in Louisville.

1974 Kentucky Derby Top Finishers Snapshot

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 1 Cannonade Angel Cordero Jr. Woody Stephens John M. Olin
2nd 19 Hudson County Mike Miceli Stanley R. Shapoff Robert B. Cohen
3rd 3 Agitate Bill Shoemaker James Jimenez Meeken Stable (John & Paula Kent Meeken)
4th 5 J. R.’s Pet Darrel McHargue Harold Tinker W. Cal Partee
5th 6 Little Current Bobby Ussery Lou Rondinello Darby Dan Farm
6th 8 Destroyer Ismael Valenzuela Monti C. Sims Kenneth Opstein
7th 11 Buck’s Bid Don MacBeth Anthony J. Marks Bright View Farm (John Connelly)
8th 1A Judger Laffit Pincay Jr. Woody Stephens Seth W. Hancock
9th 17 Pat McGroder Tom Barrow Mervin Marks Oxford Stable (Ralph C. Wilson Jr.)
10th 2B Rube The Great Miguel A. Rivera Frank Martin Sr. Sigmund Sommer
11th 10 Sir Tristram Bill Hartack Charles G. Milbank Powhatan Stable
12th 18 Confederate Yankee Howard Grant Jerry Dutton Merle H. Boyce
13th 14 Sharp Gary Earlie Fires Joseph Diangelo Edward R. Scharps
14th 7 Ga Hai Mike Manganello Gene Cleveland Laguna Seca Ranch (Constance H. Bishop)
15th 16 Crimson Ruler Kenneth LeBlanc Carrol J. Matherne Lee Matherne
16th 20 Set N’ Go William Gavidia Marcial J. Aspurua Antonio Jose Isturiz
17th 9 Triple Crown Braulio Baeza W. Preston King Samuel Lehrmann
18th 2 Accipiter Angel Santiago Frank Martin Sr. Sigmund Sommer
19th 21 Gold and Myrrh Donald Brumfield Luis D’Casseries William F. & James P. Wilmot
20th 13 Consigliori Darrell Brown J. D. Foster Mr. & Mrs. William C. Jacobs
21st 15 Bold Clarion Wayne Chambers Roger Braugh Mrs. Roger Braugh
22nd 12 Lexico Gustavo Ávila Marcial Iriza Mrs. Vincenta deBaptista
23rd 4 Flip Sal Eddie Maple Stephen A. DiMauro Ben Cohen & Salvatore Tufano

Legacy of Cannonade and Connections

In 1974, Cannonade made history by winning the Kentucky Derby, a moment that revolutionized Thoroughbred racing. His incredible speed and agility captured the attention of fans as he outshone his competitors on the track. The race was dubbed “the most exciting two minutes in sports,” and Cannonade’s victory left a lasting impact on all who witnessed it.

Jockey Angel Cordero Jr., trainer Woody Stephens, and owner John M. Olin were instrumental in guiding Cannonade to success at Churchill Downs. Their dedication and expertise helped navigate Cannonade through tough competition towards ultimate triumph. This win not only solidified Cannonade’s status as an elite racehorse but also showcased his connections as top professionals in the racing world.

Cannonade’s legacy continued to resonate within horse racing long after his victory at the Derby. His performance inspired aspiring riders while reminding enthusiasts of what determination and talent could accomplish on the racetrack. The influence of Cannonade extended beyond just one win, leaving a mark on future generations of horse racing fans who continue to admire their achievements.

Decades later, memories of Cannonade’s remarkable run still captivate those who saw him excel at Churchill Downs with awe-inspiring athleticism. His legacy serves as a reminder that greatness is achieved through teamwork, perseverance, and passion for excellence—a lesson relevant to both seasoned pros and newcomers navigating the evolving world of Thoroughbred racing today.

Post-race Celebrations and Recognition

After winning the 1974 Kentucky Derby, Cannonade’s team celebrated their victory with cheers from fans and praise from racing enthusiasts. The victory parade was a sight to see as Cannonade strutted proudly along the track, reveling in his triumph. When he received the prized trophy, there was an electrifying atmosphere that showcased this horse’s incredible speed and determination.

The celebrations lasted late into the night as supporters raised their glasses to toast Cannonade’s success, reliving each thrilling moment of his race. Amidst all the excitement were conversations about how he had outpaced tough competitors like Forli’s Honor and Judger in a field full of talent. This win solidified Cannonade’s status among legendary Thoroughbreds who made history through hard work and skill on that revered Churchill Downs turf.

For his outstanding performance at the Derby, Cannonade received widespread recognition for not only winning but doing so with flair and finesse. His jockey celebrated guiding him flawlessly through those exhilarating two minutes while trainers beamed with pride at their equine protege’s achievement. It wasn’t just any race; it was a defining moment where aspirations met reality on one unforgettable spring day.

With record attendance numbers at Churchill Downs that year, spectators marveled at witnessing an extraordinary display of athleticism by both horse and rider alike. The stands erupted in applause as Cannonade thundered down towards victory, leaving behind a trail of amazed gasps among those fortunate enough to witness history being made right before their eyes.

Cannonade left an enduring mark on racing folklore after Kentucky Derby ’74—his name forever embedded alongside other illustrious champions who graced that famous winner’s circle before him. With every stride he took towards greatness under sunny skies dotted by clouds drifting across blue heavens above—an iconic image etched into collective memory—the legacy of this magnificent chestnut colt only grew stronger as time marched inexorably forward.

Legendary Tales of Cannonade's Triumph at the Derby

  1. Exciting Story of Cannonade's Epic Win at the Derby:

  2. The legendary horse trainer Woody Stephens, who had also trained five Belmont Stakes winners, coached Cannonade to victory in the 1974 Kentucky Derby.

  3. Despite being seen as an underdog with odds of 8-1, Cannonade amazed everyone by clinching the title in the historic 100th edition of the Kentucky Derby back in '

  4. Jockey Angel Cordero Jr., skillfully steered Cannonade to success during that race, displaying remarkable expertise and clever tactics that propelled them past their rivals.

  5. Before claiming victory at the Run for Roses, Cannonade showcased his talent and flexibility on track by winning both the Florida Derby and Blue Grass Stakes leading up to this prestigious event.

  6. By triumphing in the Kentucky Derby, Cannonade not only secured a place in racing history but also became a cherished champion whose legacy continues to captivate fans across generations with its enduring charm and brilliance on display.


1. What was the final time and margin of victory for Cannonade in the 1974 Kentucky Derby?

In 1974, Cannonade triumphed at the Kentucky Derby, crossing the finish line in just 2 minutes and 4 seconds. He outpaced his competitors by an impressive margin of 2 ¼ lengths, proving his speed and dominance on the track.

2. How did Cannonade's victory at the Kentucky Derby impact his racing career and legacy?

Cannonade's win at the 1974 Kentucky Derby secured his spot in horse racing history, pushing his career to greater success and establishing a lasting legacy as an exceptional Thoroughbred racehorse.

3. Who were some of the notable contenders that Cannonade defeated in the 1974 Kentucky Derby?

In the 1974 Kentucky Derby, Cannonade outperformed tough competitors such as Judger, Little Current, and Eastern Fleet to claim victory. He displayed his impressive speed and talent in a highly competitive race field.

4. How did the record attendance at the 1974 Kentucky Derby contribute to the excitement surrounding Cannonade's win?

Cannonade's remarkable speed and triumph over a competitive field of horses at the 1974 Kentucky Derby were even more thrilling due to the record attendance, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

5. What made Cannonade stand out as a remarkable Thoroughbred racehorse during his time?

Cannonade was a standout Thoroughbred racehorse known for his incredible speed. His exceptional performance led him to a breathtaking win at the 1974 Kentucky Derby, securing his legacy in the world of horse racing.

6. How did Cannonade's victory in the 1974 Kentucky Derby influence future races and breeding decisions within the horse racing industry?

Cannonade's win at the 1974 Kentucky Derby firmly secured his spot in racing history. His remarkable speed and talent not only impressed during that race but also influenced upcoming races and breeding choices. This left a lasting impact that motivated countless Thoroughbreds and breeders to aim for excellence, inspiring future generations in the process.