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DAP Racing Owner: One Kentucky Derby Winner

2014 kentucky derby winner california chrome

Join the thrilling journey of DAP Racing, a partnership that beat the odds to create a Kentucky Derby champion. Discover the strong bond between Perry Martin and Steve Coburn as they share their love for horse racing and establish Dumb Ass Partners, which led to the birth of California Chrome. Experience the highs and lows of California Chrome’s racing career, ownership changes, and lasting impact on other horses in the world of horse racing.

Ownership and Formation of DAP Racing

DAP Racing was not just about horse racing. It was a strong bond created by Perry Martin and Steve Coburn, along with their spouses Denise Martin and Carolyn Coburn, who shared a deep love for the sport. Starting as a fun response to doubters, it soon became known as “Dumb Ass Partners,” an iconic partnership that began when they got Love the Chase. This sparked a fire in the world of horse racing.

The name “Dumb Ass Partners” showed their unique approach and their unwavering belief in Love the Chase’s potential. This mare later gave birth to California Chrome, changing their lives forever and leaving a mark on thoroughbred history. Choosing to invest in Love the Chase wasn’t just about making money; it symbolized taking chances and believing wholeheartedly despite criticism.

From these simple beginnings came greatness—California Chrome emerged from DAP Racing’s dreams. His journey from humble origins captured hearts worldwide, showing what dedication mixed with an unyielding spirit could achieve in horseracing circles. With every race around the globe, California Chrome embodied determination, resilience, and excellence—a true testament to DAP Racing’s vision.

As California Chrome won numerous races under DAP Racing—from Kentucky Derby victories to Dubai World Cup success—the bond among partners grew stronger each day. Beyond trophies were moments shared among friends turned family united by one exceptional equine athlete’s journey—one that went beyond competition into an enduring legacy destined never to be forgotten.

Personalities and Background of Perry Martin and Steve Coburn

Perry Martin, who has an MBA and a strong background in physics, was seen as a smart thinker next to Steve Coburn, who came from the world of working with the press. Even though they had different paths to success, they bonded over their shared love for California Chrome. The Martins were thoughtful and often kept their deep insights hidden while the lively Coburns managed public relations tasks effortlessly for their mutual passion for horses.

Their teamwork showed how combining careful thinking with energetic charm worked well together in horse racing. Perry Martin’s logical approach helped make decisions strategically, which matched Steve Coburn’s outgoing personality that made it easy for him to connect with fans and media. While one focused on analyzing data like solving math problems in class, the other entertained crowds with his excitement just like sharing stories at a party.

The magic behind their journey lay in this surprising partnership – where planned moves met contagious energy on racetracks all across America. Perry Martin’s love for numbers mixed perfectly with Steve Coburn’s magnetic charm as they guided California Chrome towards success. Their different backgrounds added interesting layers to their joint dream – showing how sometimes opposites can work together to create something truly amazing in a place where odds are always changing and winning is even sweeter when celebrated together.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Triumphs


  1. Races that get everyone pumped up

  2. Chances for horses to show off how fast and agile they are

  3. Winning races means earning fancy titles and getting recognized

  4. Owners, trainers, and jockeys can win some serious cash


  1. Horses and riders can get hurt in high-speed races.

  2. Competition at a high level puts pressure and stress on participants.

  3. Training, upkeep, and race entry can be expensive.

  4. People may question how animals are treated in the racing industry.

Love the Chase Acquisition and Breeding

Love the Chase was originally bought by an agent for Blinkers On Racing Stable and ended up being the key that brought Perry Martin and Steve Coburn together in an exciting partnership. Despite not having a remarkable racing career, she had great potential due to her impressive breeding background. What stood out about her wasn’t just her family tree but also her inspiring story—she fought through a condition called entrapped epiglottis during races, which was successfully fixed with surgery.

This lucky twist of fate got both Martin and Coburn excited as they dug deeper into Love the Chase’s ancestry. They shared a vision when they realized that beyond her physical struggles was a treasure trove waiting to be discovered genetically. Choosing to invest in this mare wasn’t just about getting another racehorse; it was about setting the stage for something bigger—a legacy yet to unfold.

By carefully observing and firmly believing in Love the Chase’s future offspring, Perry Martin and Steve Coburn started dreaming big about victories from horses not even born yet. They knew that greatness isn’t always obvious at first glance; sometimes, you have to explore history further to find hidden treasures. By embarking on this journey together, they set themselves on a path filled with challenges but were determined for success—an adventure destined for greatness.

Getting Love the Chase didn’t only mark a crucial moment in their racing journey but also lit a fire within them—one fueled by ambition, hope, and unwavering faith in what could be achieved against all odds. It went beyond adding another horse to their stable; it symbolized taking risks where others hesitated—to see past limits and imagine opportunities where others saw only barriers.

As time unfolded like putting together pieces of an intricate puzzle—the uncertainty slowly turning into certainty—they remained united: two men linked by one exceptional equine athlete who would soon make history as California Chrome—the epitome of their relentless pursuit of excellence amid doubts from naysayers.

Birth and Early Life of California Chrome

California Chrome was born on February 18, 2011, at Harris Farms in California. His parents were Lucky Pulpit and Love the Chase. He got his nickname “Junior” because he looked like his dad when he was born.

His owners chose his name through a drawing held at Brewsters Bar & Grill. They picked a name that represented California’s state flower and luck with chrome accents, which matched his unique markings.

Even though he came from simple beginnings, this chestnut colt showed promise early on in life. The people around him worked hard to help him reach his full potential and become great.

From the beginning, California Chrome formed strong bonds with those who took care of him. He had a friendly personality that made everyone love him right away – even as a young foal learning to walk for the first time.

Despite starting out just like any other newborn on the farm, Junior stood out thanks to his charm and potential. People began noticing him not only for his good looks but also for what he could achieve in the future.

California Chrome's Racing Entities Overview

Entity Description Location Key People
DAP Racing Front Horse racing partnership between Perry Martin and Steve Coburn California Perry Martin, Steve Coburn
DAP Racing Back Ownership syndicate formed after the sale of shares by DAP Racing California Perry Martin, Taylor Made Farm
California Chrome, LLC Ownership syndicate of California Chrome after the sale to JS Company Japan Perry Martin, Denise Martin, Frank Taylor
Taylor Made Farm Family-owned farm where California Chrome was sold and managed at stud Kentucky Duncan Taylor, Ben Taylor
JS Company Japanese company that purchased California Chrome for breeding purposes with return to America Japan Syndicate shareholders

Racing Career Highlights of California Chrome

California Chrome had an incredible racing career. Art Sherman trained the chestnut colt, who raced with jockey Victor Espinoza. Together, they won big races like the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, achieving a remarkable six-race winning streak that captured global attention.

Despite receiving tempting offers to sell ownership shares, DAP Racing remained steadfast in their decision to keep California Chrome close by. Their dedication paid off as they watched him transform into a true champion right before their eyes.

As California Chrome raced towards success on the tracks, he became more than just a horse – he embodied resilience and spirit. His achievements weren’t just about trophies but also about leaving a lasting impact on those who followed his journey eagerly.

With every step forward, California Chrome not only made history in racing but also cemented his status as an icon beyond the racetrack boundaries. He represented dreams fueled by hard work and determination; showing what it means to overcome challenges and emerge victorious against all odds.

California Chrome’s legacy continues to inspire new generations of owners, breeders, and fans alike. His story goes beyond wins or losses; it’s about perseverance, passion – qualities that go beyond competition and resonate deeply with anyone daring enough to chase after their dreams relentlessly.

Changes in Ownership and Training Decisions

After facing setbacks in the 2015 season, California Chrome underwent a change in ownership when Steve Coburn decided to sell his minority stake. This opened the door for Taylor Made Farms from Kentucky to join the team. This shift was a major moment in Chrome’s journey, reshaping his racing career and future.

Trainer Art Sherman was disappointed by decisions made about California Chrome’s training without consulting him first. He stressed how important it is for everyone involved to work together to maximize the horse’s potential on and off the track.

Changes in California Chrome’s ownership had far-reaching effects on all aspects of his racing environment. Each adjustment carried its own significance as stakeholders adapted to new dynamics aimed at keeping Chrome successful in the competitive world of horse racing.

With new faces coming onboard after Coburn left and Taylor Made Farms became more involved, discussions about training methods and strategies became crucial. These talks not only highlighted changes in ownership but also raised questions about how best to nurture California Chrome’s talents while honoring past achievements that led him to fame.

Navigating these unfamiliar waters required finding a balance between tradition and innovation – a challenge both old and new members of Team Chromes faced as they moved forward after restructuring ownership. Every decision made would impact California Chrome’s future, emphasizing unity amid diversity during this transformative period in one of horse racing’s most exciting stories.

Mythical tales surrounding a Derby victory.

  1. Legendary stories about a Derby triumph:

  2. Lucky Charms: People say that the DAP Racing Owner, after winning the Kentucky Derby, always keeps a lucky horseshoe for good luck in upcoming races.

  3. Secret Rituals: There are whispers that before every Derby race, the DAP Racing Owner carries out a mysterious ritual at the stables to bless their horses and ensure victory on the track.

  4. Ghostly Encounters: Some believe that the spirit of an iconic racehorse visits the stables of DAP Racing Owner on the night before Kentucky Derby, sharing wisdom and guidance for the big race ahead.

  5. Celestial Signs: Legend has it that when DAP Racing Owner's horse is meant to win the Derby, a shooting star appears in sky above racetrack as if blessing them with celestial favor for victory.

  6. Time Traveler's Luck: The tale goes that DAP Racing Owner possesses a time-traveling pocket watch which they use to journey back in time and study past winners of Derbies, gaining valuable insights and inspiration for their own strategies aimed at clinching victories today.

Legacy Through Related Horses

After DAP Racing disbanded in 2016, new partnerships took over the care of full siblings to California Chrome. R Sunday Surprise, owned by Silver State Racing, and Hope’s Love with Martin Racing entered the racing world. These siblings began their own journeys either competing in races or joining training programs similar to their famous brother.

R Sunday Surprise displayed her inherited talent as a half-sister to California Chrome by Lucky Pulpit and out of Love the Chase. Her performance on the track showed flashes of her well-known sibling’s speed and determination. Similarly, Hope’s Love carried on the family legacy with her strong build and energetic personality, drawing comparisons to California Chrome’s resilience during his racing career.

The descendants from Love The Chase made lasting impacts in horse racing through Silver State Racing and Martin Racing after DAP era ended. Whether it was R Sunday Surprise demonstrating brilliance like her famous brother or Hope’s Love embodying sheer determination on racecourses, these related horses continued to captivate audiences while carrying forward the unbeatable spirit that defined California Chrome’s extraordinary legacy.

Sale to JS Company and Move to Japan

In 2019, California Chrome began a new adventure when he was taken to Japan by the JS Company. He now belonged to them and resided at Arrow Stud in Hokkaido, surrounded by beautiful scenery with cherry blossoms swaying in the breeze and Mount Fuji towering nearby. Even though he was far from his American home, there were whispers that one day he might return triumphantly if fate allowed.

Throughout these changes in ownership, California Chrome’s shares were still held by Perry Martin and company. The agreements ensured that while he lived in Japan or stood proudly as a stud, there was always a connection pulling him back towards America—a promise of coming home after completing his duties abroad. Behind closed doors, discussions took place about breeding plans and future racing prospects for their beloved chestnut champion while the Martins kept hope alive.

As fans eagerly awaited updates on California Chrome’s adventures overseas with excitement and optimism for what lay ahead in distant lands, rumors swirled like leaves caught up in a whirlwind windstorm. Would this incredible horse make an impact on Japanese soil before returning to where it all started? Time would reveal whether destiny had written tales of a hero returning triumphantly from afar or if more surprises waited on this exciting journey into unknown territories.


1. How did the partnership between Perry Martin and Steve Coburn come about to form DAP Racing?

Perry Martin and Steve Coburn joined forces to create DAP Racing after meeting at a California racetrack by luck. Both shared a passion for horse racing and dreams of breeding a champion, leading them on an exciting journey together.

2. What inspired Perry Martin and Steve Coburn to acquire Love the Chase and venture into horse racing?

Inspired by their dream of beating the odds and finding success in a sport they loved, Perry Martin and Steve Coburn decided to buy Love the Chase and get into horse racing together.

3. Can you describe the early life of California Chrome, from his birth to his training days leading up to the Kentucky Derby?

California Chrome was born from Love the Chase and Lucky Pulpit. Owners Perry Martin and Steve Coburn dedicated themselves to shaping him into a champion through careful training and unwavering belief in his potential. This led to his incredible journey to victory at the Kentucky Derby, showcasing their hard work paying off.

4. What were some of the key races that defined California Chrome's career leading up to his historic win at the Kentucky Derby?

California Chrome's career was defined by several important races before his historic victory at the Kentucky Derby. These included the Santa Anita Derby, the San Felipe Stakes, and the Hollywood Derby.

5. How did California Chrome's ownership change over time, and what impact did it have on his racing career?

California Chrome's owners switched from Perry Martin and Steve Coburn to Taylor Made Farm, which led to changes that impacted his racing career. The new ownership brought in fresh management and training techniques that influenced how he raced.

6. What lasting legacy has California Chrome left in the world of horse racing, and are there any related horses continuing his lineage in competition today?

California Chrome left a significant mark on horse racing with his remarkable career successes, including clinching victories at the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. His impact on the sport lives on through horses like Love the Chase and Faversham, who are still actively competing and passing down his legacy today.