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Bold Forbes Kentucky Derby Winner 1976

bold forbes kentucky derby winner 1976

Experience the thrilling journey of a racing legend as Bold Forbes triumphs in the 102nd Kentucky Derby in 1976. Follow his transformation from a talented colt to a celebrated champion, culminating in an exhilarating race at Churchill Downs where he surpasses tough competitors on a challenging track. Delve into the enduring impact of Bold Forbes’ historic victory on owner Estéban Rodriguez Tizol, jockey Angel Cordero Jr., and the world of horse racing.

Bold Forbes Early Life and Background

Bold Forbes, an iconic American racehorse, was born in 1973 with a lot of potential. Bred by Eaton Farms Inc. & Red Bull Stable in the heart of Kentucky, Bold Forbes inherited the talents of past champions and had a strong physique that made him stand out from other horses.

During his early years, he underwent training sessions to enhance his natural speed and stamina. With experienced handlers guiding him, Bold Forbes developed into a fierce competitor on the racetrack, showing signs that he could become a top horse racer.

As he grew older, word quickly spread within the racing community about Bold Forbes’s promising future. His impressive performances in various races hinted at even greater success ahead and paved the way for his unforgettable victory at the renowned Kentucky Derby.

Rise to Racing Prominence

Bold Forbes, a spirited chestnut colt known for his lightning speed, captured the hearts of racing fans worldwide with his incredible performances on the track. Trained by Laz Barrera—a top expert in developing winning racehorses—Bold Forbes quickly became a standout competitor in the tough world of horse racing.

Teaming up with esteemed jockey Angel Cordero Jr., considered one of the best riders of their era, proved vital to Bold Forbes’ success. With Cordero’s skillful guidance and deep understanding of the horse’s abilities, they formed an unbeatable partnership that struck fear into their rivals.

As they entered Churchill Downs for the 1976 Kentucky Derby, excitement filled the air. The competition was fierce, with strong opponents like Honest Pleasure and Elocutionist vying for victory. But Bold Forbes showed no signs of nerves; he was ready to face any challenge head-on—thanks to both his natural talent and careful preparation leading up to this prestigious event.

When the starting gate opened at Churchill Downs on that memorable day, Bold Forbes burst out like lightning unleashed from above. His powerful strides covered ground effortlessly as he surged past his competitors with unwavering determination—an impressive sight that left spectators amazed. In a thrilling show of talent and grit, Bold Forbes raced across the finish line in record time—solidifying his place in history books as he triumphed at the legendary Kentucky Derby.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Inspiring and motivating those who dream of riding and training

  2. Highlighting the amazing athleticism and beauty of horses

  3. Keeping alive the history and traditions of horse racing

  4. Creating buzz and sparking interest in the sport


  1. Horses and jockeys face a high risk of getting injured

  2. It can encourage excessive gambling habits and addiction

  3. People may exploit animals for money

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The 102nd Kentucky Derby Victory

On a sunny day in May 1976, the clouds parted over Churchill Downs as Bold Forbes raced down the historic track. Jockey Angel Cordero Jr.’s skilled hands guided him to victory at the Kentucky Derby. Despite facing tough conditions, Bold Forbes didn’t back down; instead, he used them as motivation to surpass his competitors.

Bold Forbes’ win wasn’t just any race; it showcased determination and talent colliding on an unforgettable afternoon in Louisville. As he surged past Honest Pleasure and Elocutionist, spectators held their breath in anticipation of what would happen next. With each stride, Bold Forbes seemed to defy gravity itself, leaving everyone amazed.

In just 2 minutes and 1⅗ seconds of exhilarating action, Estéban Rodriguez Tizol’s dream came true when Bold Forbes made his mark among racing greats. The crowd’s cheers reverberated through Churchill Downs like a symphony celebrating an exceptional performance. Jockey Angel Cordero Jr.’s strong connection with Bold Forbes shined brightly under the victorious spotlight—a bond built on dedication and trust that led to triumph at America’s most prestigious horse race.

Notable Competitors and Race Conditions

In the 1976 Kentucky Derby, Bold Forbes showed off his incredible talent and determination on a tough track. He faced strong competitors like Honest Pleasure and Elocutionist but proved himself with an outstanding performance that won over racing fans worldwide.

The race at Churchill Downs had fast track conditions that made it even more challenging for each horse to show their agility and endurance. Despite this, Bold Forbes raced ahead of his rivals with grace and speed, finishing in just 2 minutes and 1⅗ seconds—a true testament to his skills as a racehorse.

Both owner Estéban Rodriguez Tizol and jockey Angel Cordero Jr. watched proudly as Bold Forbes surpassed expectations to win one of the most prestigious events in horse racing history. This victory not only established Bold Forbes among the greatest horses but also left a lasting impression on everyone who witnessed his remarkable achievement at Churchill Downs that day.

Exciting Race Results and Notable Performances

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 2 Bold Forbes Angel Cordero Jr. Laz Barrera E. Rodriguez Tizol 2:01 3/5
2nd 5 Honest Pleasure Braulio Baeza LeRoy Jolley Bertram R. Firestone
3rd 3 Elocutionist John L. Lively Paul T. Adwell Eugene C. Cashman
4th 6 Amano Larry Melancon James A. Padgett James C. Irvin
5th 1 On the Sly Gregg McCarron Milton W. "Mel" Gross Balmak Stable (Mary Streit)
6th 7 Cojak Chris McCarron Sonny Hine Entremont Stable (Jean R. Poirier, Al Cohen, Dave Weinberg)
7th 9 Inca Roca William Nemeti A .T. Skinner Charles Raymond Jarrell
8th 8 Play the Red Jorge Velásquez John P. Campo Elmendorf
9th 4 Bidson Don MacBeth Anthony Battaglia Sared Racing Stable (Edward Ways)

Post-derby Success and Legacy

After his big win at the Kentucky Derby, Bold Forbes continued to dominate on the racetrack, securing a lasting spot in horse racing history. His victory in the 102nd Kentucky Derby showcased his exceptional skills and endurance as a top-tier Thoroughbred racehorse.

Bold Forbes didn’t just stop at winning one major race; he went on to conquer prestigious events like the Wood Memorial Stakes and Withers Stakes later that same year. His speed and sheer determination made him a fierce competitor in every single race he entered.

This chestnut colt’s influence extended well beyond his impressive victories. Bold Forbes was known for his gritty racing style, captivating audiences with each powerful stride around the track. Fans were drawn to his relentless spirit and unyielding drive, making him a beloved icon in horse racing circles.

Owner Estéban Rodriguez Tizol reveled in Bold Forbes’ success after witnessing his incredible journey from an underdog to a star of the sport. The triumph at the Kentucky Derby filled Tizol with immense pride since he had always believed in Bold Forbes right from day one.

Jockey Angel Cordero Jr., skillfully guiding Bold Forbes through challenging races with precision and finesse, forged an unbeatable partnership with this extraordinary Thoroughbred. Their seamless coordination and shared desire for victory left spectators amazed by their impressive teamwork on the racetrack.

Breeding and Ownership Details

Bold Forbes was the result of Eaton Farms Inc. & Red Bull Stable’s breeding program, which carefully selected superior bloodlines for racing excellence. Owner Estéban Rodriguez Tizol reaped the rewards of this breeding success through Bold Forbes’ impressive wins.

Coming from a strong lineage that included renowned names in horse racing like Native Dancer and Nashua, Bold Forbes inherited both speed and stamina – qualities that would prove crucial on his path to victory.

Estéban Rodriguez Tizol’s smart investment in top-notch breeding paid off when Bold Forbes not only displayed raw talent but also a competitive spirit that set him apart from other horses. The owner’s dedication to nurturing a champion shone through as Bold Forbes outpaced competitors on his way to greatness.

The collaboration between owner Estéban Rodriguez Tizol and jockey Angel Cordero Jr. was instrumental in guiding Bold Forbes to victory at Churchill Downs; their teamwork on the track was truly magical to witness. It wasn’t just about owning a fast horse – it was about understanding its intricacies, pushing boundaries together, and accomplishing extraordinary feats that secured their place in Kentucky Derby history forevermore.

Legendary Tales Surrounding Bold Forbes Victory in 1976

  1. The Unexpected Win: Back in 1976, Bold Forbes was the dark horse at the Kentucky Derby, entering with odds of 17-Despite doubts from many, he shocked everyone by clinching victory in a spectacular manner that left the racing world astounded.

  2. Innovative Training Techniques: Trainer Laz Barrera stood out for his creative training methods, which notably involved having Bold Forbes swim in the ocean to boost muscle strength and endurance. This unconventional approach played a key role in propelling the horse to success on the racetrack.

  3. A Name with Meaning: Bold Forbes got his name from Malcolm Forbes, the charismatic publisher of Forbes magazine. It reflected not only his daring and fearless style of racing but also foreshadowed his triumph at the 1976 Kentucky Derby.

  4. Pursuit of Triple Crown Glory: Following his win at Churchill Downs, Bold Forbes took on challenges at both Pimlico Race Course and Belmont Park as part of the Triple Crown series quest. While victories eluded him in these races, his Kentucky Derby conquest remained a standout moment in his career.

  5. Enduring Impact: The legacy of Bold Forbes' triumphant run at the 1976 Kentucky Derby cements him as a figure celebrated throughout racing history by fans and enthusiasts alike. His story stands as a testament to how thrilling and unpredictable horse racing can be – showcasing how underdogs like him can rise to greatness against all odds.

Attendance Record at Churchill Downs

In 1976, a whopping 115,387 fans flocked to Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby. The atmosphere was buzzing as Bold Forbes stole the spotlight with an impressive win on a fast dirt track under clear skies. Fans were pumped up, cheering on their favorites, but it was Bold Forbes who really wowed everyone with his speed and endurance. As he charged down the final stretch, you could practically feel his determination and grit propelling him towards victory.

Bold Forbes’ triumph not only thrilled the crowd but also made racing history with a remarkable time of 2 minutes and 1⅗ seconds – a testament to both his talent and expert jockeying by Angel Cordero Jr. This unforgettable moment became legendary in horse racing lore, sparking conversations that would echo through generations. And so began the rise of Bold Forbes’ legacy to iconic status right there at Churchill Downs.

Owner Estéban Rodriguez Tizol’s smart move to enter Bold Forbes in the Kentucky Derby showcased his keen eye for talent while solidifying this fiery colt’s place among racing greats. Jockey Angel Cordero Jr.’s skillful handling of Bold Forbes around Churchill Downs’ tricky track conditions further endeared him to fans worldwide. Together, this dynamic duo crafted an unforgettable masterpiece that day in May—a thrilling chapter in horse racing where boldness met brilliance and emerged victorious against tough competition like Honest Pleasure and Elocutionist.

Historic Time Achieved by Bold Forbes

Bold Forbes blazed through the 102nd Kentucky Derby in an impressive time of 2 minutes and 1⅗ seconds, leaving his competitors in the dust. Under jockey Angel Cordero Jr.’s skilled guidance, this racehorse not only made a statement but also etched his name into racing history with his lightning-fast performance. Despite facing tough track conditions at Churchill Downs, Bold Forbes powered ahead with determination and finesse, captivating spectators with his sheer talent.

The roar of the crowd signaled that this victory was no ordinary one; it was a moment destined for greatness – where horse and rider transcended to become legends. Bold Forbes’ outstanding display at the Kentucky Derby cemented his status among racing’s elite, garnering him respect and admiration from fans worldwide. Owner Estéban Rodriguez Tizol must have felt immense pride as he watched his prized colt triumph in such a prestigious event.

The synergy between owner, jockey, and horse radiated brightly on that memorable day at Churchill Downs; showcasing teamwork and dedication essential for achieving success in this competitive sport. In the aftermath of Bold Forbes’ historic win, whispers of future triumphs filled the air like promises of sweet melodies waiting on distant horizons.

This magnificent chestnut Thoroughbred had forged a legacy that would endure long after the echoes of that exhilarating race day faded away. With each resounding hoofbeat echoing through time’s corridors, Bold Forbes served as a reminder to all dreamers – showing that with courage and relentless pursuit dreams can indeed come true.

As Angel Cordero Jr. steered Bold Forbes across the finish line amidst cheers reverberating through Churchill Downs like thunder on a stormy night – he knew he had been part of something extraordinary: witnessing horse racing’s newest shining star align perfectly for glory. In those fleeting moments of victory lies an inspiring tale worth celebrating – an underdog rising above challenges against all odds; narrated by destiny itself using ink crafted from sweat,

passion,and unwavering belief.

Impact on Jockey Angel Cordero Jr.

Angel Cordero Jr. and Bold Forbes made an unbeatable team at the 1976 Kentucky Derby, showcasing Cordero’s top-notch jockey skills that led them to victory. By expertly guiding Bold Forbes through a crowded field, Cordero proved his talent in horse racing on some of the biggest stages, captivating audiences with his masterful horsemanship.

Eaton Farms Inc. and Red Bull Stable were recognized as the winning breeders of Bold Forbes at the prestigious Kentucky Derby in 1976, highlighting their dedication to producing high-quality Thoroughbred racehorses. Their commitment to breeding excellence paid off when Bold Forbes crossed the finish line triumphantly, honoring those who worked behind-the-scenes to shape his destiny.

As Bold Forbes raced down Churchill Downs’ challenging track with determination, each stride brought him closer to becoming a legend in horse racing history. The crowd cheered with electrifying energy echoing Angel Cordero Jr.’s heartbeat—a moment of trust between jockey and steed leading towards one triumphant memory cherished by all who witnessed this remarkable feat unfold before their eyes.


1. How did Bold Forbes perform in the 1976 Kentucky Derby?

Bold Forbes impressed everyone at the 1976 Kentucky Derby with his exceptional speed and unwavering determination. He raced against strong competitors on a difficult track but still managed to emerge victorious, showcasing his talent and skill.

2. Who were some of the main competitors Bold Forbes faced in the 1976 Kentucky Derby?

In the 1976 Kentucky Derby, Bold Forbes had to go up against tough rivals such as Honest Pleasure and Elocutionist.

3. What was the final time and margin of victory for Bold Forbes in the 1976 Kentucky Derby?

Bold Forbes won the 1976 Kentucky Derby in just 2 minutes and 1⅗ seconds, beating his tough rivals by a big margin.

4. How did owner Estéban Rodriguez Tizol react to Bold Forbes' victory in the 1976 Kentucky Derby?

Estéban Rodriguez Tizol, the proud owner, couldn't contain his excitement and pride when Bold Forbes won the 1976 Kentucky Derby by crossing the finish line first.

5. What impact did jockey Angel Cordero Jr.'s ride have on Bold Forbes' success at the 1976 Kentucky Derby?

In the 1976 Kentucky Derby, Jockey Angel Cordero Jr. skillfully rode Bold Forbes to victory, demonstrating their remarkable teamwork and expertise on the demanding Churchill Downs track. Cordero's expert handling of the talented colt was instrumental in securing a win at this prestigious event.

6. How did Bold Forbes' win at the 1976 Kentucky Derby contribute to his legacy in horse racing?

Bold Forbes secured his spot in horse racing history by winning the 1976 Kentucky Derby. His triumph highlighted him as a skilled and determined champion who conquered strong rivals to earn a place among the best in the sport.