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1958 Kentucky Derby Winner Tim Tam

1958 kentucky derby winner tim tam

Join us on an exciting journey through the history of horse racing, following the incredible story of a legendary champion who went from humble beginnings to winning at the renowned Kentucky Derby. Experience the teamwork between jockey Ismael Valenzuela and trainer Horace A. Jones as they lead a chestnut colt to victory, showcasing exceptional skills and determination on the racetrack. Discover the lasting impact of this unforgettable moment in 1958, where excellence and resilience come together to create a timeless tale of success and glory.

Early Life and Family Background

Tim Tam, a spirited young horse born in Kentucky at Calumet Farm, was destined for greatness as the son of Tom Fool and Two Lea. Bred by Calumet Farm, Tim Tam came from a long line of champions, setting the stage for his own incredible racing career. Growing up surrounded by the lush green fields of Kentucky, he quickly showed potential with his graceful stride and fiery personality.

Under the guidance of trainer Horace A. Jones, Tim Tam polished his skills on the racetrack with dedication and determination. Jockey Ismael Valenzuela formed a strong partnership with Tim Tam, understanding every aspect of the colt’s movements and behavior. Together they were an unstoppable team; their connection going beyond just rider and horse to become a perfect harmony working towards victory.

As Tim Tam raced down the final stretch at Churchill Downs during that fateful day in 1958, spectators held their breath in excitement. The crowd cheered wildly as he crossed the finish line first—a true display of his talent and unyielding spirit. With this monumental win at the Kentucky Derby firmly etched into history books, Tim Tam solidified himself as a symbol of resilience and excellence on the track.

Looking back now to that victorious day at the 1958 Kentucky Derby serves as an inspiration for all young racehorses aspiring to greatness—a reminder that hard work, expert guidance from trainers like Horace A. Jones,and unwavering trust between jockey and steed can pave way for remarkable success even on grand stages like competitive races.

Introduction to Racing

In 1957, Tim Tam burst onto the racetrack scene for the first time, immediately capturing the attention of racing fans with his incredible speed and unwavering determination. Trained by Horace A. Jones and owned by Calumet Farm, he showed early promise as a strong competitor in the horse racing world.

Despite facing some obstacles along the way – including injuries during his career – Tim Tam showcased remarkable resilience and an unyielding spirit that won over many supporters.

The dynamic duo of jockey Ismael Valenzuela and trainer Horace A. Jones played a crucial role in guiding Tim Tam to victory at the prestigious Kentucky Derby in 1958. Their teamwork exemplified precision and harmony, demonstrating how working together can lead to unparalleled success on the racetrack.

Tim Tam’s win at the 1958 Kentucky Derby sealed his place in history as a symbol of perseverance and excellence. His enduring legacy serves as inspiration for champions who overcome challenges with grace and determination, motivating future riders and racehorses alike to strive for greatness.

The Pros & Cons of Legendary Horse Racing


  1. Horse racing has a fascinating history and rich tradition

  2. The races are exhilarating and full of excitement

  3. Horses and jockeys display incredible athleticism in each event

  4. Betting and socializing opportunities abound at the racetrack

  5. Fans come together to form a strong sense of community through their shared passion for horse racing


  1. Horses and riders face a high risk of injury

  2. Maintaining and training racehorses can be costly

  3. Exclusive and not easily accessible to the general public

  4. People debate about animal welfare concerns in the industry

  5. Some spectators may struggle with gambling addiction and financial risks

Road to the Kentucky Derby

As the 1958 Kentucky Derby approached, Tim Tam showcased his racing prowess by winning acclaimed events like the Flamingo Stakes and Blue Grass Stakes. His impressive victories captured the attention of horse racing fans worldwide, raising hopes for his performance at Churchill Downs.

The path to the prestigious Run for the Roses was marked by hard work, determination, and a bit of luck. Trainer Horace A. Jones meticulously designed a training program that refined Tim Tam’s innate skills, turning him into a formidable competitor on race day.

With Ismael Valenzuela guiding him through each stride on the tracks leading to Louisville, there existed an unspoken connection between jockey and horse that went beyond words. Their synergy seemed almost magical as they tackled obstacles and rivals together en route to their destined moment.

Every sprint towards victory saw Tim Tam leave his mark in history not just as a champion but also as a beacon of resilience and excellence in equestrian sports. His legacy continues to motivate riders and trainers across generations, reminding us all that true greatness is achieved through both speed and heart.

Victory at the 84th Kentucky Derby

In 1958, Tim Tam and Ismael Valenzuela dominated the racetrack with their exceptional skills. They expertly maneuvered through Churchill Downs, leaving their competitors awestruck by their flawless teamwork.

Jockey Ismael Valenzuela and trainer Horace A. Jones formed a strong partnership as they trained Tim Tam for the Kentucky Derby. Their hard work paid off when Tim Tam showcased his abilities on race day, sprinting to victory with incredible speed and poise.

Tim Tam’s win at the 84th Kentucky Derby wasn’t just any victory – it was a triumph of perseverance and excellence. His legacy in horse racing history serves as a reminder that success can be achieved through dedication, hard work, and self-belief.

As fans cheered excitedly from the stands at Churchill Downs, witnessing an unforgettable moment in sports history unfold before them, one thing became clear: Tim Tam wasn’t just a horse; he represented greatness on all fours. His victory went beyond competition; it left an indelible mark on everyone who witnessed it as proof that talent paired with determination can lead to extraordinary achievements.

Race Results: Top Finishers and Notable Performances

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 3 Tim Tam Ismael Valenzuela Horace A. Jones Calumet Farm 2:05 0/0
2nd 7 Lincoln Road Chris Rogers Victor J. Sovinski Sunny Blue Farm (Isaac Blumberg)
3rd 10 Noureddin Jimmy Combest James H. Pierce Crabgrass Stable (Peter Graffagnino)
4th 1 Jewel’s Reward Eddie Arcaro Ivan H. Parke Maine Chance Farm
5th 5 Martins Rullah Conn McCreary Eugene Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. George Lewis
6th 9 Chance It Tony Logan Batcheller Willie Manzi Mrs. Anthony Cannuli
7th 8 A Dragon Killer Lawrence Hansman Norman L. Haymaker Mrs. S. Helene Sadacca
8th 4 Gone Fishin’ Ralph Neves Charles E. Whittingham Llangollen Farm Stable
9th 14 Benedicto Robert Dever Walter Coleman Bellardi & Harkins
10th 1A Ebony Pearl Manuel Ycaza Ivan H. Parke Maine Chance Farm
11th 12 Red Hot Pistol Douglas Dodson John W. Fernandez Mrs. Sam E. Wilson Jr.
12th 11 Silky Sullivan Bill Shoemaker Reggie Cornell Tom Ross & Phil Klipstein
13th 6 Flamingo Gordon Glisson Sylvester Veitch Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney
14th 2 Warren G. Kenneth Church Harry Saladin William G. Reynolds

Jockey Ismael Valenzuela’s Triumph

Ismael Valenzuela’s partnership with Tim Tam at the 1958 Kentucky Derby became the stuff of legends. As they raced down the homestretch, Valenzuela’s expert skills and unwavering focus drove them to a spectacular win that had everyone watching in total amazement.

Their flawless teamwork on the track was truly impressive. Valenzuela’s smooth moves around tight corners and crowded fields showed off his jockey mastery, while Tim Tam’s sheer strength and determination shone in every stride. Together, they gracefully navigated through challenges with determination.

The race reached an exciting climax as Valenzuela urged Tim Tam forward with precise timing, leading them to a thrilling victory as they surged towards the finish line—an unforgettable moment etched into racing history forever. The crowd erupted in cheers as they crossed first place, securing their spot among horse racing greats.

Valenzuela’s triumph aboard Tim Tam wasn’t just about winning; it was about conquering obstacles, pushing limits, and embodying excellence under pressure. Their victory represented resilience against all odds—a true example of what can be accomplished when talent meets dedication on Churchill Downs’ grand stage.

Looking back now, Ismael Valenzuela’s bond with Tim Tam serves as a lasting reminder of how trust between jockey and horse can go beyond competition—it can create magic on the racetrack that resonates for years to come. Their legacy continues to inspire riders and equine enthusiasts worldwide today.

Trainer Horace A. Jones’ Expertise

Horace A. Jones, a well-known trainer, played a crucial role in turning Tim Tam into a champion racehorse before his famous win at the Kentucky Derby. Jones used his expertise in getting horses ready for top-level competitions to help Tim Tam perform at his best at Churchill Downs.

Jones carefully designed Tim Tam’s training routine, making sure the young horse was in peak condition on race day. He worked tirelessly from morning till night, paying close attention to every detail of Tim Tam’s preparation that set him apart from other trainers.

His method focused not only on physical fitness but also on building mental strength for both horse and jockey. The connection between Ismael Valenzuela and Tim Tam became stronger under Jones’ guidance, resulting in a powerful partnership that led them to victory at the Run for the Roses.

On that memorable Derby day back in 1958, with the sun casting golden hues over Churchill Downs and excitement buzzing through the air like electricity, fans cheered as Ismael Valenzuela expertly guided Tim Tam around each turn flawlessly. Their seamless coordination gained through hours of practice under Jones’ watchful eye carried them across the finish line first – triumphant and fierce like an untamed stallion breaking free from its restraints.

Their triumph wasn’t just about Team Tim Tam winning; it was a tribute to Trainer Horace A. Jones’ unwavering commitment to excellence in horseracing – creating a legacy forever etched into history alongside their beloved champion.

Legendary Tales and Racing Myths

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  10. Legend has it that touching the Triple Crown trophy brings luck due to its mystical powers! This belief inspires contenders to push themselves beyond limits while striving for this prestigious honor.

Legacy of Calumet Farm

Calumet Farm, a renowned name in the world of horse racing known for excellence, cemented its legendary status when Tim Tam clinched victory at the 1958 Kentucky Derby. The farm’s dedication to breeding and nurturing champions was on full display during this monumental win, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the sport.

Tim Tam’s remarkable triumph under jockey Ismael Valenzuela and trainer Horace A. Jones was truly spectacular. Their seamless teamwork on the racetrack created an impressive blend of speed and skill that captivated spectators. With Valenzuela’s expert riding complementing Jones’ strategic training methods, Tim Tam made history by crossing the finish line first, leaving no doubt about Calumet Farm’s reputation as a dominant force in thoroughbred racing.

The lasting impact of Tim Tam’s historic victory at the Kentucky Derby elevates him beyond just being a racehorse; he symbolizes perseverance and excellence on the track. His inspiring journey serves as a beacon for future generations, emphasizing that with hard work, determination, and passion for one’s craft, greatness is always attainable. Calumet Farm continues to shine brightly in horse racing lore thanks to champions like Tim Tam who leave an indelible mark among legends.

Impressive Time Record

Tim Tam blazed through the Kentucky Derby with a stunning time of 2:05, proving his speed and stamina on Churchill Down’s dirt track. This impressive feat showcased Tim Tam’s incredible athleticism and fierce competitive drive during the race.

As they raced around Churchill Downs, Tim Tam and jockey Ismael Valenzuela moved in perfect harmony like a well-oiled machine, surging ahead in the final stretch. The crowd roared with excitement as they crossed the finish line, demonstrating their exceptional skill and unwavering determination.

Under trainer Horace A. Jones’ expert guidance, Tim Tam had been finely tuned into a racing sensation ready to conquer any rival that dared to challenge them. Their victory at the 1958 Kentucky Derby cemented Tim Tam’s legacy in horse racing history as a symbol of grit and excellence, inspiring fans and aspiring riders alike with their legendary performance etched forever in sporting lore.

Recognition as Winning Breeder

Calumet Farm was known for breeding champion racehorses, and their big win at the 1958 Kentucky Derby with Tim Tam really stood out. Tim Tam, a remarkable horse, made history thanks to trainer Horace A. Jones and jockey Ismael Valenzuela. This victory showed that Calumet Farm was all about excellence in producing top-quality horses and solidified their reputation as a major player in the world of horse racing.

Trainer Horace A. Jones and jockey Ismael Valenzuela were key players in guiding Tim Tam to victory at Churchill Downs on that special day. Their careful planning, determination, and dedication came through as they led Tim Tam to glory against tough competition on the track. The perfect teamwork between the horse, trainer, and jockey set them apart from others and helped them achieve an unforgettable win that would be remembered in horse racing history.

Tim Tam’s legacy went far beyond just one great win; he became a symbol of perseverance and excellence on the racetrack for generations ahead. His unwavering spirit touched hearts around the globe, motivating many to aim for greatness every step of their journey forward. The 1958 Kentucky Derby wasn’t just a historic moment for Calumet Farm but also served as inspiration for those who dared to dream big while chasing victories under destiny’s watchful eye at Churchill Downs.

Enduring Impact on Horse Racing History

Tim Tam’s win at the 1958 Kentucky Derby showcased his strong determination and the outstanding teamwork between jockey Ismael Valenzuela and trainer Horace A. Jones. Their collaboration on race day drove Tim Tam to a thrilling victory, impressing spectators with their synchronized performance.

The impact of Tim Tam’s triumph goes beyond that memorable day at Churchill Downs; it remains a lasting symbol of resilience and excellence in horse racing history. The obstacles he conquered on his journey to success only enhanced his reputation as a true champion, motivating racers and fans for years to come.

Even today, Tim Tam serves as an inspiration for those encountering challenges on their path to achievement, reminding us that with persistence and expert guidance, greatness is attainable. His story is a timeless testament that champions prevail through determination and unwavering dedication despite adversity.


1. How did Tim Tam's victory at the 1958 Kentucky Derby impact his legacy in horse racing?

Tim Tam won the 1958 Kentucky Derby, which helped establish him as a symbol of determination and skill in horse racing. The victory highlighted the incredible teamwork between jockey Ismael Valenzuela and trainer Horace A. Jones, who guided Tim Tam to success at Churchill Downs.

2. What role did jockey Ismael Valenzuela play in guiding Tim Tam to victory at the Kentucky Derby?

Jockey Ismael Valenzuela led Tim Tam to win the 1958 Kentucky Derby with his exceptional skill and teamwork with trainer Horace A. Jones, creating an unforgettable victory in horse racing history.

3. How did trainer Horace A. Jones contribute to Tim Tam's success at the 1958 Kentucky Derby?

Trainer Horace A. Jones carefully trained Tim Tam for the 1958 Kentucky Derby, teaching him discipline and tactics that resulted in their successful win.

4. What made Tim Tam's triumph at the 1958 Kentucky Derby particularly thrilling and memorable?

The victory of Tim Tam at the 1958 Kentucky Derby was extra exciting and unforgettable because jockey Ismael Valenzuela and trainer Horace A. Jones worked together perfectly to lead the brave colt to win, even after he got a serious injury during the race.

5. How did Tim Tam's victory in the Kentucky Derby compare to his performance in other races during his career?

In 1958, Tim Tam won the prestigious Kentucky Derby, marking a major highlight in his career. This victory highlighted his outstanding talent and the incredible teamwork between jockey Ismael Valenzuela and trainer Horace A. Jones that helped him achieve greatness.

6. What lasting impact did Tim Tam's win at the 1958 Kentucky Derby have on the sport of horse racing?

Tim Tam won the 1958 Kentucky Derby, establishing himself as a legendary figure in horse racing for his determination and skill. His exciting victory, achieved with jockey Ismael Valenzuela and trainer Horace A. Jones, continues to inspire generations of fans.