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Bold Forbes Before and Beyond the Kentucky Derby

bold forbes kentucky derby winner 1976

In 1973, a remarkable Thoroughbred racehorse named Bold Forbes was born. At an early age, he demonstrated his exceptional talent by winning races in Puerto Rico before dominating the U.S. racing circuit with triumphs in prestigious events like the Saratoga Special Stakes and Wood Memorial Stakes. His most notable victories occurred in 1976 when he claimed victory in both the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes, establishing himself as a top American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse.

After retiring with impressive earnings, Bold Forbes continued to make an impact through his successful stud career at Stone Farm. He fathered several notable champions and Grade I stakes winners, leaving behind a lasting legacy in the world of horse racing.

Early Life and Family Background

Bold Forbes was born on March 31, 1973, right in the heart of the United States’ horse racing world. He came from a long line of talented horses, with Irish Castle as his dad and Comely Nell as his mom. His family tree goes back to Nellie L., an amazing mare who won big at the famous Kentucky Oaks.

As a young colt, Bold Forbes had loads of energy and speed. He loved racing around pastures, always trying to be faster than his horsey friends during practice runs. Even before hitting the racetrack, he stood out for his fiery spirit and drive.

Surrounded by experienced trainers who helped him grow as a racer, Bold Forbes soaked up all there was to learn about competing in horse races. Whenever this spirited colt took center stage at the stables, everyone knew something special was about to happen.

Inheriting traits from impressive ancestors like Irish Castle and Comely Nell made Bold Forbes a powerhouse on tracks across America. Every step closer to victory showed that this determined chestnut horse was destined for greatness.

From starting off in simple barns scented with hay to hearing cheers fill grandstands packed with eager fans – Bold Forbes’s journey represents not just success but also resilience in chasing dreams within Thoroughbred history spun on turf or dirt alike.

Racing Career

Bold Forbes began his racing career in Puerto Rico, where he quickly made a name for himself by winning seven out of eight races as a two-year-old in 1975. This early success hinted at the bright future that awaited this energetic colt.

Moving to the competitive racing circuit in the United States, Bold Forbes continued to impress fans and experts with his outstanding performances on the track. He achieved victories in prestigious races like the Saratoga Special Stakes, Tremont Stakes, Wood Memorial Stakes, Bay Shore Stakes, San Jacinto Stakes, and more. With each race he won, Bold Forbes solidified his reputation as a formidable competitor.

The highlight of Bold Forbes’ remarkable career came when he triumphed at the prestigious Kentucky Derby in 1976 under jockey Angel Cordero Jr.’s expert guidance. This win not only secured his spot in horse racing history but also established him as one of the sport’s most celebrated champions.

After his victory at Churchill Downs, Bold Forbes went on to achieve further success by winning both the Belmont Stakes and Monmouth Handicap later that same year. These impressive wins earned him a Triple Crown achievement—an honor that cements his legacy among elite Thoroughbreds who have accomplished such rare feats.

Even after retiring from racing, Bold Forbes continued to make an impact on the sport through his successful breeding career. Producing offspring that inherited their father’s speed and determination ensured that Bold Forbes’ legacy would live on for generations—establishing him not just as a champion himself but also as a sire of champions shaping future stars on the racetrack.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Future generations of horse racing enthusiasts are inspired by the legendary racers.

  2. These icons infuse excitement and honor into the world of horse racing.

  3. Their tales and accomplishments enrich the vibrant history of this sport.

  4. The legacy of these legends endures in the industry through their bloodlines.


  1. New competitors may feel overwhelmed by the pressure to live up to a legendary reputation.

  2. Some racing legends might outshine other talented horses and their achievements.

  3. Keeping a legend's legacy alive can set high expectations that are difficult to reach.

  4. The emphasis on past legends could divert attention from current and upcoming talents in the sport.

U.S. Triple Crown Wins

In 1976, the lively three-year-old racehorse Bold Forbes captured the hearts of racing fans everywhere by winning both the famous Kentucky Derby and prestigious Belmont Stakes. With trainer Laz Barrera guiding him, this spirited colt showed off his incredible speed and endurance as he led from start to finish in these historic U.S. Triple Crown races.

His outstanding performance not only placed him among top Thoroughbreds but also made a lasting mark on horse racing history. The victory at the Kentucky Derby was particularly special for Bold Forbes, showcasing his undeniable talent and unwavering determination on one of horse racing’s biggest stages.

The triumph at the Belmont Stakes confirmed Bold Forbes’ status as a true champion; an exceptional horse capable of overcoming even the most challenging tests of stamina. His ability to maintain a strong lead throughout these tough races left spectators amazed and solidified his place as one of America’s greatest horses in racing history.

Bold Forbes’ consecutive wins at both the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes demonstrate his remarkable skills and unbeatable spirit on the track. These victories not only brought him fame during his successful career but also set a standard for future generations to admire and draw inspiration from this extraordinary horse’s unforgettable journey towards greatness.

Awards and Recognition

Bold Forbes had an incredible year on the racetrack in 1976 when he was just three years old. He earned the title of American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse, recognizing his amazing performances that wowed fans and made a mark on horse racing.

This award confirmed Bold Forbes as one of the top horses of his time. His speed, stamina, and determination set him apart from other horses and made him a favorite among fans.

Winning races like the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes showed Bold Forbes’ talent and grit that led him to success. Each win demonstrated his excellence and resilience, qualities that helped make him a champion.

Being named American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse validated Bold Forbes’ exceptional season full of impressive performances that amazed spectators.

Looking back, this award is a lasting tribute to Bold Forbes’ legacy in horse racing history – marked by triumphs on the track and dedication from everyone involved in his career journey. His impact can still be felt today across generations within this beloved sport we all cherish.

Champion Racehorse Profile: Bold Forbes

Attribute Information
Name Bold Forbes
Sire Irish Castle
Grandsire Bold Ruler
Dam Comely Nell
Damsire Commodore
Sex Stallion
Foaled 1973
Died 2000
Country United States
Color Brown
Breeder Eaton Farms Inc. & Red Bull Stable
Owner E. Rodriguez Tizol Silks: Red, Black Diamond Frame, Black Sleeves, Black Cap
Trainer Laz Barrera
Record 18: 13–1–4
Earnings $546,536
Major wins Clasico Dia de Los Padre (1975)
Saratoga Special Stakes (1975)
Tremont Stakes (1975)
Wood Memorial Stakes (1976)
Bay Shore Stakes (1976)
San Jacinto Stakes (1976)
San Vicente Stakes (1976)
U.S. Triple Crown wins: Kentucky Derby (1976), Belmont Stakes (1976)
Awards American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse (1976)

Retirement and Stud Career

Bold Forbes smoothly transitioned from the excitement of racing to the prestigious world of stud duties, making a lasting impact on future generations. His legacy went beyond just winning races as he began a new chapter at Stone Farm in Kentucky, proudly standing tall as a stallion. The breeding shed became his stage where he demonstrated his strength by fathering exceptional offspring who inherited his fiery spirit and determination.

With each newborn foal displaying characteristics reminiscent of their champion father, Bold Forbes secured not only his place in history but also in pedigrees throughout the racing community. One notable descendant was Tiffany Lass, who raced her way to victory in the renowned Kentucky Oaks—a clear example of Bold Forbes’ superior genetics flowing through her veins. Over time, more champions emerged from this legendary horse’s bloodline such as Bold Apparel and Air Forbes Won, both achieving remarkable success on the racetrack.

As breeders sought out that special touch of Bold Forbes magic for their mares, it became evident that his influence stretched far beyond racecourses—it resonated through breeding programs and into future high-stakes races. The echoes of his victories lived on with every step taken by his descendants as they pursued greatness under different skies while carrying within them a piece of their famous ancestor’s spirit. In retirement, Bold Forbes achieved immortality not just through trophies won but through each colt or filly who inherited his unyielding determination to overcome any obstacle before them; truly leaving an enduring mark on horse racing history for all to appreciate and treasure forevermore.

Legacy at Kentucky Horse Park

Bold Forbes left a lasting impact on the world of horse racing, as evidenced by his legacy at the Kentucky Horse Park. This iconic winner of the Kentucky Derby not only impressed spectators with his speed on the track but also captured the hearts of countless fans. For almost a decade, he delighted visitors in the Hall of Champions with his charm and captivating story.

During Bold Forbes’ time at the park, guests had a rare opportunity to witness history firsthand by seeing him – even though he was retired, he remained an emblematic figure as one of the oldest living Kentucky Derby champions. His remarkable achievements throughout his career continued to shine brightly post-retirement, showcasing both his resilience and unwavering spirit that defined him as a true champion.

Although Bold Forbes has passed away now, leaving behind an unforgettable era in horse racing history, his enduring legacy continues to inspire new generations passionate about this sport. His presence in the Hall of Champions serves as a powerful reminder for all aspiring individuals about striving for greatness and surpassing expectations against all odds.

Bold Forbes’ journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of horse racing’s brightest stars resonates strongly with fans who admired not just his speed but also his determination and tenacity on display throughout races. His story acts as a beacon inspiring dreamers everywhere by illustrating that through hard work and dedication anything is possible – including winning America’s most prestigious race.

Reflecting upon Bold Forbes’ contributions to horse racing history at The Kentucky Horse Park reminds us that legends never truly vanish; they endure through their accomplishments, their narratives, and their everlasting mark left within our hearts. By honoring Bold Forbes’ memory we are paying tribute not just to an exceptional racehorse but also celebrating an eternal symbol embodying courage and perseverance beyond constraints like time itself.

Legendary Lore of Bold Forbes at the Derby

  1. The tale of Bold Forbes at the Derby:

  2. Imagine a young chestnut colt named Bold Forbes, renowned for his lightning-fast speed and unwavering endurance on the racetrack. In 1976, he blazed to victory in the Kentucky Derby, showcasing his exceptional talent and sheer determination.

  3. Picture this – despite fierce competition, Bold Forbes emerged victorious in the Kentucky Derby guided by jockey Angel Cordero Jr. Their remarkable teamwork and skill mesmerized racing fans across the globe.

  4. With his triumph at the Kentucky Derby, Bold Forbes etched his name into horse racing history books as one of its elite champions. His legacy lives on as an inspiration for future generations of racehorses and enthusiasts alike.

  5. But wait, there's more! Post-Kentucky Derby glory awaited Bold Forbes as he conquered prestigious races like Belmont Stakes and NYRA Mile during his illustrious career. His adaptability across different tracks only added to his legendary status.

  6. The story of Bold Forbes embodies enduring competitiveness and excellence in horse racing circles even today – a true testament to grit and passion that defines this sport we love so much! Remembered for courage, speed, and thrilling derby performances; it is no wonder why he remains a cherished figure in horse racing lore.

Pedigree Analysis

Bold Forbes came from a family of famous racehorses, including Bold Ruler (his grandfather), Nasrullah (his great-grandfather), Miss Disco (his great-grandmother), Bull Lea (the grandfather of his father’s mother) and Blenheim (the grandfather of his mother). This impressive lineage gave him exceptional racing skills and set the stage for his success on the racetrack.

His dad, Irish Castle, was known for passing on speed and endurance to his offspring. This special genetic trait played a big part in Bold Forbes’ wins at top races like the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes. The combination of athleticism from both sides of his family tree made him a strong competitor with an edge over other horses.

Not only did Bold Forbes inherit physical traits from his ancestors, but he also got their winning mindset. The determination shown by champions like Nasrullah and Bold Ruler seemed to shine through in him during crucial moments in races. It was this hard-to-define quality that made fans love him and cemented his place in horse racing history.

The mix of these legendary bloodlines led to Bold Forbes capturing the hearts of fans worldwide with amazing performances that displayed strength, agility, and sheer determination. His victories weren’t just personal accomplishments but reflections of a long-standing legacy passed down through generations of elite racehorses.

When we look into Bold Forbes’ family history, we discover more than just names; we uncover a story woven with greatness—a tale told through powerful hooves pounding on tracks, crowds roaring with excitement, and victory laps filled with glory. Every step he took echoed stories centuries old etched into horse racing lore—stories now forever remembered by this brave descendant whose legacy continues inspiring future generations within the world of elite horses.

Career Earnings and Statistics

Bold Forbes was a standout on the racetrack, winning seven out of 14 races and coming in second in four. His impressive track record showed his consistency and strong competitive drive, establishing him as a top contender in every race.

He excelled at sprint distances, displaying incredible speed and agility that set him apart from other horses. Bold Forbes was known for his ability to quickly accelerate out of the starting gate and maintain a fast pace throughout each race. He wowed spectators with electrifying performances at prestigious events like the Kentucky Derby.

Despite facing tough competition during his career, Bold Forbes repeatedly proved he had what it takes to win. His determination and focus were evident in every race as he pushed towards the finish line with unwavering intensity, earning himself a reputation as a true champion on the track.

After retiring from racing, Bold Forbes found success as a stallion by passing on his exceptional genes to future generations of thoroughbreds. This legacy extended beyond just his own achievements, shaping the success of descendants who went on to excel both in racing and breeding farms worldwide.

In summary, Bold Forbes’ career earnings not only reflect financial success but also highlight his skill, talent, and sheer determination as one of horse racing’s most memorable champions. His impact continues through descendants who carry forward his legacy of excellence both in performance and pedigree quality within the industry today.


1. How many Kentucky Derby races did Bold Forbes win during his career?

Bold Forbes clinched victory in a Kentucky Derby race as part of his remarkable racing career.

2. What other Triple Crown races did Bold Forbes triumph in, besides the Kentucky Derby?

Bold Forbes achieved victory in the Belmont Stakes in 1976, successfully adding to his Triple Crown triumphs after winning the Kentucky Derby.

3. What notable achievements did Bold Forbes have during his stud career after retiring from racing?

Bold Forbes was a famous stallion who fathered many successful racehorses and champions, like the skilled filly Bold 'n Determined. His impact on the horse racing world is still felt today due to his impressive offspring.

4. How did Bold Forbes' racing style and personality set him apart from other horses of his time?

Bold Forbes stood out from other horses of his time with his fearless racing style and determined personality, making him a standout competitor on the track. His charisma and bold approach set him apart.

5. In what ways has Bold Forbes left a lasting impact on the world of horse racing and breeding?

Bold Forbes made a lasting mark on the world of horse racing and breeding by winning the Triple Crown, having a successful career as a stud, and leaving behind a legacy as an incredibly talented and versatile racehorse.