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Lawrin Kentucky Derby Winner 1938

lawrin kentucky derby winner 1938

Discover the thrilling story of American horse racing history as we delve into Lawrin’s unforgettable win at the 1938 Kentucky Derby. Join us on an exciting journey through this legendary race, where jockey Eddie Arcaro, trainer Ben A. Jones, and Woolford Farm came together to lead Lawrin to victory in one of the most prestigious Grade I stakes races. Learn about the exceptional teamwork and strategic brilliance that defined this historic moment and cemented Lawrin’s place among the elite champions of the Kentucky Derby.

Lawrin’s Victory at the 1938 Kentucky Derby

In 1938, Lawrin’s incredible win at the Kentucky Derby represented the ultimate teamwork and dedication in horse racing. Eddie Arcaro’s exceptional jockey skills, paired with Ben A. Jones’ strategic training methods, propelled Lawrin to a historic victory that cemented their place in the annals of history books. Woolford Farm’s top-notch breeding program formed the backbone of Lawrin’s success, demonstrating how careful planning and expert guidance can lead to greatness.

The dynamic duo of jockey Eddie Arcaro and trainer Ben A. Jones proved legendary on that memorable day at Churchill Downs. Their seamless coordination and mutual respect for each other’s expertise were evident as they steered Lawrin towards glory amidst fierce competition. The strong partnership between Arcaro and Jones was on full display as they executed a flawless race plan that culminated in an unforgettable triumph.

Woolford Farm’s reputation as a breeding powerhouse shone through Lawrin’s remarkable victory at the 1938 Kentucky Derby. With an eye for excellence and a commitment to nurturing champions, Woolford Farm paved the way for success not just for Lawrin but also for future generations of elite racehorses. Their unwavering pursuit of perfection set the stage for iconic moments like Lawin’s historic Derby win – a testament to their lasting impact on American horse racing.

Lawin’s crowning achievement at the 1938 Kentucky Derby serves as an enduring reminder of what can be achieved through collaboration, perseverance, and passion within horse racing circles. The combination of talent from Eddie Arcaro’s skilled riding techniques, Ben A.Jones’ astute training strategies, and Woolford Farm’s exceptional breeding capabilities created an unbeatable force that captivated audiences worldwide.

Jockey Eddie Arcaro’s Winning Streak

Eddie Arcaro, the talented jockey who steered Lawrin to a thrilling victory at the 1938 Kentucky Derby, was like a conductor leading an orchestra on horseback. His smart tactics and strong bond with his horses made him a legend in American horse racing. Besides winning the famous Derby race, Arcaro’s string of victories seemed almost magical as he triumphed in many top races all over the country.

Arcaro teamed up with trainer Ben A. Jones to create something special on the racetrack – their partnership was like art where skill met passion during races. Together, they turned Lawrin into a top contender whose fiery spirit matched its drive for success. Their teamwork was clear – it felt like two halves coming together perfectly towards one goal: crossing that finish line first while fans cheered loudly.

Woolford Farm’s reputation for breeding champions mirrored Lawrin’s quick rise under Arcaro and Jones’ expert guidance. The farm stood out as a place known for raising elite bloodlines destined to shine on tracks globally. Through careful attention and selective breeding practices, Woolford Farm produced winners like Lawrin who left their mark on racing history—a sign of lasting connections between people and horses that go beyond competition to become timeless legends of speed and elegance.

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Trainer Ben A. Jones’ Expertise

Ben A. Jones’ skills were on full display as he carefully molded Lawrin into a champion, demonstrating his deep knowledge of the horse world. His talent for nurturing potential and transforming it into greatness was evident in every step Lawrin took towards victory.

The teamwork between Ben A. Jones, Eddie Arcaro, and Woolford Farm ran smoothly like a well-run machine, with each part playing a vital role in Lawrin’s journey to winning the Kentucky Derby. Their seamless collaboration and unwavering commitment to excellence created an unforgettable triumph that would be remembered throughout history.

Woolford Farm further solidified its reputation as a breeding ground for champions with Lawrin’s impressive victory at the 1938 Kentucky Derby. The farm’s dedication to producing top-notch racehorses combined with Ben A. Jones’ expert guidance propelled Lawrin from a promising contender to an iconic figure in American horse racing history.

Lawin’s win not only secured his spot among the elite winners of the Kentucky Derby but also established the legacy of everyone involved in his success – from Ben A. Jones’ unmatched expertise to Woolford Farm’s steadfast devotion to breeding excellence. It stands as proof of what can be accomplished through teamwork, effective training, and sheer determination on life’s racetrack.

Woolford Farm’s Legacy in Horse Racing

Woolford Farm has a rich history in horse racing, highlighted by their remarkable success story with Lawrin, a standout performer who made his mark in the annals of history. The unforgettable victory at the 1938 Kentucky Derby wasn’t just luck – it was the result of meticulous planning and unwavering dedication from everyone involved.

The teamwork between Woolford Farm, trainer Ben A. Jones, and jockey Eddie Arcaro proved to be a winning combination that propelled Lawrin to stardom on the racetrack. Their collective expertise and relentless pursuit of excellence set the stage for an incredible triumph that would echo through horse racing lore.

Lawrin’s win at the Kentucky Derby signified a pivotal moment in American horse racing, cementing Woolford Farm’s reputation as breeders of champions. The farm’s ability to spot talent early on and forge strategic alliances with top trainers and jockeys distinguished them as industry pioneers who understood what it took to achieve greatness on the turf.

Woolford Farm’s lasting legacy isn’t tied solely to one shining moment but rather stems from a consistent track record of breeding champions that spans across generations. Their steadfast commitment to excellence has made a lasting impact on the sport, inspiring upcoming breeders, owners, trainers, and jockeys alike to strive for greatness akin to Lawrin’s legendary performance at Churchill Downs.

In essence,Woolford Farm remains an emblem of excellence within the realm of horse racing due largely in part to their exceptional collaborations with renowned figures like Ben A. Jones and Eddie Arcaro.” Like fine wine or aged whiskey,” they’ve only grown more esteemed over time thanks to their enduring passion for nurturing equine talent.”

1938 Kentucky Derby Top 10 Finishers Snapshot

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 1 Lawrin Eddie Arcaro Ben A. Jones Woolford Farm 2:04 4/5
2nd 3 Dauber Maurice Peters Richard E. Handlen Foxcatcher Farms
3rd 7 Can’t Wait Lester Balaski J. Thomas Taylor Myron Selznick
4th 10 Menow Raymond Workman Duval A. Headley Hal Price Headley
5th 9 The Chief Jack Westrope Earl Sande Maxwell Howard
6th 5 Fighting Fox James Stout James E. Fitzsimmons Belair Stud
7th 2 Co-sport George Woolf R. T. Runnels Benjamin "Bert" Friend
8th 6 Bull Lea Irving Anderson Frank J. Kearns Calumet Farm
9th 4 Elooto Fred Faust Owen Bagley Blue Ridge Farm
10th 8 Mountain Ridge Alfred M. Robertson Robert V. McGarvey Milky Way Farm Stable

Historic Time Recorded by Lawrin

Lawrin made history in the 1938 Kentucky Derby by clocking an impressive time of 2 minutes and 4.8 seconds, securing a notable victory that showcased his remarkable speed and endurance on Churchill Downs’ dirt track during this prestigious Grade I stakes race.

The team effort between jockey Eddie Arcaro, trainer Ben A. Jones, and Woolford Farm was legendary as they guided Lawrin to his historic win. Their combined expertise, dedication, and passion for horse racing were evident as they meticulously prepared the magnificent steed for one of America’s most critical turf races.

Woolford Farm’s reputation for breeding champions was further solidified with Lawrin’s unforgettable triumph at the 1938 Kentucky Derby. The farm had always been known for producing top-tier thoroughbreds, but Lawrin’s victory elevated their status even more within the racing community. Their commitment to excellence paid off handsomely with Lawrin’s outstanding performance under Arcaro’s skilled guidance.

Lawrin not only joined the esteemed ranks of Kentucky Derby winners but also left a lasting impression on horse racing fans worldwide with his record-breaking time setting a high standard admired by future contenders—an inspiring example of determination and teamwork propelling him towards greatness in equine sports history.

Winning Breeder Herbert M. Woolf (KS)

Herbert M. Woolf, the brilliant mind behind Lawrin’s victory at the 1938 Kentucky Derby, comes from Kansas and is known for his exceptional talent in breeding racehorses that led to producing a remarkable champion like Lawrin. His passion for creating top-quality horses was evident in Lawrin’s outstanding performance on that memorable day at Churchill Downs.

The intense competition seen among horses like Dauber and Can’t Wait, as well as skilled jockeys such as Maurice Peters and Lester Balaski respectively, added an extra element of excitement to the already prestigious 1938 Kentucky Derby. The close race between these top contenders showcased the high level of competition and depth of talent present during this historic event.

Eddie Arcaro’s incredible victory riding Lawrin not only secured his position as one of horseracing’s most accomplished jockeys but also established him as a legendary figure in the sport. With numerous wins in renowned races like Belmont Stakes and Preakness Stakes, Arcaro’s mastery on the track was unmatched, playing a significant role in shaping his enduring legacy within horseracing history.

Legendary Lore of the Derby Champion Lawrin

  1. The Epic Tale of the Derby Winner Lawrin:

  2. Lawrin's Shocking Victory: In 1938, an underdog named Lawrin with odds of 22-1 pulled off a stunning win at the Kentucky Derby with jockey Eddie Arcaro in the saddle. This unexpected triumph instantly made him a standout in Derby history as one of its most jaw-dropping champions.

  3. A Perfect Moment: Lawrin's triumph at the Kentucky Derby happened during a time when America was still recovering from the Great Depression. His victory uplifted spirits across the nation and became a beacon of hope during challenging times.

  4. Master of All Trades: Apart from being an exceptional racehorse, Lawrin also showed prowess in various equestrian activities. His agility and versatility not only made him popular in racing circles but also respected beyond them.

  5. The Dynamic Duo: Jockey Eddie Arcaro, who guided Lawrin to victory at the 1938 Kentucky Derby, stood out as one of his era's top riders. Their partnership propelled Lawrin to success and etched their names into racing legend.

  6. Enduring Influence: As a champion of the Kentucky Derby, Lawin's legacy continues to captivate new generations enamored by horse racing. His story reminds us all about horse racing's unpredictability and showcases how perseverance defines true champions like himself.


1. How did jockey Eddie Arcaro's skill contribute to Lawrin's victory at the 1938 Kentucky Derby?

Jockey Eddie Arcaro's amazing talent and smart tactics in steering Lawrin to a flawless race were key factors in their win at the 1938 Kentucky Derby.

2. What training methods did Ben A. Jones employ to prepare Lawrin for the Kentucky Derby?

To get Lawrin ready for the Kentucky Derby, Ben A. Jones used tough training sessions, careful race strategies, and top-notch care. This made sure Lawrin was at his best on the big race day.

3. How did Woolford Farm's breeding program play a role in Lawrin's success at the 1938 Kentucky Derby?

The amazing breeding program at Woolford Farm, along with Ben A. Jones' expert training and jockey Eddie Arcaro's skilled riding, helped Lawrin win the 1938 Kentucky Derby.

4. What made Lawrin's win at the 1938 Kentucky Derby a pivotal moment in American horse racing history?

The 1938 Kentucky Derby win by Lawrin was a significant moment in the history of American horse racing. It happened because jockey Eddie Arcaro, trainer Ben A. Jones, and Woolford Farm worked together exceptionally well to make it happen. This victory made Lawrin an iconic champion in the sport.

5. How did the collaboration between Eddie Arcaro, Ben A. Jones, and Woolford Farm elevate Lawrin to iconic status within the annals of the Kentucky Derby?

Eddie Arcaro, Ben A. Jones, and Woolford Farm worked together to make Lawrin a legend in the Kentucky Derby. Their strong teamwork, knowledge, and hard work led to an amazing win that established Lawrin as a key figure in American horse racing history.

6. What legacy did Lawrin leave behind following his triumph at the 1938 Kentucky Derby?

Lawrin's win at the 1938 Kentucky Derby established him as a symbol of greatness in American horse racing. It highlighted the amazing teamwork between jockey Eddie Arcaro, trainer Ben A. Jones, and Woolford Farm in creating a champion whose victory still motivates people today.