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Omaha Kentucky Derby Winner 1935

omaha kentucky derby winner 1935

In 1935, Omaha achieved a historic victory at the 61st Kentucky Derby that kickstarted his impressive racing career. Watch as Omaha dominates the race and crosses the finish line first, setting the stage for his legendary Triple Crown win by also conquering the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. Witness a true champion in action and experience the excitement of seeing Omaha leave a lasting impact on Thoroughbred racing history.

Omaha’s Victory at the 61st Kentucky Derby

In 1935, Omaha thundered past the finish line at the Kentucky Derby, leaving spectators in awe. The sun shone brightly over Churchill Downs as jockey Willie Saunders skillfully guided this stunning chestnut colt to victory. Trained by James E. Fitzsimmons, Omaha’s triumph was no stroke of luck—it marked the start of a remarkable journey filled with achievements and records waiting to be broken.

The crowd erupted into cheers as Omaha charged across that iconic finish line first—a perfect blend of grace and strength. This wasn’t just any race; it was a bold statement—an assertion from both horse and rider that they were destined for extraordinary success. With each powerful hoofbeat resonating together, Omaha carved his legacy in racing history while aiming for even greater victories ahead.

Omaha’s win went beyond mere competition; it became legend—a story shared among fans like an ancient tale passed down through time. Amidst the roses and accolades at Churchill Downs, little did anyone realize that this moment would only mark the beginning of an epic adventure yet to unfold—a narrative woven with bravery, speed, and unyielding determination driven by an unbeatable spirit ready to conquer all challenges that lay ahead.

Triple Crown Achievement of Omaha

In 1935, Omaha made history by winning the Triple Crown in Thoroughbred racing. This remarkable achievement elevated him to legendary status in the sport. His triumph at the Kentucky Derby was just the beginning of his impressive victories at the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes, creating a legacy that still resonates today.

Omaha’s path to glory in the Triple Crown wasn’t just about speed; it also required endurance, strategy, and determination. Each race presented unique challenges that demanded both physical strength from this magnificent horse and sharp decision-making from his jockey William “Smokey” Saunders as they navigated tracks with skill and precision.

Through Omaha’s groundbreaking win, he became more than just a champion – he became a symbol of excellence in horse racing lore. His name represents resilience, dedication, and unwavering spirit—a true inspiration not only for those involved in equestrian sports but for anyone who appreciates stories of extraordinary athletic achievements.

The Pros & Cons of Omaha's Triple Crown Victory


  1. Omaha secured his place in horse racing history with his Triple Crown victory.

  2. The accomplishment highlighted the remarkable talent and skill of both the horse and his jockey.

  3. The win filled Omaha's owners, trainers, and breeders with immense pride and earned them well-deserved recognition.

  4. This groundbreaking victory sparked inspiration for upcoming generations of horse racing fans.


  1. After winning the Triple Crown, there was a lot of pressure to keep up that high level of success which could have been overwhelming.

  2. Some critics say that Omaha didn't face as tough competition in the 1935 Triple Crown races compared to other years.

  3. The focus on always winning may have taken away from highlighting other amazing things Omaha achieved in their career.

  4. Winning the Triple Crown might make people expect too much from future horses and could lessen their accomplishments.

Full Results of the 1935 Kentucky Derby

The 61st Kentucky Derby was a thrilling event full of excitement, with Omaha stealing the show as he raced ahead of his competitors in impressive fashion. Roman Soldier, Whiskolo, and Nellie Flag were all trying to outdo each other in this fast-paced competition. However, it was Omaha who emerged as the champion, leaving everyone amazed by his strength and elegance as he sprinted towards victory.

Omaha’s win at Churchill Downs wasn’t just luck; it showcased his incredible skill and determination that propelled him into horse racing history books. When he crossed the finish line with an outstanding time of 2:05.00, fans cheered enthusiastically while onlookers admired his performance on the track. This victory not only marked a triumph but also established greatness—a pivotal moment in Omaha’s story that would be remembered for years to come.

As Omaha reveled in his Kentucky Derby success, spectators couldn’t help but notice the remarkable connection between jockey Willie Saunders and this exceptional Thoroughbred. Their teamwork seemed almost magical on that special day—every step filled with purposeful energy and every turn executed with unmatched finesse by this duo unlike any other at the racecourse. It wasn’t just about winning for them; it was about demonstrating harmony between man and animal at its finest.

Looking back now through sports history or sharing stories late into the night around dim stables—the name ‘Omaha’ still rings like music among whispers from days long gone by. His triumph went beyond mere competition; it served as motivation for aspiring riders worldwide—a guiding light illuminating dreams waiting to come true amid dusty racetracks where champions are made and legends live forevermore.

Impact of Omaha’s Triple Crown Win

In 1935, Omaha achieved a remarkable Triple Crown victory that rocked the world of horse racing. His triumph was more than just a win; it was a monumental moment that resonated throughout history books. Mentioning his name conjures up images of elegance, speed, and unwavering determination. Omaha didn’t simply race; he glided across tracks, leaving competitors in awe and spectators captivated.

In the realm of Thoroughbred racing, Omaha stood as a shining example of excellence—a representation of what pure determination and talent could accomplish when combined with flawless horsemanship. His victories were not mere wins; they were symphonies created by hooves pounding down racetracks nationwide. When he sprinted to victory at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby, it wasn’t just about finishing first—it was about etching his name into eternity.

Omaha’s legacy went beyond trophies and awards—it inspired unspoken dreams and kindled passions within countless aspiring jockeys, trainers, owners, and fans alike. His Triple Crown triumph served as a reminder that greatness is not achieved overnight but is cultivated through hard work, dedication,

and an unwavering spirit unwilling to settle for mediocrity amidst tough competition.

As time unveiled stories from past racetracks to present-day showdowns under sunny skies or rainy days—the tale of Omaha remained steadfast like a guiding lighthouse steering ships through turbulent waters—reminding all dreamers that sometimes legends are not born—they are meticulously crafted one step at

a time until they shine brighter than even the stars above us.

1935 Kentucky Derby: Race Results Snapshot

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 11 Omaha Willie Saunders James E. Fitzsimmons Belair Stud 2:05.00
2nd 3 Roman Soldier Lester Balaski Phil Reuter William Sachsenmaier & Phil Reuter
3rd 9 Whiskolo Wayne D. Wright Robert V. McGarvey Milky Way Farm Stable
4th 10 Nellie Flag Eddie Arcaro Burton B. Williams Calumet Farm
5th 14 Blackbirder Willie Garner Charles Hainesworth Charles Hainesworth
6th 8 Psychic Bid Robert Jones Robert Augustus Smith Brookmeade Stable
7th 12 Morpluck Mack Garner Clarence Buxton Jerome H. Louchheim
8th 16 Plat Eye Silvio Coucci John M. Gaver Sr. Greentree Stable
9th 5 McCarthy Robert Finnerty John Chesney Morrison & Keating
10th 19 Commonwealth George Woolf Preston M. Burch Sarah F. Jeffords
11th 6 Sun Fairplay Sam Renick W. E. Collins Fair Fields Farm Stable
12th 17 Today Raymond Workman T. J. Healey Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney
13th 2 Whopper Charles Landolt Duval A. Headley Hal Price Headley
14th 7 Bluebeard Herman Schutte Arthur Goldblatt Mrs. R. B. Fairbanks
15th 20 Tutticurio Charles Corbett Frank M. Bray Brandon Stable
16th 13 Boxthorn Don Meade Herbert J. Thompson Edward R. Bradley
17th 1 St. Bernard Paul Keester Albert B. Gordon E. Dale Shaffer
18th 15 Weston Sterling Young Tom B. Young Braedalbane Stable

Legacy of Omaha in Horse Racing

In 1935, Omaha made a huge impact on horse racing history by winning the Kentucky Derby. His Triple Crown victory not only showed his incredible speed and strength but also his strong determination that fans all over the world loved.

Even today, years later, Omaha’s legacy still influences racetracks everywhere. People remember how dominant he was and how high his level of excellence set the bar for others to reach – a goal that few can achieve. The effect he had on Thoroughbred racing goes beyond just numbers; it shows us the lasting power of passion and hard work in striving for greatness.

By honoring Omaha’s legacy, we recognize not only his amazing talent but also the significant role he played in shaping horse racing as we know it now. His story inspires anyone who dreams big and works hard towards their goals, showing us that true champions are created through dedication and belief in ourselves, rather than just physical ability alone.

Commemoration of Omaha’s Achievements

Omaha’s historic Triple Crown victory in 1935 remains a shining example of excellence within the world of Thoroughbred racing. His incredible performance at the Kentucky Derby showcases his unmatched skill and determination on the racetrack. The honors he received are not just symbols, but sincere recognitions of an equine icon whose name echoes through time.

Omaha’s impact goes beyond his wins; it embodies the resilience and grit that define true champions. From statues honoring his triumphs to races bearing his name, he continues to motivate generations with his exceptional abilities. Each award serves as a reminder that true greatness knows no limits when driven by passion and extraordinary talent.

Celebrating Omaha’s accomplishments is more than paying respect; it commemorates a period where horse racing witnessed moments of brilliance under his influence. Even now, fans share stories from bygone days with admiration for this legendary figure who made history with unparalleled grace and strength like never seen before or since.

Legendary tales of the Omaha Derby Victory

  1. Epic stories of Omaha's Triumph at the Derby:

  2. Omaha Dominates: Back in 1935, Omaha made history by winning all three major horse racing events – the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes – without a single loss. His incredible winning streak firmly established him as a legendary figure in the world of horse racing.

  3. The Speedster "Galloping Ghost": Known for his lightning-fast pace and nimble movements on the racetrack, Omaha earned himself the nickname "Galloping Ghost." Fans were captivated by his elegant stride and powerful finishes that made him a beloved favorite among spectators during his time as a racehorse.

  4. A Regal Lineage: Of special note was Omaha's triumph at the prestigious 1935 Kentucky Derby, where he followed in the footsteps of his famous father Gallant Fox, another Triple Crown winner fromThis marked only the second instance in history where a son emulated his father to claim victory in such esteemed races.

  5. Breaking Records: At the 1935 Kentucky Derby, Omaha set an astonishing new track record by completing the25-mile race in just over two minutes – clocking it at precisely 2 minutes and 5 seconds! This remarkable feat showcased not only his exceptional abilities but also solidified his reputation as one of history's most outstanding racehorses.

  6. Enduring Greatness: Even today, Omaha remains celebrated as an iconic champion within horse racing circles. His extraordinary accomplishments serve as inspiration for fans and budding jockeys alike, reminding them of what can be achieved with unwavering determination and sheer talent on the racetrack.

Historical Significance of Omaha’s Triumph

In 1935, Omaha made history with his incredible win at the Kentucky Derby. It wasn’t just any race; it was a moment that left a lasting mark on horse racing. His victory not only proved he was one of the best Thoroughbreds but also elevated him to an elite group – the Triple Crown winners. In a time of intense competition and unwavering determination, Omaha stood out for his exceptional speed and drive on the track.

His win didn’t just impress those at Churchill Downs; fans worldwide were in awe of his poise under pressure and relentless will to keep winning. But Omaha’s story didn’t end there – it inspired future generations of horses to aim for greatness and seek their own moments of glory on racing’s biggest stages.

As he raced across Churchill Downs’ tracks, Omaha embodied more than athleticism; he symbolized resilience, courage, and limitless potential within a strong equine body. Each stride echoed past champions while marking a new chapter in horse racing lore where Omaha ruled as king.

Omaha’s Triple Crown win goes beyond numbers or records; it represents an enduring spirit that faces challenges with confidence head-on. His legacy shows what can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and striving for excellence—a timeless tale that inspires both seasoned fans and newcomers alike in the world of horse racing.

Looking back at that day in 1935 when Omaha crossed Belmont Park’s finish line making history—we tip our hats not just out of respect but genuine admiration for this majestic creature who won hearts around the globe with his remarkable feats on lush green turf.

Enduring Fame of Omaha in Racing Circles

Decades after making history with his wins at Churchill Downs and other famous tracks, Omaha is still praised for his impact on horse racing. His name represents bravery, speed, and determination—traits that define champions both on and off the racetrack—and ensure he’s remembered as one of the all-time greats in equestrian sports.

In 1935, Omaha achieved a historic Triple Crown victory that captivated audiences worldwide with his sheer dominance in Thoroughbred racing. This majestic chestnut colt moved gracefully on the track, effortlessly overtaking competitors with a finesse rivaling legends from past eras.

Omaha’s legacy goes beyond just trophies and awards; it’s about motivating future generations of jockeys, trainers, and fans to pursue their aspirations relentlessly. He showed us what true dedication looks like—to push boundaries others thought impossible—and emerge victorious against all odds.

As time moves forward, Omaha’s tale remains a testament to the enduring allure of horse racing—a sport rich in tradition yet constantly evolving. His lasting fame not only recalls past triumphs but also inspires those who dream big to strive for greatness on the turf ahead.


1. What made Omaha's Triple Crown win in 1935 so significant in the history of horse racing?

In 1935, Omaha made history by winning the Triple Crown in horse racing. He not only clinched the prestigious title but also did it with outstanding skill and elegance, establishing himself as one of the most revered champions in the sport.

2. How did Omaha's performance at the Kentucky Derby set the stage for his subsequent victories in the Triple Crown races?

In 1935, Omaha dominated the Kentucky Derby with his incredible skills. This win paved the way for more success in the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes, ultimately leading to his remarkable victory in the Triple Crown series.

3. What distinguished Omaha from other Triple Crown winners before and after him?

Omaha stands out from other Triple Crown champions because he is the only winner to have a father who also won the prestigious title, Gallant Fox. This unique connection highlights Omaha's impressive family history in the world of horse racing.

4. How did Omaha's legacy impact the world of Thoroughbred racing following his historic achievements?

In 1935, Omaha made history by winning the Triple Crown in Thoroughbred racing. This incredible achievement not only inspired a new generation of horse racing fans but also set a high standard of excellence that is still respected in the sport today.

5. Can you elaborate on the training regimen and preparation that contributed to Omaha's success in winning the Triple Crown?

Sunny Jim Fitzsimmons, the renowned trainer of Omaha, played a crucial role in guiding the horse to victory in the Triple Crown. Through careful planning and intense training sessions, Sunny Jim ensured that Omaha was always at his best shape for each race. This meticulous approach helped Omaha showcase peak performance and endurance during this challenging series of races.

6. What were some of the key challenges that Omaha faced during his journey towards becoming a Triple Crown champion?

On his journey to becoming a legendary champion, Omaha tackled obstacles like living up to his renowned lineage, handling the pressure of lofty expectations, and juggling the demanding schedule of the Triple Crown races.