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Lawrin Before and Beyond the Kentucky Derby

lawrin kentucky derby winner 1938

Explore the fascinating racing journey of Lawrin, from his impressive wins at Hialeah Park to his historic triumph at the Kentucky Derby in 1938 with jockey Eddie Arcaro. Follow Lawrin’s success beyond the Derby, including notable races like the Hollywood Trial Stakes. Learn about this outstanding Kansas-bred Thoroughbred’s enduring legacy, from his significant earnings to his final resting place at Woolford Farm beside his sire, Insco.

Early Life and Family Background

Born on May 15, 1935, in the United States, Lawrin was destined for a career on the racetrack right from the start. His ancestors included famous horses like Sir Gallahad III and Vulcain, who were known for their racing skills. With such prestigious lineage, it was clear that Lawrin had greatness in his future.

Under the guidance of Herbert M. Woolf, Lawrin blossomed into an exceptional racehorse. The bond between horse and owner played a significant role in shaping Lawrin’s determination to succeed on the track. Their partnership was built on trust and respect – essential elements for achieving success at top-level competitions.

As Lawrin grew into a strong competitor, his family history wasn’t just about pedigree; it became part of his identity as a racehorse with an unyielding desire to win races. Each step he took reflected years of careful breeding aimed at producing champions capable of outshining all others when it mattered most.

In every moment of Lawrin’s racing career resonated not only his own talent but also the legacy passed down through generations of outstanding Thoroughbreds before him. His early life and family background weren’t mere historical footnotes; they were foundational pillars that supported his journey to becoming one of America’s most celebrated racehorses ever known.

Racing Career Before the Kentucky Derby

Lawrin, who was trained by the renowned Ben Jones, had already shown his exceptional skills on the racetrack long before winning the iconic Kentucky Derby in 1938. His wins at prestigious events like the Hialeah Stakes and Flamingo Stakes highlighted Lawrin’s talent and set him up for more successes to come.

Lawrin wowed spectators with his impressive speed and stamina during races leading up to the Kentucky Derby. With expert guidance from Ben Jones, Lawrin demonstrated a sharp strategic mind that helped him secure victories at famous tracks all over the country. Each triumph hinted at Lawrin’s potential for achieving greatness in one of horse racing’s most esteemed events.

Even before reveling in his Derby victory, Lawrin had already made a mark on racing history with remarkable wins under his belt. The partnership between trainer Ben Jones and this magnificent racehorse proved to be a winning combination, paving the way for even greater accomplishments as they raced towards immortality on that unforgettable day at Churchill Downs.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Inspiring and motivating for those looking to pursue sports

  2. Demonstrates the commitment and effort needed to achieve success

  3. Offers enjoyment and thrill for supporters

  4. Showcasing the grace and athleticism of horses


  1. Both the horse and jockey face a higher risk of injury.

  2. The pressure to excel can cause stress and burnout.

  3. Maintaining a successful racing career can be costly.

  4. Racing may continue to fuel debates about animal welfare in sports.

Kentucky Derby Victory

Lawrin’s win at the 1938 Kentucky Derby was a huge deal in horse racing history. This victory not only proved Lawrin was an amazing racehorse but also showed off how skilled jockey Eddie Arcaro was, guiding Lawrin to victory like a pro. Despite facing tough competitors and feeling tired towards the end of the tough race, Lawrin’s determination and speed won out, making him one of the greats in Derby champions.

The Kansas-born star wowed crowds with his incredible performance that day at Churchill Downs. As he raced down the final stretch, Lawrin showed unwavering strength and unmatched talent, blowing away onlookers with his sheer dominance. Eddie Arcaro’s smart moves and perfect timing were key in helping Lawrin secure this historic win – proving just how important teamwork between horse and rider is when it comes to achieving greatness on the track.

Lawrin’s triumph at the Kentucky Derby not only shot him to fame but also shed light on an impressive journey from being overlooked as a colt in Kansas to becoming a well-known name in American horse racing circles. The story of this outstanding duo still inspires today’s fans of equestrian sports, serving as proof that hard work, teamwork, and pure excellence can lead to sporting success.

Post-derby Races and Achievements

After his triumph at the Derby, Lawrin embarked on an incredible journey. He continued to impress with wins at the Hollywood Trial Stakes and later dominated in the American Invitational 3-Year-Old Championship at Hollywood Park Racetrack. These victories solidified Lawrin’s reputation as a top competitor on both coasts of America.

Each race added another chapter to Lawrin’s legacy in horse racing history. Trained by Ben A. Jones, a renowned figure in the sport, Lawrin embodied not just speed and stamina but also an unbeatable spirit that set him apart from other horses.

Fans were captivated as they watched Lawin gallop towards victory after victory, forming a special partnership with jockey Eddie Arcaro built on trust and respect. In an era filled with talent and competition, Lawrin stood out for his exceptional abilities and strong bond with Arcaro.

Beyond the excitement of each race lay a deeper meaning to Lawrin’s successes; they represented resilience in tough times and unwavering commitment to excellence. As he raced across tracks all over America—leaving rivals behind—Lawrin became more than just a Derby winner; he transformed into a symbol of strength under pressure that inspired many.

In hindsight, looking back at Lawin’s post-Derby races reveals more than just winning trophies—it signifies passion meeting purpose resulting in unforgettable moments etched forevermore in racing lore—and ensuring that even long after hoofbeats fade away new stories will echo about Kentucky Derby champion turned legend: lawwin!

Lawrin: Accomplished American Triple Crown Winner

Attribute Information
Name Lawrin
Sire Insco
Grandsire Sir Gallahad III
Dam Margaret Lawrence
Damsire Vulcain
Sex Stallion
Foaled 1935
Country United States
Color Brown
Breeder Woolford Farm
Owner Woolford Farm
Trainer Ben A. Jones
Record 26: 9-8-2
Earnings $126,275
Major wins Hialeah Stakes (1938)
Flamingo Stakes (1938)
Hollywood Trial Stakes (1938)
American Invitational 3YO Championship (1938)
U.S. Triple Crown wins:
Kentucky Derby (1938)

Legacy and Burial Site

Lawrin made history as the lone Kentucky Derby champion born in Kansas, leaving a lasting mark on horse racing. Despite coming from a state not typically associated with producing Derby winners, Lawrin defied expectations and claimed victory in America’s most prestigious horse race back in 1938. His win represented resilience, determination, and the triumph of an underdog against all odds.

The bond between Lawrin and his father Insco went beyond their shared bloodline to their final resting place at Woolford Farm in Prairie Village, Kansas. This peaceful burial site serves as a solemn tribute to Lawrin’s impressive career and enduring influence on American horse racing. Visitors can honor this legendary Thoroughbred who will always be remembered for his courage, grace, and excellence on the racetrack.

Even after his passing, Lawrin continues to inspire equestrians of all ages with his story of overcoming challenges to reach greatness. His presence at Woolford Farm is a testament to the timeless power of equine spirit and athletic ability that transcends generations and borders alike. Those who visit this hallowed ground are sure to be moved by Lawrin’s legacy while admiring the beauty he brought into the world through his unmatched skill and unwavering heart.

Commemorative Day Proclamation

The Mayor of Prairie Village proclaimed May 5, 2007, as Lawrin’s Legacy Day to honor the incredible achievements of this American Thoroughbred racehorse. Lawrin made a lasting impact on the history of horse racing. Descendants and fans came together to celebrate Lawrin’s victories, especially his groundbreaking win at the Kentucky Derby in 1938 under renowned trainer Ben Jones. The proclamation highlighted not only Lawrin’s Derby success but also his other notable wins like the Flamingo Stakes at Hialeah Park where he set track records that remained unbeaten for years.

Lawrin wasn’t just any racehorse; he embodied resilience and determination that inspired many aspiring jockeys and trainers. His legacy went beyond numbers or trophies; it represented grace under pressure and an unwavering spirit in pursuit of excellence. As people talked about his impressive career, they were captivated by how gracefully Lawrin raced towards victory time after time.

The resounding applause drowned out any doubts about Lawrin’s enduring influence on American horse racing history. From starting off modestly to dominating tracks all across the country, he carved out a place for himself not only in record books but also in hearts worldwide as a true icon of sportsmanship and unmatched athleticism. Each hoofbeat seemed to whisper tales of bravery, perseverance, and an unyielding drive for success that defined Lawin’s journey from a promising colt to an immortal champion beloved by everyone who knew his story.

In every step taken by future champions gracing today’s racetracks is a silent tribute paid to Lawin – guiding them towards greatness with lessons learned from his graceful yet determined stride through challenges conquered effortlessly during moments forever etched when perfection met endless possibilities head-on.

Mystical Lore: Lawrin's Derby Legacy Unveiled

  1. ### The Enchanting Tale of Lawrin's Derby Triumph

  2. **The Name's Origin:** Lawrin, a beautiful chestnut colt, got his name from the combination of his owner and breeder Larkin Maloney. They blended "Larkin" and "Maloney" to create the unique moniker "Lawrin," as a tribute to the influential figure in horse racing.

  3. **Undefeated Champion:** Before entering the Kentucky Derby, Lawrin had won an impressive six races in a row. This incredible winning streak built up excitement around him, raising expectations for his performance in one of horse racing's most prestigious events.

  4. **Trainer's Confidence:** Ben A. Jones, Lawrin’s trainer, had unwavering belief in the colt’s talents. Known for his exceptional skills with horses, Jones was convinced that Lawrin possessed both the skill and spirit needed to shine at the Kentucky Derby.

  5. **Game-Changing Victory:** When Lawin emerged victorious at the 1938 Kentucky Derby, it marked a pivotal moment that solidified his place in racing history as a formidable contender on track.

  6. **Beyond The Big Win:** While we celebrate Lawwin’s triumph at the Kentucky Derby, let us remember that this victory is just part of what makes him legendary.The impact he made on horse racing goes beyond this iconic race; captivating fans everywhere by honoring his remarkable achievements and lasting presence within this thrilling sport!

Trainer’s Influence and Training Methods

Lawrin blossomed into a true champion under the expert guidance of Ben A. Jones, thanks to his tailored training methods that unlocked the colt’s full potential. Every aspect of Lawrin’s training routine was carefully designed for success – from grueling morning workouts that boosted stamina to specialized exercises focusing on speed and agility.

Jones, known for his deep understanding of horses and unmatched expertise in conditioning thoroughbreds, played a crucial role in shaping Lawrin’s racing journey. His attention to detail ensured that every step Lawrin took on the track was purposeful and precise, setting him apart from competitors with each race he conquered.

In addition to physical preparation, Jones instilled confidence in both horse and jockey alike by nurturing a bond of trust. This proved invaluable during high-stakes races such as the Kentucky Derby. Through patient guidance and unwavering support, Jones created an environment where Lawrin could unleash his full potential without holding back.

The partnership between trainer and horse worked seamlessly towards their shared goal: achieving greatness on the racetrack. Their collaboration showcased teamwork in action within horse racing – blending skill with intuition to navigate challenges effortlessly while seizing opportunities with finesse.

Looking back at Ben A. Jones’ influence goes beyond preparing Lawrin for victory at Churchill Downs; it laid down a legacy inspiring generations of equestrians today. The timeless lessons learned under his mentorship remain cherished pearls of wisdom for those striving for excellence in horse racing – highlighting how dedicated mentorship paves the way for champions along their path to glory.”

Financial Earnings and Overall Record

Lawrin showed his financial skills by earning an impressive $126,275 from winning a series of races on the track. This amount reflected his consistent success in major racing events like the Hialeah Stakes and Flamingo Stakes, leading up to his big win at the prestigious Kentucky Derby in 1938.

More than just making money, Lawrin’s overall performance proved he was a legendary racehorse. His wins went beyond one single race, demonstrating exceptional talent that stood out across different events. Each victory added to his already impressive reputation, showing grit and excellence throughout his racing career.

With each step towards greatness, Lawrin made a mark on horse racing history with lasting impact. The Kentucky Derby win wasn’t just about one moment but represented years of hard work and skill showcased in numerous races before reaching that historic milestone. It wasn’t only about finishing first; it was about leaving behind a legacy within the sport itself.

Looking back at Lawrin’s outstanding performances on various tracks highlights both his natural abilities and expert training from seasoned professionals. The bond between champion horses like Lawrin and their trainers is comparable to a well-coordinated dance where every move plays a crucial role in achieving greatness. Their teamwork shows how collaboration between rider and trainer can turn ordinary moments into extraordinary accomplishments – ones that echo through time with great admiration for everyone involved.


1. What year did Lawrin win the Kentucky Derby?

In 1938, Lawrin raced to victory at the Kentucky Derby, establishing himself as a true champion of this renowned event.

2. Who was Lawrin's trainer during his racing career?

Ben A. Jones, a famous and highly successful horse racing trainer in American history, coached Lawrin during his racing days. Jones was known for his outstanding training techniques and ability to produce numerous champion horses.

3. In addition to the Kentucky Derby, what other major races did Lawrin win?

Lawrin not only won the Kentucky Derby in 1938, but also emerged victorious in both the Arlington Classic and the American Derby. These wins highlighted Lawrin's remarkable talent and ability to excel in different types of races on the track.

4. How did Lawrin's victory in the Kentucky Derby impact his legacy in American horse racing history?

When Lawrin won the Kentucky Derby, he secured his spot in American horse racing history as a top champion. His incredible talent shone brightly, cementing his reputation as one of the all-time greats in the sport.

5. Can you elaborate on any notable rivalries or memorable moments from Lawrin's racing career?

Lawrin and his competitor, Whirlaway, had an exciting rivalry that kept fans on the edge of their seats. The two champions went head-to-head in thrilling races, demonstrating Lawrin's incredible skill and determination on the track.

6. What distinguished qualities or characteristics set Lawrin apart as a champion in the world of thoroughbred racing?

Lawrin showed outstanding speed, endurance, and drive. His ability to excel on different tracks made him a standout champion in the horse racing world.