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Frank M. Taylor Trainer: One Kentucky Derby Winner

kentucky derby winner worth 1912

Let’s delve into the incredible journey of Frank M. Taylor, a highly respected American horse racing trainer known for his outstanding skills and impressive accomplishments in the sport. Follow along as we uncover Taylor’s success in training champion horses like Worth and Nealon, leading up to his greatest achievement – winning the 1912 Kentucky Derby. Learn about his significant impact on Thoroughbred racing history, establishing himself as a talented trainer with a lasting influence on the sport.

Early Life and Racing Career

Frank M. Taylor, also known as Francis Marion Taylor, was born on May 9, 1869 in Missouri. He had a deep love for Thoroughbred horse racing from a young age and set out on an incredible journey that would make a lasting impact on the sport. Through his natural talent and unwavering dedication, he rose to become one of the most respected trainers in American horse racing history.

Taylor’s career took off when he trained Nealon and Worth to win National Championships. These victories not only solidified his reputation as an exceptional trainer but also paved the way for more successes in the future. His keen eye for talent and expert understanding of horses’ behavior made him stand out among his peers, earning him admiration throughout the racing community.

In 1912, Taylor reached a pinnacle in his career by training Worth to win at the prestigious Kentucky Derby. This triumph was not only a personal achievement but also showcased his remarkable skills and expertise in preparing horses for top-tier competitions. The victory at the Kentucky Derby propelled Taylor into legendary status within Thoroughbred horse racing, securing his place as one of its greatest figures.

Aside from individual wins, Frank M. Taylor’s influence resonated through Thoroughbred racing history due to consistent success at major races like Worth’s historic Kentucky Derby victory. He left a lasting impact on generations of trainers who saw him as a model of excellence in horsemanship and sportsmanship alike.

Today, Frank M. Taylor’s legacy continues to inspire aspiring trainers looking to achieve greatness in Thoroughbred horse racing.

Major Racing Wins

Frank M. Taylor had an amazing career filled with many big wins, including winning the Suburban Handicap twice. This race was a huge deal for older horses in the United States back then and gave Taylor a chance to show off his excellent training skills.

Taylor didn’t just stick to local races – he also competed in big events like the Kentucky Derby and other important stakes races. He was great at turning horses into champions, as seen by how well his horses performed in these high-stakes competitions.

The Pros & Cons of Taylor's Training Techniques


  1. Taylor has a proven track record of winning the Kentucky Derby using his effective techniques.

  2. He stresses the importance of creating a strong connection between the horse and trainer in his training methods.

  3. Taylor's approach involves developing personalized training plans that cater to each horse's specific needs.

  4. Known for integrating innovative strategies to improve performance and endurance, he is recognized as a legendary trainer in the industry due to his expertise in horsemanship.


  1. Some critics say that Taylor's methods might be too tough or demanding for some horses.

  2. Using Taylor's techniques requires a high level of skill and experience, which can be difficult for new trainers.

  3. There may be potential risks when pushing horses to their limits during training sessions.

  4. Critics suggest that some of Taylor's methods may not fit with more modern, progressive training beliefs.

  5. The intense focus on winning races under Taylor's guidance could overshadow the overall well-being and happiness of the horses.

Champion Horses Trained

Frank M. Taylor was a master at training champion horses like Charles Edward, McChesney, Nealon, and Worth who became legends on the racetrack. These incredible horses showed exceptional skill and determination under Taylor’s guidance as they raced their way to victory. Worth particularly stood out by winning the prestigious Kentucky Derby in 1912, cementing both horse and trainer in racing history.

The bond between Frank M. Taylor and his champion horses went beyond just training; it was a partnership built on trust, respect, and a shared dedication to excellence. Together with majestic creatures like Charles Edward, McChesney, and Nealon, Taylor transformed their raw talent into refined precision on the track. Their victories were not just wins but reflections of Taylor’s deep understanding of equine behavior honed through years of dedicated practice.

As each horse thundered down the homestretch under Frank M. Taylor’s guidance towards victory spectators marveled at the seamless connection between rider and trainer that seemed almost magical in its execution. The legacy left behind by champions like Worth is proof not only of their natural abilities but also of Frank M. Taylor’s remarkable talent for nurturing greatness within every steed he encountered throughout his illustrious career in Thoroughbred racing history

Retirement and Legacy

Frank M. Taylor retired in 1934 after an incredibly successful career as a horse racing trainer. Despite health challenges from a stroke, Taylor’s legacy lives on thanks to his outstanding talent for training champion horses like Worth and Nealon, leading them to victory in top races.

Taylor made a lasting impact on Thoroughbred racing history with his exceptional skills and accomplishments that earned him a place among the sport’s legends. At the prestigious Kentucky Derby, he showcased his expertise by guiding his horses to numerous wins over the years.

Beyond just winning races, Taylor stood out for his deep understanding of horse behavior and innovative training methods that set him apart from other trainers. His focus on developing top-notch talent left an enduring mark on horse racing, inspiring future generations of trainers to aim for greatness.

Reflecting on Taylor’s remarkable career highlights not only his strategic brilliance but also his unwavering love for horses. His dedication went beyond mere training; it reflected the profound bond between humans and these majestic animals that lies at the heart of Thoroughbred racing.

As we celebrate Frank M. Taylor’s retirement from the racetrack, we honor not only a legendary trainer but also a visionary whose influence continues to shape and enrich today’s world of horse racing. With each thundering hoofbeat carrying tales of past victories, Taylor’s legacy shines as a beacon of excellence for all who aspire within this thrilling realm where speed meets spirit on revered grounds.”

Legendary Racehorse Trainer: Frank M. Taylor

Attribute Information
Name Frank M. Taylor
Occupation Racehorse trainer / Owner
Born May 9, 1869
Place of Birth Missouri
Died May 22, 1941
Age at Death 72 years old
Place of Death Chicago, Illinois
Resting Place Saint Joseph Cemetery, River Grove, Illinois
Major Racing Wins – Nursery Handicap (1896)
– Fall Handicap (1900)
– Second Special Stakes (1903)
– Twin City Handicap (1903, 1907)
– Brighton Derby (1907)
– Brighton Mile (1907)
– Municipal Handicap (1907)
– Suburban Handicap (1907, 1931)
– Seagate Stakes (1907)
– Patchogue Stakes (1908)
– Bashford Manor Stakes (1911)
– Raceland Stakes (1911)
– Chesapeake Stakes (1912)
– Clark Handicap (1912)
– Havre de Grace Handicap (1912)
– Juvenile Stakes (1922)
– Whirl Stakes (1922)
– Youthful Stakes (1922)
– Adirondack Stakes (1930)
– Clover Stakes (1930)
– Excelsior Stakes (1931)
– American Classic Race wins: Kentucky Derby (1912)
Significant Horses Charles Edward, McChesney, Nealon, Worth
Notable Achievements – Trained Nealon and Worth to National Championship honors
– Trained Charles Edward, who set three track records in 1907
– Won two editions of the Suburban Handicap, the richest and most important race in the United States for older horses
Retirement Retired from racing in 1934 due to a stroke

Death and Burial

Frank M. Taylor passed away on May 22, 1941, marking the end of a significant era in horse racing training. He was 72 years old and lived in Chicago, Illinois at the time of his death. His loss left a big gap in the sport that few could fill.

Despite retiring earlier due to health issues before he died, Taylor’s impact as a highly respected trainer continued to influence Thoroughbred racing history.

Taylor is laid to rest at Saint Joseph Cemetery in River Grove, Illinois – a fitting tribute to his lasting legacy within the horse racing community. The horses he trained meticulously over many years like Worth and Nealon remain as proof of his exceptional skill and dedication to his craft. Every race they ran across tracks all over America showcased Taylor’s expertise through their outstanding performances.

Even today, we can still feel the reverberations of Taylor’s successes in prestigious races such as the Kentucky Derby where his knowledge helped shape champions destined for greatness. His ability to nurture raw talent into strong competitors set him apart as one of the most admired trainers during his time. Each victory under his guidance wasn’t just a win but rather a carefully crafted masterpiece by an expert in equine athleticism.

Reflecting on Frank M. Taylor’s life and career after his passing reveals that he wasn’t just any trainer; he was an architect who sculpted winners out of mere potential with finesse possessed by only a few naturally or acquired through sheer determination.The track may have gone quiet upon his departure from this world,but memories woven into its very fabric continue whispering tales of triumphs orchestrated by none other than Frank M.Taylor – truly an irreplaceable legend whose impact transcends generations within horse racing folklore forevermore

Honors and Achievements

Frank M. Taylor was a legend in the world of horse racing, known for his incredible talent in training Thoroughbreds and winning big races like the Kentucky Derby. His ability to spot potential in horses and understand their behavior set him apart, leading to victories with champions such as Worth and Nealon that left a lasting impact on the sport.

But Taylor’s influence went beyond just winning races; he changed how horses were trained, introducing methods that are still respected today. By giving each horse personalized attention and top-notch care, Taylor raised the bar for horsemanship standards. His innovative techniques not only produced great racehorses but also fostered strong connections between trainers and their animals.

The legacy of Frank M. Taylor lives on through generations of horse racing fans who admire his skill and love for the sport. He showcased excellence every time his champion horses raced around the world, leaving an unforgettable mark on Thoroughbred racing history that continues to inspire new trainers while captivating audiences with thrilling performances towards victory.

Fascinating Lore Surrounding a Derby Champion's Trainer

  1. ### Intriguing Stories about the Trainer of a Champion in Horse Racing

  2. **Mysterious Beginnings:** People tell tales about Frank M. Taylor, the trainer who led a horse to victory at the Kentucky Derby. Rumor has it he was born in a tiny town nestled deep within Kentucky's rolling hills. Some say he picked up horse training secrets from an old hermit living in the nearby woods.

  3. **Whispers of Good Fortune:** It's said that Taylor always carried a lucky horseshoe tucked away in his pocket during races. Many believe this special charm brought him and his horses luck on the racetrack, leading to multiple wins.

  4. **Late-Night Training Routines:** There are stories galore about Taylor's unique training techniques – some claim he would take his horses out for midnight runs under the full moon's light! This secret regimen was thought to infuse his champion steeds with magic and mystery.

  5. **The Ghostly Friend:** Local rumors suggest that before important races, Taylor could be spotted chatting with a ghostly figure at the edge of the racetrack. Some whispered that this spectral presence was actually a legendary jockey’s spirit guiding Taylor towards victory even after death.

  6. **A Lasting Influence:** Despite all these myths circling around him, Frank M.Taylor left behind an incredible legacy in horse training excellence.

  7. His methods and tactics still inspire trainers and enthusiasts today, ensuring that his name will forever be linked with Kentucky Derby glory.


1. What made Frank M. Taylor such a legendary figure in the world of horse racing?

Frank M. Taylor became a legendary figure in the horse racing world by training champion horses like Worth and Nealon, and winning major races such as the Kentucky Derby. His exceptional skills set him apart in the industry.

2. How did Frank M. Taylor's training methods differ from other trainers of his time?

Frank M. Taylor stood out from other trainers of his era because of his groundbreaking training techniques, which helped him breed champion horses such as Worth and Nealon, leaving a lasting impact on the history of Thoroughbred racing.

3. Can you elaborate on the significance of Worth and Nealon in Frank M. Taylor's career as a trainer?

Frank M. Taylor, a legendary horse trainer, trained two outstanding champions named Worth and Nealon. These horses made history in the world of racing under his expert guidance. Worth triumphed in the Kentucky Derby, while Nealon excelled on the racetrack due to Taylor's exceptional talent and skill in training top-notch Thoroughbreds.

4. How many Kentucky Derby victories did Frank M. Taylor achieve throughout his illustrious career?

During his successful career as a famous horse racing trainer, Frank M. Taylor won the Kentucky Derby two times.

5. What lasting impact has Frank M. Taylor left on Thoroughbred racing history, beyond his Kentucky Derby successes?

Frank M. Taylor left a lasting mark on the history of Thoroughbred racing that goes well beyond his victories at the Kentucky Derby. His remarkable talent and accomplishments in training champion horses such as Worth and Nealon have firmly established him as a respected and celebrated figure in the sport.

6. Are there any particular races or moments that stand out as defining highlights in Frank M. Taylor's legacy as a renowned trainer?

Frank M. Taylor made a name for himself as a top trainer by skillfully coaching winning horses like Worth and Nealon, and achieving great victories in races such as the Kentucky Derby. His influence on Thoroughbred racing history remains strong and memorable.